Finance and economics are once deep | How to grasp the key of real estate finance to implement "housing and not speculating"?

  Food, clothing, housing and transportation are the basic needs of life, among which "living" is regarded as just needed by many people. These two days, there was an interesting meeting, which was closely related to "living".

  The video and telephone conference on accelerating the development of affordable rental housing and further improving the regulation of the real estate market held on the 22nd reiterated that the house should be used for living, not for speculation, and the real estate should not be used as a short-term means to stimulate the economy.

  The positioning of "staying in the house and not speculating" continued to consolidate, which made many people eat "reassuring".

  The picture shows a commercial house near Madang Road in Shanghai. Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Fei photo

  Whether buying a house, renting a house or building a house, it is inseparable from money. Therefore, real estate finance is a key link in the implementation of "housing without speculation".

  In recent years, China has accelerated the establishment and improvement of a long-term mechanism for real estate financial management, especially under the guidance of the "three lines and four files" rule and the real estate loan concentration management system, many housing enterprises have become more cautious and self-disciplined, and the concentration of real estate loans and personal housing loans of banking financial institutions has steadily decreased.

  In June, the sales price increase of commercial housing in 70 large and medium-sized cities showed a steady and declining trend as a whole; At the same time, at the end of June, the growth rate of RMB real estate loans in China dropped by 2.2 percentage points from the end of last year.

  It can be seen that the regulatory policies, including real estate financial policies, have been effective, the real estate credit environment in some cities has changed, and the price increase has stabilized.

  What is the "sharp weapon" that can make regulation so immediate? How do the "three lines and four gears" rule and the real estate loan concentration management system play a role? Come and get to know it.

  To promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, first of all, real estate enterprises need to be healthy. However, some real estate enterprises are greedy for perfection and blindly expand, and the financial indicators of core operations are "red light", which also leads to the phenomenon of high leverage and high debt in the real estate industry.

  In order to enhance the marketization, regularity and transparency of financing for real estate enterprises, in August last year, the People’s Bank of China, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and relevant departments formed the fund monitoring and financing management rules for key real estate enterprises, that is, the "three lines and four files" rules.

  The "three lines" are actually "three red lines", which specifically refer to: the asset-liability ratio is greater than 70%, the net debt ratio is greater than 100%, and the cash short-term debt ratio is less than 1 times after excluding advance payments.

  According to the situation of stepping on the line, real estate enterprises are divided into four grades: red, orange, yellow and green: the scale of interest-bearing liabilities of "red-file" enterprises cannot be higher than the existing level; The annual growth rate of interest-bearing liabilities of "orange file" enterprises shall not exceed 5%; "Yellow file" enterprises shall not exceed 10%; "Green file" enterprises shall not exceed 15%.

  With a clear "three lines and four gears", housing enterprises must meet the corresponding requirements and constantly optimize financial indicators if they want to raise funds. This is equivalent to a "physical examination" of the financial health of housing enterprises to help them better improve their financial management.

  Behind health is self-discipline. When the financing behavior of housing enterprises is more prudent and self-disciplined, the overall operation tends to be stable. Having tasted the sweetness, more and more real estate enterprises have joined the ranks of "self-discipline". At the beginning of the pilot, the central bank selected 12 representative real estate enterprises as the pilot targets, and at the beginning of this year it expanded to 30 real estate enterprises with large debts.

  Zou Lan, director of the Financial Market Department of the People’s Bank of China, said that the "three-line and four-gear" rule is effective from the situation and reactions from all walks of life in the past year. The three core operating financial indicators of the pilot enterprises, namely, asset-liability ratio, net debt ratio and short-term cash debt ratio, have obviously improved, and the debt scale has steadily declined. Many other real estate enterprises outside the pilot also actively benchmark the rules and optimize their own business practices.

  The picture shows a qionghai city resident passing by an advertising slogan in front of a bank. Xinhua news agency

  In addition to keeping an eye on the demand side, financing management cannot ignore the supply side. In addition to monitoring and managing the liabilities of housing enterprises, the People’s Bank of China also strengthens the management of banking financial institutions — — Formulate the management system of real estate loan concentration.

  The system sets "two red lines" for the balance of real estate loans and the balance of personal housing loans for different types and sizes of banking institutions. The former ranges from 40% to 12.5%, while the latter ranges from 32.5% to 7.5%.

  As the saying goes, eggs can’t be put in one basket. Bank credit should also focus on structural optimization, which is not only related to the risk of the institution itself, but also of great significance to the healthy and steady development of the whole economy.

  Since the implementation of the system, the concentration of real estate loans and personal housing loans of banking financial institutions has steadily decreased. The data shows that at the end of June, the growth rate of China’s real estate development loan balance and personal housing loan balance dropped by 3.3 and 1.6 percentage points respectively compared with the end of the previous year.

  In Zou Lan’s view, while the real estate loan business is subject to certain constraints, commercial banks have put more energy into supporting small and micro, "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and other weak economic links, while the proportion of loans in key areas such as manufacturing and technological innovation has been improved.

  The data shows that at the end of June, the balance of China’s Pratt & Whitney small and micro loans increased by 31% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 18.7 percentage points higher than that of various loans in the same period; The balance of medium and long-term loans in manufacturing industry increased by 41.6% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 16.9 percentage points higher than the same period of last year.

  The People’s Bank of China said that the next step will continue to adhere to the positioning that houses are used for living, not for speculation, implement a long-term real estate mechanism, constantly improve the "three lines and four files" rules and the centralized management system of real estate loans, do a good job in policy implementation, improve the resilience and stability of the financial system, and promote the balanced development of finance, real estate and the real economy.

  To firmly grasp the key of real estate finance, we must continue to strictly implement the "sharp weapon" of regulation and control, manage the supply and demand ends of real estate finance, and make the regulation and control policies more precise, which will not only accurately crack down on real estate speculation, but also better meet the needs. (Reporter Wu Yu)

Do you need hot cars in winter?

In cold weather, whether it is necessary to warm up the car has always been a concern of car owners. In some areas, the engine needs to run at high idle speed for a period of time to reach the normal working temperature. Specifically, the fast idle speed of cold car is to let the engine run at a high speed for tens of seconds to about 1 minute, and after the water temperature reaches the temperature set by the driving computer, the idle speed returns to normal. The normal working temperature of the engine is generally 80-90℃, and the calibration of individual engines is about 100℃, but it is not necessary to make the engine reach this temperature in daily hot cars. Generally, the coolant temperature is 60℃ and the engine oil temperature is above 50℃, which can meet the requirements. In addition, the fast idle speed of the cold car is not only for the temperature of the engine, but also for the engine to inject more fuel to preheat and let the three-way catalyst enter the working temperature as soon as possible to reduce automobile emissions. A secondary air pump is also installed in the American standard large-displacement car to preheat the three elements and control emissions during idling. Therefore, it is necessary to warm up the car in winter, but it is not necessary to warm up the car for a long time.

The turnover of shares in the North Exchange was 11.34 billion yuan, and the turnover of 27 shares exceeded 100 million yuan.

On January 26th, the total volume of shares in the North Stock Exchange was 863 million shares, with a turnover of 11.34 billion yuan, a decrease of 885 million yuan compared with the previous trading day. In terms of individual stocks, 50 stocks closed up.

According to the statistics of data treasure of Securities Times, among the tradable stocks in the North Stock Exchange today, 50 stocks closed up, accounting for 20.58% of the tradable stocks. Huami New Materials closed at the daily limit, and Xuchang Intelligent, Fuheng New Materials and Kaihua Materials closed up at the top, rising by 61.30%, 18.79% and 14.26% respectively. At the close, 192 stocks fell, with Boxun Bio, Tieda Technology and Zhongke Meiling among the top losers, falling by 14.60%, 12.77% and 11.62% respectively.

Xuchang Intelligent (831396), which was listed today, rose by 61.30%, with a turnover rate of 68.73% and a turnover of 492.0674 million yuan.

In terms of transactions, there are 27 stocks with a turnover of over 100 million yuan in the whole day. The top stocks in the North Stock Exchange are Zhongfangbiao, Xuchang Intelligent and Kaihua Materials, with turnover of 542 million yuan, 492 million yuan and 465 million yuan respectively.

In terms of stock activity, among the stocks traded in the North Exchange today, 52 stocks have a turnover rate of over 10%, of which 24 stocks have a turnover rate of over 20%, 61 stocks have a turnover rate of between 5% and 10%, and 114 stocks have a turnover rate of between 1% and 5%. The stocks with the highest turnover rate in the whole day include China Textile Standard, Xuchang Intelligent and Tianfang Standard, with turnover rates of 75.96%, 68.73% and 65.40% respectively. (data treasure)

Details of today’s transactions of stocks in the North Exchange

Note: This article is a news report and does not constitute investment advice. The stock market is risky, so investment should be cautious.
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2.0T small steel cannon, brand-new 2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI launched.


Volkswagen is a world-famous manufacturer, and its global sales volume is second only to Toyota, ranking second in the world. In the domestic automobile market, Volkswagen is also very popular and has a good sales volume. Volkswagen has been developing in China for 40 years, which has established a good brand image in the hearts of consumers and has also become the benchmark of automobile brands. As a classic model of Volkswagen, Volkswagen Golf has been loved by young consumers for many years with its fashionable appearance and excellent mechanical quality. Golf GTI, as the top model of golf series, has outstanding performance and is known as a small steel gun, which is pursued by young consumers. Recently, FAW-Volkswagen announced the official launch of a brand-new golf GTI model, which is equipped with a better power system and a more fashionable and sporty appearance. The guide price is 229,800 yuan.

[Cheyou Headline-CheyouNo.-Zhidian Automobile]  

In terms of appearance, GTI is obviously more refined in appearance than ordinary golf. Adopt flat front design, through design, and the addition of red decorative strips highlights personality and movement, which is full of movement. Large-size air intake grille with blackened honeycomb structure inside brings brand-new visual impact and looks more sporty and domineering. In addition, the brand-new GTI adopts the brand-new LED headlight group design, which looks sharper and improves the aggressiveness of the whole vehicle, while the word GTI is also located at the left headlight corner, which instantly improves the advanced feeling of the whole vehicle.

The side of the car body is not much different from the ordinary version. The integral side skirt design makes the car body lower. The side lines of the vehicle are smooth and concise, and the classic body shape is still dynamic, but the latest 17-inch sports aluminum alloy wheels are added, which adds a sporty atmosphere. The lower part of the door and the rearview mirror shell are decorated with silver, which enhances the luxury of the vehicle.

At the tail, the tail design of the new golf GTI is very special, with distinct layers, and the integrated body shape design is selected. The taillights are more sharp, and the rear spoiler is large, with black surrounding at the top and bottom and double exhaust at both sides, showing the demeanor of a high-performance car.

When it comes to the interior, Golf GTI still adopts the ordinary version of golf design style. The center console design is almost the same as that of golf. The embracing center console that is biased towards the cab design adds a sense of movement with GTI’s exclusive red control interface. The perforated leather material and the fur cover of the seat make people feel comfortable and can reflect the luxury inside the car. The brand-new 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel, central control suspension screen and three-position multi-function steering wheel design reduce a lot of physical buttons and improve the sense of science and technology in the car. The GTI version adopts a new integrated sports plaid seat to provide better support and comfort. In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with 30-color ambient lights, reversing images, constant-speed cruise, multiple driving modes, automatic parking, uphill assistance, variable steering ratio, electric sunroof, keyless entry and start, remote start, low-speed driving warning, active noise reduction, 8-speaker speakers, automatic air conditioning and so on. The main and passenger seats are equipped with airbags, front and rear head air curtains, knee airbags, passive pedestrian protection, tire pressure alarm, fatigue driving tips, etc. The new golf GTI can enjoy the blind spot image on the side of the car, the openable panoramic sunroof, leather seats, front seat heating and so on. From the configuration of golf GTI, a variety of intelligent configurations make consumers more convenient and worry-free.

In terms of power, as a small steel gun, its power performance is naturally the most concerned by everyone. The new car is equipped with a 2.0T engine, with a maximum power of 162kw, a maximum horsepower of 220 horsepower and a peak torque of 350 Nm. With the DQ381 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, the speed-up time of 100 kilometers is only 7.2 seconds. It can be seen that the performance of this new car is very strong. In terms of chassis, the new Golf GTI has also updated the subframe, reinforced bearing, front double wishbone suspension stabilizer, front six-piston brake system and ceramic front brake disc, and the ground clearance of the chassis is reduced by 25mm compared with the ordinary version of golf. It is equipped with suspension system, brand-new shock absorber and valve system, which are unique to the new golf GTI, improving the driving quality and meeting the performance needs of young people.

Write at the end:

The appearance of the 2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI has attracted the attention and heated discussion of the majority of riders. Its strong performance, sporty appearance and interior design, high-quality driving experience and other aspects show its strong quality. The new Volkswagen Golf GTI not only continues the excellent tradition in the past, but also injects more innovation and high-tech configuration, making it a good choice for young consumers.

A gold medal carries all the hopes of a country.

Qianjiang evening news Hour Journalist Cao Linbo
At present, there are 26 countries with one gold medal in the gold medal list of Tokyo Olympic Games, and there are many gold medals among them. Only one gold medal bears all the expectations of this country and creates the history of this country.
The rugby sevens final of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games can be called the peak matchup. New Zealand is the triple world cup champion and Fiji is the double world cup champion. In the end, Fiji defeated New Zealand 27-12, successfully defending the champion of the project, and won the only gold medal for Fiji so far. New Zealand won the silver medal and Argentina won the bronze medal.
In fact, at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Fiji won the men’s rugby sevens championship. Before the Rio Olympic Games, Fiji participated in 14 Summer Olympic Games and 3 Winter Olympic Games, but it never got any medals.
In this Tokyo Olympic Games, they once again successfully defended their title with strong strength. In the men’s rugby sevens, Fiji is a top power. This stems from their strong popular base.
Since New Zealand and Britain brought this sport to Fiji in the late 19th century, rugby has gradually become the national sport here. Almost all the citizens are enthusiastic about it. Boys are proud to enter Fiji’s national echelons at all levels, and there are countless rugby clubs, large and small, in China. There are 890,000 people in China, with 80,000 registered rugby players, accounting for nearly 10%! It is no exaggeration to describe that all men, women and children in the country play rugby.
At the Tokyo Olympic Games, Fiji sent a delegation of 30 people: 12 of them participated in the men’s rugby sevens (and one reserve player) and 12 participated in the women’s rugby sevens.
However, there are many unknown stories behind this popular gold medal.
In April this year, Fiji ushered in the second wave of COVID-19 epidemic. In order to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games, Fiji gave full support to the rugby team. The government quickly blocked the border and shut down all foreign-related flights.
In order to participate in the Olympic Games this time, all the Fiji team members were separated from their families and isolated at the designated place from the beginning of April. They even had to build a gym in the garage of the station to keep training, and then they were isolated in Australia and Japan. Fiji captain Jerry Tuwai said, "I miss my family so much that I almost want to skydive from the plane and go home to see them."
At the beginning of July, the Fiji team set out and boarded a cargo plane to transport frozen fish. After many hardships, they arrived in Tokyo to participate in the Olympic Games.
In the end, Fiji rugby team defended its title as expected. Although Fiji could not go to the streets as it did in the last Olympic Games because of the epidemic, they still lit fireworks and celebrated with the players from a distance.
Two days later, the Fiji women’s rugby sevens team also performed brilliantly in this Olympic Games. Although Fiji narrowly lost to New Zealand this time, it finally beat Britain to win the bronze medal, which has also created the best record of Fiji women’s rugby in the Olympic Games.
The presence of Bermuda’s delegation may be at most in the entrance ceremony of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. This country, which sounds quite mysterious, also achieved a breakthrough of zero gold medal in this Olympic Games.
In the women’s triathlon of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Duffy, an athlete from Bermuda, won the first gold medal in the Olympic history of the Bermuda delegation, and Bermuda became the smallest country in the Olympic history.
"This is a great moment, it’s incredible! I will be proud of this day for the rest of my life. Winning the first Olympic gold medal for Bermuda is of extraordinary significance far beyond my personal dream. " As one of the only two members of the Bermuda delegation, Duffy, who fought in the Olympic Games for four times, finally welcomed his dream.
In 2008, 21-year-old Duffy was a fledgling. At the Beijing Olympic Games, her bike broke down and she didn’t win the ranking. Duffy ranked 45th in the 2012 London Olympic Games; In the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, she won the eighth place in the individual Olympic Games, and she finally won the championship in this Olympic Games.
Since then, Bermuda, with an area of only 53 square kilometers and a population of only 63,000, has not only the legend of God and the Sunshine Coast, but also has its own place on the map of the Olympic history gold medal list. The last time a Bermuda athlete stood on the Olympic podium was 45 years ago. The male boxer Clarence Hill won a bronze medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.
Duffy is now Bermuda’s brightest tourist card. Open Bermuda’s official travel website, the first page is a photo of Duffy, which reads: Bermuda may not be a popular venue for triathlon. But Bermuda has produced a large number of iron athletes (both men and women)-including Olympic athlete Duffy, who brought home Bermuda’s first gold medal.
The Prime Minister of Bermuda sent her a congratulatory voice message. Even michael douglas, a famous Hollywood actress whose mother is from Bermuda, shouted congratulations to her on her social account.
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I can’t go home for the New Year, but I also have the warmth of home. The hometown that comes by express delivery is full of love.

□ Chutian Metropolis Daily News reporter Liu Qin
I received one package after another from my hometown, and the same delicious food was placed on the table. Although they were in a foreign land, they could not reunite with their families, but they still had a warm year.
This year, many people across the country responded to the government’s call and chose to celebrate the New Year on the spot. The care and blessings of relatives come to them with the package, which warms the hearts of wanderers.
A stranger who stayed in Han for the New Year.
Zhang Zhongyi, 26, comes from Yongzhou City, Hunan Province. In October 2020, he became a Selected Graduates in Wuhan, and now he is a member of the poverty alleviation team of Nanhu Street in Shiyang Village, Wuchang District.
In January this year, Zhang Zhongyi made plans to stay in China for the New Year. "I just joined the work and need more responsibility. I can stay in Wuhan and stand by at any time." Yesterday, Zhang Zhongyi told Jimu journalist.
Zhang Zhongyi and his wife
Zhang Zhongyi is an only child. After he told his parents about his decision to stay in Han for the New Year, he got their support.
On January 30th, Zhang Zhongyi married his girlfriend who had been in love for many years. To his delight, after his wife learned of his plan, she also gave up going back to her hometown in Yueyang, Hunan Province for the New Year and decided to stay in Wuhan to accompany him for the New Year.
"It’s the first time for both of us to spend the New Year outside." Zhang Zhongyi told reporters.
Compared with Zhang Zhongyi, Huang Hua from Enshi will spend the Spring Festival alone in the rental house. This will be his second time to spend the New Year alone. "The last time was last year, and I took the initiative to stay in Wuhan. I am still not used to it. After all, every Spring Festival before, I was with my relatives, and my rural hometown was lively and fun. " Huang Hua said. When he decided to stay in Han for the New Year again this year, his mind was full of scenes of family reunion, and he could not help feeling a little indebted to his parents.
Yang Tianchen and his wife
Also staying in Wuhan for the second Spring Festival is Yang Tianchen from Xiangtan City, Hunan Province. At the age of 30, he has worked in Wuhan for 9 years. He got married in September 2019, took his parents to Wuhan in January 2020, and the family spent the New Year in their new house. Due to the epidemic, his parents didn’t go home from Han until mid-April last year. "For more than ten years, this is the longest time I have stayed with my parents. I cherish the time I spent with them." Yang Tianqi said. Originally planned to return to his hometown in Hunan for the New Year this year, he responded to the call of the local government and decided to stay in Han for the New Year again, which not only reassured himself, but also reassured others.
Hubei people far away from home
Five years ago, in order to support her husband’s career and for the healthy growth of her children, Tian Xiujuan took her children and followed her husband to Hami, Xinjiang, 2300 kilometers away.
Tian Xiujuan’s family
Tian Xiujuan, 36, was born in a small mountain village in Hefeng County. For her, her hometown and Chinese New Year are closely related. In the first three years in Xinjiang, she and her husband returned to their hometown for the New Year.
Before the Spring Festival last year, Tian Xiujuan and her husband worried that the children had to travel too hard because their eldest son had just entered elementary school, so they decided to stay in Hami for the New Year. The three children were a little unhappy and often asked her, "When can we go back to our hometown? When can I see my grandmother? " At this time, Tian Xiujuan will miss her hometown and her relatives more.
"We originally planned to take our children home for the New Year this year, but we decided to stay after seeing local initiatives to celebrate the New Year." Tian Xiujuan said.
Tsang Man
Ceng Min, 26, comes from Xuanen County. After graduating from a master’s degree in 2019, she became a teacher in a school in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Her brother is one year older than her and works in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. In 2020, both brothers and sisters harvested love. They made plans early and went back to their hometown for the New Year with their respective partners.
More than a month ago, Ceng Min and her boyfriend booked a high-speed train ticket from Dongguan to Enshi on January 25th. Her brother is going to return home on February 5.
Ceng Min’s parents are very happy to learn that the children are going home for the Spring Festival. Her father worked in Jiangsu, and went home more than a month in advance, renovated his home, installed air conditioning, and bought new quilts and shoes.
A few days before leaving, Ceng Min saw that all parts of the country called on everyone to celebrate the New Year on the spot, and most of her colleagues chose to stay. She couldn’t help but feel a little tangled. After much deliberation, late at night on January 24th, she withdrew her high-speed rail ticket and decided to stay in Dongguan for the New Year.
On January 25th, Ceng Min got up the courage and told his parents his decision. At the other end of the phone, my mother’s tone was full of disappointment: "How can you spend the New Year outside alone …"
To Ceng Min’s comfort, her brother was very supportive and he decided to stay in Zhongshan for the New Year.
A foreign land also has a taste of hometown.
These days, the Zhang Zhongyi family’s necessities are getting more and more every day. His parents bought two native chickens in their hometown and sent them by express delivery. This is his wife’s favorite food when she first went to her hometown with him. Zhang Zhongyi’s mother also specially called to teach him to cook chicken soup and stir-fry chicken. A big box full of express delivery, as well as homemade bacon, lotus roots, sweet potato chips …
My parents-in-law also sent many hometown delicacies to the young couple: beef, mutton, pig’s feet … The refrigerator at home was stuffed to the brim. "When eating New Year’s dinner, I will definitely make a big table dish and take a video for the elders of both sides to reassure them." Zhang Zhongyi said cheerfully.
Huang Hua
Huang Hua also received new year’s goods from his brother. He can’t wait to open the package, bacon, sauerkraut, etc. have been washed clean, and he only needs to fire and heat, and he can taste the happiness from his hometown.
"My brother asked me to open my mouth and said that he would send it after eating." Huang Hua told reporters. These delicious hometowns satisfied his appetite and made him miss his relatives in his hometown more.
Yang Tianchen, who has always loved to eat lard noodles, received 5 kilograms of lard and 2 native chickens from his mother, as well as more than 20 kilograms of meat, vegetables and radishes from his mother-in-law. "I don’t have to buy new year’s goods this year, I have everything ready." He said with a smile.
The rice cake made by my mother is Tian Xiujuan’s favorite, and the bacon in my hometown also reminds her. In order to make her daughter’s family have a delicious year, her mother, who is far away from home, sent Tian Xiujuan bacon, rice chaff, dried potato chips, local honey and fried rice … After receiving a heavy package, Tian Xiujuan was in a particularly good mood and carried it back to her home on the fourth floor.
Ceng Min’s brother and sister also received the New Year’s goods delivered by their parents. "Bacon, sausage, kang tofu, bean skin … and a vacuum-packed braised pork." Ceng Min introduced. These things, all made by my mother, are smells that can’t be bought outside.
"Next year, we can definitely go home for the New Year." Ceng Min said. No matter where you spend the New Year, your hometown is always a concern for wanderers. She hopes that when the spring blossoms and the epidemic dissipates, she will return to her hometown and reunite with her relatives.

Sticking to his post | He waited for a 20-minute reunion dinner for 7 years.

During the Spring Festival holiday, there are always some people who can’t go home because of their work, but for many people, wherever they are, the Year of the League is Chinese New Year. Follow the camera together and witness a special reunion dinner.
Li Ningyun is a motor train driver in Chongqing Locomotive Depot’s Chongqing Wanke Special. His home happens to be in Wanzhou. Although he travels to Wanzhou several times every day, it is only an extravagant hope to go home and have dinner with his family. He hasn’t been home for a group year for seven years. He took the latest EMU to Wanzhou North Station today.
Arriving at Wanzhou North Station at 22: 45, Li Ningyun’s home is less than 12 kilometers away from Wanzhou North Station. For him, it is so close and so far away.
Li Ningyun, EMU driver of Chongqing Locomotive Depot:No one is allowed to leave the apartment for the night on the north side of Wanzhou, because they will get up at 4 o’clock tomorrow morning and then start their work tomorrow.
To Li Ningyun’s surprise, Li Haiyun, his younger brother, came back from abroad, specially bought a ticket for this train, and told his parents in Wanzhou in advance to prepare a surprise for Li Ningyun’s small year in the south.
Li Ningyun’s father Li Shengan:Usually we don’t see him. When we miss him, we can only look at his car outside the fence of the station and wave to him.
In order to prepare a good meal for their son, Li Ningyun’s parents also came to the vegetable market early and carefully selected the ingredients for the reunion dinner. When I got home, my mother cut vegetables and my father cooked them, all of which were Li Ningyun’s favorite dishes.
Under the coordination of the railway staff, parents came to their son’s apartment early with anticipation and arranged the reunion dinner in advance.
Li Ningyun, EMU driver of Chongqing Locomotive Depot:I have been working for more than 7 years, and I haven’t spent much time with them for the New Year. Let’s go back and spend the New Year with them when our son is busy.
Li Ningyun ate the reunion dinner in a hurry for only 20 minutes, but he felt the love of his parents and the warmth of home. In these 20 minutes, they have been waiting for seven years, and their next group annual banquet will be unknown.

The highest temperature reached an extreme value in March, and it rose strongly three times … The top ten weather and climate events in Harbin in 2023 were released.

In the past 2023, we experienced a variety of complicated and changeable weather, which one impressed you the most? On January 10th, 2024, Harbin Ecological and Agrometeorological Center (Climate Change Center) released the top ten weather and climate events in Harbin in 2023, including extremely cold in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit, extremely heavy rainfall from August 2nd to 4th, and rare snowstorm from November 5th to 6th. Let’s review these weather and climate events together:
1. During the "March 9th" season, the highest temperature reached an extreme value.
According to the average climate, March 949 is the coldest time of the year in Harbin. However, after entering the "Sanjiu" in 2023, the temperature was uncharacteristically rising continuously. On January 11-13 (the 3rd-5th day of the "Sanjiu"), the daily average temperature of the whole city was 13.4 ~ 15.6℃ higher than that of the same period in history. On the 11th, the highest temperature in most districts and counties (cities) rose to above 0℃, and on the 12th, except Mulan, the average temperature in other cities was 13.4 ~ 15.6℃. Although it is the "March 9" season, there is actually a "Xiaoyangchun" scene of melting snow and ice.
On January 12, 2023, the ice sculptures on the streets of Harbin showed signs of melting.
2. The strongest abnormal cold event since 2001 occurred during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit.
In late January, the cold air affecting Harbin was unusually strong, and the average daily temperature in 10 of the 11 days was lower than the historical average on the same day, especially during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit, the average temperature in the city was 7.3℃ lower than that in the same period in history, and the strongest abnormal cold event occurred since 2001. Among them, the average temperature of the whole city on the second day (23rd) and the third day (24th) of New Year’s Day was -29.9℃ and -28.0℃, which were 11.4℃ and 9.6℃ lower than the historical period respectively. The lowest temperature in Yilan New Year’s Day is -35.1℃ (extremely cold), and the lowest temperature in Mulan New Year’s Day is -41.8℃ (extremely cold), both of which have exceeded the lowest value in late January since 1961. Many ice city citizens have personally experienced the fun of "splashing water into ice".
During the Spring Festival in 2023, Harbin citizens experienced the fun of "splashing water into ice"
3. On March 22nd, Harbin suffered the strongest dusty weather in 2023.
Affected by Mongolia’s low pressure, Harbin was hit by the strongest dusty weather in 2023 on March 22, and the sky in many places was filled with yellow sand and dust. Among them, there were gusts of magnitude 8 in the main urban area of Harbin, Shuangcheng, Bayan, Binxian and Yilan. The air quality index (AQI) of the main urban area was off the charts for 11 hours from 11: 00 am to 21: 00 pm, and the primary pollutant was PM10. At 15: 00, the concentration of PM10 was as high as 2719 μ g/m3, and the minimum visibility was less than 1 km. Harbin Taiping International Airport has an average wind speed of 12 m/s (level 6) and a maximum wind speed of 15 ~ 22 m/s (level 7 ~ 9). The airport started the yellow warning response of gale, and 49 flights were affected that day, of which 44 flights were cancelled.
Harbin Taiping International Airport in March 22, 2023, which was hit by dust.
4. The temperature is extremely high in March, and there are three strong warming processes in the month.
In March, the influence of warm air on Harbin was unusually strong and active. The average temperature in the city was 0.8℃, which was 4.2℃ higher than the historical period, ranking the third highest since 1961. There were three periods of strong warming weather in the month, in which the average temperature of the whole city was 11.6℃, 8.4℃ and 7.3℃ higher than that of the same period in history on May 6, 19-22 and 29-31, respectively, which exceeded the extreme value of the same period since 1961.
Variation chart of daily average temperature anomaly in March 2023 in the whole city
On July 6th, wuchang city was hit by a tornado, and some houses were damaged.
Affected by the northeast cold vortex, at about 16: 05 on July 6, Shuangshou Village, Changshan Township, wuchang city suffered a tornado disaster. The nearest regional automatic weather station monitored that the maximum wind speed was 18.6 m/s (magnitude 8) from 15: 00 to 17: 00. The tornado intensity level is the first level of meteorological industry standard (weak tornado, equivalent to EF0 level in the United States), with 120 people affected, 1 household and 2 houses severely damaged, and 120 houses in 60 households generally damaged, resulting in a direct economic loss of about 600,000 yuan. This tornado disaster is the third consecutive year that this kind of disaster occurred in our city after the tornado disaster occurred in some areas of shangzhi city and Acheng District on June 1, 2021 and in Weiguo Township, wuchang city on May 14, 2022.
Tornado disaster site in Shuangshou Village, Changshan Township, wuchang city
6. On August 2-4, extreme heavy rainfall occurred in the southern part of Harbin.
On August 2-4, 2023, due to the combined influence of the residual water vapor of No.5 typhoon "Du Surui" going northward and the shear at the back of the subtropical high, there was heavy rainfall in Harbin, in which the rainfall and rainfall intensity in the southern region were extremely strong, the rainfall lasted for a long time and the disaster was heavy. The rainfall in Wuchang and Longfeng Mountain on August 3rd was 145 mm and 171 mm, respectively, reaching the extreme value of single-day rainfall on record. In some areas, the accumulated rainfall exceeds 250 mm, of which the rainfall at Wuchang Guoqing Village (5) Hydrological Station reaches 350 mm.. The hourly maximum rain intensity reached 106 mm/h, which appeared in Wuchang Security Fort (18-19: 00 on August 3). The rainfall in Shangzhi and other places lasts for about 60 hours. Extreme rainstorm caused the No.1 flood in 2023 in many rivers such as Mayi River and Lalin River, and the highest water level and maximum discharge of Danianzigou (II) of Mangiu River and the hydrological stations such as Shangzhi, Yanshou and Lianhua of Mayi River ranked first since the local stations were established. Mopanshan Reservoir and Longfengshan Reservoir operated beyond the flood season limit on August 5-8 and August 4-6, with the maximum water level exceeding 5 meters. Extreme storms and floods have damaged bridges, flooded farmland and damaged houses, which have adversely affected the production and life of local people.
Extreme rainstorm caused floods in Shangzhi and Wuchang.
7. The temperature during the mature harvest period of crops is abnormally high, and the first frost in most agricultural areas is late, which belongs to the year of "Zilaoshan".
The temperature in September-October of 2023 in Harbin is 1.6℃ higher than that in the same period in history, with the average temperature in September and October being 16.5℃ and 7.6℃ respectively, ranking the first and fifth highest in the same period in history since 1961. The unusually high temperature makes the first frost in most agricultural areas late. Except for the light frost in Yilan and Shuangcheng on September 21 and September 23, the first frost date in other districts and counties (cities) is October 5-7, which belongs to the year of "Zilaoshan", which is very beneficial to crop maturity and harvest.
Wuchang city Rice Harvest Site in 2023
8. On November 5-6, an extremely heavy snowstorm occurred in Harbin.
In November, 2023, there were frequent snowstorms in Harbin, and the average monthly precipitation in the city was as high as 68.2 mm, which exceeded the value in November since 1961. Among them, the most influential extreme snowstorm occurred on the night of November 5th to 6th, and the average snowfall in the whole city was 36.4 mm. Shangzhi, Fangzheng, Yanshou, Yilan, Mulan, Wuchang and Binxian reached the magnitude of extremely heavy snowstorm, and the snowfall in other districts, counties (cities) except Harbin, Hulan and Acheng exceeded many values since local records. A total of 22 stations have accumulated snowfall of more than 30 mm, with the largest snowfall of 53.7 mm in Bird River in Bin County. In the early stage of precipitation in Shuangcheng and Wuchang in the south, there were short-term sleet or freezing rain, and wires froze. At the same time, there are gusts of about 9 in most areas with snowstorms, and the minimum visibility is only 100 ~ 500 meters. The average depth of newly added snow in the city is 25 cm, and the maximum is 37 cm. The extreme snowstorm weather has a great adverse impact on traffic and clearing snow and ice in the city. However, after a snowstorm, the ice city presents a winter scene of ice and snow, which makes tourists linger, and the ice and snow tourism heats up rapidly.
On November 6, 2023, Harbin citizens traveled in the snow.
Ice and snow tourism in Harbin heats up rapidly after snow.
9. The continuous low temperature in November caused the Songhua River to freeze 11 days earlier.
In November, the average temperature in the city was -8.6℃, which was 3.1℃ lower than the same period in history, and the degree of low temperature ranked eighth since 1961. In the month, the daily average temperature was lower than that in the same period in history except that the temperature was higher than the climate average on the 2nd, 16th and 18th-22nd. Among them, the average temperature on the 11th and 12th was 10.0℃ and 10.7℃ lower than that in the same period in history. The abnormally low temperature caused the Harbin section of the Songhua River to freeze at 08: 00 on November 13th, and the freezing date was 11 days earlier than the average freezing period for many years.
Harbin section of Songhua River was frozen on November 13th, 2023.
10. In the middle and late December, there was an unusually continuous low temperature period, and the world of ice and snow opened ahead of schedule, and the ice and snow tourism was getting better and better.
On December 10-22, there was an unusually low temperature. The average temperature in the city was -22.9℃, which was 7.0℃ lower than the historical period, ranking first in the same period since 1961. The lowest temperature is below -30℃ in many places, and the lowest temperature in Mulan and Yanshou is below -35℃. The continuous low temperature is conducive to the ice harvesting operation on the river surface and the production of ice and snow landscape. The 25th Harbin Ice and Snow World opened to welcome guests at 11 am on December 18th, and the opening date was one week earlier. Tourists come in droves, "looking for the cold and enjoying the snow", enjoying the "world of ice and snow", and Harbin’s winter tourism is getting better and better.
The 25th Harbin Ice and Snow World
Reporter: Li Weibing

The temperature reached a record high in September, and 2023 may become the hottest year on record.

  According to Xinhua News Agency, CCTV News and other media reports, Copernicus Climate Change Service, the European Union’s climate monitoring agency, said on the 5th that September this year was the hottest September on record, and the global average surface temperature was 16.38 degrees Celsius, 0.93 degrees Celsius higher than the average in the same period from 1991 to 2020, and 0.5 degrees Celsius higher than the previous hottest September, that is, September 2020. 2023 may become the hottest year on record.

Tu 1.png

  On July 13, 2022, in the glass pyramid square of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, a woman put iced mineral water on her face to relieve the heat (Source: Xinhua News Agency)

  The high temperature weather is spread all over the world mainly because the ocean temperature has been abnormally high and continuous since spring.

  According to Copernicus Climate Change Service, September 2023 is the "most abnormal warm month" since 1940. The global average temperature in this month is 1.75 degrees Celsius higher than that in September from 1850 to 1900 (before industrialization). The earliest data collected by ERA5, a meteorological database in european centre for medium-range weather forecasts, was recorded in 1940.

  The Associated Press quoted Carlo Buontempo, director of Copernicus Climate Change Service Bureau, as saying that the temperature in September this year was "amazing" and "there has never been a month like this in our records".

  According to the report "Global Climate Status" released by the World Meteorological Organization, 2016 is the hottest year on record. Copernicus Climate Change Service predicts that this record will be broken this year.

  The global average temperature from January to September this year was 1.4 degrees Celsius higher than that from 1850 to 1900, 0.52 degrees Celsius higher than that from 1991 to 2020, and 0.05 degrees Celsius higher than that in 2016.

  Buontempo said that this year’s hot weather has spread all over the world, mainly because the ocean temperature has been abnormally high since spring and has not dropped to the usual level in September. He believes that the El Ni? o phenomenon has played a certain role in the high global temperature this year, but the greater impact is the overall warming trend.

  Copernicus Climate Change Service said that in September this year, the average sea surface temperature from 60 degrees north latitude to 60 degrees south latitude reached 20.92 degrees Celsius, the highest in the same period on record, second only to the highest record set in August this year.

  According to the Paris Agreement reached in 2015, all parties will strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change, control the global average temperature increase within 2 degrees Celsius compared with the pre-industrial level, and make efforts to control the temperature increase within 1.5 degrees Celsius.

  There are frequent island fires, and the summer temperatures in many islands are above average.

  At the beginning of September this year, the website of Spain’s Confidential newspaper mentioned in the report that one month after the summer solstice, the Greek islands of Crete, Corfu and Evia caught fire on all sides. The fire destroyed more than 14,000 hectares of land and killed more than 20 people. A few days later, another island caught fire, and this time it was Sicily’s turn. At the same time, on the other side of the globe, Maui Island (located in the Hawaiian Islands) was also burned into ruins. The fire killed 115 people, and with the rescue work, the death toll will rise. Just when Spain thought there would be no more fires this summer, another fire broke out on Tenerife Island, which turned into the worst fire this summer. All fires have one thing in common: they originated from the island. This is unusual. So what are the causes of all these fires?

Tu 2.png

  On September 7, in Washington, DC, a man drank water to resist the hot weather. (Source: Xinhua News Agency)

  Summer temperatures in Tenerife, Hawaii, Sicily and Crete are all above average. However, this is not the only reason for these fires. Experts pointed out that in recent years, fires occurred in dry conditions and also in bad weather conditions.

  Although all these fires seem to be more like a coincidence, scientific observation stations have not observed any coincidence or fixed pattern in the course of several recent fires. Experts pointed out that many meteorological factors may lead to this situation. In the next few months or years, or there will be a study to analyze this in detail.

  On the other hand, Hawaii, Tenerife and Sicily are all volcanic islands, so it is easier to ignite fires to some extent. They themselves have a historic fire mechanism, which depends on their volcanic activity. Another reason is that these islands are rugged, and once a fire breaks out, it is more difficult to put it out. The wind that affects the island is also much stronger than that on the mainland. In addition, in the process of reducing agricultural and forestry production, such as in Hawaii or Canary Islands, the reduction of land management means that the population is highly concentrated in coastal areas, because it is more suitable for developing tourism. However, there is a lack of management inside the island, neither agricultural management nor forestry management. Once a fire breaks out, these areas are easily affected by such disasters.

  Experts point out that there will be many fires in the future, and all kinds of environments will be affected by them, including urban areas, which people thought would be spared more or less. Scientists’ predictions seem to be getting more and more accurate — — The summer of the earth will be shrouded in fire. And the "perfect storm" that brought all this is not accidental. All indications show that climate change is the main reason for the increasingly destructive, frequent, unpredictable and violent fires every year.

  Jimu News integrates Xinhua News Agency, CCTV News and Reference News Network, etc.

"No need to code my swimsuit!" The actress responded to the controversy.

Recently, netizens issued a coconut tree calendar in 2024, which triggered discussion. The calendar was printed with pictures of many bikini beauties and macho men.

Some netizens think that this kind of vulgar picture is unacceptable, and some netizens think it is normal, and the healthy and plump aesthetic is nothing.

On the 4th, the staff of Coconut Tree responded that this calendar does exist. At present, there is no purchase channel, and local large-scale suppliers will have it. Calendars are not for sale, only for internal storage.

Previously, a video was coded when it was released.

Video screenshot

On the evening of the 6th, actress Raquel, the spokeswoman of Coconut Tree, responded to the controversy: "When I was a child, I saw many beautiful calendar girls’ sunshine and confidence … How beautiful the swimsuit beauties on the old calendar are, and I shouldn’t be ashamed to show the plump beauty of my body or the skinny beauty. Thank you netizens. I don’t need to code my swimsuit. "

Many netizens expressed their support under Weibo.

This is not the first time that coconut trees have been involved in controversy.

In March 2023, the style of the live broadcast room of Coconut Tree Group changed greatly, and the anchor of the live broadcast with goods was replaced by a group of muscular men.

In October, 2022, Coconut Tree Group began live broadcast with goods, but the style of live broadcast room attracted netizens to vomit. Two days after the broadcast was stopped, the Coconut Tree Group broadcast live again. Many netizens waited early and flooded into more than 50,000 people in an instant. However, after a few minutes of broadcasting, they were immediately cut off by the platform. Ten minutes later, they tried to recover, but they were cut off again after five minutes of broadcasting. This happened many times in the live broadcast of Coconut Tree last year.

What do you think of the coconut tree swimsuit calendar being approved for marketing?

Source: Orange Persimmon Interactive Reporter Luo Wei Comprehensive Report