Ele.me report: Post-00s college students work part-time to deliver food, mainly because they experience life

  The school season of major colleges and universities across the country is approaching, and Ele.me has released the "2019 College Student Takeaway Rider Group Insights" report (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"). It is understood that a total of 9,896 college students from all over the country joined Ele.me Hummingbird in the summer of 2019 to become part-time riders. Nearly 5 of them became sophomores and juniors, and more than 300 will start their graduate careers after the school starts.

  The report shows that compared with "earning living expenses", "experiencing life" has become the main motivation for college students to choose to be takeaway riders. Nearly 40% of post-95s and 00s feel that their personality has changed after the experience, and they have learned to "communicate modestly" and "treat people gently". At the same time, nearly 20% of college students choose to go to a strange city and travel while delivering takeout.

  The Ele.me report shows that 38% of college student riders said that choosing to work part-time as a takeaway rider in the summer is to experience life, and it is also a social practice. Many young people also expressed the hope to change their personality, contact more people, and discover unknown corners of the city by doing takeaway riders. Second, it is to subsidize living expenses, save money to buy things they like, or gain financial independence earlier.

  According to the Ele.me report, 83% of college student riders said they were satisfied with "the income brought to me by being a rider." Among them, the monthly living expenses of more than 80% of part-time college students have increased to more than 2,000 yuan, the average monthly income has increased by 2 times, and many college student riders have a monthly income of nearly 10,000 yuan.

  Outside of income, the biggest change most college students feel is their personality. Lin, a junior at Nanjing Agricultural University, recalls that the biggest change this experience brought to him was: "Know how to talk to others, know how to be gentle with others." These adults, who are rebellious in the eyes of 95s and 00s, learned how to communicate modestly and treat others gently by being a rider.

  The short-term experience as a rider has changed the college students’ perspective on the takeaway industry. They have truly felt the value and change that the emerging industry has brought to merchants, users, and individual riders. Three quarters of them are very optimistic about the future of the takeaway industry.

  The Ele.me report shows that more than half of college riders are still looking forward to choosing a career according to their major, but 10% plan to still work as a rider or food delivery service in the future. At the same time, they are also very much looking forward to inner improvement and growth through practical experience and their own strengths.