What is culture? # hanli planner

So what do you think is culture? Tang culture; Song dynasty culture. Cultural history (time and space); Minnan culture; Bashu culture; This is the area; Southwest culture; Fragrant culture; This is an object. Tell you, these things are not culture, in fact, I have an answer in the Book of Changes. What do you mean by educated people? What do you mean by educated people? How wonderful is the word "behind people"?

When the culture of the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty is not humanized, it has nothing to do with the present. In terms of the existence and use of culture, it is no longer a culture only when it is not used. It is as simple as that. Therefore, we say that culture must be slowly accumulated and grown up in life. Is the melting of snow and ice a slow process? It’s so wonderful.

In fact, you don’t know what we understand until you think about it. There will be such guidance and opinions about what the country is, including why we should start such courses in colleges and universities slowly, that is, we want more young people and the power of the new generation to join in. What can build traditional culture together?

Like and pay attention, never get lost.