Women in 2023 | Facing bravely and living positively is the way that every woman should pursue.

Cover journalist Chen Ganlu Xu Yingman Li Jiayu
In early winter in Chengdu, the ginkgo leaves are not completely yellow. The synchronized swimming world champions Jiang Wenwen and Jiang Tingting both appeared in Taikoo Li wearing thin jackets. After taking off their sneakers, putting on high heels and changing clothes, the two sisters made a group of fashion blockbusters. In the past year, studios, video studios, and various blockbusters going up and down the mountain were familiar with "daily life". Talking about the harvest and growth of this year, my sister Jiang Wenwen said: "We spent a lot of time in different fields this year, exploring things that we have never tried before, and actively feeling the challenges and happiness brought by different fields."
Promoting the Universiade and the Asian Games is the pride of China athletes.
The coming year 2023 is a "big year" for sports, and the summer Universiade in Chengdu comes as scheduled, which makes college students all over the world feel the charm of Chengdu. As Chengdu residents and ambassadors for the image promotion of Chengdu Universiade, Jiang Wenwen and Jiang Tingting have been very busy. "All kinds of promotion activities and public welfare activities have been busy." After the opening of the Chengdu Universiade, the sisters really felt the atmosphere when they were familiar with the stadium. "During the Universiade, we really felt the enthusiasm of our Chengdu people and the great changes brought by this event to our city."
In the autumn Asian Games in Hangzhou, the sisters also went to the scene. "The Asian Games actually have a complex for us. We started to let everyone know about the Asian Games in 2006, so the Asian Games is a very story-telling sports event for both of us." In the 2006 Doha Asian Games, Jiang Wenwen and Jiang Tingting, twin athletes, bloomed in the swimming pool, which shocked the synchronized swimming circle. It was also from Doha that they stepped onto the big stage of the World Championships, the World Cup and the Olympic Games. In the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, both of them were "upgraded" to their mothers’ two sisters who came back after giving birth, defeated the Japanese players in the double event, won the gold medal again after eight years, and won their sixth Asian Games gold medal.
Five years later, in Hangzhou, they became guests in the studio: "We watched many games, such as fencing and swimming, and then we also paid attention to the games of the older generation of athletes similar to us. It is also a rare learning process to communicate with them and share with athletes from different projects. "
The biggest emotion of the two major sports events is: "The two sports events were held in our motherland, and we are very proud to be athletes in China."
Youth volunteer service brings positive spirit to everyone.
Sharing on campus is no stranger to the two sisters. This year, as members of the Champion Volunteer Service Team, they entered the campus of Chengdu primary and secondary schools more frequently and participated in public welfare volunteer service. Not long ago, in the 44th track and field meeting of Chengdu No.7 Middle School, Jiang Wenwen shared the growth story and sports experience of the two sisters practicing flower swimming with all the teachers and students, and her sister Jiang Tingting lit the torch for the school sports meeting. Whether sharing or lighting the torch ceremony, the appearance of the two sisters made the children very excited. "I think that the athletes’ transformation to volunteer service is mainly through our own sportsmanship, growth experience, stories of setbacks and struggles to drive more teenagers and learn to grow through experience."
After retiring, the two sisters spent a lot of spare time on public welfare volunteer service. They are also directors of the Sichuan Youth Volunteers Association. "We just hope to use our positive spirit to lead and drive more young people to love sports and maintain an optimistic and positive attitude towards life."
As "Fengge women", Jiang Wenwen and Jiang Tingting are not absent from almost every session. "I think the activity of sealing women provides a very good platform for female friends, which gives us the opportunity to meet more outstanding female friends. I learn a lot from them through communication and sharing every year. "
In the new year, the two sisters actively embraced new changes and challenges and tried many new fields. "We spent a lot of time in different fields this year to explore things that we have never tried before and actively feel the challenges and happiness brought by different fields." This year, their "declaration of sealing the grid" has also gained new insights. My sister said: "Bravely facing a positive life state is a way of life that every woman must have and pursue." My sister said very tacitly, "I am the same. The only supplement is that I hope women can be more independent, have enough confidence in themselves and enjoy their own lifestyle and state independently."