Chery’s new brand iCAR holds a brand night, and there is no upper limit for its investment.

On April 12th, iCAR brand, a new force of Chery Group, held a grand brand night in Beijing in 2024, which clarified the brand positioning of "cars for young people" and the latest vision of "building excellent cars for young people with young hearts". The brand-new product iCAR V23 was unveiled simultaneously, and the brand was upgraded with new designs, technologies and products. At the same time, iCAR brand also previewed X25, the first model of X series, further demonstrating the brand’s strategic planning for the future new energy era.

Yin Tongyue, Party Secretary and Chairman of Chery Holding Group, said at the event: "iCAR is a" new special zone "created by Chery Group. The Group will spare no effort to support the development of iCAR, with no upper limit on investment, and help iCAR enter the first camp of new energy." Yin Tongyue emphasized that the Group will gather the best resources and cutting-edge technologies for young users and iCAR brands to ensure the coolest and best cars.

At the press conference, Chery Automobile announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, a leading global enterprise in new energy batteries. The two sides will further strengthen cooperation in technology and capital to jointly help the growth of iCAR brand. Zeng Yuqun, Chairman and General Manager of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, said that Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited will provide strong innovative energy guarantee for iCAR brand, and the two sides will work hand in hand to make products excellent and reduce users’ burden, so as to make users affordable and use them well with full sincerity.

At the press conference, Dr. Su Jun, CEO of Zhimi Technology and chief product officer of iCAR brand, appeared. He will lead the entrepreneurial team hatched by Zhimi Technology to integrate into iCAR brand, and form the "strongest CP" together with Zhang Hongyu, deputy general manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. and general manager of iCAR brand division. With rich experience in industrial design, product definition and innovative marketing, combined with Chery Automobile’s technical development, supply chain and quality management capabilities, it will inject new potential energy into iCAR and bring new experiences to young users.

Icarv23-Young People’s First Car

Under the background that the automobile industry has entered the era of "super product manager", Dr. Su Jun said that iCAR firmly believes in the value of users and the power of products. He will lead the team to build a cool and valuable car for young people with the concept of "single model, high quality, mass and long cycle".

As the first product of brand upgrading, iCAR V23 is positioned as "style off-road electric city SUV". Its exterior design is full of strength and fashion sense, and the off-road style square box shape pays tribute to the classics. The four-wheel four-corner design, ultra-short front and rear suspension and large wheelbase have brought strong visual impact. At the same time, it gives a huge space for the car, and upgrades the driving experience with super comfortable seats and "high-profile" vision.

In terms of intelligence, V23 also performed well. Thanks to L2+ intelligent driving and the application of 8155 mainstream chip car, users can easily master the road conditions and enjoy the pleasure of "on the road".

ICAR V23 accurately meets the core value needs of young users. With its high value, high taste, high texture, super practicality and reliability, it has become an ideal choice for "the first car for young people". As Su Jun promised at the press conference, the upgraded brand iCAR will continue to stride forward on the new energy track, and finally realize "let everyone enjoy the fun of exquisite technology", so that young people can, should and must drive the coolest and most fun car right now.

Brand-new product matrix-the first choice for young people

At the event site, iCAR previewed X25, the first model of X series.

X25, which is positioned in medium and large off-road MPV, is an innovative work of iCAR for the future new energy era. Its body design combines classic off-road elements with single-car design to show the sense of future science fiction. Relying on the technological advantages of the new energy platform, X25 has better maneuverability and stability, and the fully flat floor design can realize transparent interior space and flexible seat combination to meet various travel needs.

In the future, iCAR brand will continue to enlarge the core value of users based on the explicit needs of users, which is embodied in the joint efforts of its 0, V and X series to create a rich product matrix. Among them, 0 series focuses on exquisite technology and pursues equal rights in science and technology; V series features off-road style, emphasizing differentiation, high value and super practicality; X series is committed to becoming a "new species of single-compartment car". ICAR brand will continue to show its strength and innovation ability in different fields, meet the diversified needs of more young users, and accompany them to start a wonderful travel life together.

Spare no effort "powerful resources-the first" trust "of young people

A good product cannot be separated from a good system support. Chery, as a model of technological enterprise, has been insisting on self-research of technology since its inception, deeply ploughing into the field of automobile technology and constantly overcoming technical difficulties. Technology Chery will rely on the "Eta Ursae Majoris 2025" technology system, invest no less than 100 billion yuan in the next five years to build a 300+ Eta Ursae Majoris laboratory, and continuously develop various new technologies in the five core technology fields of Mars architecture, Kunpeng Power, Lion Intelligent Cabin, Great Wisdom Driving and Galaxy Ecology. Zhang Hongyu, deputy general manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. and general manager of iCAR brand, said that Chery’s strong technical reserve is like a treasure chest, with everything.

ICAR brand relies on this treasure chest to accurately find out the suitable technology needed by young users. ICAR’s first product, iCAR 03, sold 5,487 vehicles in March and 2,113 vehicles in the first ten days of April, an increase of 81% from the previous month, and the sales trend was unstoppable.

At present, iCAR 03 has completed the first OTA upgrade, and the functions such as high-speed NOA and cross-floor memory parking have been fully "boarded", adopting a pure visual route, leading the technology and being close to the people, making it the first choice for this price segment. In addition, iCAR can continue to iteratively upgrade the electric four-wheel drive through technical means such as software upgrade and front and rear axle decoupling, making driving more flexible and interesting.

Backed by Chery’s strong technical strength, iCAR is full of confidence in the security field, providing users with all-round security protection. For the car body, it adopts multi-cavity, cage and steel-aluminum mixed structure, and the strength of B-pillar is as high as 1800Mpa. Combined with the embracing force transmission structure, it can cope with all kinds of collisions in all directions.

Battery safety is the most important thing. Chery has accumulated more than 30 test items in battery system safety standards, far exceeding the national standard and industry standards. It only uses battery cells from large factories, adopts sandwich structure, has strong impact resistance at the bottom, and combines with the early warning system of big data platform to identify risks in advance and ensure battery safety.

In the future, all the capabilities of Chery can be applied to other iCAR products, so that users can enjoy a more intelligent, safe and convenient travel experience. ICAR will also continue to rely on Chery’s strong technical support to continuously extract more "treasures" that meet the needs of young users and create a better travel experience for them.


Facing the future, iCAR will empower products with Chery’s technical strength, open up the last mile with users with Internet thinking, continuously satisfy young people’s dreams and aspirations for affordable and cool use, and move forward with China new energy vehicles.

About iCAR brand:

ICAR is a brand of new energy under Chery, which is committed to creating cool and outstanding new energy vehicles for young people. Since its establishment, the brand has emphasized openness and innovation, integrated Internet thinking with the strength of Chery, and operated independently. ICAR 03 was launched as the first model in early 2024, and its market performance was strong. In the future, iCAR will lay out three series of 0, V and X, and plans to launch eight models before 2026 to expand the brand ecology and become a label brand of young lifestyle.

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