Stand up for the last shift, and stick to the "epidemic" line near the retired old police.

  Don’t say that Sang Yu is late, for it is still full of clouds. In the face of the epidemic, there are such a group of old policemen in Pudong Public Security Bureau. Although they are all 59 years old and nearing retirement, they are not afraid of risks, volunteered and faithfully performed their duties. At the last moment of their careers, they still stuck to the "epidemic" line and stood on the last post, contributing their own strength to the tough battle against the epidemic in Shanghai.

  Chen Yongguan: Stand on the last shift.

  "Hello, please show me your pass and nucleic acid test report." On the morning of May 13th, Chen Yongguan, a community policeman of the Academy Police Station who will retire the next day, still set up a card on Lingang Avenue to check the passing vehicles and personnel, wearing strict protective clothing. After the strict inspection as required, he did not forget to remind the other party to pay attention to protection. If necessary, he would also send some dry food to the passing truck drivers on the spot.

  "Come on, I have some bread and biscuits to take with me on the way." Chen Yongguan always prepares some food in the car recently, so that he can lend a helping hand in time when he meets someone in need. This is because Chen Yongguan met a truck driver who came to Shanghai from other places for help when he set up a card inspection last time. The food on the other car was exhausted and he was unable to sustain it for a while. Fortunately, Chen Yongguan still left his own box lunch on the car, so he gave it to the other party together with bread, which helped him solve his urgent need and later helped him contact relevant departments to solve the problem of eating. Since then, Mr. Chen has developed the habit of preparing food in the car every time he goes out.

  Although Mr. Chen is going to retire soon, he has always been at the forefront of the war. Maintaining the order of nucleic acid detection points, setting up checkpoints and patrolling the streets, wherever there is a need, there is his figure. On the afternoon of May 13th, the institute prepared a simple retirement ceremony for Mr. Chen. Although a few people were present because of the epidemic, colleagues in the institute sent blessings through video connection. "I always wanted to retire and have a good rest before, but when I retired, I was more and more reluctant." He couldn’t bear to part with purplish blue, let alone his comrades-in-arms and residents like "family".

  Zhou Longxiang: It’s not time to have a rest.

  "All the secret personnel have got on the bus. Let’s go." With the order of Zhou Longxiang, a community policeman from Yishuiyuan Police Station, two transfer buses carrying secret personnel slowly drove out, and Zhou Longxiang drove the police car all the way to ensure that the transfer buses arrived at the isolation point safely.

  Zhou Longxiang, who retired more than two months ago, has always stuck to his post and fought in the front line of fighting the epidemic since the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai in March. He has been dealing with the masses for 30 years, and he has been recognized by the residents in his jurisdiction. During the epidemic, it was he who made the residents here feel at ease.

  After the transfer bus arrives at its destination, Zhou Longxiang, who has completed the escort mission, will still say hello to the residents on board. "We have arrived at our destination, but it may take some time to move in. Please be patient and so on. There will be time for everyone to rest in the next few days." Before leaving, a few words of ridicule suddenly relaxed the originally nervous residents. Someone who knew Zhou Longxiang joked, "Officer Zhou, why don’t you come in and have a rest together for a while?" "I’ll forget it. I haven’t had a rest yet. I have plenty of time when I retire." In a burst of laughter, Zhou Longxiang immediately drove to the next mission site.

  Ding Mingchu: Fighting continuously for more than 50 days.

  Ding Mingchu, a 59-year-old comprehensive policeman of Zhuqiao Police Station, has been fighting continuously for more than 50 days. Every day, from maintaining the order of nucleic acid detection points at the beginning, persuading residents to abide by "staying indoors" to setting up checkpoints and investigating "black riders" today, the only constant is Ding Mingchu and his comrades who have been sticking to their posts.

  "Officer, I have nowhere to go. What should I do now?" On a street duty, Ding Mingchu met the residents for help. The other party has been stranded outside because of seeing a doctor. When he returned from this rehabilitation, he found that his community was closed and managed. Because the nucleic acid test has not yet produced results, the other party could not go home for a while. If it weren’t for Ding Mingchu’s timely appearance, he would probably be sleeping on the street with nowhere to go.

  "I don’t know when this report will come out. I’d better help you find a place to live first." Ding Mingchu, who has 37 years of police experience, quickly judged the crux of the matter, and immediately contacted the relevant departments of the town after calming the other party. Finally, he was successfully placed in a temporary shelter, which solved the problems of temporary accommodation and eating. The next day, the negative report of the other party’s nucleic acid test was successfully released, and he also successfully returned to his long-lost home.

  Zhang Wenhu: Go retrograde and fight for the front line.

  Zhang Wenhu, a community policeman from Beicai Police Station, is about to retire in August this year, but when he knew that the police needed to be deployed to reinforce the front line, he immediately found the leader to take the initiative to fight. "I am a community policeman. I have been doing it for so many years. I am more familiar with how to communicate effectively with residents." In this way, he and 17 other policemen formed an anti-epidemic vanguard, dressed in dense protective clothing, and retrograde settled in nine administrative villages in Beicai area, fighting at the forefront of the war epidemic.

  For more than a month, Zhang Wenhu, like other young policemen, has been busy helping to carry out various epidemic prevention work, such as the transfer of positive cases, close contact personnel, the maintenance of nucleic acid and antigen testing order, staying at home, and the policy and legal publicity and notification of all inspections. Tired and sleepy, go back to the "camp" to take a nap, or sleep in the car, or live in a simple tent. Today, the epidemic situation has improved, but Zhang Wenhu dare not relax, still stick to his post and strictly implement various epidemic control work.

  Chen Yongguan, Zhou Longxiang, Ding Mingchu, Zhang Wenhu … … They are all members of the public security team in Pudong, and they are the epitome of more than a thousand retired old policemen in Shanghai. They don’t have earth-shattering and vigorous stories, but they stick to them day after day. A purplish blue, purplish blue life. They interpret the responsibility and responsibility of the police with their own sincerity and practical actions.