The man lost a taxi worth over 10 million Song Dynasty antiques (photo)

Song and Ming antiques worth over ten million yuan

  Guangzhou Daily reported on March 30Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Futian Branch reported yesterday afternoon that the victim Chen lost two boxes of Song and Ming antiques worth over 10 million yuan in a taxi. After several days of tracking, the Futian police station of the branch successfully recovered the lost items.

  Lost antiques in a taxi

  According to Li Yaoqiang, director of the Futian police station, on the evening of March 17, Mr. Chen went to the police station to report that he had taken a taxi to the Bank of China Building on the Fuhua section that day and left the two boxes of valuable antiques he was carrying in the taxi. He did not ask the taxi driver for a taxi invoice when he got off the bus, nor did he remember the license plate number or the company the car belonged to, so he had to ask the police for assistance in finding it.

  The police went to the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau’s monitoring center to retrieve and view relevant videos, and found a driver of a taxi company among thousands of taxis. The police immediately contacted the taxi driver, but the driver provided evidence that he was not carrying Mr. Chen at that time, and the clue was interrupted.

  After three days of tracking, the police still couldn’t find Mr. Chen’s taxi, so the police went back to help Mr. Chen carefully recall the day’s ride. After carefully checking Mr. Chen’s mobile phone, the police finally locked down Mr. Chen’s actual ride time.

  On the afternoon of March 21, the police in the monitoring center quickly found the video surveillance video of Mr. Chen taking a taxi with antiques that day, and determined the time of Mr. Chen’s ride from the time shown in the video, that is, 18:58 on March 17 instead of the 19:07 Mr. Chen originally said. After that, the police successfully arranged the taxi Mr. Chen was taking among the large number of taxis through the ride time and route.

  The police quickly rushed to a taxi company and found the taxi driver who was carrying Mr. Chen that day. The driver said that he could not contact the owner. The next day, he took the two boxes left by Mr. Chen back home. The driver cooperated with the police to investigate and quickly returned the antiques.

  At 16:00 that day, the police handed over two boxes of antiques to Mr. Chen in perfect condition.

Editor in charge: Wang Jiaolong