Three "magical" coincidences in history make people doubt that the world is a reincarnation.

In the ancient East, there seems to be a mysterious veil hidden in the long river of history, revealing some amazing strange coincidences from time to time. These coincidences seem to be legends woven by history itself, leaving future generations with deep thoughts, and these stories hover in my heart, making me feel the mystery of the world’s reincarnation between ink and paper.

Let’s focus on the experience of Emperor Gaozu Liu Bang. His life is full of legends, and his leap from Buyi to Tianzi has attracted worldwide attention. But also, an episode that happened in his escape career is even more incredible. According to the report, when Liu Bang passed through a mountain forest, he encountered an unusually white boa constrictor crossing the road, and he cut it in two with his sword without fear. This python can’t help being given symbolic meaning by later generations-it was the test and hint given to Liu Bang by the god of fate, and he declared to the world the possibility of his future success with courage and determination.

Then, we might as well compare the fate trajectories of Qin Shihuang and Emperor Wen of Sui in Sui Dynasty. Qin Shihuang helped the world, burned books to bury Confucianism, repaired the Great Wall, built Epang Palace and built water conservancy, which was a great achievement. However, the grievances created by his harsh and cool laws are like undercurrents. After his death, the Qin Dynasty declined rapidly and eventually collapsed after only a few short years. Hundreds of years later, Emperor Wen of Sui in the Sui Dynasty also created a prosperous era of reunification. However, after the second emperor Yang Guang ascended the throne, his extravagance and tyranny made Jiangshan once again step into the path of subversion. Two dynasties, after the death of the founder, ushered in a similar fate.

Finally, we turn to the story of Zhao Kuangyin in the Song Dynasty and the last son of heaven in the Southern Song Dynasty. Zhao Kuangyin, a general of the Zhou Dynasty, rose to fame in helping the imperial court to quell civil strife and expand its territory, and usurped the seven-year-old throne left by Zhou Shizong from humble origins through the Chen Qiao mutiny. A similar plot was staged again in the last years of the Southern Song Dynasty. When the Southern Song Dynasty was besieged by the Yuan Army and was on the verge of extinction, the young emperor Meng Gong chose to jump into the sea heroically to show his loyalty and loyalty. The two young emperors suffered different but similar fate twists and turns.

When we put these three sections of history together, it seems that we can perceive that the breath of reincarnation is slowly permeating the river of time. Every turn and coincidence is like a chess game arranged by God’s will, waiting for the chess pieces to perform.

But can we really assert that history is reincarnation? I’m afraid we still need to have reservations. Because history itself is made up of countless individual behaviors; It should be noted that although the waves are small, they can gather into an ocean, and people are small, but they can also affect the historical process. These seemingly "magical" coincidences are just a few fragments highlighted in countless events, which does not mean that all history follows a certain established pattern.

Perhaps we should learn wisdom from these stories and study the law: the extraordinary ambition of heroes often indicates extraordinary achievements; Authoritarianism leads to the boiling of national resentment and eventually to its demise; Power translocation is often accompanied by the fading of old forces and the birth of new forces.

To sum up, although history always gives us countless possibilities and associative spaces, every era that needs to learn from the past and diligently explore the true meaning of the laws behind them has its particularity and independence. Anyone can try his best to exert his style and contribute his strength in his position and become a small and powerful wave that pushes history forward.