[See you at 8: 00] Nanjing bus caught fire: passengers put batteries in their backpacks.

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  The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport once again issued a subsidy of 135 million yuan for highway emergency rush.

  The central bank and other three departments: increase the lending and adjust and optimize the real estate credit policy.

  Embassy of China in Algeria: A vicious robbery against overseas Chinese enterprises occurred in Algeria, and solemn representations have been made to Albania.

  On the 21st, China successfully launched the Gaofen No.12 04 star at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

  Yunnan Forestry and Grass Bureau: The overseas yellow-ridged bamboo locust moved into the country, and the damage of 3,000 mu of forest land in Yunnan was mainly mild, which has not yet caused disasters.

  Dalian Maritime Safety Administration issued a navigation warning: From August 20 to August 27, some areas in the northern part of the Bohai Strait and the Yellow Sea were on military missions and were prohibited from entering.

  China’s first self-operated exploration and development of 1,500m deep-water gas field "Deep Sea No.1" completed the first ultra-deep-water pipeline cleaning operation.

  Isabel crook, winner of People’s Republic of China (PRC) Friendship Medal and pioneer of English teaching in New China, died in Beijing on 20th at the age of 108.

  Ukrainian President Zelensky: Seven people were killed and 137 injured when the city of Chernigov was attacked by missiles.

  Russian media: Due to the influence of Ukrainian drones, two major airports in Moscow, Russia were temporarily closed, prohibiting aircraft from taking off and landing. It has now returned to normal.

  Russia’s "Moon -25" probe was abnormal, and the Russian National Aerospace Group said it had lost contact. Previously, the probe planned to make a soft landing at the South Pole of the Moon on the 21st, and it is expected to become the first probe to land at the South Pole of the Moon in human history.

  The military leaders of the coup in Niger severely warned the ECOWAS military intervention plan in Nigeria.

  Korean media: President Yin Xiyue sent a message on Twitter account, expressing his hope to host the next Korea-US-Japan summit.

  Online celebrity, South Korea, was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for going to Ukraine to participate in the war despite the government’s ban. Judge: Adding a burden to the country.

  In the final of the 2023 Women’s World Cup held in Sydney, Australia, Spain beat England 1-0 and won the Women’s World Cup for the first time.

  Nanjing Jiangbei New District: A bus caught fire, causing 2 deaths and 5 injuries, because the lithium battery carried by passengers spontaneously ignited.

  Yunnan police informed that "a 26-year-old man drove an off-road vehicle and collided with multiple cars": Seven people were injured, and the suspect had a history of mental illness and had been detained.

  When a passenger boarded the plane, he threatened that there was a bomb on the plane, and the flight was forced to clear the cabin for three hours. Police: There was no bomb, and the passenger involved was under investigation.

  A tourist in Taojiang, Hunan Province was sucked into the drain of the water park and died. At present, the scenic spot has been suspended.

  The railway department responded that "a train in Benxi, Liaoning Province was blocked at the railway crossing, causing passers-by to turn over the train": the local enterprise special line equipment failed, and the railway crossing resumed normal traffic after the failure was restored that day.

  After 00, the young man turned into a world champion. After winning a prize of 100,000 yuan in the village, he donated 60,000 yuan to the elderly canteen in the village on the spot.

  Recently, four minors in Guangxi were suspected of being abducted by 16-year-old fellow villagers to the North Myanmar Internet Fraud Park. At present, the Yulin police in Guangxi have filed a case.

  Whether children cry or make noise depends on whether parents do something. There is no original sin in taking children out. Even if you meet someone who doesn’t understand, just have a good exchange and negotiation and be kind. If you encounter such unreasonable passengers, parents can also ask the flight attendants to handle them, and there is no need to argue about winning or losing.

  — — Extremely eye-catching news "Extremely eye-catching review | One-year-old children crying on high-speed rail are asked by women to shut up, and strong people will not be supported."

  On August 20, 2023, Aba, Sichuan, the scenery of Shenxianchi scenic spot. Located in Zhangzha Town and Dalu Township of Jiuzhaigou County, Shenxianchi Scenic Area is picturesque and attracts many tourists for sightseeing.

  On August 19, 2023, local time, the mountain fire in British Columbia, Canada continued to spread. Affected by mountain fires, British Columbia has declared a state of emergency in the province. At present, 35,000 people in the province have received evacuation orders, and another 30,000 people have received warnings to prepare for evacuation.

  On August 20th, Beijing time, UFC292 started in Boston, USA. After five rounds of fighting, Zhang Weili of China defeated Amanda Lemos of Brazil 288∶21 with absolute advantage, and successfully defended the women’s lawn weight gold belt.

  After winning, Zhang Weili shouted at the scene: I amZhang Weili! I’m from China!

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