People in Qinghai earthquake zone: No matter what kind of disaster we experience, we must live a good life.

Zhongxin. com Qinghai Minhe December 19 th Issue: People in Qinghai earthquake zone: No matter what kind of disaster we experience, we must live a good life.
Zhongxin. com reporter Li Jiangning Zhang Tianfu
On the afternoon of 19th, more than ten hours have passed since the Jishishan earthquake of magnitude 6.2 in Gansu. In front of a row of dumped houses in Zhaizi Village, guan ting zhen, Haidong City, Qinghai Province, women and children warmed up and chatted around charcoal fire. Not far away, several men set up tents, some carried stoves from home, and some moved bedding and other warm items …
It is night, and this is their "safe haven".
The picture shows villagers chatting around charcoal fire in Zhaizi Village, guan ting zhen, Haidong City, Qinghai Province. Hu Youjun
At 23: 59 on the 18th, an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred in Jishishan County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province. There are 22 towns and villages in Qinghai Province within 50 kilometers of the epicentre of this earthquake. The nearest towns and villages are Daofu Tibetan Township, guan ting zhen, Baizhuang Town and Zhongchuan Township.
"My wife and I were already asleep during the earthquake. After being awakened by the loud sound of the collapse of the house, my wife and I climbed out of the window of the house. Fortunately, neither of us was injured." Du Youwen is 60 years old. When the earthquake struck, almost all the houses in his home collapsed except one room where he slept.
The picture shows villagers building tents in Zhaizi Village, guan ting zhen, Haidong City, Qinghai Province. Hu Youjun
The Du family has lived in Zhaizi Village for generations, and there are currently 11 "Du families" living together. "This land was left by my grandfather’s grandfather. I have never experienced such a big earthquake. I was really scared at the time." Du Youwen seems to have calmed down a lot.
The reporter saw in Du Youwen’s home that the wall in the newly built house fell off in a large area, and the color TV and dining table were destroyed.
"After the earthquake, my son who was working in a foreign country called to ask about the situation, but at that time, my wife and I just ran out, and the mobile phone was still in the room. After I got the phone call back, my son and daughter-in-law cried on the other end of the phone." Du Youwen couldn’t help blushing.
"After the earthquake last night, 50 or 60 people in our family took bedding and firewood from home and ran to the mountain behind the village to take refuge." Du Fifty-six, a villager who also experienced the "night of fright", said, "It was very cold on the mountain at night, but at least we were lucky enough to get our lives, and this coldness was nothing."
Du Meiying, who talked about her new house in front of the charcoal fire, was the lucky one in this earthquake. "My house was newly built this summer, and it was built with the help of the government. It is very strong, and this earthquake has hardly been affected." Du Meiying said, "Although some houses in our village collapsed, everyone is fine. This is the best thing."
With the concerted efforts of Qi Xin, a simple and warm tent was quickly set up. "When the house collapses, it can be built again. It is the happiest thing for everyone to be together. No matter what kind of disaster we experience, we must live well! " Du Meiying, who survived the robbery, felt that there was nothing more important than living. (End)

How many of these technologies from NASA have you seen?

  Today viewpoint

  Aerospace gives people a special feeling of "high cold", which reminds them of advanced fighter planes and magnificent space stations that ordinary people can’t see, touch or use.

  A few days ago, the well-known American website "GOBankingRates" took stock of 25 kinds of technologies originated from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in our daily life, which spread all over our "food, clothing, housing and transportation". They come from the distant sky, but they are convenient for our daily life.

  Food: baby milk powder, freeze-dried fruit, food safety packaging.

  At present, more than 90% of infant formula in the United States contains microalgae. It was originally the product of NASA research, the purpose of which was to test the potential use of algae as an oxygen "recycling agent" in space travel.

  Freeze-dried fruit is a common snack. However, the purpose of NASA’s development of freeze-drying technology is to make the fruits in the Apollo mission easier to carry, and this technology can maintain 98% nutrition with 20% quality.

  In order to ensure the safety and quality control method of space flight food development, NASA has now become a food industry standard to protect the food safety of consumers all over the world.

  Life: memory foam mattress, scratch-resistant lenses, anti-ultraviolet sunglasses, cordless vacuum cleaner, Nike air-cushion sports shoes, space blankets, ski boots.

  Comfortable memory foam mattress can fully fit the human body and relieve stress, which is necessary for many families. Memorable foam was not originally used to make mattresses. It was originally developed by NASA to cushion the impact of spacecraft landing on astronauts.

  Compared with ordinary glass, scratch-resistant lenses have a longer life. In fact, the scratch-resistant coating is a "by-product" accidentally discovered by Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) under NASA when researching the diamond hard coating for aerospace.

  In 1980s, two scientists from JPL developed a kind of welding glasses, which can absorb, filter and scatter the strong light emitted during welding. Later, this technology was widely used in anti-ultraviolet sunglasses.

  Initially, Black&Decker was ordered to develop a portable device for Apollo and Gemini missions, which was used to extract samples from below the surface of the moon. This technology has been improved to become a "cordless vacuum cleaner".

  Nike air-cushioned sneakers use the patent of "Blow Rubber Molding" obtained by M. Frank Rudy, a former engineer of NASA. The initial application target of this technology is spacesuit.

  The space blanket is insulated and heat-preserved, which is an essential item for survival in the wild and marathon. But it was originally developed by NASA to protect spacecraft and astronauts at low temperatures.

  In addition, the technology used by NASA in the joints of spacesuits has been improved and used in ski boots, which improves the athletes’ control ability in skiing.

  Home: swimming pool purification system, household heat insulation materials.

  In order to resist the extremely low space temperature, NASA made an insulating material called "radiation barrier" from aluminized polyester. According to JPL, aluminized polyester is now used in most household insulation materials.

  In 1960s, NASA developed an electrolytic silver iodide filter to provide clean drinking water for astronauts, and now it is widely used to purify swimming pools.

  Travel: aircraft deicing system, precision GPS, anti-skid groove on highway, better tires.

  According to NASA’s technology transfer plan, civil aircraft can fly in cold weather, mainly due to a thermoelectric deicing system called Thermawing developed by NASA.

  Many mobile phones are equipped with precision GPS technology developed by JPL, and its data comes from JPL global GPS receiver network. Even if there is no wireless connection, you can still use GPS positioning on your mobile phone.

  NASA’s Langley Research Center has developed anti-skid slot technology to prevent aircraft accidents on wet runways. Later, this technology was widely used in expressways.

  In 1970s, Goodyear Company developed a new tire material for NASA Viking Mars probe, which was used in parachute system. This technology was later used to improve ordinary tires, increasing their life by 10,000 miles.

  Electronic products: mobile phone camera, notebook computer, high-power solar cell, wireless headset, mouse, CAT scanner.

  In the 1990s, NASA asked JPL scientists to make a miniature camera that can be installed on spacecraft while ensuring the quality of photography. According to JPL, one-third of mobile phone cameras now use this technology.

  According to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, "Grid Compass" is the first notebook computer in the world. It was first used in the space shuttle mission in 1983, which is one of the inventions of NASA.

  The crystalline silicon solar cells used in the home originally came from the lightweight solar energy system developed by the Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology Alliance under NASA for electric aircraft.

  NASA has developed wireless headphones for astronauts to facilitate their communication. Now this technology has entered thousands of households.

  According to JPL, a NASA researcher developed a computer mouse in the 1960s, which allowed users to operate on the computer screen and made the computer more interactive.

  JPL initially developed a CAT scanner to scan aerospace components to get advanced digital images to detect defects. Now, it has become a commonly used medical instrument.

  Medical care: cochlear implant, invisible dental appliance, ear temperature thermometer.

  Adam Kiser, an engineer at Kennedy Space Center, used his working experience in electronic, sound and vibration sensor systems in the space shuttle project to develop early cochlear implants by using electric pulses instead of sound amplification technology.

  Compared with the traditional metal appliance, the invisible dental appliance is more beautiful. It is made of transparent polycrystalline alumina, which was originally developed by NASA to track heat-seeking missiles.

  Nowadays, many parents use ear thermometer to measure the temperature of sick babies or young children. According to JPL, this thermometer adopts infrared dissection technology invented by NASA and Diatek.

  There is always one of these 25 technologies that you have seen, touched and used. Aerospace technology can not only be used in high space, but also improve our quality of life after landing, which is one of the driving forces for human beings to explore and fly higher and farther.

  (Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, July 8 th)

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show him a thousand reasons to laugh.

  CCTV News:Today is the International Day of Disabled Persons. What is disability? Shi Tiesheng said that disability is nothing more than a limitation. What people can’t do is restriction and disability. In this way, life itself is a process of constantly surpassing its own limitations, and everyone is the same. In this process, we encounter pain, transcend limitations and feel happiness. After a "heavy fall" in life, get up again! Don’t be afraid, we are here.

  For blind children’s friends

  Author/Shi Tiesheng

  As long as the mind is healthy, all difficulties and obstacles are not terrible.

  Dear blind children friends, we are friends. I am also a disabled person. My legs have been unable to walk since I was 21 years old. Now, I have been in a wheelchair for 21 years.

  We all know the hardships and tribulations that disability has brought us, so we don’t have to say it. In the future, there is no doubt that disability will continue to bring us hardships and tribulations, and we must be psychologically prepared for this. I think all external difficulties and obstacles are not terrible, as long as our psychology is healthy.

  For example, we are friends, but we are not friends because we are all disabled. All healthy people are actually our friends, and everyone should be friends.

  Disability is nothing more than a limitation, and life itself is a process of constantly surpassing its own limitations.

  What is disability? Disability is nothing more than a limitation. You want to see it, but you can’t. As for me, I want to go but I can’t. What about healthy people? They want to fly, but they can’t-this is a metaphor, which means that healthy people also have limitations, and these limitations also give them hardships and hardships.

  It’s hard to say that healthy people will live easier than us, because pain and pain can’t be compared with size, just as happiness and happiness can’t be compared with size. There is no objective standard for pain and happiness, which is completely self-feeling. Therefore, whoever can keep unyielding courage can feel more happiness.

  Life is such a process, a process of constantly transcending our own limitations, and this is fate. Everyone is the same. In this process, we encounter pain, transcend our limitations and feel happiness. So all people are equal, and we are not special.

  As long as the "special" is eliminated, equality will naturally come.

  What we disabled people crave most is equality with healthy people. So what should we do? I think, equality is not something you can eat or wear, it is a quality or a realm. If you have it, you don’t have to be given it by others. If you don’t have it, others can’t give it to you.

  How can I have it? As long as the "special" is eliminated, equality will naturally come.

  In other words, we don’t have any special feelings because we are disabled. Apart from having two legs or a pair of eyes less than others, we have nothing less and nothing more than others, and there is nothing special about others. We don’t tolerate discrimination because of disability, nor do we win honors because of disability.

  If we do well and others praise us, it is only because we do well, not because we already have the advantage of being praised in advance. We win glory by real work.

  Of course, we can’t live without the help of others. Self-esteem doesn’t mean rejecting others’ kindness. Just want to help others and refuse others’ help, that’s not strong, that’s actually a psychological disability, because in fact, there is no one in the world who doesn’t need others’ help.

  We should not forget our disabled friends, but also strive to get out of the small circle of disabled people and walk freely into the world with broad love. This is the most important step to overcome disability and transcend limitations. /Figures are from vision china.

  Fate kissed me with pain. I return the favor with a song.

  The "apple" bitten by fate is still fragrant.


  Remember "Basketball Girl"? In 2000, Qian Hongyan, a 4-year-old from Luliang, Yunnan, suffered a car accident and was amputated below the pelvis. Grandpa cut the basketball in half and put it under her … … Later, she became attached to swimming. In 2010, she won three silver medals in the National Swimming Championships for the Disabled. This year, she swam into the Paralympic Games as she wished. She no longer sits in a basketball and looks up at the world. When talking about the feelings of participating in the Paralympic Games, Qian Hongyan said: "It feels like you can stand in a wider place and see the world."

  △ Figure/vision china
  In Yeli Village, Jingxing County, Hebei Province, Jia Haixia, who is blind, and Jia Wenqi, who has no arms, support each other. In 2001, the two contracted more than 50 mu of river beach in the village to plant trees. Every morning, Jia Haixia drags Jia Wenqi’s sleeve to the beach. When crossing the river, Jia Haixia helped Jia Wenqi roll up his trouser legs, and Jia Wenqi carried him over. For more than ten years, they planted tens of thousands of trees and insisted on not cutting down or selling a tree. They just turned the desolate wasteland into a dense jungle.

  Due to polio, Li Chuangye had to squat and walk since childhood. He was controlled by beggars at the age of 9, escaped from the magic cave at the age of 16, was admitted to the university at the age of 25, and joined the junior college this year to become an undergraduate. During the summer vacation, he walked in six provinces, climbed to the top of Wuyue Mountain by moving, traveled 7632 kilometers back and forth, climbed tens of thousands of steps, worn out 16 gloves, 6 pairs of shoes and 12 pairs of pants … …

  Zhang Rihui, who is 60 years old, is a courier in Xuancheng, Anhui Province. He has no feet because of his natural disability. He wraps his knees with rubber to send couriers, and he can send 70 or 80 pieces a day. He said that he had complained about his fate, but complaining could not solve the problem, and he believed that he could change his fate with his own hands.

  Wang Yajing, a post-90s "chin girl" in Fuyang, Anhui Province, was born with cerebral palsy in children and was severely paralyzed from the neck down. In 2008, she tried to operate the mouse with her chin. In the past eight years, she has created more than 4,000 poems, essays and fairy tales, and also published poetry collections and fairy tales. She said, "I know it’s hard to stick to my dream, but when my youth is still there, my dream is gone, which is very sad. Therefore, if my friend comes to me and says that he wants to give up and escape, I will definitely dissuade him and let him try again, because I am still on the road to my dream, and I believe that I will dispel other people’s doubts."

  Ruhr, a 26-year-old American, lost his legs due to illness since childhood. He made unremitting efforts to become a fitness instructor and gave free classes to the disabled. Doing push-ups and pull-ups with a wheelchair upside down can’t beat him. Ruhr always believed that he could do it, and also asked other disabled people to do so. What else do you want to say "can’t do it" when you see Ruhr?

  With love, winter is not cold.

  At present, there are more than one billion disabled people in the world, which is equivalent to one disabled person in every seven people.

  ② There are more than 100 million disabled children, and the possibility of violence is four times that of non-disabled children.

  ③80% of the disabled people live in developing countries.

  ④50% of the disabled can’t afford medical care.

  ⑤ There are more than 85 million disabled people in China, involving 280 million relatives.

  Many times, the temperature of a society is marked by how to treat the disabled.

  Chongqing, Xiaoyu, a bus arrived at the station, and a passenger with lower limbs was about to get off. Unexpectedly, the driver came and gently lifted him off the bus. The driver kept smiling and the disabled passenger shed tears … … Someone praised the driver as a good man, but he just answered, "What if it’s me?"

  Let every life be respected, at least ↓ ↓

A When greeting, keep your eyes on the other person and don’t stare at the disabled part.

B Be friendly when your eyes meet, and don’t show surprise and doubt.

C if you don’t know sign language, don’t gesticulate, so as not to cause misunderstanding. You can use lip reading or written conversation.

D attention is not onlookers, and it cannot affect the normal activities of disabled people.

E don’t ask about the cause and condition of disability, and avoid involving privacy and pain.

F before helping the disabled, you should ask for permission. Giving help rashly will hurt their self-esteem.

G use honorific words in conversation, and address them in a standardized way without insulting and discriminating language.

H when providing help, we should pay attention to the category of disability and determine the location and intensity of help.

I the national service hotline for the disabled is 12385. If you encounter difficulties, you can call it.

J Remember: Never deliberately imitate the speech and actions of disabled people.

  Source: CCTV news client

A small-scale "world war"! Deeply reveal why the Syrian crisis can’t stop.

       CCTV News:In Syria, this crisis full of pain and destruction has begun to enter its eighth year. From Dongguta to Aflin, from "politicization of humanitarianism" to successive "threats of chemical weapons", these chaos and the wrestling behind the great powers have become the epitome of the chaotic situation in Syria. So, where did this crisis come from? Why has it lasted for seven years and still can’t stop?


Image source network

       Time has entered 2018, and the Syrian crisis situation that lasted for seven years has not become clearer.

       The conflict in Dongguta, the re-emergence of humanitarian problems and the self-talk of relevant countries have once again shattered the hope of peace that was ignited by the exit of extremist organizations.

       Not only Dongguta, but also Russian and Israeli warplanes were shot down in succession. The anti-terrorist coalition led by the United States clashed with pro-government forces in Deir ez-Zor, and Turkey launched the "Olive Branch Action" against Kurdish armed forces in northern Syria — — The situation in Syria is more foggy than ever.

       Huntington, an American political scientist, in his book The Clash of Civilizations and the Reconstruction of World Order, divided the "fault line war of civilizations" into three levels: the parties actually fighting and killing each other, the countries directly related to the main participants, and the top core countries — — If the top countries have no intention to end the war, the conflict will continue.

       In fact, the Syrian crisis basically conforms to this theory: if the participants are divided into three levels, the extremist organizations that have lost their momentum only belong to the lowest level, that is, one that fights and kills each other, including the Syrian government, Hezbollah in Lebanon, opposition armed forces, the terrorist organization "Conquest Front" and the "Syrian Democratic Army" led by Kurdish armed forces.

Syrian opposition opened fire on buildings (image source network)

Syrian opposition opened fire on buildings (image source network)

       Above the hierarchy of factions on the ground, there are neighboring countries, including Iran, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. Most of them directly participated in the chaos in Syria and promoted the development of the situation.

       However, although it has great influence on the situation in Syria, the surrounding stakeholders can’t influence the final situation in Syria, because at the top, there is a game between Russia and the United States, two world powers.

       At present, Russia has announced that it has begun to withdraw its troops from Syria, and at the same time, it has promoted several dialogue platforms such as Astana and Sochi in an attempt to solve the Syrian issue as soon as possible. However, the attitude of the United States on the Syrian issue is extremely vague. It has established the so-called "border protection force", set up as many as 20 military strongholds, refused to participate in the Russian dialogue platform, and constantly created obstacles for the political settlement of the Syrian issue on the grounds of human rights and chemical weapons.

Armed men from the People's Protection Force are on alert at the air raid site.

Armed personnel from the "People’s Protection Force" are on alert at the air raid site (image source network)

       There are more than ten participants in the Syrian crisis, and there is also a decisive factor in the absence of the United States. What is more complicated is that the contradictions contained in the Syrian crisis are also different.

       At the end of 2010, the so-called "Arab Spring" swept across the Middle East and North Africa. Since Tunisia, many countries such as Libya, Egypt and Yemen have experienced chaos.

       In March 2011, protests broke out in Syria.

       At the beginning, the main contradiction in Syria was the stay of President Bashar and the reform of the government. However, because of the interests, the protests in those years were used by many parties, including western countries. After seven years of conflict, ethnic contradictions, religious contradictions and sectarian contradictions have already evolved. From the Kurdish autonomy movement to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Syria, to the sectarian dispute between Sunni and Shia, the situation has developed beyond everyone’s expectations.

       It is extremely difficult to completely solve any of the above contradictions, coupled with the attempts of many countries in the Middle East to intervene in the Syrian crisis to achieve regional hegemony, the historical grievances caused by the Palestinian-Israeli issue and the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights, the refugee tide caused by the Syrian crisis, and the rampant terrorism and extremism in the 21st century — — The Syrian crisis has concentrated most of the major contradictions of mankind for centuries, so it has become a small-scale "world war" after its outbreak.

       Xu Dezhi, a CCTV reporter, said that it is almost impossible for more than a dozen crisis participants to solve at the same time, or at least cool down so many contradictions and sort out the intertwined interests, which is the fundamental reason why, up to now, although many parties are calling for a political solution to the Syrian issue as soon as possible, it still has little effect. Igniting the fuse of war is very simple, but ending a war is beyond people’s control.

"CyberChina" is popular outside the network! Chongqing night scenes and cars look foolish. Foreign netizens: Do China people live in 2050?

To say that China is the hottest city on the Internet recently, Chongqing must be on the TOP 1 list.

The Title of "8D City" has gone overseas, and the subway can go through the wall, and you can’t tell which floor you are in. The surreal magical cyber night scene has become the "Three tales of mystery in Chongqing" in the eyes of foreign friends.

Let the American little brother dream, let the little sisters in Europe feel excited, Chongqing has been included in the future fantasy list of contemporary young people:

"I was shocked into aphasia, and it felt like time had traveled to 2050."

"I just went there last year and was completely impressed. Being in it is like reaching the future 100 years later. It’s a great city."

"Spider-Man went crazy in Chongqing."

Of course, the sense of Cyberpunk in China city is just one of the topics that have exploded on the Internet. Speaking of playing with Cyberpunk’s sense of the future, we are all used to new energy technology and intelligent driving, and foreign netizens were shocked when they saw it.

Just brush the video of the external network. Under the content of introducing China’s new energy, foreign netizens are basically shocked by "never seeing the world":

"Can you buy it in America? This car looks more upscale than all our cars here."

"The United States will never let such a China car enter the market, and once it rushes into the United States, it will surely kill similar competing products."

"China car, best car."

Even the car navigation can predict that the red light will end in a few seconds, which is a function that everyone in China uses and takes for granted, and it can make them stunned on the spot.

"It’s cool to predict the red light by car navigation! I feel that our country has been left far behind. "

"Can traffic lights be linked with in-car navigation?"

It’s no wonder that the car ideas of foreign netizens still stay in the last century. After all, our country’s sense of existence in the global new energy field has reached the point of "terror".

For ordinary people in China, not only is the proportion of taking taxis to new energy vehicles swishing upward, but the recruitment of new energy enterprises is striding forward in the public opinion field. If you pay attention to the choices of people around you when buying a car, you will find that new energy vehicles, which were once ignored, have now become the first choice of many basin friends.

In their words, it is-"I used to look down on new energy vehicles, but now I am the first to shout".

It is no exaggeration to say that China’s new energy is not just a "rise", but now the general trend is that China’s new energy has gone overseas to "beat up" the world and make up for the lost share in the automobile industry for decades.

How strong is this momentum? Even the traditional car-making powers have a sense of crisis.

Fortune magazine just reported last Sunday that China’s electric vehicles attacked the city overseas, forcing German auto parts manufacturers to change their thinking: "We must adapt to the trend of making cars in China in order to survive."

(Holger Klein, CEO of German auto parts manufacturing giant ZF)

Germans’ worries are not unreasonable. According to the investigation report of Allianz, Germany’s largest financial group, if China’s new energy vehicles continue to develop, by 2030, the total annual net profit loss of European automakers will exceed 7 billion euros (about 54.6 billion yuan).

This figure made them "panic". After all, the sales of European cars are not as good as before, while the sales of local cars in China have been increasing, which has squeezed the living space of European car companies in China.

Now, coupled with the fact that we have finished building cars and exported them to Europe, and rolled them up to Europe at home, we have taken a two-pronged approach, so that comfortable Europeans really feel the cold winter of sales.

(The sales of new energy vehicles in China broke out in the decade from 2011 to 2021, from visualcapitalist)

In addition to the panicked Germans, Japan, another car-making power, could not stand it. Japanese cars also showed signs of "crash" in China, and Japanese experts began to spread anxiety, saying that China had entered a new era ahead of schedule.

According to them, for every four new energy vehicles sold in the world, one of them is from China. In Norway, the number of new cars sold by China New Energy accounts for 79.3% of the total market. Japanese experts sighed greatly: our Japanese car got up early, and now it’s late.

Why did Germany and Japan, a car-making power, suddenly feel a sense of crisis?If we carefully study the export data of new energy vehicles in China, we will find that the brand represented by MAXUS, SAIC Datong, has gradually taught foreign friends over the past few years what is called dimension reduction.

In terms of sales volume, in the wave of China’s new energy export overseas,The cumulative sales volume of SAIC MAXUS in overseas markets in 73 countries and regions has exceeded 300,000 units, and it has become the top stream in developed markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Norway, accounting for more than 80% of the sales volume.

With the hard power of "All-around Hexagon Warrior", foreign traditional brands of fuel vehicles can no longer stand on the same starting line with us.

From the price point of view, while maintaining the same quality at home and abroad, SAIC Chase MAXUS has successfully played a high premium in overseas markets.

Take TESCO, which has opened stores all over the streets in Britain, as one of the three largest retail enterprises in the world, TESCO has purchased 150 sets of MAXUS pure electric light passenger EV90 refrigerated trucks.

You know, in Britain, the price of new energy products such as pure electric light passenger EV90 has been higher than that of Renault in France, and the sword refers to Mercedes-Benz. Although the domestic price is nearly doubled, SAIC Chase MAXUS still won the order with the strength matching the pricing.

What is even more amazing is that when these cars were delivered, they also created the largest air transport record of electric light commercial vehicles in the world.

TESCO chose air transportation to let SAIC Chase MAXUS send the car to the UK. The freight is more expensive than the goods themselves, which shows how much you want to pick up the car. It is really a two-way trip.

Reliable plus high-end, high premium can also take orders. The more you know about SAIC MAXUS, the more developed countries with long-term cooperation are interested in the brand itself, and the more willing they are to award a wave of industry awards to SAIC MAXUS.

After the British bought it from MAXUS, SAIC Chase, in buy buy, they put the Green Fleet for six consecutive years.(New Energy Vehicle Enterprise Award)The honor of "Electric Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year" was awarded to SAIC Chase MAXUS, and the days when Japanese car companies in Europe, America and Japan once monopolized the awards have become a thing of the past.

Last August, SAIC MAXUS also won one of the most authoritative automobile awards in the world, the "Automobile Innovation Award" in Germany.

This year’s SAIC Chase MAXUS is still like chopping melons and vegetables, and it won the best new energy brand award of the year by autocosmos, the authoritative automobile media in Chile, the "best van 2023" by Businessvan, the preferred strategy website of British container trucks, and the best design model award of Havana Industrial Fair in Cuba in 2023. …

Behind the world’s soft hand in winning prizes, high quality and high premium, it is the cultivation of SAIC Chase MAXUS’s "two blossoms":

On the one hand, it is the hard work of the new energy technology system, on the other hand, it is the foresight of the strategic layout.

Take MIFA 9, the first full-size pure electric luxury intelligent MPV that landed in Europe, as the flagship model facing the global market, positioning the high-end "global hard currency" in environmental protection, technology, comfort and other aspects, which shocked foreign friends with high product strength from the East.

(MIFA 9 unveiled at Birmingham Motor Show, UK)

The early deployment of new energy MPV products has also made MIFA 9 shine in overseas markets and take the lead in stabilizing the high-end.

Now we can see that the results of cultivation have spread all over the world, all over the industry and all fields.

In the logistics industry, SAIC Chase MAXUS won the reputation of "handing the king’s car".SAIC Chase MAXUS light passenger pure electric light passenger EV series stands out among the "picky" car selection standards in developed countries, and postal systems in Ireland, Belgium, Australia and other places have been praised and repurchased.

The logistics team of DPD, the second largest logistics group in Europe, in the UK also heard the news, and signed the largest single order of China brand light passenger car overseas with SAIC Chase MAXUS, which also set a new record for the largest single order of China automobile brand in the UK.

In the chemical industry, T90 EV, a pure electric pickup recognized by the Ministry of Communications of New Zealand at the national level, has also attracted the attention of Chilean lithium mining giant SQM.

Lucky, energy-saving, smart and easy to drive, this car has officially settled in the largest chemical enterprise in Chile.

It can be seen that SAIC Chase MAXUS and other domestic cars have appeared all over the world and in all fields. In the past, I only felt that domestic new energy sources were making progress, but I really didn’t think about the extent of progress. However, judging from the explosive development trend this year and the real data at hand, we have reached this step that can lead the global industry reform.

Once in the era when fuel vehicles occupied an absolute dominant position, our country could not get the core technology, and it was always suppressed by the first superior. Nowadays, generations of technology cultivation and accumulation in the field of new energy have finally ushered in the time of flowering and fruition.

The domestic new energy brand represented by MAXUS, SAIC Datong, has done things silently and made a blockbuster. With the spirit of hard work and steady progress, it has been exported overseas and staged an over-burning reversal.

Looking at today’s new energy field, we have undoubtedly stood on the cusp of a new era.

In the new era, SAIC Chase MAXUS has stood firm at the high end. The road to the future has never been smoother.

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Set [Sister Bao] to ?☆ Star sign ☆

It’s easier to grab the c position ~

Women in 2023 | Facing bravely and living positively is the way that every woman should pursue.

Cover journalist Chen Ganlu Xu Yingman Li Jiayu
In early winter in Chengdu, the ginkgo leaves are not completely yellow. The synchronized swimming world champions Jiang Wenwen and Jiang Tingting both appeared in Taikoo Li wearing thin jackets. After taking off their sneakers, putting on high heels and changing clothes, the two sisters made a group of fashion blockbusters. In the past year, studios, video studios, and various blockbusters going up and down the mountain were familiar with "daily life". Talking about the harvest and growth of this year, my sister Jiang Wenwen said: "We spent a lot of time in different fields this year, exploring things that we have never tried before, and actively feeling the challenges and happiness brought by different fields."
Promoting the Universiade and the Asian Games is the pride of China athletes.
The coming year 2023 is a "big year" for sports, and the summer Universiade in Chengdu comes as scheduled, which makes college students all over the world feel the charm of Chengdu. As Chengdu residents and ambassadors for the image promotion of Chengdu Universiade, Jiang Wenwen and Jiang Tingting have been very busy. "All kinds of promotion activities and public welfare activities have been busy." After the opening of the Chengdu Universiade, the sisters really felt the atmosphere when they were familiar with the stadium. "During the Universiade, we really felt the enthusiasm of our Chengdu people and the great changes brought by this event to our city."
In the autumn Asian Games in Hangzhou, the sisters also went to the scene. "The Asian Games actually have a complex for us. We started to let everyone know about the Asian Games in 2006, so the Asian Games is a very story-telling sports event for both of us." In the 2006 Doha Asian Games, Jiang Wenwen and Jiang Tingting, twin athletes, bloomed in the swimming pool, which shocked the synchronized swimming circle. It was also from Doha that they stepped onto the big stage of the World Championships, the World Cup and the Olympic Games. In the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, both of them were "upgraded" to their mothers’ two sisters who came back after giving birth, defeated the Japanese players in the double event, won the gold medal again after eight years, and won their sixth Asian Games gold medal.
Five years later, in Hangzhou, they became guests in the studio: "We watched many games, such as fencing and swimming, and then we also paid attention to the games of the older generation of athletes similar to us. It is also a rare learning process to communicate with them and share with athletes from different projects. "
The biggest emotion of the two major sports events is: "The two sports events were held in our motherland, and we are very proud to be athletes in China."
Youth volunteer service brings positive spirit to everyone.
Sharing on campus is no stranger to the two sisters. This year, as members of the Champion Volunteer Service Team, they entered the campus of Chengdu primary and secondary schools more frequently and participated in public welfare volunteer service. Not long ago, in the 44th track and field meeting of Chengdu No.7 Middle School, Jiang Wenwen shared the growth story and sports experience of the two sisters practicing flower swimming with all the teachers and students, and her sister Jiang Tingting lit the torch for the school sports meeting. Whether sharing or lighting the torch ceremony, the appearance of the two sisters made the children very excited. "I think that the athletes’ transformation to volunteer service is mainly through our own sportsmanship, growth experience, stories of setbacks and struggles to drive more teenagers and learn to grow through experience."
After retiring, the two sisters spent a lot of spare time on public welfare volunteer service. They are also directors of the Sichuan Youth Volunteers Association. "We just hope to use our positive spirit to lead and drive more young people to love sports and maintain an optimistic and positive attitude towards life."
As "Fengge women", Jiang Wenwen and Jiang Tingting are not absent from almost every session. "I think the activity of sealing women provides a very good platform for female friends, which gives us the opportunity to meet more outstanding female friends. I learn a lot from them through communication and sharing every year. "
In the new year, the two sisters actively embraced new changes and challenges and tried many new fields. "We spent a lot of time in different fields this year to explore things that we have never tried before and actively feel the challenges and happiness brought by different fields." This year, their "declaration of sealing the grid" has also gained new insights. My sister said: "Bravely facing a positive life state is a way of life that every woman must have and pursue." My sister said very tacitly, "I am the same. The only supplement is that I hope women can be more independent, have enough confidence in themselves and enjoy their own lifestyle and state independently."

When the ping-pong ball is hit at supersonic speed …

In animation, Japanese students usually have the power of conan the destroyer, and playing ball always feels like a high-tech war.
In reality, can humans play ball games so ferociously?
(All the articles are professional, please don’t imitate them at home.)
Although it is impossible to rely on manpower, we can use the power of air and machines, such as the "vacuum table tennis cannon."
A cannon is actually more like a pipe. When a cannon is fired, the speed of the accelerated table tennis can reach 450km/h, which is about one third of the speed of sound.
At this time, the table tennis directly crashed into the coke with air pressure, and this can was like a punch in the abdomen:
What if the speed of table tennis is increased to supersonic speed? Will it be more powerful? In fact, mythbusters, a well-known popular science team, made a similar attempt many years ago.
According to their test, the average adult can hit the ball at a speed of about 112.6 kilometers per hour after swinging.The speed of sound is 1224 kilometers per hour, which is an insurmountable gap.
Unless, of course, the table tennis player is a machine.
After several attempts, they successfully increased the speed of table tennis to 730 kilometers per hour by pressure jet, which directly penetrated the 2.5 cm cardboard, but this speed is still far from the speed of sound.
At this time, the "vacuum ping-pong cannon" appeared.
To put it simply, this device is to put a ping-pong ball at one end of a pipe and then seal both ends of the pipe:
Then, the air in the pipeline is drained to make it enter a vacuum state, and then the seal at one end is punctured, and the air will rush in wildly and then fill the vacuum space.
At this time, the table tennis in the middle will be pushed by the air and move to the other side at high speed, and there is no air obstacle on the road.
The power of this kind of vacuum cannon has been improved remarkably. With only a 1.8-meter-long pipe, the ejection speed of table tennis has reached 600 kilometers per hour.
And if we add a pressure chamber to the vacuum cannon and increase the length of the barrel, the speed will be upgraded again.
(Image from Purdue University of Technology)
But it is not as long as possible. Once the barrel was lengthened to 47 meters:
The acceleration effect is different. After firing, the human eye can’t see the ball moving at all, and the ball disappears directly:
However, when the table tennis flies out of the barrel, it has been squeezed out of the ball by resistance.
In the end, the barrel was reserved for 6 meters, which not only ensured the integrity of the ball, but also reached the speed of 1770 kilometers per hour, which properly exceeded the speed of sound.
So, "What destructive power will the vacuum table tennis cannon have now?The researchers set the shooting target-a thick pig elbow.
Fill in table tennis, adjust the pressure, pump out the air and fire!
Table tennis hit the surface of the pork completely, and the elbow suffered great damage. A round wound immediately appeared on the epidermis:
But the injury doesn’t stop there. Under this wound, there is a wound with a depth of nearly 4 cm:
However, this wave of injuries is difficult to subdivide how much table tennis can account for. After all, it broke at the moment it touched pork, and the subsequent injuries were more like air cannons.
But overall, it smells like animation.
There are still many people who use "table tennis vacuum cannons" to sabotage. They have chosen all kinds of strange targets for testing.
Mark French, a professor at Purdue Institute of Technology, and his students, combined a supersonic table tennis cannon with a pressure chamber and a vacuum gun, which is said to be faster than an F-16 fighter.
(All the articles are professional, please don’t imitate them at home.)
In the face of this kind of attack, the table tennis bat can do nothing at all and is directly penetrated:
When you hit a tape, it’s like hitting tofu:
Not only did the tape break a hole, but the carton at the back also broke a hole:
The most cruel thing is to play a row of cans and disappear in an instant:
Look at the injury of cans, it should be destroyed by the group:
With such destructive power, it is no wonder that the professor emphasized on the whiteboard that he is a professional team and advised others not to try it at home.
Bruce Yeany, a physics teacher, also tried to play cans. From the effect point of view, he used more power:
But when he bombarded the watermelon, he encountered a problem, that is, the quality of table tennis was too small after all, and it broke directly in front of the watermelon:
Is this the only survivor in the table tennis test?
However, watermelon didn’t laugh for long. The teacher unhurriedly increased the weight of table tennis, not much, just filled it with water:
Now, watermelon immediately becomes watermelon juice:
Watermelon: Can’t you afford to play?
However, the most extravagant way to play table tennis vacuum cannon comes from anchors Dianna Cowern and Brandon.They aimed a cannon at an iPhone 11 Pro worth more than 6700 yuan:
How can I put it? The moment when table tennis hits the mobile phone is quite artistic. Maybe this is the happiness of being rich.
(All the articles are professional, please don’t imitate them at home.)
(Part of the picture material in this article comes from the Internet, only for learning and communication.)
References: v=bAKqzAzfXKQ v=msgfm4DHiyc v=-HfaLqmRO1k v=wBY3Z4F0dxk v=YYNCGZCul1Q Physics Girl v=rk-6wHimbUs v=JYivWedGCKc v=ts7v07lXmTQ v=nIL3HN4PQlI v=Z52yCL3tSGQ v=whkCwx2axQM v=87Cpe4bJn0U
Source: Mad Pill Science
Editor: xx
Everyone is searching.
The table tennis movement in the competition includes the table tennis falling from a height when it is advancing. The jumping height is the fastest table tennis attack speed, and the fastest table tennis attack technology is () Fast speed is one of the outstanding characteristics of table tennis. The table tennis rules stipulate that the ball should be thrown when serving.


Wake up in the starry night

Please ban table tennis, because table tennis can cause unimaginable harm in some people’s hands, especially in the hands of water injectors, which can easily shoot people in the eyes.




Liyue 8l





Single-player small game enthusiasts

Forgot to be funny. That’s it?




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Liu Fang the butcher

Vacuum pump is very expensive!




Meteor star gap

Mechanical vacuum pump can play, but it’s not that powerful. But it’s much better than vacuum cleaners




Liu Fang the butcher

To achieve the effect in this article, the Roots vacuum pump with a million rmb will start!




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Lever and his friends’ daily life

L: hey! A, I brought you …
L was used by A to play table tennis …? Killed)
(l was born again)
A: Er … Hug …
(A is eliminated by cause and effect)
(a is born again)
(A is eliminated by cause and effect)
(a is born again)
(A is eliminated by cause and effect)
(a is born again)
A: stop! I surrender! I surrender!




Lever and his friends’ daily life

A: I don’t know. Don’t ask me.
U: what is quantum?
L: Er … ……Sans, you explain.
Sans:zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ……




Natural selection region

Enthusiasts in science field

Is the quantum state macroscopic, and the collapse state is realized through self-observation?




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Azul ink rain

How are light particles produced?




Natural selection region

Enthusiasts in science field

As a result, you are trapped in the track of the curvature engine and can’t move.




Think about it.

Start my curvature engine quickly




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What I lack are table tennis and cannons? What I lack is an Apple phone!




Maliania, the blade of Michella.

This kind of air cannon seems to be at the level of one million RMB.




T’s advantage lies in my T.

I thought, this air cannon may be more valuable.




Super snow leopard MVP

All the articles are professional, please don’t imitate them at home?

How to imitate? 1.8 joules into the orange!




Fengqi captain

And use interchangeable words. What is an orange?





I just want to ask: how expensive is this table tennis? The inferior table tennis we used, the speed of which was only over 20 kilometers per hour, was smashed by our table tennis racket and split in half.




Bodhi shines all over.

However, Xiao Pang broke the ball with a backhand at the World Championships several times and flew directly in half.

But Zhou Yu’s time …

It’s almost a sense of sight after being shot.




Theoretical progress

More than 20 kilometers per hour is less than 10m/s, and nobody can run fast. You can smash the ball. . . 9.18 complain about the business!




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Tianxing lost his heart

Curvature can be used next time

speed up




Tianxing lost his heart

True light

Particle strike




Maybe it’s a tomahawk

Wait, why did the earth fall?




Kawakaze Jiangfeng z6

The quality of water-injected table tennis is 20g, and the known exit speed is 1600km/h, that is, about 440m/s, and the kinetic energy is equal to one-half mass times the square of speed, and its kinetic energy is about 20 * 440 2/2 coke, which is calculated to be 1.93 * 10 6 coke, which can be approximately counted as 2,000,000 coke watermelon: I thank you tm.

The kinetic energy of this table tennis ball far exceeds the upper limit of 1.6 joules, so


@ account has been cancelled.

This content is temporarily invisible.




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What did you say? I can’t understand it. Please be more specific.




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An hour ago.




Drama loves z1.

Want to do it, is it illegal?





Well, the speed of leaving the chamber exceeds the standard. Whoever tries it in China is illegal.




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Mythbusters is a real popular science program.





The writer of the article must be a graduate student with severe internet addiction, and he is flying like a kite.




Yan’s terminator z fu soul Soviet shirt z

Bench (only after reading it)

Don’t spray funny.





Won’t the air in table tennis explode under vacuum?




Subway planning designer

If you use billiards, the power is even harder to imagine.




Juesheng Nanmo

This is one of the reasons why the per capita consumption of resources in the United States ranks first in the world. Just like PINKRAY  Jr. knows what it’s like to have three tones a year, he wastes a lot of experimental props, sees foreign children doing domino experiments on TV, and there are a lot of things on the Internet that are similar to putting people into shredders.




Thunder and lightning doctor sheep call animals.

We China people, just addicted to mobile phones every day, laughing to death, China is silent?





Boy, I won’t watch the funeral film without this thing.




Damn dog

The martial arts in the world are only fast and unbreakable.





Faster than F16, air defense ball




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[Video] Hu Jintao visits Ping-Pong Keys and gives gifts to women’s team members.

CCTV News (news broadcast):点击观看视频>>>










"China Table Tennis" exposes eggs. The "memory killing" of table tennis in the past dynasties has caused tears.

1905 movie network news On February 21st, the film directed by and starring Deng Chao,,,,,, and so on was released "Salute! At the end of the title, the "famous scene" of China table tennis history reappeared one by one in the song "Glorious Road", and the "memory killing" of table tennis in past dynasties attracted people’s tears. Previously, the main players of table tennis in active service also cheered for the film under the leadership of Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association. Players of all ages interacted from a distance, and the spirit of table tennis in China was passed on. The film is now being shown nationwide.

Opening the Glorious Moment of China Table Tennis from Rong Guotuan and Reproducing China Table Tennis "Glorious Road" for 71 years.

"117 world champions and 254 gold medals." — — "China table tennis Jedi counterattack" "salute! The legend of table tennis history in China has been digitally recorded in the first frame of the egg at the end of the title. Since the establishment of China Table Tennis Team in 1952, the historical curtain of table tennis in China has been opened. Rong Guotuan, the legendary table tennis player who won the first men’s singles world championship for China at the World Table Tennis Championships in Dortmund in 1959, was the first world champion in the sports history of New China. Since then, table tennis fever has swept across the land of China, and the ups and downs of the national table tennis legend has also opened. Clockwise jump to 1961, the 26th World Table Tennis Championships was held in Beijing, which was the first time to host a world competition since the founding of New China. Starting from this World Table Tennis Championships, the focus of world table tennis began to shift from Japan to China. At this World Table Tennis Championships, China won three championships, namely men’s team, men’s singles and women’s singles. Qiu Zhonghui, the champion of women’s singles, became the first person in China to win the world women’s table tennis championship, and also the first women’s world champion in China — — China’s first men’s and women’s world champions were both won through table tennis.

The road to glory is not always smooth sailing. In the 1980s, European men’s table tennis launched an attack on China. In the early 1990s, swaythling cup, the highest honor of the men’s table tennis team, was won by the Swedish team for three consecutive times. This also achieved the "Jedi counterattack" of China Ping-pong in the 1995 Tianjin World Table Tennis Championships, winning all six gold medals in men’s team, women’s team, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, men’s singles and women’s singles. On the podium of the men’s team in the’ 95 Tianjin Video Game with the ending egg, the "General Five Tigers" who finally won the championship was even more energetic against the background of swaythling cup, the head coach. Since then, China men’s table tennis has gone through the Gemini era of Liu Guoliang and Kong Linghui, the Gemini era of Wang Liqin, Wang Hao, Ma Lin and Ma Long, and then ZhangJike, Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong have become the mainstay of table tennis. In women’s table tennis, Wang Nan, Zhang Yining, Li Xiaoxia, Ding Ning … … Generations of legendary women’s table tennis players have firmly held the title of "Big Devil" in their hands. The egg at the end of China Ping-Pong’s Jedi Counter-Strike is a history of China Ping-Pong, and scenes of China Ping-Pong are reappeared in a panoramic view. Everyone will feel shocked when they see these photos. Table tennis in the past dynasties "Memory killing "brought tears to eyes.

"One Handsome and Five Tigers" Played the Classic Battle of Turning Defeat into Victory, the most exciting home for Tianjin’s achievements in 1995.

The Jedi counterattack of China Table Tennis tells the story that Dai Minjia, a coach studying abroad, volunteered to return to China in the early 1990s when the men’s table tennis was crushed by the "European powers" and led the veteran recruits to launch a counterattack against the "powers" in Tianjin to save the men’s table tennis. In 1990s, China men’s table tennis suffered a low ebb, losing cups in three consecutive World Table Tennis Championships, and even the team performance once fell to the seventh place in the world. In 1995, Tianjin unexpectedly won the qualification for hosting the World Table Tennis Championships, which also became the best time for China’s table tennis Jedi to fight back. Given the favorable weather and geographical location, human harmony has become a "roadblock" in front of China men’s table tennis. The "One Handsome and Five Tigers" in the film have different images and distinct personalities. They are not afraid of pressure in the face of great pressure and difficulties, and jointly performed a thrilling cup-winning battle. The Tianjin World Table Tennis Championships in 1995 has also become the most exciting home.

Dai Minjia, the "devil coach", used his troops like gods to build five "problem players" with their own strengths but no shortage of shortcomings into a teacher of hope who dares to fight, can fight and can fight. Absolute main force in the team — — Bai Min, the "leading brother", was injured in the shoulder and resisted the pressure at a critical moment that might ruin his sports career. Huang Zhao, the "most beautiful boy" who returned from "stealing a teacher" in Europe, was older, but he kept a key point with rich practical experience; Gong Feng, a "secret weapon" hidden in the snow for four years, has myopia of more than 1000 degrees in both eyes, but he has mastered the stunt of "combining attack and cutting" to beat the top players in Europe; Only 16-year-old Hou Zhuoxiang and Dong Shuai, the "future champions" and "Ping-Pong Moonlight", who showed super dominance, launched an impact from the youthful power on their opponents. As the highest comprehensive word-of-mouth evaluation of the new film released since February, this annual word-of-mouth work of "Good Laughter and Tears, Enough Burning, Enough Cool" has been unanimously recognized by the media, film critics and ordinary audiences with its ups and downs stories, carefree competitions and inspiring ping-pong spirit since its release.

The film "China Ping-Pong Fight Back" is directed by Deng Chao and Yu Baimei, starring Deng Chao, Sun Li, Timmy Xu, Duan Bowen, Cai Yida, Ding Guansen, Sun Jilun, Aruna, etc. The film is now being shown in the country.

Random thoughts: a cost-effective way to travel: time-saving, labor-saving, worry-free and comfortable.

Sunset on Weizhou Island

Bi Shumin said:Travel is a blind herb that can cure the bitterness of life.

It is also said that traveling is from a place where you are tired of living to a place where others are tired of living. Spend your own money, make others rich, then go back to the place where you are tired of living and continue to live tenaciously.

Like most people, I like to go out and have a look every year. In the past few years, the travel environment has been affected, and every time I go out, the troubles caused by the epidemic are not satisfactory.

After the Spring Festival in 2023, the epidemic was suddenly unsealed, which made people excited.

Retirees’ lives include not only pots and pans, but also poems and distant places. Gradually drifting away from society, it is inevitable to produce some spiritual internal friction. It is much better to spend some money to eliminate internal friction than to spend money on medical treatment.

Time and tide wait for no man, travel plan, put on the agenda.

After years of practice and feeling, I still prefer the semi-self-help travel mode: harmony but difference, casualness and freedom.

You don’t have to worry about the itinerary and accommodation, and you don’t have to worry too much about the safety of traveling alone. You can not only enjoy the leisure of seeing the mountains and water, but also have the opportunity to meet like-minded travelers.

Yuandadu site

Near the end of the year, summarize your travel situation in 2023.

1. Travel and expenses

First stop: 14-day tour of Guangxi Panorama.

The time is from February 11th to February 24th, 2023.

The places we visited were: Guilin Collection: Elephant Trunk Mountain, Tianxin Village, Longji Terrace, Yangshuo, Yulong River, Cuiping Wuzhishan, Xianggong Mountain, Huangyao Ancient Town, Liuzhou, Bama Changshou Village, Baimo Cave, Bainiaoyan Cave, Jingxi Goose Spring, Old Street in Jiuzhou, Detian Waterfall, Mingshi Manor, Quyang Lake, Anping Xianhu, Nanning City, Beihai Yintan.

Hydrangea Street, the Old Street of Jiuzhou in Jingxi.

Sunset in Wuzhishan, Cuiping

Tianxincun champion bridge

Anping Xianhexiao Foshan

Mingshi manor

Fees: Guilin assembly, Beihai delegation.

Tour fare (including tickets): about 4700 yuan,

Round-trip transportation cost: 1760 yuan.

Departure: 580 yuan (sleeper+bullet train)

Return: 1180 yuan by plane.

Total: 6450 yuan.

Second stop: Nine-day tour of Daliangshan-Yinji of Yi people.

Time: May 20-May 28, 2023.

The places we visited are: Suji Ancient Town, Jinkouhe Town, Jinkouhe Grand Canyon, Guluo Village, Yele Lake, Yihai Scenic Area, Yi Museum, Xichang Launch Center, Huanglian Tulin, Luojishan 99-grade Hot Spring Scenic Area, Gukede, Sanhe Village, Cliff Village, Mahu Scenic Area and Lizhuang Ancient Town in Zhaojue County.

Luojishan hot spring

Xichang Satellite Launch Center

Jinkouhe Grand Canyon


Cliff village

Fees: Chengdu assembly, break up.

The tour fee (including tickets) is 3680 yuan.

Transportation fee: None (the tour fare includes the return ticket from Xi ‘an to Chengdu).

Total: 3680 yuan.

Third stop: 10-day tour of Xilin Gol Great Ring Road. The time is from July 28th to August 7th, 2023.

The places we visited were: Hohhot, followed by Huanghuagou Scenic Area, Wulanhada Volcano Group, Grassland Volcano Scenic Area, Xilinhot Beizi Temple, Wulantai Scenic Area of Xiwuqi, Seoul Scenic Area of Mongolia, Bulinquan Scenic Area, Bingtuan Town, Wolf Totem Shooting Base, Shizhen Scenic Area of Ketengke Banner, Dali Lake Scenic Area, Yuanshangdu Site, Jining Campaign Memorial Hall, etc.

Shizhen scenic spot

Mongolia Hancheng scenic spot

Volcanic grassland exposed to the sun.

volcanic vent

Fees: Hohhot assembly, break up.

Tour fare (admission): 4280 yuan

Transportation: 580 yuan (going from Xi ‘an to Hohhot, returning to the sleeper).

Total: 4860 yuan.

The fourth stop, a four-day tour of the Qinling Mountains in the autumn. Time: October 24th to October 28th, 2023.

The tour fee (including tickets) is 1210 yuan. Transportation fee: Xi ‘an takes the bus.

The places visited are: Lingguan Gorge in Fengxian, Lover Valley, Shizigou Ranch, Liuba Old Town, Gao Jiang Road, the most beautiful highway in Qinling, and Longtou Mountain in Hanzhong.



Gao Jiang Road, the most beautiful highway in Qinling Mountains.

The total amount of the above expenses is: 16,200 yuan (including breakfast only), totaling 37 days.

During the trip, some people watch the culture, some people watch the scenery, some people punch in and take photos here, and some people relax and take a stroll.

Either way, the picture is a happy and happy mood. After being happy, it is not surprising that the body is tired and exhausted. After a comfortable sleep, the next day I will still be an old man and full of energy.


I like this kind of travel because:

one: The line arrangement is reasonable and comprehensive.

Urban scenery, natural scenery, historical sites and ancient towns, cultural heritage, historical sites, regional culture and other related places will be arranged in the route reasonably.

2:The accommodation is good.

According to the unique situation of each region, we will arrange the best hotel and live comfortably.

three: The service mode is intimate.

There are points for spending, signing in and writing travel notes, and the tour fee can be deducted. The team leader has high quality and strong sense of service.

fourThe most important point is that there is no consumption, pure tourism.

5. Various scenic spots, the time arranged is broad and general., high degree of freedom.

sixBecause I am traveling alone, consideringSafety factor.

Traveling alone, free, unaccompanied, but less lively. This kind of worry-free, labor-saving, time-saving and relaxing way of traveling is just right for me.

Lonely in the crowd at arm’s length,

Joy in like-minded mountains and rivers.

There is no best, only suitable. What suits you is the best.

Jingxi goose spring