The best way to enrich yourself: exercise.

Some time ago, "More than half of adults in China are overweight or obese.The hot search quietly climbed to the top, causing many netizens to resonate.

Many people leave messages in the comment area:

Sit and sit, and your stomach will grow.

I ate a lot of takeout food and didn’t move much. I watched my stomach grow bigger and bigger.

I’m tired from work, so I lie down when I get home from work and gradually get fat.

Nowadays, the extreme convenience of life makes many people ignore the importance of sports.

After "coveting comfort", the body gradually lost its original vitality.

On the other hand, those who like sports around them are not only physically strong, but also have a positive mental state every day.

Exercise and no exercise lead different lives.

I don’t like sports. What’s the difference?

There is a hot question on the Internet: "How about a person who doesn’t exercise for a long time?"

There is a high praise answer below:

I haven’t exercised for about three years, and my physical fitness is getting worse and worse. I feel like I’m falling apart after walking for a while.

It turns out that because the answer master is busy with work, all his food comes from online shopping, and he also lies down most of the time on weekends, and the number of times he goes out is getting less and less.

I can’t control my mouth, I can’t open my legs, and my original healthy body is "swallowed up" by obesity.

People who don’t have time to exercise pay the price for their laziness to varying degrees.

A 10-year-old boy in Huai ‘an, because he doesn’t like sports, weighs five times as much as ordinary children, and his abdominal fat is 10 cm thick. He suffered from severe fatty liver at an early age.

A woman in Changchun, Jilin, used to go to bed after dinner and almost never exercised.

The weight actually reached 320 kg, and the stomach was three times larger than ordinary people.

Because of obesity, her blood pressure and heart function were seriously affected, so she had to have part of her stomach surgically removed.

People who don’t like sports indulge their health, but squander their health.

There is a saying on the Internet:

You have to carve whatever you want.

Beating inertia and strengthening exercise are the best ways to have a good body.

A netizen named "Fat Brother" got fat because he was ill and took hormone drugs.

The deterioration of his condition prevented him from losing weight. At one time, Brother Pang’s weight increased from 75 kg to more than 150 kg.

Later, he went to Sanjiang, Guangxi to teach.

Because of its remoteness, it takes half an hour to go shopping, and frequent home visits to children require mountains and mountains.

Unexpectedly, because of this periodic exercise, his weight kept falling, and after one year of teaching, his weight returned to 75 kilograms.

The body is honest, and it will treat you as you treat it.

People who like sports will naturally get feedback and rewards for a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise is a person’s best nourishment.

The body is 1, and the rest are 0.

Without a healthy body, work, life, wealth, fame and fortune are meaningless.

As the old saying goes, if you exercise your bones and blood, your qi will be strong.

Keep exercising, and your body and life will undergo positive changes.

1. improve your mood.

A doctor from a German university once did an experiment:

The experiment tracked 12 people with severe depression and asked them to exercise on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day, and gradually increased the amount of exercise.

After 10 days, the depression of 6 patients was greatly improved.

Studies have found that the brain will secrete neurochemicals such as endorphins during exercise, which will make people happy physically and mentally and help to get rid of negative emotions.

As the writer Haruki Murakami said:

When I am criticized by others or feel wronged, I always run farther than usual.

Running can consume negative emotions and make people more confident.

Life is not easy, and when you are in a bad mood, you might as well go out and exercise for 30 minutes.

Eliminate the troubles in life by exercise and welcome a happy life.

2. Strong physique.

"Compared with my peers, I have no pain in my body. I slept well after exercise, my blood pressure has been normal, and I have never had a serious illness. "

Uncle Huang Xujin, born in Xi ‘an in 1940, is 82 years old this year, and his body is very strong, which is mainly due to his love of sports since he was a child.

At school, he likes running and long jumping. After work, he often goes out for a run early in the morning.

After retiring in 2000, he fell in love with the 400-meter race. Today, he has been running for 22 years.

Persistence for decades has brought him healthy body and abundant energy.

There is a good saying:

Every drop of sweat you shed is shaping a healthier body.

When people reach middle age, they are old and young, and you need to bear a lot at work and family.

If the body collapses, everything will cease to exist.

So no matter how busy life is, take some time to exercise.

Only by having a healthy body can we be more confident in dealing with all problems.

3. delay aging.

Actor Carman Lee once launched a fitness punch-in activity on the Internet, sharing various slimming and fitness actions with netizens every day.

Everyone not onlysubdueBecause of her young appearance, she is also surrounded by her self-discipline life.

Carman Lee began to exercise at the age of 34, and running, skipping and flat support have always been her persistent projects.

Even when filming, I will take a yoga mat and jump rope and do some simple exercises.

Today, although she is 55 years old, she still looks like she is in her thirties.

Exercise is the best cosmetic and skin care product.

Scientific research shows that exercise can increase the oxygen consumption of the body, thus promoting metabolism, strengthening the nutritional supply of the skin and helping to delay skin aging.

People who move are racing against time, and every step you take will make you younger and younger.

4. Exercise your brain.

A research report from the University of Illinois shows that:

After sitting for two hours, people’s brains are basically in a rigid state, and their thinking ability and creativity almost stop.

After walking for 20 minutes, the cranial nerves become extremely active.

In other words, exercise can make the mind healthier and more flexible, and help to improve work efficiency.

A study published in Frontiers of Aging Neuroscience also found that:

If the healthy elderly people stop exercising for about 10 days, the blood flow in the important areas of the brain responsible for thinking, learning and memory will decrease significantly.

Moving is the best way to strengthen your body and exercise your brain.

Use fragmentation time to get up and walk around every once in a while.

A small habit, stick to it, will also produce huge benefits.

Learn to exercise correctly

The book "The Power of Habit" writes:

Exercise every day will not only make you feel happy, but also affect other details in your life. For example, make you energetic, so that you can work more efficiently and get more happiness.

The world is secretly rewarding those who love sports.

Today, readers put moderate exercise"1357 principle"Share with everyone, I hope everyone can develop good exercise habits.

1. Do aerobic exercise at least once a week.

Do aerobic exercise with moderate intensity or above at least once a week, such as running and swimming.

It can not only enhance immunity, slow down aging, release stress, but also help sleep.

If you feel painful during exercise, you can give yourself some positive psychological hints.

Focus on the fun of exercise, such as enjoying the roadside scenery and breathing the fresh air in the morning when jogging.

2. Each continuous exercise shall be no less than "30" minutes.

If the exercise time is too short, it will not achieve the expected effect and the purpose of keeping fit.

Even if your work is busy and your life is trivial, you should set aside more than 30 minutes for exercise at a time.

I suggest that when you go to work at ordinary times, you cansuitableSet aside a distance and walk slowly.

Climbing stairs intermittently at work; Do yoga during lunch break; Take a walk together after dinner.

As long as the amount of exercise is up, every drop of sweat you shed will not live up to your future self.

3. If you can’t exercise every day, you should exercise at least "5" days a week.

Perseverance can play the role of exercise and fitness.

If you are worried that you can’t get into exercise habits, you can set an alarm clock for yourself.

After receiving the reminder, don’t find any excuse to delay, and start exercising immediately.

Stick to it and get into the habit, and exercise will become extremely easy for you.

4. When exercising, the maximum heart rate should not exceed "170 minus your age".

As the saying goes, everything goes too far, so does sports.

Excessive exercise can easily burden people’s heart and body.

Healthy exercise should be gradual.

Take the first step first, and then gradually increase the amount of exercise, so that the body can gradually adapt.

In order not to cause harm to the body, the maximum heart rate of each exercise must not exceed 170 MINUS the age.

Grasp the degree of exercise and do it in a timely and appropriate manner, so that exercise is more beneficial to health.

The quality of life is determined by everyone’s lifestyle and habits.

As Socrates said:

The health of the body is destroyed by immobility and maintained for a long time by exercise.

For your own physical and mental health, for a better living condition, let’s go to exercise together while the sun is just right!

Even the smallest change, multiplied by 365 days, will become the strength that others can’t envy.

illumine"like"From today on, let’s keep self-discipline, keep exercising, have a good body and pursue the life we yearn for.

Author: You Shu Tian Xin, Source: You Shu.