Headlines of cars

March in the spring is the best benefit of spring. Recently, Cheshang Moment was informed that as the first brand of high-end new energy vehicles in central enterprises, Lantu Automobile and Wuhan Wenlv cooperated with each other to provide 60 new executive electric flagship cars, Lantu Chasing Light, and provided free connection service for friends who came to Wuhan from other places. The unique "romantic meeting room in Wuhan" experience of the flagship car made their trip to Wuhan more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable.

Lantu Automobile has come up with the best products and services, warmly waiting for travel and helping Wuhan’s urban development. This is a social responsibility and responsibility that central enterprises should have. During the activity, 60 "special cherry blossom viewing drivers" will provide free connection service for foreign tourists around the fixed circular route "Yellow Crane Tower (fixed connection point) → Wuhan University (temporary stop point) → Liyuan Square (temporary stop point) → Hankou River Beach (fixed connection point) → Yellow Crane Tower (fixed connection point)" every day. Passengers do not need to make an appointment, wave and stop, take a free ride, and enjoy the scenic spots and cherry blossom resorts in Wuhan. Signs of "free ride for foreign tourists" are printed on both sides of the car body and the rear window, and two signs of "welcome to ride" and "existing passengers" are set on the front window of the car to facilitate tourists to identify the boarding status. The car also prepared a hand gift for tourists, making this city courtesy more unique.

The new executive electric flagship sedan Lantu pursues light, and the four seats are equipped with ventilation, heating and massage functions as standard, which can well relax the fatigue after the violent walk. Four-zone intelligent air conditioner, voice control four-zone temperature, real-time warm self-knowledge. Intelligent four-wheel drive, equipped with a million-level predictable magic carpet all-aluminum chassis, can adjust the damping force of the shock absorber in real time, and can have a silky driving experience regardless of acceleration, turning or bumpy road conditions. The longest battery life at the same level is 262km, and visitors can "see all the flowers in Wuhan in one day".

To create the ultimate products and empower a better life, Lantu Automobile always takes "warm heart technology" as its technical philosophy, and continues to carry out scientific and technological innovation to bring users a leapfrog experience. Whenever there is a big event, you must choose the map. Up to now, Lantu Chasing Light has successively helped dozens of heavyweight events to be successfully held. Phoenix. com reported that the two national conferences in 2024 designated guest cars, and the only official designated cars helped China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference, China Entrepreneur Boao Forum, China Film China Watch Award and other large conferences or celebrations. Leap-forward luxury configuration experience, wide and long-axis back row "meeting room" is the highest travel courtesy for receiving foreign tourists in Wuhan, and it is also the highest travel scene for Lantu to chase the light.

Since its birth, Lantu Automobile has run out of the "Lantu Speed" that amazed the industry, achieving three cars in three years and three categories in three years. The core technology is self-developed and controllable in the whole stack, sailing to many countries, and its development potential is strong. Lantu Automobile will guard every courtier who comes to Wuhan 24 hours a day to provide users with high-quality, thoughtful and caring services. At the same time, Lantu Zhuiguang Online Store also prepared a romantic test drive ceremony for guests and friends, and participated in the test drive activities to win a beautiful and romantic test drive gift.