Random thoughts: a cost-effective way to travel: time-saving, labor-saving, worry-free and comfortable.

Sunset on Weizhou Island

Bi Shumin said:Travel is a blind herb that can cure the bitterness of life.

It is also said that traveling is from a place where you are tired of living to a place where others are tired of living. Spend your own money, make others rich, then go back to the place where you are tired of living and continue to live tenaciously.

Like most people, I like to go out and have a look every year. In the past few years, the travel environment has been affected, and every time I go out, the troubles caused by the epidemic are not satisfactory.

After the Spring Festival in 2023, the epidemic was suddenly unsealed, which made people excited.

Retirees’ lives include not only pots and pans, but also poems and distant places. Gradually drifting away from society, it is inevitable to produce some spiritual internal friction. It is much better to spend some money to eliminate internal friction than to spend money on medical treatment.

Time and tide wait for no man, travel plan, put on the agenda.

After years of practice and feeling, I still prefer the semi-self-help travel mode: harmony but difference, casualness and freedom.

You don’t have to worry about the itinerary and accommodation, and you don’t have to worry too much about the safety of traveling alone. You can not only enjoy the leisure of seeing the mountains and water, but also have the opportunity to meet like-minded travelers.

Yuandadu site

Near the end of the year, summarize your travel situation in 2023.

1. Travel and expenses

First stop: 14-day tour of Guangxi Panorama.

The time is from February 11th to February 24th, 2023.

The places we visited were: Guilin Collection: Elephant Trunk Mountain, Tianxin Village, Longji Terrace, Yangshuo, Yulong River, Cuiping Wuzhishan, Xianggong Mountain, Huangyao Ancient Town, Liuzhou, Bama Changshou Village, Baimo Cave, Bainiaoyan Cave, Jingxi Goose Spring, Old Street in Jiuzhou, Detian Waterfall, Mingshi Manor, Quyang Lake, Anping Xianhu, Nanning City, Beihai Yintan.

Hydrangea Street, the Old Street of Jiuzhou in Jingxi.

Sunset in Wuzhishan, Cuiping

Tianxincun champion bridge

Anping Xianhexiao Foshan

Mingshi manor

Fees: Guilin assembly, Beihai delegation.

Tour fare (including tickets): about 4700 yuan,

Round-trip transportation cost: 1760 yuan.

Departure: 580 yuan (sleeper+bullet train)

Return: 1180 yuan by plane.

Total: 6450 yuan.

Second stop: Nine-day tour of Daliangshan-Yinji of Yi people.

Time: May 20-May 28, 2023.

The places we visited are: Suji Ancient Town, Jinkouhe Town, Jinkouhe Grand Canyon, Guluo Village, Yele Lake, Yihai Scenic Area, Yi Museum, Xichang Launch Center, Huanglian Tulin, Luojishan 99-grade Hot Spring Scenic Area, Gukede, Sanhe Village, Cliff Village, Mahu Scenic Area and Lizhuang Ancient Town in Zhaojue County.

Luojishan hot spring

Xichang Satellite Launch Center

Jinkouhe Grand Canyon


Cliff village

Fees: Chengdu assembly, break up.

The tour fee (including tickets) is 3680 yuan.

Transportation fee: None (the tour fare includes the return ticket from Xi ‘an to Chengdu).

Total: 3680 yuan.

Third stop: 10-day tour of Xilin Gol Great Ring Road. The time is from July 28th to August 7th, 2023.

The places we visited were: Hohhot, followed by Huanghuagou Scenic Area, Wulanhada Volcano Group, Grassland Volcano Scenic Area, Xilinhot Beizi Temple, Wulantai Scenic Area of Xiwuqi, Seoul Scenic Area of Mongolia, Bulinquan Scenic Area, Bingtuan Town, Wolf Totem Shooting Base, Shizhen Scenic Area of Ketengke Banner, Dali Lake Scenic Area, Yuanshangdu Site, Jining Campaign Memorial Hall, etc.

Shizhen scenic spot

Mongolia Hancheng scenic spot

Volcanic grassland exposed to the sun.

volcanic vent

Fees: Hohhot assembly, break up.

Tour fare (admission): 4280 yuan

Transportation: 580 yuan (going from Xi ‘an to Hohhot, returning to the sleeper).

Total: 4860 yuan.

The fourth stop, a four-day tour of the Qinling Mountains in the autumn. Time: October 24th to October 28th, 2023.

The tour fee (including tickets) is 1210 yuan. Transportation fee: Xi ‘an takes the bus.

The places visited are: Lingguan Gorge in Fengxian, Lover Valley, Shizigou Ranch, Liuba Old Town, Gao Jiang Road, the most beautiful highway in Qinling, and Longtou Mountain in Hanzhong.



Gao Jiang Road, the most beautiful highway in Qinling Mountains.

The total amount of the above expenses is: 16,200 yuan (including breakfast only), totaling 37 days.

During the trip, some people watch the culture, some people watch the scenery, some people punch in and take photos here, and some people relax and take a stroll.

Either way, the picture is a happy and happy mood. After being happy, it is not surprising that the body is tired and exhausted. After a comfortable sleep, the next day I will still be an old man and full of energy.


I like this kind of travel because:

one: The line arrangement is reasonable and comprehensive.

Urban scenery, natural scenery, historical sites and ancient towns, cultural heritage, historical sites, regional culture and other related places will be arranged in the route reasonably.

2:The accommodation is good.

According to the unique situation of each region, we will arrange the best hotel and live comfortably.

three: The service mode is intimate.

There are points for spending, signing in and writing travel notes, and the tour fee can be deducted. The team leader has high quality and strong sense of service.

fourThe most important point is that there is no consumption, pure tourism.

5. Various scenic spots, the time arranged is broad and general., high degree of freedom.

sixBecause I am traveling alone, consideringSafety factor.

Traveling alone, free, unaccompanied, but less lively. This kind of worry-free, labor-saving, time-saving and relaxing way of traveling is just right for me.

Lonely in the crowd at arm’s length,

Joy in like-minded mountains and rivers.

There is no best, only suitable. What suits you is the best.

Jingxi goose spring