Yang Mi Yuqian’s new film enters the May 1st gear, and the new poster is fully masked and half-covered.

1905 movie network news Directed by the suspense comedy film announced the official entry into the 2024 May 1st file, and released a new set of character posters in one breath, which raised the expectations of the film again. In the posters, the leading actors,,,, and all held a theatrical mask, which matched the hidden faces, making the characters full of mysterious appeal.

A few days ago, the film had its first screening at the 5th Hainan Island International Film Festival. After the screening, director Ding Sheng had a warm exchange with the audience, and the first batch of audiences also gave high praise, "Super cool, crazy" "There are echoes everywhere, and there is no idle pen" "Two faces per capita 800 hearts" "The actors’ performances are too show, and the acting sharks are crazy"… The excellent reputation of the film has come out, which has once again deepened the audience’s expectations for the film. "There is nothing that cannot be solved by a hot pot" will officially meet the audience during the May Day holiday in the spring, waiting to take off the mask and have a hot feast!

I still wear a mask and half cover my face, and everyone in the play has two faces

The movie "No Hot Pot Can’t Solve It" tells an absurd story full of suspense and joy: four people who don’t know each other divide the spoils in the backstage warehouse of the theater, and are accidentally involved in a murder case. A hot hot pot rolls with endless suspense, greed and deception lead to a series of reversals. Finally, the special identities of the four gradually emerge, and the mysterious truth is about to emerge… Director Ding Sheng once said that when creating characters, he hopes to make the audience feel the role effect of "great contrast between appearance and heart".

The poster of the new character version presents the state of each character’s own ghosts and different thoughts. The drama mask in the hands of the characters symbolizes "two faces" per person. The ruthlessness and danger in the eyes of the young chicken played by Yang Mi make people shudder, subverting the playful style of Dora’s head and round-rimmed glasses in the previously exposed materials in one fell swoop, which seems to suggest that the role of "white cut black" will be reversed in the film; Yu Qian’s nine cakes are squinting and domineering, and the boss of the small theater troupe is beginning to show the aura of the big brother of the rivers and lakes; Tian Yu’s director Fu is frowning and dignified, and seems to be planning a ghost idea; Yu Mailei’s rich expression seems to be bitter, and a slightly vicissitudes face is full of "people with stories"; Li Jiuxiao’s 70 thousand is sharp as a knife, and the lonely youth is ready to breathe. The colorful neon background and various theatrical masks complement each other, and the painting style is both trendy and takes into account traditional culture, making the audience full of expectations for this film.

The first screening was full of laughter, and director Ding Sheng implored the audience to "not spoiler"

A few days ago, the suspense comedy "There is nothing that cannot be solved by a hot pot" completed its first screening at the 5th Hainan Island International Film Festival. After the screening, director Ding Sheng also came to the scene and had a lively exchange with the audience who watched the first wave of the movie. Talking about the original intention of this suspense comedy, director Ding Sheng said that it is a purely original work. "There is no reference to any film, and there is no bridge that can be imitated. I just want to challenge how far we can make up the original story." The director also admitted that the creative process requires "filling all the holes dug" and "very brain cells", but such challenges are also full of "novelty and fun", and ultimately "very fruitful".

The thick and colorful pictures were "very cool", and the spicy and boiling story was "very crazy". The audience at the scene expressed that they were impressed by the strong narrative tension and humorous plot of the movie. Some audience members thought that the movie had a good rhythm and exquisite story arrangement, "super-dense details, super-concentrated laughs"; some audience members admitted that they did not expect the story to develop like this, "There is a feeling of willows and flowers when the mountains and rivers are exhausted" "There are so many details that they explode, and they want to brush it again"; some audience members said that the combination of Chinese cultural elements such as hot pot and Sichuan opera in the movie with the plot of the movie is just right, and they "deeply feel the profound impact of traditional culture on Chinese values and outlook on life"… In the face of the enthusiastic feedback from the audience, director Ding Sheng also expressed that he is very pleased that the audience can like it, and hopes that the movie can make the audience like See your "delicate side".

In addition, the actors’ wonderful performances also won full applause. The five characters in the movie have very different personalities, but together they are interesting, "a feast for the group play, very enjoyable" "combined with the plot reversal to show the multiple aspects of human nature". And Yang Mi’s role as a chicken, the super reversal in the film also amazed the audience and became one of the biggest highlights of the film. Ding Sheng also called on the audience not to spoiler and leave more surprises in the cinema.

The suspense comedy "There is nothing that cannot be solved by a hot pot" is directed by Ding Sheng, starring Yang Mi, Yu Qian, Tian Yu, Yu Mailei and Li Jiuxiao. The film officially announced its entry into the May 1st file in 2024!

What is the mobile phone system of Huawei P7? Can Huawei P7 be upgraded to Android 4.3?

What is the mobile phone system of Huawei P7?

  The mobile phone system of Huawei P7 is based on the Android 4.4.2 system deeply optimized Emotion UI 2.3 system.

  The Huawei P7 body size is 139.8×68.8×6.5mm, with a 5.0-inch screen, so the overall body is naturally larger than the Huawei P6. The thickness of 6.5mm is also thicker than the 6.18mm of the P6, but it is still a very slim mobile phone. The body frame is still made of aluminum alloy, and the whole body is quite integrated. So what is the mobile phone system of Huawei P7?

  The upper left corner of the back of the Huawei P7 is a 13 million pixel camera and a single LED flash. The camera uses SONY’s latest 4th generation stacked sensor with an F2.0 aperture. The lens does not protrude, and the entire back is very flat, which can be completely flat on the desktop.

What is the mobile phone system of Huawei P7?

  In addition, Huawei P7 has the function of floating button. The new version of the floating button adds a semi-transparent effect, with intelligent movement, automatic fading and other animation effects. The floating button can be opened in the drop-down shortcut menu, or in the system settings. The floating button has several functions: return, homepage, multiple windows on the same screen, lock screen, and memory cleaning. In the case of hiding the navigation key, you can use the floating button instead of the operation.

Can Huawei P7 be upgraded to Android 4.3?

  Huawei P7 uses the Emotion UI 2.3 system that is deeply optimized based on Android 4.4.2.

  In terms of configuration, Huawei P7 uses its own HiSilicon Kirin 910T 1.8GHz quad-core processor, 1.8GHz main frequency, 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, and supports a maximum of 64GB memory expansion. 5.0-inch 1080P resolution IPS screen, using in-cell technology, the front and back bodies cover the third-generation Corning Gorilla Glass.

Can Huawei P7 be upgraded to Android 4.3?

  Huawei P7 has 13 million pixel rear + 8 million pixel front-facing camera, the main camera adopts F2.0 aperture, Sony 4th generation stack sensor. Based on Android 4.4.2 customized Emotion 2.3 operating system and 2500mAh capacity battery. Support 5-mode 10-band, support TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, GSM, FDD-LTE, WCDMA (the latter two only support international roaming).

  In response to the question of what is the mobile phone system of the Huawei P7, in addition, the Huawei P7 has a very obvious improvement in heat control compared to the Huawei P6. First, because it does not use an all-metal body, and second, the power-saving management will reduce the performance, reduce power consumption and heat generation. When running large-scale games or running scores, the back of the mobile phone is comparable to that of the general mobile phone, and there is no longer an obvious hot feeling from the P6. And because the frame is still made of metal, the heat generation of the frame will be a little higher than that of the machine.

Jackie Chan attends the opening ceremony of "China Story", tears for the opening ceremony

Jackie Chan (center) and Yu Dan (right) attend the opening ceremony of "China Story" on August 9. Photo by Cao Ji

Lei Yulan (right), Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, unveils the "Guangdong Hut". Photo by Cao Jili

    At the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China presented a beautiful freehand painting of Chinese civilization to the world. Just a few hours after the emotion and passion had not yet cooled, another wonderful Chinese legend kicked off in the public area of the Olympic Park. A large-scale cultural exhibition called "China Story" was officially opened in the public area of the Olympic Park on the morning of August 9. Leaders and representatives of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country, as well as stars such as Jackie Chan, Zhou Huajian, Mok Wen Wei, Yu Dan, sociologists and 30 representatives of folk artists appeared on the same stage to tell Chinese stories.

  Jackie Chan burst into tears at the opening ceremony

  At 10 am, the Chinese story and culture exhibition area in the public area of the Olympic Park unfolded a huge scroll with seals engraved with the names of 30 provinces, regions and cities, which dyed the beautiful and quiet public areas in the past with a cultural atmosphere. During the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, more than 30 "auspicious cloud huts" will display China’s national cultural heritage and the vibrant ethnic and folk cultures of various regions through live handicraft performances and audience participation and interaction. Stars and folk artists such as Jackie Chan and Yu Dan became the biggest highlights of the opening ceremony.

  Jackie Chan and Yu Dan, who have made Hollywood famous for Chinese kung fu and become the pride of all Chinese people, and who have become famous promoters of the revival of Sinology in the new century by promoting traditional culture, when the two heavyweight guests gathered at the opening ceremony to talk about "China’s story in the eyes of the world", they collided with a lot of ideological sparks. "We should build a small courtyard and put some things on it so that people around the world can see our Chinese culture." Jackie Chan said that he was present at the opening ceremony the night before, and he cried when the torch was lit. "This is not the first time I have cried for the Beijing Olympics. As a Chinese, the Olympic Games are held in my own country, and on such an occasion, no one can suppress the excitement. The Chinese are good, and the opening ceremony is a perfect start." Like Jackie Chan, Yu Dan, a scholar, said the opening ceremony would give the world a better understanding of Chinese culture. "I hope that Chinese culture can use the platform of the Olympic Games to go to the world and let the world see the real wonders of China."

  Zhou Huajian and his mixed-race son sing on stage

  "Everyone is equally useful. Volunteer, invariably. Forget yourself, and be open-minded. I am a star, embellishing the sky…" As a special pair of volunteers at the opening ceremony, Zhou Huajian and his son took the stage to sing the volunteer theme song "I am a star". Referring to his mixed-race son Zhou Houan, Zhou Huajian was very proud. "We are both volunteers for the Olympic Games. Before the opening of the Olympic Games, he had already reported to his assigned area – ‘China Story’. I heard from the staff that he was very diligent. He helped my brother and sister who were filming documentaries carry the machines every day and went out on location, which made my father a lot of light." Joining Zhou Huajian and others at the Olympic Park to help promote Chinese culture during the Olympic Games, Mok Wenwei and Sun Nan also sang passionately on stage, kicking off the "China Story".

  According to reports, in the more than 30 auspicious cloud huts in the Chinese Story Exhibition Area of the Olympic Public Area, the best national intangible cultural heritage retained by various provinces, regions and cities will be highlighted in a space of 60 to 80 square meters. Jiangsu brocade worth tens of millions, wonderful and moving Kunqu Opera performances, interesting Shaanxi shadow puppets, hidden entrances in Chongqing face-changing, colorful and fragrant sugar paintings… The "Chinese Story" cultural exhibition activities use novel and diverse forms of display such as pictures, real objects, multimedia audio-visual arts, combined with live handicraft performances and audience participation and interaction, to vividly tell friends from all over the world about the beauty of Chinese culture.

  Related Links: Guangdong Cottage

  Among the more than 30 auspicious cloud huts in the "Chinese Story" exhibition area, the Guangdong hut of "Yueyun Chaofeng" is quite eye-catching. In the hut, audiences from all over the world can enjoy exquisite gold wood carvings, tide embroidery, wide embroidery, wide color, ceramics, Duan inkstone and other art treasures, and experience the long-standing Lingnan culture. That morning, Vice Governor Lei Yulan attended the opening ceremony of China Story, unveiling the "Guangdong hut".

  Among the exhibits, it was revealed, was a giant gold wood carving from Chaozhou, the "treasure of the town house" of "Guangdong Hut" – about 1.8 meters high and more than 2 meters wide, with the theme of the "Bird’s Nest" in the National Stadium, showing the moving scene of birds coming and dancing around the "Bird’s Nest".

Editor in charge: Li Dan

Ask the World Speed Reproduction AITO Ask the World M5 Smart Driving Edition for the first time in the country, delivered in Wuhan one after another

On June 16th, the "AITO Ask the World M5 Series · Huawei Advanced Intelligent Driving Edition Urban Intelligent Driving Experience Day – Wuhan Station Media Field" event was held in the AITO Authorized User Center · Wuhan University Park Road, and a number of mainstream media were invited to participate in the intelligent driving experience. This event aims to invite the media to actually experience the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system and Hongmeng intelligent cockpit 3.0, and experience the powerful advantages of the "Double Intelligent Ceiling" Ask the World M5 intelligent driving version in terms of intelligence, performance, safety and comfort.

At the same time, the 2023 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show officially opened in Shenzhen. AITO asked the world all models appeared at the auto show and held the delivery ceremony of the first batch of owners of the AITO asked the world M5 Huawei high-end intelligent driving version, marking the official start of the national large-scale delivery of the M5 intelligent driving version. This is another milestone event after AITO asked the world to complete 100,000 cars in only 15 months on May 27. On the day of the event, the first batch of delivery ceremonies of the Wuhan AITO asked the world M5 intelligent driving version were also held. A customized delivery and pickup session was held for the first five owners on the spot.

Q Jie M5 smart driving version has been officially listed on April 17, its official guide prices are, extended version: rear drive smart driving version price 279,800 yuan, four-wheel drive smart driving version price 299,800 yuan; EV version: rear drive smart driving version price 289,800 yuan, four-wheel drive smart driving version price 309,800 yuan. The car is the first model equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-end intelligent driving system and Hongmeng intelligent cockpit 3.0 at the same time, realizing an intelligent driving experience that is infinitely close to L3.

Yu Chengdong, executive director of Huawei, CEO of end point BG, and CEO of smart car solutions BU, said at the delivery ceremony: "Thank you to the first batch of owners for choosing the Wenjie M5 smart driving version, which is equipped with a million luxury car-level all-aluminum chassis to bring extreme control. The innovative intelligent range extension technology makes it have abundant power and extremely low energy consumption at all times. Hongmeng smart cockpit and HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-end intelligent driving solution" Double Smart Ceiling "create an intelligent car experience. Moreover, we will be the first to land the urban NCA function that does not rely on high definition maps in 15 cities in the third quarter, bringing a safer and more comfortable travel experience for people and smart drivers."

Equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-level intelligent driving system, the Q & A M5 smart driving version is equipped with 1 overhead lidar, 3 millimeter-wave radars, 11 high definition cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars. Superimposed with new antenna technology, the signal is doubled, and high-speed and urban high-level intelligent driving functions that do not rely on high-precision maps are realized, bringing a pleasant high-level intelligent driving experience. On the basis of the fusion of BEV (Bird Eye View Aerial View) sensing ability, the Q & A M5 smart driving version is the first GOD network in the industry, which can identify special-shaped objects outside the whitelist of general obstacles. Combined with the road topology reasoning network, it can be driven with pictures and no pictures, so that vehicles can see, understand, and drive better.

The Wenjie M5 Smart Driving Edition is equipped with a HarmonyOS 3 smart cockpit. The intelligent perception in the car goes further, allowing the car to adapt to people and realize all-round automatic adjustment of seat position, HUD height, and rearview mirror position. At the same time, a number of new software and hardware technologies are loaded: the first boarding of spatial audio technology, combined with 19 units of professional-grade audio, allows users to visit the performance scene of the National Grand Theater in person; the rear HUAWEI MagLink magic suction car interface, which can be connected immediately to realize multi-device linkage, such as controlling the content watched by children on the rear tablet, front and rear team games, dual-screen access to conferences, etc., makes the Wenjie M5 Smart Driving Edition easily become the user’s exclusive study, game hall or conference room. HarmonyOS 3 also further integrates the car and mobile phone: the PC car-machine interconnection function makes the temporary office in the car more efficient; the address navigation circulation function in the mobile phone application allows the car to be navigated at a touch of the mobile phone.

In terms of power, the M5 Smart Driving Edition is equipped with HUAWEI DriveONE pure electric drive platform and HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system and other technologies, with a pure electric battery life of 255km and a long comprehensive battery life of 1425km. In terms of space, the rear leg space of the M5 Smart Driving Edition is optimized to 870mm, allowing passengers to sit for a long time without getting tired; the trunk volume is 369L, and the rear row can be expanded to 776L after being laid down. With 3500W reverse charging, it still supports more than 800km of battery life after a week of camping in the wild, easily meeting travel needs.

The launch of the AITO Qinjie M5 series · Huawei high-end intelligent driving version not only enriches the choice of car buyers for the current AITO Qinjie models, but also elevates the intelligence of new energy vehicles to a new height, making driving more "intelligent". I believe that under Huawei’s deep empowerment, Qinjie cars will be favored by more users.

From December 8, 2022 to December 14, 2022, complaints and reports from Beijing Tobacco Control Exposure Station

  From December 8, 2022 to December 14, 2022, the "Smoke Free Beijing" WeChat platform received 59 complaints from the public about violations of the Beijing Smoking Control Regulations.

  The top five places complained of were: residential buildings (32), office buildings (15), office space (5), hotels (3), and temporary non-smoking outdoor areas (1).

  1. Tianchen Building – 9 complaints

  Address: Beijing Chaoyang District Chaoyangmen Peking University Street B No. 12

  Complaint content: 18 floor men’s toilet smoking problem property does not care.

  2. Jinhui Building – Complained once

  Address: Exit B of JD.com Subway Station, Qiyang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  Complaint content: Some people smoke, but no one cares.

  30,000 Branch Zitai – Complained 1 time

  Address: Vanke Zitai, Qingta West Road, Fengtai District, Beijing

  Complaint content: Smoking in the corridor, repeatedly unchanged.

  4. Qinghe Li Chen Xinyuan – complained once

  Address: East side of Langxinzhuang West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  Complaint content: The complaint has been filed for more than a year and has never been addressed.

  5. Galaxy SOHO – Complained once

  Address: No. 8, Nanzhugan Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing

  Contents of the complaint: Smoking in the toilet on the 6th floor of Block B has started to become frequent again, the smoking alarms in the two toilets on the 6th floor have also been disabled, and the alarms on the 7th floor are normal.

  6. Independent Innovation Building – Complained once

  Address: No. 6, Chuangye Road, Shangdi Information Industry Base, Haidian District, Beijing

  Complaint content: Some people smoke, and there is no obvious no smoking sign in the place.

  7. Longines International Block B – 1 complaint

  Address: Langqin International, No. 168, Guang’an Gate Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

  The content of the complaint: There are often people smoking in the bathroom, ignoring the no-smoking signs, and the smell in the corridor is very strong.

  8. Tianzhao Home – Complained once

  Address: No. 6, Yard 41, Peking University Street, Xizhimen, Haidian District, Beijing

  The complaint content: Households on the second floor of Block B, Building 5, Tianzhao Home smoke at least 5 times a day in the corridor of the second floor, and the smoke smell can spread to the fifth floor, causing health hazards and floor fire hazards for residents on other floors. The property does not place a no-smoking sign in the corridor, and will not deal with complaints from other residents.

  9. Loyal East – Complained once

  Address: Building 1, East District, Zhongzhongli South Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

  The content of the complaint: A male resident on the 15th floor of the building frequently smoked in the corridor. As a neighbor, I encountered the man smoking in the corridor and discouraged him in person, but I later found that he was smoking in the corridor, causing serious adverse effects on the lives, health and safety of residents in the building. It is also a fire hazard for the entire building.

  10. Beijing Hangxing Yongzhi Technology Co., Ltd. – Complained once

  Address: 5th-6th Floor, Unit 2, Building 4, TBD Yunji Center, Yard 42, Qibei Road, Changping District, Beijing

  Contents of the complaint: There are people smoking in the toilets and multiple offices, and the smell of smoke permeates the entire office area. Very frequent, almost all day long.

Ele.me report: Post-00s college students work part-time to deliver food, mainly because they experience life

  The school season of major colleges and universities across the country is approaching, and Ele.me has released the "2019 College Student Takeaway Rider Group Insights" report (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"). It is understood that a total of 9,896 college students from all over the country joined Ele.me Hummingbird in the summer of 2019 to become part-time riders. Nearly 5 of them became sophomores and juniors, and more than 300 will start their graduate careers after the school starts.

  The report shows that compared with "earning living expenses", "experiencing life" has become the main motivation for college students to choose to be takeaway riders. Nearly 40% of post-95s and 00s feel that their personality has changed after the experience, and they have learned to "communicate modestly" and "treat people gently". At the same time, nearly 20% of college students choose to go to a strange city and travel while delivering takeout.

  The Ele.me report shows that 38% of college student riders said that choosing to work part-time as a takeaway rider in the summer is to experience life, and it is also a social practice. Many young people also expressed the hope to change their personality, contact more people, and discover unknown corners of the city by doing takeaway riders. Second, it is to subsidize living expenses, save money to buy things they like, or gain financial independence earlier.

  According to the Ele.me report, 83% of college student riders said they were satisfied with "the income brought to me by being a rider." Among them, the monthly living expenses of more than 80% of part-time college students have increased to more than 2,000 yuan, the average monthly income has increased by 2 times, and many college student riders have a monthly income of nearly 10,000 yuan.

  Outside of income, the biggest change most college students feel is their personality. Lin, a junior at Nanjing Agricultural University, recalls that the biggest change this experience brought to him was: "Know how to talk to others, know how to be gentle with others." These adults, who are rebellious in the eyes of 95s and 00s, learned how to communicate modestly and treat others gently by being a rider.

  The short-term experience as a rider has changed the college students’ perspective on the takeaway industry. They have truly felt the value and change that the emerging industry has brought to merchants, users, and individual riders. Three quarters of them are very optimistic about the future of the takeaway industry.

  The Ele.me report shows that more than half of college riders are still looking forward to choosing a career according to their major, but 10% plan to still work as a rider or food delivery service in the future. At the same time, they are also very much looking forward to inner improvement and growth through practical experience and their own strengths.

Beidou Navigation System empowers the entire industrial chain

  Beidou network, stars shine all over the world.

  On July 29, the reporter learned from the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office that the last networking satellite of the Beidou-3 system has completed in-orbit testing, network access evaluation, and has been officially connected to the network recently.

  In ancient times, there was Beidou Seven Stars to identify the direction, and now there is Beidou Satellite Positioning Kyushu. This global satellite navigation system independently built and operated by our country will provide global users with all-weather, all-day, high-precision positioning, navigation and timing services. What are the capabilities of Beidou satellite navigation system and how to achieve the development of the whole industry chain? How will Beidou satellite global networking promote the transformation of production and life and empower the development of industries?

  Have five abilities

  Beidou satellite navigation system is an important space infrastructure independently built and operated by our country, and it is also the largest, widest coverage and highest service performance giant complex space system in our country so far.

  Speaking of Beidou, many people’s first reaction is "navigation and positioning". Real-time navigation and fast positioning are the most basic functions of a satellite navigation system. In addition, Beidou also has three features: accurate timing, location reporting and short message communication.

  "The Beidou satellite itself is a timing system in our country," said Lu Xiaochun, deputy director of the National Time Service Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The accuracy of the on-board rubidium atomic clock on the Beidou-3 satellite is at the international leading level, and can reach 5 10 billion seconds per day. At present, this function has been widely used in communications, power, finance and other systems.

  The location reporting function is closely related to the characteristics of Beidou’s "active positioning". Active positioning is a major innovation of China’s Beidou. Using radio measurement technology, through two geostationary orbit satellites, it can not only answer the user’s "where am I", but also tell the relevant parties who follow the user’s whereabouts "where are you". It is widely used in search and rescue, fishing and other fields, and is a "clairvoyant" to ensure the safety of people’s livelihood.

  The short message communication function is the "unique stunt" of the Beidou system. Navigation satellites and communications satellites are two types of satellites, but Beidou navigation satellites have additional communication functions. Wang Bo, deputy secretary-general of the China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Association, said that Beidou users can use the end point to not only know their location, but also tell others about their situation through short messages. This function is crucial in areas without network coverage such as deserts, distant oceans, deep mountains and forests, or when disasters occur and communication is blocked.

  "After the Wenchuan earthquake, all ground communication facilities have been completely disconnected. The information is actually based on the short message and short message function of Beidou-1. Although it is only capable of a few hundred Chinese characters, it was very effective at that time." Wang Ping, chief designer of Beidou-3 satellite at the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group, said.

  In the Beidou-3 system, the ability of short message communication has been significantly improved, and the information sending capacity has been increased from 120 Chinese characters to 1200 Chinese characters at the first time, which is widely used in many fields such as ocean fishing, rescue and disaster relief, and global search and rescue. According to Yu Xiancheng, president of the China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Association, more than 70,000 fishing boats and law enforcement vessels across the country have installed Beidou end point, and a total of more than 10,000 people have been rescued.

  The Beidou satellite navigation system consists of three parts: the space segment, the ground segment, and the user segment. It is worth mentioning that the Beidou space segment uses a hybrid constellation of three orbiting satellites. In addition to having medium-circle earth orbit satellites like the US GPS, European Galileo, and Russian GLONASS satellite navigation systems, it also has geostationary orbit satellites and tilted geosynchronous orbit satellites. These two types of satellites belong to high-orbit satellites. The higher the satellite, the stronger its anti-occlusion ability. Whether it is in a city with high-rise buildings or in a mountainous area with many obstructions, Beidou can still "hold on to its post" when other satellite systems cannot be positioned. Especially in low latitudes, Beidou performance is more advantageous.

  Benefit domestic service global

  On May 27, China’s 2020 Mount Everest elevation survey mountaineering team successfully topped the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest.

  15 years ago, when our country measured the elevation of Mount Everest, the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) satellite measurement mainly relied on the GPS system of the United States. And this measurement, our country also referred to the four global satellite navigation systems of China Beidou, the United States GPS, the European Galileo, and the Russian Glonass, and mainly used the data of Beidou. Among them, the Beidou high-precision positioning equipment developed by the Shanghai Huatai Navigation Technology joint stock company played an important role in the measurement.

  The headquarters of China Test Navigation is located in Beidou Industrial Park, Xihongqiao, Qingpu District, Shanghai. There are more than 100 companies related to the Beidou industry. The upper, middle and lower reaches of the Beidou industry chain have formed close connections.

  From the application level, how is the Beidou industrial chain divided?

  It is understood that the "Beidou" industrial chain is mainly concentrated in the user segment of the Beidou system, divided into three links: upstream basic components, midstream end points, and downstream operation services. Among them, upstream basic components are mainly chips, boards, antennas and other basic components; midstream end points mainly refer to navigation and positioning devices that can receive "Beidou" signals; downstream operation services mainly refer to providing various basic services such as positioning, navigation, timing, and short message communication based on "Beidou" for government and enterprise users, industry users, service providers, and mass consumers.

  From providing services for the Asia-Pacific region to providing services for the world, Beidou realizes global networking, which not only means that Beidou has a wider coverage of services, but also benefits the entire industrial chain. The related industrial chain products have a set of support systems. The experience, stability and reliability of these products will be greatly improved, especially in the chip and end point industries.

  The R & D and production technology of Beidou chips is gradually maturing. The 28-nanometer chip supporting the "Beidou No. 3" system signal has been widely used in the field of Internet of Things and consumer electronics. The 22-nanometer dual-frequency positioning chip has met the market application conditions. The full-frequency integrated high-precision chip has been put into production, and the performance of Beidou chips has reached a new level. By the end of 2019, the shipment of domestic Beidou navigation chip modules has exceeded 100 million pieces, and the quarterly shipment has exceeded 10 million pieces. Beidou navigation chips, modules, high-precision boards and antennas have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

  In terms of end point products, taking smartphones as an example, in 2019, the total sales volume of domestic satellite navigation and positioning end point products exceeded 460 million units, of which the sales volume of smartphones reached 372 million units. As of the third quarter of 2019, more than 400 mobile phones that applied for network access in the Chinese market had positioning functions, of which nearly 300 supported Beidou positioning.

  The whole industrial chain of Beidou is making efforts, which not only benefits China but also serves the world. "In 2019, Beidou’s overseas application cooperation and trade exchanges have become more frequent. Domestic Beidou basic products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions. Land rights confirmation, precision agriculture, smart construction, smart ports, etc. based on Beidou have been successfully applied in ASEAN, South Asia, Eastern Europe, West Asia, Africa and other places." Yu Xiancheng said.

  Aerospace Science and Technology Group Wuyuan Aerospace Stellar Company has developed more than 1,000 kinds of satellite application products so far, including Beidou navigation handheld, Beidou ship-borne end point, Beidou vehicle-mounted end point, etc. "In 2019, our ship-borne end point products successfully entered the Myanmar fishery market. So far, more than 1,000 sets of ship-borne end point products have been delivered. It not only provides services such as ship positioning supervision, no-fishing and no-navigation area management for Myanmar’s fishery supervision department, but also provides fishermen with positioning and navigation, catch reporting, text communication and alarm and rescue functions." The relevant person in charge of Aerospace Stellar told reporters.

  The completion of the Beidou system will greatly promote a new round of development of our country’s satellite navigation industry. The "2020 China Satellite Navigation and location-based service industry development white paper" (hereinafter referred to as the "white paper") shows that in 2019, the total output value of our country’s satellite navigation and location-based service industry reached 345 billion yuan, an increase of 14.4% over 2018. It is expected that the overall output value of the industry will exceed 400 billion yuan in 2020.

  Applications are limited only by imagination

  Signals are on the horizon, applied around.

  From clothing, food, housing, transportation to water, electricity, gas, heat, from agriculture, forestry and fisheries to disaster relief and mitigation… The Beidou satellite navigation system is deeply integrated into social life and penetrates into all aspects of economic and social development.

  Driving on the road, which road is smoother? Bus travel, how long will it take for the car to arrive at the station? Shared riding, how can I quickly find a bicycle? No matter what mode of transportation you choose, you can’t do without the Beidou satellite navigation system.

  The transportation industry is one of the largest users of the Beidou satellite navigation system. The Beidou system is widely used in key transportation process monitoring, highway infrastructure safety monitoring, port high-precision real-time dispatch monitoring and other fields. According to the data of the White Paper, by the end of 2019, more than 6.50 million operating vehicles, 40,000 express and postal vehicles, about 80,000 buses in 36 cities, more than 3,200 inland river navigation facilities, and more than 2,900 marine navigation facilities in China had applied the Beidou system, and built the world’s largest operating vehicle dynamic supervision system.

  "Where" and "what time" constitute the measurement coordinates of our daily work and life. Invisible and intangible time and space information is not only an indispensable important guarantee in people’s lives, but also an important infrastructure of the national economy.

  Intelligent port construction is regarded as an important means to enhance the core competitiveness of ports. Previously, the Ministry of Transport and other nine departments issued the "Guiding Opinions on Building World-Class Ports", proposing to build information infrastructure based on Beidou satellite navigation system and other technologies, and promote the automatic driving demonstration of trucks in the port area and special scenes.

  In Wuhan Huashan Port, rows of bridge cranes, ship cranes, and track cranes are arranged in sequence, and "flatbed trucks" about 15 meters long and with a maximum load of 75 tons are driving independently. A series of operations such as parking, packing, leaving, parking, and unloading are completely completed independently.

  This is a 5G intelligent unmanned container transfer truck that uses Beidou positioning. Compared with traditional container unmanned trucks that rely on "magnetic nails" on the ground to locate and move, the Beidou navigation system can provide higher-precision spatiotemporal information, transmit data through the 5G network, and enable the car to sense various objects within 200 meters, and the parking positioning accuracy is controlled within 5 centimeters.

  The accuracy is controlled within 5 centimeters – this is not the "limit" of Beidou. High-precision service is a major feature of Beidou. The service accuracy of traditional navigation systems is "meter-level" or even "10-meter-level", and higher-precision services are rarely opened to the civilian market. Beidou "has a national network", and with the help of more than 2,000 ground-based enhancement stations, the Beidou system has the ability to provide users with decimeter-level, centimeter-level and even millimeter-level positioning accuracy.

  When agriculture meets Beidou, sowing is more labor-saving, seedling emergence is more worry-free, and labor production efficiency is greatly improved. In the farmland of Dashetai Town, Wulateqian Banner, Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, unmanned seeders are becoming increasingly "ordinary" from "rare things". Based on the Beidou positioning function, the seeders operate by themselves along the preset route. With this precise and scientific method, the sowing deviation per kilometer does not exceed 2 cm, and the seedling emergence rate per mu can be increased by 10%.

  According to statistics, the agricultural machinery automatic driving system based on the Beidou system has more than 20,000 sets, saving 50% of labor costs; the agricultural machinery operation supervision platform and the Internet of Things platform based on the Beidou system provide services for more than 100,000 sets of agricultural machinery equipment, greatly improving the operation management efficiency.

  When disaster warning meets Beidou, people are safer and property is guaranteed. Not long ago, in Leijiashan, Shimen County, Hunan Province, thanks to the "Beidou Satellite High-Precision Earth Disaster Monitoring and Early Warning System", villagers located in the landslide danger area were promptly transferred without any casualties. Through 24-hour real-time monitoring of the deformation and displacement of mountains, reservoirs, and rivers, Beidou provides early warning of possible landslides, subsidence, cracks, reservoirs, and river water levels to protect lives and reduce losses.

  On the special battlefield, Beidou also responded quickly and made every effort to fight. At the beginning of 2020, a battle against the COVID-19 epidemic was launched in Shenzhou, and Huoshen Mountain and Leishenshan Hospital rose from the ground. It was Beidou that achieved high-precision positioning and accurate plotting for complex terrain and landforms; the national "Qianxun Location" online drone platform can realize epidemic prevention operations such as drone precision spraying, providing it with high-precision data, and it is also Beidou; the real-time supervision and control of material transportation vehicles, intelligent machines will quickly send medical materials delivered to the hospital isolation area, and the support system behind it is still Beidou…

  The Beidou system collides with new technologies such as new generation 5G mobile communication, blockchain, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc., builds an emerging industrial ecological chain with Beidou spatiotemporal information as the main content, and promotes the transformation of production and lifestyle and the continuous innovation of business models, which will create huge economic and social benefits.

  In the future, Beidou has infinite possibilities. As Academician Sun Jiadong, the first chief designer of Beidou satellite navigation system, once said, "Beidou’s application is only limited by human imagination". (Our reporters, Chai Yaxin, Fu Xiaojing)

Fault leader, Jiangsu Satellite TV New Year’s Eve concert is amazing

You can always trust Jiangsu Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve stage!

On December 31, 2022, at 19:30, the 2023 New Year’s Eve Concert of Jiangsu Satellite TV, which integrates true singing, strength, technology and temperature, began to sing in a shocking manner at the Cotai Arena in Macau, achieving the record of leading the fault and four firsts.

This concert is guided by the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, with the theme of "Lighting up Happiness with Struggle", and takes the "we" in the struggle as the core theme, paying tribute to every struggling you, me, and him. The quality and creativity of the "Asia Top Show" will be continued, revisiting one classic old song after another, savoring one beautiful new song after another, drawing inspiration and strength from the memories of the past, and taking courage to embark on a new journey at a new starting point.

Struggle is the courage to move forward

"Struggle Narrator" takes the stage as the "finishing touch"

"Tonight, we use the New Year’s Eve concert to send our sincerest wishes to the audience and friends. May this winter be accompanied by warmth, and all the good things will come as scheduled in the spring of the coming year." At the beginning of the party, this warm and powerful greeting hit the soft hearts of the audience, highlighting the base color of the whole party that soothes and inspires people.

Jiangsu Satellite TV’s 2023 New Year’s Eve Concert takes the "us" in the struggle as the core main line, carefully choreographed and carefully depicted eight sections, and representatives from all walks of life formed the "struggle narrator" to open each section.

Yu Ruofei, a representative of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the captain of the Gansu Blue Sky Rescue Team, told "Self-improving Us", "Moving China’s 2021 Person of the Year" Chen Beier told "We Walk Together", Huang Jialun, chairman of the Macao Patriotic Youth Education Association, shared "We Who Love Life", Tao Jianzhong, an aerospace expert, shared "We Who Dream of the Future", host Yang Lan showed "We Who Promote the National Style", and women’s volleyball world champion Zhang Changning showed "We Who Are Full of Youth". Their stories of struggle deeply moved every audience, and they bravely rushed to 2023 with a more passionate yearning for a better life!

As the "finishing touch" of each chapter, their struggle story also brings a more appropriate expression to the subsequent music.

For example, after Yu Ruofei shared his rescue story, Xue Zhiqian’s partner Guo Guanting sang the heart of the striver with a song "The Lone Brave", "Fight? Fight! With the humblest dream." Whether it is headwinds or desperate situations, you should strive to fight for yourself and your dreams.

Similarly, after Chen Bei’er shared her "infinite road", Alan Tam, Zhong Chuxi, Shan Yichun, and Zhang Chunye sang the firm determination of Hong Kong compatriots to stand with the motherland through thick and thin, and at the same time, it was in line with the hot event of the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, which immediately raised the whole party’s intention.

Struggle is the charm of rooted professionalism

Bringing together the top singers in the Chinese music industry, presenting "Good job"

In this dizzying music extravaganza, the singers all offered "good jobs", bringing a sense of surprise that was "unexpected and reasonable".

As soon as the party opened, INTO1 sang the magnificent rivers and mountains of the motherland with a song "Mountains and Rivers Map", opened the prelude "We who are rushing to the mountains and rivers", and painted the magnificent mountains and rivers with music. The final "We who are moving forward bravely" was performed by Liao Changyong and Sheng Mei’s affectionate song "Pilot", praising the new era and new journey, and drew a perfect end to the party. Echoing each other one by one, INTO1 sang together the strong voice of "Contemporary China, the country is magnificent, the people are heroic, and the future is great".

Sun Nan used the two classic old songs of "See You or Don’t Scatter" and "As Long as You’re Better Than Me" to sing the warm emotions of people watching each other and supporting each other; Xue Zhiqian brought songs such as "Countless" and "What Do You Want Me to Do", and "Xue’s Love Song" gave people a delicate and warm inner touch; Zhang Jie sang many songs such as "Ten Years of Countermeasure", "Whose Tears Are Flying + The Most Familiar Stranger", "White Dove Swan", "Dragon Roar", singing the courage of dream chasers to move forward and be firm and fearless; Zhou Shen joined hands with "Plum Blossom Award" winner Wang Danhong and more than 20 Peking Opera actors, and a "Light" showcased the beauty of the quintessence of the country; Tan Weiwei made a high-pitched note, from "If There Is Afterlife" to "Shanhai" to the classic folk songs of Yuefu "The Song of the Emperor" sings the heroic spirit of bravery and fearlessness.

There are more Wang Junkai through Weiya, from the flash bridge to the main stage, blood singing "Thousand Miles Return" "We Will Rock You", bringing a "heaven to earth" music journey, #Wang Junkai single-handed hanging Weiya #topic also instantly reached the top and continued to top the chart, ranking first in the main search list of Weibo, becoming the first "explosive" topic of all New Year’s Eve parties; modern brother Liu Yuning wearing ancient costumes singing "Looking for One You", Zhang Yifan in a brilliant white dress danced, like a touch of shock in a beautiful love picture scroll. Li Yuchun continued the zero-point finale, singing "internal organs" in a hollow heart-shaped device, singing his hope and love for life in a gentle voice.

"It sounds so good" "It’s too burning"… Litchi New Year’s Eve has captured the hearts of countless audiences. On the last night of 2022, she offered deep and innocent feelings, presenting the "two-way rush" of traditional opera and pop music, singing a common heart and full of hope.

Struggle is the courage to dare to try

Virtual technology empowers "New Year’s Eve assists"

In order to present a "fantastic, interesting, magical and beautiful" New Year’s Eve party, this year Jiangsu Satellite TV also used virtual technology to provide blessings for artistic effects, explore the meta-universe gameplay, and realize the MAX of technological power.

For example, when G.E.M. Deng Ziqi was performing "Gloria", a sea of Wang Yang suddenly appeared on both sides of the stage. G.E.M. Deng Ziqi stood in the middle of a blue water and sang softly, the picture was beautiful.

Zhang Liangying gently sang "At Any Time", a huge phantom appeared on the stage, and the VR painting broke through the dimensional wall.

When Tan Weiwei sang "If there is an afterlife", the audience’s favorite "Big Blue Whale" also made a dreamy appearance. I saw it break out of the screen, presenting mysterious and peculiar visual effects.

This concert has created digital people for many singers, presenting a perfect blend of real people, digital people, virtual scenes, and real stages on the screen.

When Zhou Shen sang "TRY", there were many Zhou Shen on the stage, or bowed his head in thought, or hesitated, or courageously moved forward, presenting excellent visual effects. The most representative is Wang Yuan. When he sang "New Boy + I Can Light the Torch by Myself", he and his digital people formed a "five-person band", some playing the piano, some beating the drum, and some singing, achieving the wonderful feeling of "one person is a band". #Five Wangyuan #also topped the hot search list, becoming another main list for Litchi New Year’s Eve.

It is not difficult to see from the hot search topics such as #Liu Yuning New Year’s Eve Magpie Bridge Stage #, #Xue Zhiqian New Year’s Eve Air Walking The Most Beautiful Overpass #, #Xue Zhiqian Zhang Liangying High-altitude Glass Bridge Stage is very acceptable #, etc. As the core visual element, "bridge" makes the stage shine. This year, Jiangsu Satellite TV broke the tradition of single-layer stage for New Year’s Eve, innovatively designed a three-dimensional structure of double-layer stage, and used a giant arch bridge to span the first-floor stage to form a three-dimensional spatial effect, leading the "Asian Top Show" to advance again.

From the results, the stage creativity also gave the audience a new visual experience. More than 20 groups of artists brought more than 50 performances that night, each show was tailor-made and carefully crafted, with the blessing of creative dance art and virtual technology, presenting excellent visual effects.

Everything in the past is a prelude. 2023 has arrived. The new year will continue to "light up happiness with struggle" and create miracles with struggle.

Inventory of taxi pricing methods in major cities around the world

On May 7, Beijing announced a taxi fare adjustment plan, including an increase in the starting price and the charging fee per kilometer of rental. After the new plan was announced, controversy ensued. So, how is the pricing in foreign metropolises and Hong Kong? Is the pricing method affected by other factors?

Looking at some big cities, although they will be priced by mileage, the total pricing method is different, and the whole set of pricing methods in each city is unique. Don’t believe it? Then you can read it down:

Big cities in the United States: Washington, DCThe head price must be added!

There are two types of price management in the United States, one is to set the highest rate and the lowest rate, and most places implement a fixed rate.

If you want to take a taxi in Washington, D.C., then for the first 0.2 kilometers, you need to pay a starting price of about 18.4 yuan(The local currency is converted into RMB, the same below)After that, for every additional 0.2 kilometers, an additional 1.67 yuan will be charged, and in case of traffic jams, an additional 153.6 yuan will be charged per hour.

There are additional conditions for taking a taxi in Washington. If it is a taxi, an additional 6.14 yuan can be charged for the second, third and fourth passengers, up to a maximum of 18.4 yuan. Baggage is charged an additional 3.1 yuan for each passenger space. If there is a snow day that makes the road slippery, an additional 92.2 yuan will be charged.

New York’s yellow taxis start at 15 yuan, including 0.2 miles, and charge an additional 2.4 yuan for every 0.2 miles thereafter; during peak hours (Monday to Friday from 4 to 8 pm), the surcharge is 6 yuan, and the parking and waiting hour is 144 yuan.

According to the American Taxi website, in the 26 largest cities in the United States, the most expensive for the first 5 miles (about 8 kilometers) is Boston, which costs about 100 yuan, and the cheapest are St. Louis and Chicago, which cost about 50 yuan and 53 yuan respectively.

New York Taxi

New York Taxi

Tokyo: What? You actually want to take a taxi? It’s expensive!

Taxi fares are notoriously expensive in Tokyo, Japan. Japanese people don’t usually take taxis until they have to. Basically, taxis start at 44 yuan, then 15.5 yuan per kilometer, and if calculated by the hour, you will be charged an additional 167.4 yuan for every hour of waiting. However, this is only the basic fare method. According to the data, passengers will pay different fares depending on the company where the taxi is located.

Tokyo Narita Airport to Tokyo City taxi fare is sometimes equivalent to a one-way ticket from Shanghai to Tokyo, and compatriots who come to Japan should not move their casual taxi habits in China. In addition to walking, here is basically a well-developed public transportation.

Tokyo Taxi

Tokyo Taxi

Hong Kong: Is it too expensive to take a taxi? Look at the color of the car!

There are three types of taxis in Hong Kong, namely "red", "green" and "blue". Of these, only the "red" can operate throughout the territory, and the other two can only operate in specific areas.

The starting fare for taxis in Hong Kong’s urban area is 15.8 yuan, and then an additional 0.8 yuan to 1.2 yuan per 200 meters will be charged depending on the length of the journey and the type of taxi color.

Hong Kong red taxi

Hong Kong red taxi

Hong Kong green taxi

Hong Kong green taxi

Hong Kong Blue Taxi

Hong Kong Blue Taxi

London: Long journey? It’s okay, I’ll just drive faster!

The London taxi fare is divided into three parts: time period, distance and time taken. The starting price is 22.8 yuan. On weekdays from 6am to 8pm, if it takes 6 to 13 minutes to cover the 1.6km distance, the minimum price must be 53.25 yuan, and the maximum price must be 83.7 yuan. But if it takes 10 to 20 minutes to cover the 3.2km distance, the price will not be stacked on a per-mile (per 1.6km) basis, but will be less than the per-mile stacking. The evening taxi fare will be higher.

London taxi pricing can be accurate to the extent planned in black and white, that is, regardless of how much time passengers actually spend on the road and how many miles they travel, according to the black and white tables in the regulations, they can check how much they should pay.

London Taxi

London Taxi

Paris: There is a minimum spend, and pets will be charged extra.

Taxi fares in Paris start at Rmb16 and are billed in two periods: during the day (7am-7pm) and at night (7pm-7am). During each period, passengers are charged in three ways: A, B and C, depending on the region in which they take the taxi.

The A price is the cheapest, suitable for driving in Paris during the day, and the fare is 4.8 yuan per kilometer; the B price is suitable for night time in Paris and during the day time in the suburbs of Paris, and the fare is 8 yuan per kilometer; the C price is the most expensive, suitable for night time in the suburbs and areas outside Greater Paris, and the fare is 12.8 yuan per kilometer. Each taxi has three small lights A, B and B on the top, which allows passengers to know the fare here and now.

In addition, there is a charging method based on time and speed: if the taxi speed is higher than the standard, the meter will be charged at 195 yuan per hour.

This is far from enough. In addition to the starting price and the mileage, taxi drivers can also charge extra for certain items, such as: at train stations, airports or places with special signs, you need to pay an additional 5.6 yuan; if there are more than 3 passengers, the 4th passenger needs to pay an additional 20 yuan; if there are pets, you need to pay an additional 4.8 yuan; if the passenger’s luggage exceeds 5kg, you need to pay an additional 7.20 yuan; if there are large items (such as sledges, bicycles, etc.), you need to pay an additional 7.20 yuan…

In addition, the most unaccustomed fee for foreign passengers is the "minimum consumption" of taxis. Although the starting price of taxis is 16 yuan, each taxi has a minimum consumption of 48 yuan.

Taxi pricing and living standards

There are many factors that determine the pricing standard of taxis in various cities, including government regulation, market demand and consumption index. If the consumption index of goods, restaurants, transportation, etc. in cities is used to measure the living standards of residents in various countries, then the cost of living in some Asian countries is even higher than that in European and American countries.

For example, among the countries and regions mentioned above, Japan has the highest consumer price index (CPI), reaching 115, the United Kingdom is 102, and the United States is 81. 77 in Hong Kong, China, and only 61 in mainland China.

(Integrated Sina.com, China Transportation News Network, etc.)

Audi unveiled at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, firmly promoting the electrification process in China.

  On November 17th, 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show was grandly opened. Audi joined hands with two major partners, China FAW and SAIC, to bring 21 heavy-duty models, showing its firm commitment to the China market and consumers in China. Among them, the Audi Q6 e-tron prototype, the next generation of high-end intelligent networked electric vehicle products, was unveiled at this auto show, highlighting Audi’s accelerated electrification transformation and moving towards the high-end travel leader of intelligent interconnection.

Audi unveiled at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, firmly promoting the electrification process in China _fororder_image001

  "We are very happy to participate in the Guangzhou Auto Show with two major partners again, which is an important stage to show Audi’s successful development in China and reshape its vision of high-end travel in the future." Dr. Jürgen Unser, President of Audi China, said, "We revealed the interior of the Audi Q6 e-tron prototype to the audience in China for the first time at the Guangzhou Auto Show, which fully demonstrated the important position of the China market in the process of Audi electrification."

Audi unveiled at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, firmly promoting the electrification process in China _fororder_image002

  The next key milestone of Audi’s electrification transformation in China is the first production model Audi Q6 e-tron based on PPE luxury pure electric platform and brand-new electronic architecture, which will be the leader of Audi’s new generation of high-end intelligent networked electric vehicle products. The new model adopts an innovative design paradigm from the inside out, and the interior space is designed around the needs of users, integrating digital technology, perceptual aesthetics and sustainable concept. In the future, the localized mass-produced Audi Q6 e-tron will also be equipped with innovative configurations developed for the China market.

Audi unveiled at Guangzhou Auto Show in 2023, and firmly promoted the electrification process in China _fororder_image003

  Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., which is responsible for producing models based on PPE platform, is not only Audi’s first pure electric vehicle production base in China, but also one of Audi’s most advanced production bases in the world. It will set an industry benchmark in digitalization and sustainability, and play an important role in promoting Audi’s electrification strategic layout in China and even the world. At present, the project is progressing steadily in Changchun. It is estimated that the base construction and equipment installation will be completed by the end of 2023, and it will be officially put into production by the end of 2024. Audi’s investment in this project is about 2.6 billion euros.

Audi unveiled at Guangzhou Auto Show in 2023, and firmly promoted the electrification process in China _fororder_image004

  In addition, Audi has accumulated a long brand history, constantly deducing and innovating with classics, and inheriting Audi’s innovative DNA. At this Guangzhou Auto Show, Audi and SAIC unveiled the special edition of Audi Q6 RS for the first time, and together with Giovane Elber, a former Bayern star, showed the special painted edition of Audi Q5 e-tron "Bayern Munich", which once again strengthened the sports genes of Sihuan brand. Driven by the enterprising spirit, Audi will continue to work closely with SAIC to build more high-end intelligent networking products in China and China to meet the needs of more customer groups and market segments.

Audi unveiled at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, firmly promoting the electrification process in China _fororder_image005

  The appearance of the special painted version of Audi Q5 e-tron "Bayern Munich" at the auto show also confirmed Audi’s close attention and strong support for regional, national and international sports events in the past decades. In 2002, Audi announced a strategic cooperation with Bayern Munich Football Club, and now the two sides are promoting the continuous upgrading of cooperation in the fields of innovation and electrification. In 2022, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cooperation between the two parties, Audi delivered the Audi e-tron Sportback 55 quattro, a pure electric vehicle, to Bayern as its official vehicle in China, marking another important milestone in the strategic cooperation between the two parties.

  With the continuous deepening of the dual partner strategy, Audi is further strengthening its leading position in the luxury car market in China. Katy Tsang, executive vice president of sales and marketing of Audi in China, said: "By continuously expanding cooperation with two local partners, Audi is committed to providing China users with a full range of high-end customer journeys, covering three dimensions: high-end products, high-end ecosystems and high-end customer experience."

Audi unveiled at Guangzhou Auto Show in 2023, and firmly promoted the electrification process in China _fororder_image006

  In terms of products, Audi is working with China FAW and SAIC to create a new generation of high-end intelligent networked vehicles for China consumers, so as to fully meet diversified local needs. The new model will be equipped with innovative functions such as digital interaction exclusive to China market. At the same time, Audi is integrating its pure electric vehicles into the digital ecosystem, which has 5.6 million users as of September this year. Audi brand’s exclusive high-power charging station is the key component of this high-end ecosystem. Through the Audi multimedia interactive system MMI and Audi App, all Audi pure electric vehicle owners can enjoy the super-fast and seamless continuous energy experience at the Audi charging station and appreciate the charm of electric travel. As of October this year, Audi charging station has covered 26 cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and plans to deploy about 600 ultra-fast charging piles during the year.

  Throughout the high-end customer journey, Audi is also working with two partners to create innovative customer contacts and sales models, which will jointly bring a refreshing brand experience to China consumers. In terms of FAW Audi, by September this year, 472 4S dealer stores had been upgraded by applying the latest design language of Audi global brands, and eight new Audi CBD exhibition halls had been opened. SAIC-Audi has opened a total of 150 Audi city stores and Audi City in 78 cities across the country, attracting younger users.

  Adhering to the firm commitment to the China market and clear vision of future development, Audi is actively promoting the electrification process and reshaping the high-end travel future of "in China, for China". To this end, Audi will continue to create a win-win situation with local partners, constantly bring surprises to customers in China, and empower the high-quality development of China’s automobile industry. (Photo: provided by Audi)