Hot booking! The reunion dinner turned out to be so funny.

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Busy for a whole year.

What remains the same at the end of each year

Have a lively reunion dinner with your family.


This reunion dinner is shared by more than 1000 people.

How lively would it be?


"Roof of Abundance" of Tianfu International Conference Center —— The annual banquet of thousands of delegations by Qinhuang Lake officially opened the reservation mode.

As soon as the reservation is opened, netizens expect the value to explode.

"Eat nine bowls, a year of abundance! Celebrating the New Year with everyone in the eaves of Tianfu sounds tall and I look forward to the whole value! "

"Happy New Year’s Eve in the new district, eat New Year’s Eve in the new district, and celebrate the New Year with great prosperity ~ ~ ~ I wish all my friends Long Xing 2024!"

"Not bad, it’s the first time for many people to have a reunion dinner together, and you can also watch a performance, which is very good."

"Tianfu new district is great, nine bowls, arouse my childhood memories! I really want to participate, I can’t even think about it. "


Reservations for New Year’s Eve dinner are still going on.

Friends who want to participate look here ↓

Call the marketing department of Tianfu International Conference Center:



Make a reservation

↑ Figure Source Micro Dongpo

Dongpo Elbow, Sixi Pill, Salted Boiled White

Meat with sand and fragrant bowls with buttons


Long table winding

Line up with wine and meat

Not only satisfy the enjoyment of taste buds

It can arouse the lively memories of childhood Chinese New Year.

Tianfu International Conference Center. Photo by Pan Anqi

In addition to eating nine bowls

The activities on New Year’s Eve are also not to be missed.

Light up the "eaves of abundance"

Light and shadow awards

The largest drone show in Southwest China

Non-legacy fire dragon iron flower show


Various wonderful activities are staged in turn.

You are dazzled and happy!

↑ Photo by Kei Ma Please do not reprint without authorization.

"Roof of Abundance" Light and Shadow Award

On New Year’s Eve, a "magnificent spectacle" built by science and technology will be staged in the "eaves of abundance". On the largest single wooden structure in Asia, a digital roof with a length of 408 meters and a width of 26 meters and a total area of about 11,000 square meters will be officially lit for the first time.

Under the visual extension, a series of 4k ultra-high-definition theme videos are slowly unfolding on this super-long screen, and each frame is an intoxicating and beautiful picture.

↑ The selected works will be displayed on the screen of the "Roof of Abundance" light show on New Year’s Eve (schematic diagram).

Hua zhong Jin Guan palace Guan Tang Deng hui carnival

From February 8th to March 8th (11:00-23:00 every day), hundreds of non-legacy lanterns were lit in Xibo City, "Hua Chong Jin Guan, the Forbidden City, Tang Dynasty and the 5000 non-legacy lantern carnival".

In addition to the Lantern Festival, there are also the gathering of blessings in the Year of the Dragon, the Tang Garden Party in the Forbidden City, the interpretation of Tang costumes that pour the world into dreams, the fusion show of national dances, the hot concerts, the food market, and the cultural and creative courtesy … Many experience activities are waiting for you to play.

Visual shock "drone show"

On the day of New Year’s Eve, more than 3,000 unmanned aerial vehicles took off at the same time in the night. With the sky as the curtain, dragons and phoenixes spread their wings and ascended to heaven one after another. Through the dreamy three-dimensional light and shadow changes, they interwoven a beautiful Tianfu New Year scroll to light up the reunion night.

It is reported that there were seven themes in the UAV matrix performance that day, and the scale was the first in the southwest.

↑ UAV performance. Schematic diagram, the final picture is based on reality.

Intangible memory "Iron Tree Silver Flower Dragon Leap"

This extreme romance inherited thousands of years ago will bloom in Xibo City on New Year’s Eve. Silver flowers are falling in the fire tree, and the stars are blooming in the sky. The "iron flowers" above 1600℃ bloom like stars in the night sky, and suddenly they are as bright as day. Nine 18-meter-long fire dragons are hovering and dancing in the light and shadow.

= data map. Photo taken by Wu Bo Please don’t reprint it without authorization.

After the reunion dinner, you can also watch the New Year around the viewing platform at five points, namely, the Avenue around the lake, the Monet Garden lakeside, the fountain hydrophilic platform and the eaves of abundance. After enjoying the post-dinner snacks with the annual flavor of corn, sweet potatoes, red dates, rice cakes, sugar oranges and longan, you can also participate in the Rongcheng market, Erya Light Bar, New Year’s Lantern Parade, Chengdu Banquet, Drama and Fuman Play.

= data map

Are you excited?

New Year’s Eve

We are waiting for you at the eaves of abundance!

Original title: "Hot booking! The reunion dinner was so funny.