Daimler and Bosch get the unsupervised automatic parking permit to directly hit the pain point of "parking difficulty"

  Dr. Michael Hafner, head of driving technology and autonomous driving of Daimler AG, said: "As a pioneer in the field of autonomous driving, this project is ready for mass production of automatic parking service in the future." It is understood that the automatic parking service service can be realized through smart phone applications without the supervision of safety drivers.

  With the arrival of the "new four modernizations" with electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing as the core, autonomous driving has gradually become a field actively explored by the automobile industry; The increasing competition among enterprises has also promoted the spread and expansion of autonomous driving towards more subdivided fields.

  On July 23rd, Daimler and Bosch jointly reached a new milestone in the field of autonomous driving: the two companies have been approved by the relevant departments of Baden-Wü rttemberg to use the automatic parking service system in the parking lot of Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

  "The approval of the relevant departments of Baden-Wü rttemberg has set a precedent for other parking lots around the world to be approved to provide automatic parking services in the future." Dr. Michael Hafner, head of driving technology and autonomous driving of Daimler AG, said: "As a pioneer in the field of autonomous driving, this project is ready for mass production of automatic parking service in the future."

  "This decision of the relevant departments shows that Germany has the ability to take the lead in realizing innovations such as automatic parking service." Dr. Markus Heyn, a member of the board of directors of robert bosch Co., Ltd., said: "Autopilot and automatic parking are important components of future travel. The automatic parking service system confirms the achievements we have made on this development path. "

  In fact, since the beginning of cooperation, safety has become the primary prerequisite for Daimler and Bosch to jointly develop automatic parking services. Since there was no formal approval process for the unsupervised autopilot function before, experts from the Stuttgart regional administrative department, the Baden-Wü rttemberg Ministry of Transport and the German technical inspection service TüV Rheinland jointly supervised from the beginning of the project, aiming at evaluating the operational safety of vehicles and parking lot technology.

  It is understood that the automatic parking service service can be realized through smart phone applications without the supervision of safety drivers. Parking service is the first fully-automatic unmanned parking function officially approved for daily use in the world (level L4 of automatic driving classification standard of the International Society of Automata Engineers).

  In daily life, parking is really a headache. Matthew Nimmo, chief system architect and safety manager of Bosch, said, "Statistics show that accidents caused by parking account for 40% of all traffic accidents, and AVP(Automated Valet Parking) system can effectively reduce accidents."

  Specifically, the driver will drive the vehicle into the parking lot, get off the bus, and then just click on the smart phone to send the car to the parking space-automatic parking service does not need a driver. When the driver leaves the parking lot to do business, the vehicle will automatically drive and park in the designated parking space. After that, the vehicle will return to the drop-off point in the same way. This process is based on the cooperation between Bosch’s intelligent parking infrastructure and Mercedes-Benz vehicle technology. Bosch sensors installed in the parking lot monitor the vehicle’s driving path and surrounding environment, and provide information needed to guide the vehicle. In-vehicle technology converts commands from infrastructure into driving operations. In this way, vehicles can even go up and down the ramp by themselves and move between the floors of the parking lot. Once the infrastructure sensor detects an obstacle, the vehicle will stop running immediately.

  In fact, Daimler and Bosch began to develop fully automatic parking technology in 2015; In the summer of 2017, the two sides showed the public the automatic parking service under real conditions for the first time; In September, 2018, parking service technology made its debut in China, and continued to be further tested in the China R&D Center of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars.

  It is worth mentioning that in July 2018, Daimler became the first international automobile manufacturer to obtain a road test license for self-driving vehicles in Beijing. In the same month, Daimler successively renewed the letter of intent for cooperation with Tsinghua University and signed a memorandum of understanding with Baidu to strengthen strategic cooperation. (Economic Daily-China Economic Net reporter Zhang Wei)

French President Mark Long will change his mobile phone and mobile phone number affected by spyware.

  On the 22nd, a number of French media reported that French President Mark Long would replace one of his four mobile phones and change the number accordingly due to the "Pegasus" spyware incident.

  On 20th, French media reported that a mobile phone of French President Macron was invaded by "Pegasus" spyware. Afterwards, the Elysee Palace said that there is no conclusive evidence at present and it will investigate this.

  Recently, a spy software named "Pegasus" developed by an Israeli company has attracted wide attention. This software is used to secretly monitor the mobile phones of heads of state, members of the royal family, political and business dignitaries and some journalists, with as many as 50,000 monitored phone numbers. (Headquarters reporter Jiang Hua)

Huawei’s autumn new product launch conference: Zhijie S7 will be unveiled in November Wenjie M9 will be listed in December.

  At the new product launch conference of Huawei’s autumn scene held on September 25th, the official launch date of M9 was determined to be December 2023. At the same time, it is confirmed that Zhijie S7 will be unveiled in November.

Huawei's Autumn New Product Launch Conference: Intellectual S7 will be unveiled in November, and intellectual M9 will be launched in December _fororder_image001.

  As the first full-size flagship SUV under the AITO brand, Wenjie M9 is the latest and most comprehensive technological achievement of Huawei. It will be the first to be equipped with Huawei’s mega-pixel smart headlights and equipped with a starlight digital matrix interactive system. Schroeder’s scattering acoustic technology is also the first time, with beautiful crystal design, emotional visual interaction and the help of AI big model. It is the strongest artificial intelligence so far, and the M9 will redefine the smart space, with ten screens full, bringing revolutionary experience upgrades for driving, entertainment and work.

Huawei's Autumn New Product Launch Conference: Intellectual S7 will be unveiled in November, and intellectual M9 will be launched in December _fororder_image002.

  Wen Jie M9 continues the aesthetic principle of "extreme, simple and pure" of Wen Jie brand, and introduces a brand-new family design language. The M9 has a very recognizable "skyline" and adopts a two-color body design. The blue body and the silver roof show a calm charm and a sense of suspension. Wen Jie M9 is equipped with iconic smart headlights, which integrate many functions into the same element, forming a highly integrated design; Moreover, the head-tail design echoes back and forth, further strengthening the recognition. The body dimensions of the M9 are: length 5230mm, width 1999mm, height 1800mm and wheelbase 3110mm;; It provides 6-seat layout and is equipped with 265/45 R21 and 285/45 R21 tires. In horizontal comparison, as a full-size flagship SUV, the car body length of the car body M9 is dominant among the D-class luxury models. It is also at the mainstream level in width, height and wheelbase.

Huawei's autumn new product launch conference: Zhijie S7 will be unveiled in November, and the M9 will be launched in December _fororder_image003

  Wen Jie M9 has achieved the same flat floor riding experience as MPV. All the seats in the car are provided with electric sliding rails and adjustable adjustment, allowing three rows to enter and leave the stairs, greatly improving the adjustable space in front and back of the second row, and making the ride more spacious and comfortable. Based on the design concept of equal rights for six seats, Wen Jie M9 has also provided an ever-changing luxury experience beyond MPV level through innovative space layout, so that every passenger in the car has the same comfortable first-class experience. Three rows and six seats in the car all support electric adjustment, and can also provide 3, 4, 5 and 6-seat changeable seat modes according to user’s needs, which can be switched at will in different scenes to improve the flexibility of the interior space.

  At the level of intelligent experience, the M9 in the world has put Huawei’s smart car full-stack technology solution into the car. On the basis of intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving, all the black technologies such as Huawei Intelligent Car Control, Huawei Megapixel Smart Headlights, Huawei AR-HUD, Light Field Screen, Huawei SOUND, and AI Big Model are collected, bringing unprecedented full-scene intelligent interactive experience to users.

Huawei's Autumn New Product Launch Conference: Intellectual S7 will be unveiled in November, and intellectual M9 will be launched in December _fororder_image004.

Huawei's autumn new product launch conference: Zhijie S7 will be unveiled in November, and the M9 will be launched in December _fororder_image005.

  In the future, Huawei’s ecosystem will be upgraded to "car" +8+N, which will bring more extreme super terminal experience of multi-scene collaboration. Combined with the new sensor federation, more scenes will be linked. For example, AR-HUD will be deeply integrated with intelligent driving for the first time, bringing a subversive intelligent driving experience; At the same time, the on-board big screen will also be redefined, so that the screen can be as big as it wants, and there are as many as it wants, bringing users a smart travel experience beyond imagination.

Huawei's Autumn New Product Launch Conference: Intellectual S7 will be unveiled in November, and intellectual M9 will be launched in December _fororder_image006.

Huawei's Autumn New Product Launch Conference: Intellectual S7 will be unveiled in November, and intellectual M9 will be launched in December _fororder_image007.

Huawei's Autumn New Product Launch Conference: Intellectual S7 will be unveiled in November, and intellectual M9 will be launched in December _fororder_image008.

  All the M9 models in Wenjie are equipped with four-wheel drive system as standard, which covers both extended range and pure electric power, and all of them use high energy density batteries, bringing stable and long battery life. At the same time, the M9 also adopts all-aluminum chassis, and the whole system comes standard with air spring and CDC damping system. With unique technologies such as HUAWEI DATS 2.0, it will bring leading intelligent driving control.

  Wenjie M9 pure electric version is equipped with dual-motor power, with peak power of 160kW (front) and 230kW (rear), rated power of 62kW (front) and 88kW (rear), and maximum speed of 200 km/h. The battery type is ternary lithium-ion battery, which is produced by Jiangsu Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and with the support of HUAWEI DriveONE electric drive intelligent platform, the power consumption of the whole vehicle is 17.4 kilometers. The extended range version of Wenjie M9 is equipped with a 1.5T range extender (model H15RT), with rated power of 112kW (maximum net power of 110kW), maximum speed of 200km/h and fuel consumption of WLTC of 0.88L/100km. Equipped with double motor drive, the peak power is 165kW (front) and 200kW (rear), and the rated power is 42kW (front) and 72kW (rear); And the ternary lithium battery pack provided by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited. With the help of HUAWEI DriveONE electric drive intelligent platform, the energy consumption of the whole vehicle is 6.9L/100km and 24.3KWh/100km.

Huawei's Autumn New Product Launch Conference: Intellectual S7 will be unveiled in November, and intellectual M9 will be launched in December _fororder_image009.

  Zhijie S7 is the first new car of LUXEED (Chinese name: Zhijie) brand jointly built by Huawei and Chery. Like Zhijie, the new brand adopts the form of intelligent car selection, and Huawei will deeply empower this brand product in terms of intelligent driving, intelligent cabin and three electricity.

  The design of Zhijie S7 is very young, and the headlight group looks like Wenjie M9. The three-dimensional front and rear wheel bags, through waistlines, Brembo brake calipers, perforated brake discs, and multi-spoke lightweight wheels create a strong sense of movement. Equipped with lidar on the top of the car body, it will be equipped with the same Huawei ADS 2.0 intelligent driving system as the M5/M7, and the HarmonyOS 4 system will be connected with the car. The car has a length, width and height of 4971×1963×1474mm and a wheelbase of 2950mm, and is positioned as a medium and large pure electric car. (Photo: provided by Wen Jie and Zhi Jie)

Xingyue L Hi·P Raytheon extended-range electric SUV officially launched.

  On November 25th, Xingyue L Hi·P Raytheon extended-range electric SUV was officially launched with the theme of "breaking the definition". The new car has launched two models, the extended-range electric flagship version, with a comprehensive subsidy price of 253,700 yuan and an equity payment price of 243,700 yuan; Extended-range electric vehicle reaches Zhen version, with the price of 239,700 yuan after comprehensive subsidy and 229,700 yuan after equity payment. Among them, the high-end custom car paint LOMOGrey matte ash is priced at 8,000 yuan; Optional wheel hub 20-inch particle low wind resistance wheel hub, priced at 3000 yuan; Optional interior starry grey suede double interior, priced at 3000 yuan. As a brand-new masterpiece of electrification development of Geely brand, Xingyue L extended-range electric version has three electric modes, namely "one roof, three cars" and "pure electric, hybrid electric and extended-range electric", which are "all-inclusive". With the pure electric battery life of 205kmWLTC, pure electric drive extended-range battery life of 1250kmWLTC and super speed of 220km/h, it brings users a subversive intelligent electric travel experience.

Xingyue L Hi·P Raytheon extended-range electric SUV officially listed _fororder_image001

  In this subversive innovation conference that broke the definition of "users give questions and enterprises answer papers", senior media person Yi Lijing spoke for users from the user’s point of view and "talked" with Fan Junyi, general manager of Geely Automobile Sales Company.

Xingyue L Hi·P Raytheon extended-range electric SUV officially listed _fororder_image002

  In order to give users a better experience of electric vehicles, Xingyue L Extended Range Electric Edition launched the listing lock list to enjoy the top 10 car purchase rights (only available to users who booked cars before December 31, 2022): deposit gift: enjoy the expansion of the deposit, and enjoy the deposit of 3,000 yuan to 13,000 yuan; Subsidy ceremony: before December 31, 2022, the car will be booked by the lock order to ensure the price after enjoying the national new energy subsidy; Huanxinli: Geely’s old users will increase the purchase subsidy by up to 10,000 yuan; Financial gift: 5050 car purchase financial subsidy, 24 installments with 0 interest; Energy-supplementing ceremony: free home charging piles and basic installation services, 220V home charging guns; Warranty ceremony (the first owner): 5 years or 150,000 kilometers warranty, lifetime free warranty for three electric systems and lifetime free warranty for range extenders; Camping ceremony: 1999 yuan Raytheon Homie exclusive camping suit and 220V discharge gun; Traffic gift (the first car owner): unlimited traffic for 5 years, and basic traffic is free for life; Delivery ceremony: the order will be placed before the end of November, and the delivery is expected to be completed before December 31; Boutique gift: original 3D foot pad worth 318 yuan.

  At the same time, it also announced the first batch of surprise blind boxes for users of Dading: the first batch of users of Dading can upgrade for free when they buy the extended-range electric flagship version, and the 20-inch particle wheel hub with a value of 3,000 yuan can be replaced and upgraded for free within 30 days to 12 months after being licensed (if the first batch of users of Dading change their configuration, they will enjoy the rights of the surprise blind box according to the listing lock list, but not enjoy the rights of the surprise blind box). In addition, users can participate in both listing locking activities and small ordering activities at the same time, and the corresponding rights can be superimposed and enjoyed. Rich car rights and interests, full of sincerity, help users easily open a new era of electric life.

Xingyue L Hi·P Raytheon extended-range electric SUV officially launched _fororder_image003

  Breaking the definition of pure battery for electric vehicles

  Xingyue L Extended Range Electric Edition is an extended range electric vehicle that allows users to have a pure electric driving experience without mileage anxiety.

  At present, the new energy electric vehicle market in China is developing strongly, and more and more car companies are joining the new track. But at present, people’s definition of electric vehicle is limited to the framework of pure battery. However, the real electric vehicle should let users have a pure electric driving experience without mileage anxiety.

  Xingyue L Extended Range Electric Edition is the first "Raytheon Extended Range Electric Vehicle" based on the "e-CMA" intelligent ultra-electric architecture. At the same time, it has three electric technologies of "pure electricity, hybrid electricity and extended range electricity", and comes standard with four electric properties of "pure electricity in the city, long-distance extended range, fast charging and discharge outside camping", covering all the needs of users for electric travel, with one roof and three cars. It can be said that Xingyue L extended-range electric version has broken the definition of "electric vehicle" in the industry with a brand-new model, expanded the development ideas of new energy electric vehicles, and become a milestone in the electrification of automobiles.

Xingyue L Hi·P Raytheon extended-range electric SUV officially listed _fororder_image004

  Through the standard 41.2kWh CTP flat battery, the global super-high range extender with thermal efficiency of 43.32% and the world’s first three-speed variable frequency electric drive DHT Pro "super three-electric technology", Xingyue L extended-range electric version has achieved five advantages of "long battery life, quick charging, convenient recharging, affordable price and good high-speed power", becoming the strongest extended-range electric vehicle in history, an electric vehicle without mileage anxiety, and leading a new force.

  Breaking the definition of "good" and "expensive" of electric vehicles

  Xingyue L extended range electric version is an electric car with a value of less than 300,000 yuan.

  Xingyue L Extended Range Electric Edition takes innovation and Excellence as the yardstick, which not only emphasizes the extreme of a certain function, but makes it better than the best in terms of power, battery life and fuel consumption, empowering users with a better electric experience, breaking the definitions of "good" and "expensive" of electric vehicles. Especially in the core "Three Electricity" technology, Geely not only has the global self-research and self-manufacturing ability of the "new three big parts" of intelligent electric vehicles, but also makes the three electricity systems and intelligent architecture highly integrated, and maintains an absolute lead in module, PACK technology, electric drive system and intelligent management and safety of batteries.

  Xingyue L Hi·P extended-range electric SUV comes standard with 41.2kWh CTP flat battery, WLTC has a pure battery life of 205km, and it can meet 7-day commuting in the city with one charge. Compared with competing models such as Wenjie M5 and Ideal L7/8, it can be described as No.1 in 40-degree electric vehicles. The battery has a high energy density of 167Wh/kg, high integration and lightweight battery body integration, bringing all-round submarine-level safety protection.

  It is worth mentioning that the unique full-range "electric drive series locking" of Xingyue L extended-range electric version has a working life of 1250km, which is the longest extended-range cruising range in the industry and can last for 42 days. By locking the pure electric drive extended range mode, full-time electric drive and full-scene electric drive are realized, which brings users a more efficient, energy-saving and worry-free electric experience.

Xingyue L Hi·P Raytheon extended-range electric SUV officially listed _fororder_image005

  The thermal efficiency of the range extender equipped on the Xingyue L extended-range electric version is 43.32%, and the Miller cycle has a high compression ratio of 13:1. When the battery power is insufficient, the range extender can charge the power battery like a "charging treasure" and directly supply power to the driving motor like a "generator". Unique 3-speed variable frequency electric drive DHT Pro, the first 3-speed variable frequency electric drive, the only one in the industry that can realize full-speed serial-parallel connection, start matching with 1-speed ratio, 0-30km/h acceleration time of 1.9s, top speed exceeding 220km/h, and strong power.

  At the same time, the Xingyue L extended range electric version comes standard with a DC fast charge of up to 85kW, and it takes only 27 minutes to charge the battery from 30% to 80%. It also comes standard with 6.6kW household slow charging, which can be set to make full use of trough charging. At the same time, it also supports 3.3kW external discharge, which can easily meet the demand for camping electricity for more than 12 hours.

Xingyue L Hi·P Raytheon extended-range electric SUV officially listed _fororder_image006

  Xingyue L extended range electric version has the function of high, medium and low+automatic four-speed energy recovery, which converts kinetic energy into electric energy when taxiing or braking, and improves endurance. It also has P-gear parking power generation, comprehensive mileage protection, predictive energy management and other energy management systems, which makes power consumption more worry-free. It also has an ultra-high range-extending power supply efficiency. The maximum power consumption of 1L oil can be converted to 3.35kWh, the power consumption at 60km/h is 15.4kWh/100km, and the lowest power consumption at the same level is 5.3L/100km(WLTC).

  In addition, more than 90% acoustic material coverage, 9 key range extenders NVH optimization, and 7 key electric drive NVH optimization of the Xingyue L extended-range electric version make the all-electric switch accelerate to 100km/h, and the maximum noise in the car is only 64 dB, which is comparable to the pure electric driving experience. Thanks to the "e-CMA" world-class ultra-electric architecture, GEEA2.0 intelligent electrical architecture and full-stack software self-research capability, Xingyue L Extended Range Electric Edition inherits the world’s excellent safety genes, achieves the ultimate in active and passive safety, and demonstrates the global security strength.

Xingyue L Hi·P Raytheon extended-range electric SUV officially listed _fororder_image007

  In addition to integrating many leading advantages such as power, battery life, fuel consumption and NVH, Xingyue L Extended Range Electric Edition also has a very scientific and fun intellectual enjoyment space, an aurora texture aesthetic design with a call at a glance, and a caramel brown NAPPA top leather seat. Comfortable configuration. Matching the performance of the model and matching the price, looking at the current domestic new energy electric vehicle market, whether it is a joint venture, an independent brand or a new force, the Xingyue L extended-range electric version can be said to be the only one, and the listing price is absolutely value for money, which is an electric vehicle with a value of less than 300,000.

  Breaking the definition of "new" electric vehicle

  Releasing LOMOGrey Scrub Ash to Inject "Natural Improvisation" Life Aesthetics into New Energy.

  At present, most electric vehicles adopt fresh and bright color matching. The Star Yue L Extended Range Electric Edition went on the market this time, and released the low-key luxury and highly scientific LOMOGrey matte gray body color, creating a higher sense of value with the color representing "performance" and breaking the inherent definition of "new" electric vehicles.

Xingyue L Hi·P Raytheon extended-range electric SUV officially launched _fororder_image008

  LOMOGrey matte ash is the only original high-quality matte car paint for new energy SUVs of the same class, aiming to capture the wonderful with a simple and casual attitude and inject the aesthetics of "natural improvisation" into new energy. Thanks to the effect of LOMO camera with retro and film-sensitive filter, LOMOGrey’s body color, low-key matte and high-profile texture, such as noise particles in film photos, have evolved over time to interpret the secrets of light and shadow. In the process of manufacturing R&D, it is complicated to capture the matte ash with its own unique beauty, which is different from other colors, and it is a finished product at one time.

  It is understood that LOMOGrey adopted all kinds of ultra-luxury car standards, and finally presented unparalleled visual enjoyment to users. The color of this car has a unique magic of time. After 125 days and 3000+ hours, the standard aging test of super luxury car ensures that the gloss of the color is always above 90%. It has diamond-grade quality, adopts three-color coating fine chemical technology, and passes through 200+ rounds to verify the quality of strict screening finished products. The color of the car is very delicate and gentlemanly, and it is the same as the high-end luxury brands, with ultra-fine silica matte coating. The impromptu touch is silky, and the most delicate gloss consistency is achieved in the reflective range of 25 5.

Xingyue L Hi·P Raytheon extended-range electric SUV officially listed _fororder_image009

  In addition to LOMOGrey, which has both face value and performance, Xingyue L Extended Range Electric Edition has previously released a customized magic color Wangshu blue body color. As the first color-changing car paint, Wangshu Blue car body color is jointly designed and developed by Geely and Kansai, Japan. It adopts a refined color matching and painting process comparable to that of luxury cars, and has four layers of magic color painting technology. The refractive texture of light will also change with the light, reflecting bright blue light, which will be stable at first sight, amazing goodbye and charming.

  As a new masterpiece of Geely brand electrification development, Xingyue L Extended Range Electric Edition dares to break the inherent definition of electric vehicles, and will rewrite the market structure of new energy electric vehicles by comprehensively surpassing the technical strength of competitors. With the official launch of the L-range extended-range electric version of Xingyue, Geely Automobile has accelerated its transformation to "intelligent electrification" and entered a new stage of development, showing a new Geely with more "creativity, vitality and imagination" and injecting new kinetic energy into Geely’s comprehensive intelligent and electrified development. (Photo courtesy of Geely Automobile)

The overbearing president personally tested "NOA without a picture". Manager Wei: What I played was real!

Great Wall Motor has also begun to exert its "intelligent driving". As soon as it started, it was directly the chairman of Great Wall Motor, Wei Jianjun, who was overbearing, who personally tested the "NOA without a full picture". Great courage, direct is the whole live broadcast, no rehearsal, no editing, no filter, manager Wei: I play is real! When Mr. Wei was asked by the host: What if the live broadcast overturned? Mr. Wei calmly replied: The Internet is real, and we will actively face the rollover. Be sure to show the most authentic side of NOA’s capability boundary of the Great Wall city without map directly to the audience and let netizens evaluate it. The whole one-hour live broadcast, except for the manual takeover, was "zero takeover". Baoding represents the complex and changeable road conditions in the second and third tier cities of China, and the traffic environment is full of challenges, from the complex "six-way intersection" to the narrow streets, which puts a severe test on every movement of the intelligent driving system. The road sections include the main urban area with spacious roads in Baoding, the old city of Governor’s Office in Zhili, Baoding, Jianguo Road in Barbecue Street, and Liucha Road (the intersection of six roads with road repair), and the scenes include unexpected scenes such as unprotected left turn, automatic lane change, automatic brain repair of lane-free lines, pedestrians crossing vehicles, road rights game at complicated intersections where people and vehicles are mixed, etc., and basically include all the scenes that can be covered, including some long tail scenes. Finally, congratulations on the successful end of the live broadcast of the Great Wall’s "NOA without Pictures" and no rollover. As Wei Jianjun himself said: The Great Wall company is still relatively traditional, and it is not easy for us to say what has not been accomplished. If it is done, let the netizens evaluate it.

During the live broadcast, Chairman Wei Jianjun said: "Car safety is no small matter, and safety always comes first. We must have a more serious attitude, be more fully prepared, dare to challenge complex scenes, can’t treat users as mice, and make users feel more at ease. "

Traffic light recognition and intersection turning: accurate recognition and safe passage

The NOA of Great Wall Motor can accurately identify standard traffic lights and various non-standard traffic lights to ensure safe and reliable traffic at various intersections. The farthest recognition distance of the system reaches 150 meters. Whether it is a standard intersection or a special intersection, the success rate of steering exceeds 95%, so that vehicles can pass safely and smoothly in a complex mixed-flow environment.

Obstacle identification and flexible detour: reasonable obstacle avoidance and flexible detour.

The NOA of Great Wall Motor can not only accurately identify static obstacles, such as cone barrels and construction iron fence, but also accurately identify dynamic obstacles, such as pedestrians and non-motor vehicles. The system can flexibly adjust the driving route according to the different obstacles identified and combined with the real-time traffic conditions, and the bypass action is smooth and stable, which improves the driving safety.

Full scene lane change and lane line management: smooth merging and smooth driving.

NOA, the full scene of Great Wall Motor, provides comprehensive lane-changing support, which can realize efficient and safe lane-changing operation, with a lane-changing success rate of 98%, and can effectively reduce the risk of congestion in congested sections. In addition, even in the road section without lane lines, the system can make the vehicle run stably with its powerful lane line simulation ability.

Defining Future Driving: Intelligent Evolution from Rules to Data

The "brain" of NOA in the whole scene of Great Wall Motor originates from the SEE integrated intelligent driving model of Great Wall Motor, which realizes the link integration of perception and decision-making, and realizes the transformation from rule-driven to data-driven. The core value of the SEE integrated intelligent driving model revolves around three points: Safety, Efficiency and Experienced. SEE can constantly learn and adapt to the new driving environment, accurately deal with complex road conditions, improve driving efficiency and comfort, and truly realize the driving experience of "seeing things, seeing the road clearly and understanding people".

Great Wall Motor dared to face the public directly, and the live test of the whole scene NOA challenged the difficult road conditions, showing the industry-leading intelligent driving level to the outside world. At the same time, as Chairman Wei Jianjun emphasized, Great Wall Motor adheres to the safety bottom line, treats every technological innovation with a serious and pragmatic attitude, and brings a safe, convenient and humanized intelligent driving experience to every user.

Pre-sale RMB 500,000-600,000. The M9 will be listed on December 26th.

  [car home Information] Recently, we learned from relevant channels that the M9 will be officially listed on December 26th. This car has been pre-sold before, and the estimated price is 500,000-600,000 yuan. The official calls it "the best SUV within 10 million".

Sailisi automobile asked for M9 2023 extended range.

"Ask M9.Extended range version

Sailisi automobile wenjie M9 2023 pure electricity

"Ask M9.Pure electric version

  positionLarge SUVWen Jie M9The brand-new design language of "Kunpeng Spreading its Wings" is adopted to highlight the luxurious atmosphere. Wenjie M9 has Huawei xPixel intelligent car light, which can not only project various characters, patterns and even animation effects, but also display various patterns when the vehicle is stationary, thus enhancing the interaction between vehicles and people. There is little difference between the pure electric version and the extended range version, which is mainly reflected in the front surrounding ventilation holes.

Home of the car

"Ask M9.Extended range version

Sailisi automobile wenjie M9 2023 pure electricity

"Ask M9.Pure electric version

  The M9 has a straight roof line, thus obtaining better head space in the car. The front and rear fenders protrude slightly from the body and are full of muscle. In addition, the addition of the hidden door handle and the brand-new low-drag wheel rim has greatly optimized the drag coefficient of this car, making the drag coefficient of the whole car reach 0.26cd. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5230/1999/1800mm and the wheelbase is 3110mm respectively. As for the tire, according to the application information, it uses two specifications: 265/40 R22 and 285/40 R22.

Sailisi automobile asked for M9 2023 extended range.

"Ask M9.Extended range version

Sailisi automobile wenjie M9 2023 pure electricity

"Ask M9.Pure electric version

  The shape of the tail is more generous, and a large number of horizontal design lines are adopted at the rear, which is conducive to improving the visual width of the rear. In addition, the car adopts a through taillight shape to visually create a layered feeling of the car. With chrome-plated rear fender, it brings some youthful effects.

Home of the car

  In the interior part, combined with spy photos, the new car adopts the very popular triple screen layout and will integrate AR HUD function. In terms of details, the new car will be integrated with wooden decorative boards in doors and other places to create a stronger sense of grade. Combined with the information we have obtained before, the new car will also integrate the HarmonyOS 4.0 cockpit, Huawei ADS advanced autopilot assistance, rear aurora projection, and the co-pilot queen seat.

Home of the car

  In terms of space performance, the interior of the new car adopts three rows of seats, the second row is independent seats, and the third row of seats supports electric adjustment, air conditioning outlets and other configurations. In addition, we can also see from the picture that some simple texture designs will be incorporated into the seat cushion and the back of the chair to enhance comfort.

  In terms of power, the M9 will have two versions: extended range and pure electricity. The rated power of pure electric drive motor is 62kW and 88kW, and the peak power is 160kW and 230kW, respectively. The extended-range hybrid version uses H15RT 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 112kW. It is matched with double motors, and the maximum power is 165kW and 200kW respectively. The battery is a ternary lithium battery from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited. (Text/car home Chen Hao)

Hundreds of millions of idle phones have a regular recovery rate of less than 2%. Where did your old mobile phone go?

      Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, November 21st Question: The regular recovery rate is less than 2%, and some of them are resold with old ones — — Where did your old mobile phone go?

  Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporters Ma Xiaocheng and Sun Fei

  "These are old mobile phones that my family and I have eliminated in recent years." Zhang Li, who lives in Futian District, Shenzhen, pointed to nearly ten old mobile phones of different brands and models at home.

  A survey by Xinhua Viewpoint reporter found that at present, there are hundreds of millions of idle mobile phones in China, and the formal recovery rate is less than 2%. Where is the "home" of the old mobile phone?

  There are hundreds of millions of idle mobile phones in stock, and a waste battery of a mobile phone can pollute 3200 barrels of standard bottled water.

  Zhang Li is a post-80s generation who pursues fashion. "Now the mobile phone is upgrading too fast. I have to change a new mobile phone in an average year or so." She said that the disposal of old mobile phones is a difficult problem. "Old mobile phones store a lot of personal information and dare not throw it away at will."

  According to data released by China Information and Communication Research Institute, in 2016, China’s domestic mobile phone market shipped 560 million units, an increase of 8% year-on-year. Xiong Zhou, a partner in recycling treasure who is engaged in mobile phone recycling business, estimates that China produces at least 400 million idle mobile phones every year, and the stock of idle mobile phones is about 1 billion. Zheng Fujiang, president of Ai Recycling, said that there is no authoritative statistics on the data of idle mobile phones in the industry at present, but it is at least hundreds of millions.

  "How to effectively deal with the huge amount of used mobile phones needs urgent attention." Xiong Zhou said.

  Official website, a mobile phone trade-in, shows that once the mobile phone enters the scrap recycling link, the treatment of heavy metals such as gold, mercury, lead and cadmium is very difficult to control. The cadmium contained in a battery can pollute 60,000 liters of water, which is equivalent to 3,200 barrels of standard bottled water used in daily drinking fountains.

  Wen Zongguo, director of Tsinghua University Circular Economy Industry Research Center, said that mobile phones are a huge pollution source. If idle mobile phones enter the garbage system, they will generate toxic gases when burned, and the soil will be seriously polluted when buried. If it is sent to some unqualified small workshops for treatment, it will bring great harm to the body and environment of the dismantler.

  The regular recovery rate is less than 2%, and many mobile phones are resold with old ones.

  Many people in the industry said that the formal recovery rate of domestic mobile phones is less than 2%. Love recycling is the official partner of many mobile phone brands and JD.COM. Zheng Yujiang, president of the company, said that taking love recycling as an example, real-name registration should be carried out when collecting mobile phones to confirm that the source is legal and formal; After receiving the mobile phones, they will be classified. Those in good condition will be cleaned up, and then they will be hung on channels such as JD.COM Youpin to mark the second-hand mobile phones for sale. Those that cannot be reused will be handed over to enterprises with environmental protection qualifications for dismantling.

  However, the reporter’s investigation found that there are a large number of gray trading behaviors outside the formal recycling channels.

  -recycling. In Zhongguancun, Beijing, Tianhe Computer City, Guangzhou and Huaqiang North, Shenzhen, there are many shops and individuals who claim that they can recycle their mobile phones at high prices. In Huaqiang North, the reporter asked several shops with an Apple 6 mobile phone that had been used for three years. After confirming that the mobile phone was in good condition, the other party said that they could buy it, and the prices ranged from 700 yuan to 900 yuan, without any identity registration. When the reporter asked whether the mobile phone data would be cleaned up, the shopkeepers did not give a positive answer. Some shopkeepers asked, "Is your data valuable to others?"

  -circulation. According to the survey, some recycled old mobile phones will re-enter the market. Feiyang Times Building, located in Huaqiang North, is one of the second-hand mobile phone distribution centers. From two o’clock in the afternoon to six o’clock, people are coming and going here. Mr. Lin Yue, who has been engaged in mobile phone recycling business for more than ten years, said that all Apple mobile phones recovered from various channels come to this market to find their next homes. Some of them are resold as second-hand mobile phones, and some people secretly do renovations, and then resell the old ones with new ones to reap huge profits.

  In May last year, Mr. Deng bought an Apple mobile phone in a communication equipment store in houjie town, Dongguan. After purchasing it for more than two months, he found that the warranty period of the mobile phone was about to expire. After mediation by Dongguan Consumer Council, the merchant admitted that the mobile phone was a refurbished mobile phone. Mai Huixian, deputy director of the Dongguan Consumer Council, said that among the consumer complaints received last year, the most complaints were about mobile communication, focusing on unscrupulous merchants selling refurbished machines without telling consumers.

  -disassembly. Second-hand mobile phones with no use value will eventually be dismantled into various spare parts. In the past, many mobile phones were dismantled in an irregular workshop in Guiyu Town, Shantou, Guangdong Province, which caused serious environmental pollution. In recent years, the dismantling here has to be completed in the circular industrial park and supervised.

  A person in charge of a company responsible for dismantling mobile phones told reporters that their company can handle 20,000 mobile phones a day. After three or four processes, a scrapped mobile phone will be disassembled into plastic, stainless steel, camera, motherboard and other small accessories, and then sold to specialized manufacturers for processing. However, due to the high cost of dismantling to meet environmental standards, many small workshops are illegally engaged in dismantling.

  Strictly crack down on illegal renovation and sale, and introduce policies to encourage recycling.

  In the eyes of the industry, there are still many difficulties in recycling used mobile phones. On the one hand, it is necessary to create a good market order so that mobile phones that can be reused can be reused. For those that cannot be recycled, we should increase support for formal dismantling enterprises and reduce the industrial space for illegal dismantling.

  Ge Jian, a 360 mobile guardian security expert, suggested that citizens’ information security should be protected through legislation to avoid worries of consumers. Zheng Yujiang suggested that public security and other relevant departments should intensify their efforts to crack down on the gray recycling industry chain, especially to crack down on illegal renovation and sale, illegal stealing of user privacy from mobile phones and illegal random disassembly.

  Many people in the industry said that in developed countries, it is customary for mobile phones to be produced, recycled and disposed of. Mobile phones account for a large proportion of sales through operators and other channels. When consumers buy new machines, many old mobile phones are recycled at the same time. In our country, the behavior of enterprises recycling consumers’ mobile phones has not yet formed.

  Xiong Zhou said that the new edition of the Catalogue for Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Products in 2016 included mobile phones, which means that mobile phone recycling will be included in the management scope supported by national policies and funds, but the specific rules have not yet been issued. He suggested that the subsidy rules for dismantling and processing of used mobile phones should be issued as soon as possible.

Chery’s new brand iCAR holds a brand night, and there is no upper limit for its investment.

On April 12th, iCAR brand, a new force of Chery Group, held a grand brand night in Beijing in 2024, which clarified the brand positioning of "cars for young people" and the latest vision of "building excellent cars for young people with young hearts". The brand-new product iCAR V23 was unveiled simultaneously, and the brand was upgraded with new designs, technologies and products. At the same time, iCAR brand also previewed X25, the first model of X series, further demonstrating the brand’s strategic planning for the future new energy era.

Yin Tongyue, Party Secretary and Chairman of Chery Holding Group, said at the event: "iCAR is a" new special zone "created by Chery Group. The Group will spare no effort to support the development of iCAR, with no upper limit on investment, and help iCAR enter the first camp of new energy." Yin Tongyue emphasized that the Group will gather the best resources and cutting-edge technologies for young users and iCAR brands to ensure the coolest and best cars.

At the press conference, Chery Automobile announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, a leading global enterprise in new energy batteries. The two sides will further strengthen cooperation in technology and capital to jointly help the growth of iCAR brand. Zeng Yuqun, Chairman and General Manager of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, said that Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited will provide strong innovative energy guarantee for iCAR brand, and the two sides will work hand in hand to make products excellent and reduce users’ burden, so as to make users affordable and use them well with full sincerity.

At the press conference, Dr. Su Jun, CEO of Zhimi Technology and chief product officer of iCAR brand, appeared. He will lead the entrepreneurial team hatched by Zhimi Technology to integrate into iCAR brand, and form the "strongest CP" together with Zhang Hongyu, deputy general manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. and general manager of iCAR brand division. With rich experience in industrial design, product definition and innovative marketing, combined with Chery Automobile’s technical development, supply chain and quality management capabilities, it will inject new potential energy into iCAR and bring new experiences to young users.

Icarv23-Young People’s First Car

Under the background that the automobile industry has entered the era of "super product manager", Dr. Su Jun said that iCAR firmly believes in the value of users and the power of products. He will lead the team to build a cool and valuable car for young people with the concept of "single model, high quality, mass and long cycle".

As the first product of brand upgrading, iCAR V23 is positioned as "style off-road electric city SUV". Its exterior design is full of strength and fashion sense, and the off-road style square box shape pays tribute to the classics. The four-wheel four-corner design, ultra-short front and rear suspension and large wheelbase have brought strong visual impact. At the same time, it gives a huge space for the car, and upgrades the driving experience with super comfortable seats and "high-profile" vision.

In terms of intelligence, V23 also performed well. Thanks to L2+ intelligent driving and the application of 8155 mainstream chip car, users can easily master the road conditions and enjoy the pleasure of "on the road".

ICAR V23 accurately meets the core value needs of young users. With its high value, high taste, high texture, super practicality and reliability, it has become an ideal choice for "the first car for young people". As Su Jun promised at the press conference, the upgraded brand iCAR will continue to stride forward on the new energy track, and finally realize "let everyone enjoy the fun of exquisite technology", so that young people can, should and must drive the coolest and most fun car right now.

Brand-new product matrix-the first choice for young people

At the event site, iCAR previewed X25, the first model of X series.

X25, which is positioned in medium and large off-road MPV, is an innovative work of iCAR for the future new energy era. Its body design combines classic off-road elements with single-car design to show the sense of future science fiction. Relying on the technological advantages of the new energy platform, X25 has better maneuverability and stability, and the fully flat floor design can realize transparent interior space and flexible seat combination to meet various travel needs.

In the future, iCAR brand will continue to enlarge the core value of users based on the explicit needs of users, which is embodied in the joint efforts of its 0, V and X series to create a rich product matrix. Among them, 0 series focuses on exquisite technology and pursues equal rights in science and technology; V series features off-road style, emphasizing differentiation, high value and super practicality; X series is committed to becoming a "new species of single-compartment car". ICAR brand will continue to show its strength and innovation ability in different fields, meet the diversified needs of more young users, and accompany them to start a wonderful travel life together.

Spare no effort "powerful resources-the first" trust "of young people

A good product cannot be separated from a good system support. Chery, as a model of technological enterprise, has been insisting on self-research of technology since its inception, deeply ploughing into the field of automobile technology and constantly overcoming technical difficulties. Technology Chery will rely on the "Eta Ursae Majoris 2025" technology system, invest no less than 100 billion yuan in the next five years to build a 300+ Eta Ursae Majoris laboratory, and continuously develop various new technologies in the five core technology fields of Mars architecture, Kunpeng Power, Lion Intelligent Cabin, Great Wisdom Driving and Galaxy Ecology. Zhang Hongyu, deputy general manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. and general manager of iCAR brand, said that Chery’s strong technical reserve is like a treasure chest, with everything.

ICAR brand relies on this treasure chest to accurately find out the suitable technology needed by young users. ICAR’s first product, iCAR 03, sold 5,487 vehicles in March and 2,113 vehicles in the first ten days of April, an increase of 81% from the previous month, and the sales trend was unstoppable.

At present, iCAR 03 has completed the first OTA upgrade, and the functions such as high-speed NOA and cross-floor memory parking have been fully "boarded", adopting a pure visual route, leading the technology and being close to the people, making it the first choice for this price segment. In addition, iCAR can continue to iteratively upgrade the electric four-wheel drive through technical means such as software upgrade and front and rear axle decoupling, making driving more flexible and interesting.

Backed by Chery’s strong technical strength, iCAR is full of confidence in the security field, providing users with all-round security protection. For the car body, it adopts multi-cavity, cage and steel-aluminum mixed structure, and the strength of B-pillar is as high as 1800Mpa. Combined with the embracing force transmission structure, it can cope with all kinds of collisions in all directions.

Battery safety is the most important thing. Chery has accumulated more than 30 test items in battery system safety standards, far exceeding the national standard and industry standards. It only uses battery cells from large factories, adopts sandwich structure, has strong impact resistance at the bottom, and combines with the early warning system of big data platform to identify risks in advance and ensure battery safety.

In the future, all the capabilities of Chery can be applied to other iCAR products, so that users can enjoy a more intelligent, safe and convenient travel experience. ICAR will also continue to rely on Chery’s strong technical support to continuously extract more "treasures" that meet the needs of young users and create a better travel experience for them.


Facing the future, iCAR will empower products with Chery’s technical strength, open up the last mile with users with Internet thinking, continuously satisfy young people’s dreams and aspirations for affordable and cool use, and move forward with China new energy vehicles.

About iCAR brand:

ICAR is a brand of new energy under Chery, which is committed to creating cool and outstanding new energy vehicles for young people. Since its establishment, the brand has emphasized openness and innovation, integrated Internet thinking with the strength of Chery, and operated independently. ICAR 03 was launched as the first model in early 2024, and its market performance was strong. In the future, iCAR will lay out three series of 0, V and X, and plans to launch eight models before 2026 to expand the brand ecology and become a label brand of young lifestyle.

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Headlines of cars

March in the spring is the best benefit of spring. Recently, Cheshang Moment was informed that as the first brand of high-end new energy vehicles in central enterprises, Lantu Automobile and Wuhan Wenlv cooperated with each other to provide 60 new executive electric flagship cars, Lantu Chasing Light, and provided free connection service for friends who came to Wuhan from other places. The unique "romantic meeting room in Wuhan" experience of the flagship car made their trip to Wuhan more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable.

Lantu Automobile has come up with the best products and services, warmly waiting for travel and helping Wuhan’s urban development. This is a social responsibility and responsibility that central enterprises should have. During the activity, 60 "special cherry blossom viewing drivers" will provide free connection service for foreign tourists around the fixed circular route "Yellow Crane Tower (fixed connection point) → Wuhan University (temporary stop point) → Liyuan Square (temporary stop point) → Hankou River Beach (fixed connection point) → Yellow Crane Tower (fixed connection point)" every day. Passengers do not need to make an appointment, wave and stop, take a free ride, and enjoy the scenic spots and cherry blossom resorts in Wuhan. Signs of "free ride for foreign tourists" are printed on both sides of the car body and the rear window, and two signs of "welcome to ride" and "existing passengers" are set on the front window of the car to facilitate tourists to identify the boarding status. The car also prepared a hand gift for tourists, making this city courtesy more unique.

The new executive electric flagship sedan Lantu pursues light, and the four seats are equipped with ventilation, heating and massage functions as standard, which can well relax the fatigue after the violent walk. Four-zone intelligent air conditioner, voice control four-zone temperature, real-time warm self-knowledge. Intelligent four-wheel drive, equipped with a million-level predictable magic carpet all-aluminum chassis, can adjust the damping force of the shock absorber in real time, and can have a silky driving experience regardless of acceleration, turning or bumpy road conditions. The longest battery life at the same level is 262km, and visitors can "see all the flowers in Wuhan in one day".

To create the ultimate products and empower a better life, Lantu Automobile always takes "warm heart technology" as its technical philosophy, and continues to carry out scientific and technological innovation to bring users a leapfrog experience. Whenever there is a big event, you must choose the map. Up to now, Lantu Chasing Light has successively helped dozens of heavyweight events to be successfully held. Phoenix. com reported that the two national conferences in 2024 designated guest cars, and the only official designated cars helped China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference, China Entrepreneur Boao Forum, China Film China Watch Award and other large conferences or celebrations. Leap-forward luxury configuration experience, wide and long-axis back row "meeting room" is the highest travel courtesy for receiving foreign tourists in Wuhan, and it is also the highest travel scene for Lantu to chase the light.

Since its birth, Lantu Automobile has run out of the "Lantu Speed" that amazed the industry, achieving three cars in three years and three categories in three years. The core technology is self-developed and controllable in the whole stack, sailing to many countries, and its development potential is strong. Lantu Automobile will guard every courtier who comes to Wuhan 24 hours a day to provide users with high-quality, thoughtful and caring services. At the same time, Lantu Zhuiguang Online Store also prepared a romantic test drive ceremony for guests and friends, and participated in the test drive activities to win a beautiful and romantic test drive gift.

Stand up for the last shift, and stick to the "epidemic" line near the retired old police.

  Don’t say that Sang Yu is late, for it is still full of clouds. In the face of the epidemic, there are such a group of old policemen in Pudong Public Security Bureau. Although they are all 59 years old and nearing retirement, they are not afraid of risks, volunteered and faithfully performed their duties. At the last moment of their careers, they still stuck to the "epidemic" line and stood on the last post, contributing their own strength to the tough battle against the epidemic in Shanghai.

  Chen Yongguan: Stand on the last shift.

  "Hello, please show me your pass and nucleic acid test report." On the morning of May 13th, Chen Yongguan, a community policeman of the Academy Police Station who will retire the next day, still set up a card on Lingang Avenue to check the passing vehicles and personnel, wearing strict protective clothing. After the strict inspection as required, he did not forget to remind the other party to pay attention to protection. If necessary, he would also send some dry food to the passing truck drivers on the spot.

  "Come on, I have some bread and biscuits to take with me on the way." Chen Yongguan always prepares some food in the car recently, so that he can lend a helping hand in time when he meets someone in need. This is because Chen Yongguan met a truck driver who came to Shanghai from other places for help when he set up a card inspection last time. The food on the other car was exhausted and he was unable to sustain it for a while. Fortunately, Chen Yongguan still left his own box lunch on the car, so he gave it to the other party together with bread, which helped him solve his urgent need and later helped him contact relevant departments to solve the problem of eating. Since then, Mr. Chen has developed the habit of preparing food in the car every time he goes out.

  Although Mr. Chen is going to retire soon, he has always been at the forefront of the war. Maintaining the order of nucleic acid detection points, setting up checkpoints and patrolling the streets, wherever there is a need, there is his figure. On the afternoon of May 13th, the institute prepared a simple retirement ceremony for Mr. Chen. Although a few people were present because of the epidemic, colleagues in the institute sent blessings through video connection. "I always wanted to retire and have a good rest before, but when I retired, I was more and more reluctant." He couldn’t bear to part with purplish blue, let alone his comrades-in-arms and residents like "family".

  Zhou Longxiang: It’s not time to have a rest.

  "All the secret personnel have got on the bus. Let’s go." With the order of Zhou Longxiang, a community policeman from Yishuiyuan Police Station, two transfer buses carrying secret personnel slowly drove out, and Zhou Longxiang drove the police car all the way to ensure that the transfer buses arrived at the isolation point safely.

  Zhou Longxiang, who retired more than two months ago, has always stuck to his post and fought in the front line of fighting the epidemic since the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai in March. He has been dealing with the masses for 30 years, and he has been recognized by the residents in his jurisdiction. During the epidemic, it was he who made the residents here feel at ease.

  After the transfer bus arrives at its destination, Zhou Longxiang, who has completed the escort mission, will still say hello to the residents on board. "We have arrived at our destination, but it may take some time to move in. Please be patient and so on. There will be time for everyone to rest in the next few days." Before leaving, a few words of ridicule suddenly relaxed the originally nervous residents. Someone who knew Zhou Longxiang joked, "Officer Zhou, why don’t you come in and have a rest together for a while?" "I’ll forget it. I haven’t had a rest yet. I have plenty of time when I retire." In a burst of laughter, Zhou Longxiang immediately drove to the next mission site.

  Ding Mingchu: Fighting continuously for more than 50 days.

  Ding Mingchu, a 59-year-old comprehensive policeman of Zhuqiao Police Station, has been fighting continuously for more than 50 days. Every day, from maintaining the order of nucleic acid detection points at the beginning, persuading residents to abide by "staying indoors" to setting up checkpoints and investigating "black riders" today, the only constant is Ding Mingchu and his comrades who have been sticking to their posts.

  "Officer, I have nowhere to go. What should I do now?" On a street duty, Ding Mingchu met the residents for help. The other party has been stranded outside because of seeing a doctor. When he returned from this rehabilitation, he found that his community was closed and managed. Because the nucleic acid test has not yet produced results, the other party could not go home for a while. If it weren’t for Ding Mingchu’s timely appearance, he would probably be sleeping on the street with nowhere to go.

  "I don’t know when this report will come out. I’d better help you find a place to live first." Ding Mingchu, who has 37 years of police experience, quickly judged the crux of the matter, and immediately contacted the relevant departments of the town after calming the other party. Finally, he was successfully placed in a temporary shelter, which solved the problems of temporary accommodation and eating. The next day, the negative report of the other party’s nucleic acid test was successfully released, and he also successfully returned to his long-lost home.

  Zhang Wenhu: Go retrograde and fight for the front line.

  Zhang Wenhu, a community policeman from Beicai Police Station, is about to retire in August this year, but when he knew that the police needed to be deployed to reinforce the front line, he immediately found the leader to take the initiative to fight. "I am a community policeman. I have been doing it for so many years. I am more familiar with how to communicate effectively with residents." In this way, he and 17 other policemen formed an anti-epidemic vanguard, dressed in dense protective clothing, and retrograde settled in nine administrative villages in Beicai area, fighting at the forefront of the war epidemic.

  For more than a month, Zhang Wenhu, like other young policemen, has been busy helping to carry out various epidemic prevention work, such as the transfer of positive cases, close contact personnel, the maintenance of nucleic acid and antigen testing order, staying at home, and the policy and legal publicity and notification of all inspections. Tired and sleepy, go back to the "camp" to take a nap, or sleep in the car, or live in a simple tent. Today, the epidemic situation has improved, but Zhang Wenhu dare not relax, still stick to his post and strictly implement various epidemic control work.

  Chen Yongguan, Zhou Longxiang, Ding Mingchu, Zhang Wenhu … … They are all members of the public security team in Pudong, and they are the epitome of more than a thousand retired old policemen in Shanghai. They don’t have earth-shattering and vigorous stories, but they stick to them day after day. A purplish blue, purplish blue life. They interpret the responsibility and responsibility of the police with their own sincerity and practical actions.