The strongest domestic pickup truck is coming! The new species of Great Wall Gun 6X6 has 3 axes, 6 drives and 5 locks.

At first, we should know about the 6X6 model through Mercedes-Benz G-Class 6X6 model, Land Rover Defender, Ford’s modified model, and pickup trucks such as outdoor extreme crossing and polar scientific research. However, this part of the domestic market is still blank, and it is difficult for you to see 6X6 models on the road; First, it is difficult to import into China because the size and emissions are not in compliance; In addition, the premium is too high and the C certificate cannot be opened.

This time, Great Wall Motor revealed the information of the first 6X6 super off-road platform in China for the first time, and prepared to bring real mass production to domestic consumers, with a blue brand and a more extreme off-road version of 6X6 new species, in order to give back to the expectations of more pickup truck lovers and off-road enthusiasts. At the same time, it also brought China’s first large-scale high-performance hybrid pickups based on the off-road super hybrid architecture-Shanhaipao PHEV and HEV, which focused on the two cores of "green" and "performance" and provided more "problem-solving ideas" for new energy pickups.

The strongest domestic pickup truck is coming! The new species of Great Wall Gun 6X6 has 3 axes, 6 drives and 5 locks.

The Great Wall leads the era of intelligent new energy in pickup truck 4.0.

Since the beginning of this year, the auto market has picked up, pickup trucks have been lifted and consumers’ cognition of pickup trucks has changed. The demand for pickup trucks has been constantly stimulated, and the pickup truck market has shown an upward trend with promising prospects.

The strongest domestic pickup truck is coming! The new species of Great Wall Gun 6X6 has 3 axes, 6 drives and 5 locks.

According to the official introduction, up to now, the cumulative global sales volume of Great Wall pickup trucks has exceeded 2 million, ranking first for 25 consecutive years. Great Wall Gun is the best-selling pickup truck brand in China, the first high-end pickup truck brand to exceed 400,000 units, and it has been listed in more than 50 countries on four continents. In the first quarter of this year, the domestic terminal market share of Great Wall pickup trucks exceeded 50%. For every two pickup trucks sold in China, one is Great Wall.

The strongest domestic pickup truck is coming! The new species of Great Wall Gun 6X6 has 3 axes, 6 drives and 5 locks.

The development of pickup trucks in China has gone through several stages. First, the era of 1.0 tool trucks, pickup trucks are mainly freight tools; Followed by the 2.0 multi-purpose commercial era, pickup trucks are mainly commercial, taking into account household use; Once again, it is the 3.0 multi-purpose ride era, and pickup trucks are mainly multi-purpose and ride-oriented. Nowadays, under the background of energy transformation, international pickup trucks marching into new energy sources and full-scene experiential consumption transformation in which users actively participate in wealthy families, pickup trucks have officially entered the era of "4.0 full-scene intelligent new energy".

The strongest domestic pickup truck is coming! The new species of Great Wall Gun 6X6 has 3 axes, 6 drives and 5 locks.

How did the Great Wall Gun 6X6 super cross-country new species come true?

The strongest domestic pickup truck is coming! The new species of Great Wall Gun 6X6 has 3 axes, 6 drives and 5 locks.

China’s first 6X6 super off-road platform, which will be released soon, will be first applied by Great Wall Gun, filling the blank of 6X6 pickup truck category in China. It is understood that the Great Wall Gun 6X6 super off-road platform has three black technologies of "all terrain, super power and unlimited expansion".

The strongest domestic pickup truck is coming! The new species of Great Wall Gun 6X6 has 3 axes, 6 drives and 5 locks.

Yu Jinsheng, CTO of the Great Wall Gun brand, said that the 6×6 super off-road platform of the Great Wall Gun is different from most foreign full-scale 6×6 technologies. Because most overseas models are 6×6 modification schemes made by well-known modification manufacturers, the 6×6 super off-road platform of Great Wall Gun is the original technology.

The strongest domestic pickup truck is coming! The new species of Great Wall Gun 6X6 has 3 axes, 6 drives and 5 locks.

The 6X6 super off-road platform will realize the layout of "3-axis and 6-drive", and its biggest attraction is undoubtedly the technical aspect. Specifically:3-axisThat is to say, the overall wheelbase of the Great Wall Gun 6X6 model is 4288mm, creating a magnificent and powerful body with a length of nearly 6 meters and a width of 2.1 meters; Under the working conditions of cross-country axle and shell pit, the traction ability and roll control of 6×6 are greatly improved, the body swing amplitude is smaller and the stability is higher than that of four-wheel drive models; The three axes are mutually restrained, and snow, sand, mud and other road conditions are prone to sideslip, and the sideslip forces are mutually offset or reduced, so that the anti-sideslip ability and passing safety of the whole vehicle are greatly improved.

6 drive:The 6-wheel grounding area is increased by 50%, the powerful power is fully exerted, the traction coefficient of the whole vehicle is increased by 15-30%, and the vertical obstacle-crossing ability is greatly improved; Under the same conditions, the tire depression depth is reduced by 29%; The release of power enables the acceleration performance of the whole vehicle to be exerted, and the acceleration time of the whole vehicle is only 7.5 s; Sufficient power, larger ground contact area, smaller tire load and better stability control enable the 6×6 to cope with all-terrain road conditions calmly.

5 locks:The Great Wall Gun 6X6 model is equipped with Borg Warner TOD+Mlock intelligent transfer case, which can bear 1900N·m super torque. Standard rear axle differential lock, middle axle differential lock, middle and rear axle differential lock, transfer center differential lock and front axle differential lock, a total of 5 electronically controlled differential locks; 4 hauthoh mode can be switched freely through the mode knob. Four differential lock buttons and 6L buttons on the front and rear axles are independently arranged in the key area of the auxiliary instrument panel, so as to realize the most convenient operation for drivers. The random combination of multiple locks and the setting of expert mode provide great off-road fun for drivers and passengers, and the ability to get rid of difficulties is fully extended. He is a smart tough guy with off-road real kung fu and is not afraid of rough and bad road conditions.

In addition, the vehicle adopts a non-load-bearing frame with high torsional rigidity, which is matched with the front double wishbone independent suspension+middle/rear five-bar independent suspension and 33-inch oversized off-road tires to create a full-scene, all-terrain super off-road capability.

At the same time, the 6X6 super off-road platform can also be equipped with the Great Wall 3.0T super hybrid, electric, hydrogen and other super power. At the beginning of the design, the Great Wall Gun 6X6 super off-road platform can also perfectly match the pickup truck and SUV body, simultaneously develop the second-class chassis, expand multi-functional special-purpose vehicles and recreational vehicles, and realize the super-expansion of the whole ecology and create a new category of diversified vehicles. In addition, the first co-created model of Great Wall Gun 6×6 will control the body length within 6 meters, mainly considering the influence of N1 and N2 models, and meeting the needs of users for blue and green brands.

Powered by electricity, the hybrid version of Shanhai gun provides the optimal solution of new energy pickup truck.

The strongest domestic pickup truck is coming! The new species of Great Wall Gun 6X6 has 3 axes, 6 drives and 5 locks.

Yu Jinsheng, CTO of Great Wall Gun brand, also revealed that the first step of new energy pickup will not be pure electric, but hybrid as the solution of new energy pickup at this stage. The Great Wall Gun will also adopt the strategy of energizing fuel with electricity, and build the first large-scale high-performance hybrid pickup truck in China based on the off-road super hybrid architecture, namely, the Shanhai Gun Long Life PHEV and the HEV model, so as to meet the demand of pickup truck users for "clean energy and high performance".

The strongest domestic pickup truck is coming! The new species of Great Wall Gun 6X6 has 3 axes, 6 drives and 5 locks.

Thanks to the blessing of the off-road super hybrid architecture, the battery life PHEV of Shanhai artillery has three advantages: "parallel mode of engine and motor, highly intelligent energy management and safer all-terrain adaptability", which makes the PHEV of Shanhai artillery fast, clean and intelligent, and is suitable for some users with longer distance and lower frequency. The Shanhai cannon HEV will also be equipped with a 2.0T engine and a 9HAT transmission, with a comprehensive power of 255kW and a comprehensive torque of 648N·m, giving users a double experience of "better fuel consumption than diesel and comparable to 3.0T gasoline power". In urban and off-road scenes, it has unimaginable energy-saving performance and driving pleasure, stronger motivation to get out of trouble and longer cruising range.

The strongest domestic pickup truck is coming! The new species of Great Wall Gun 6X6 has 3 axes, 6 drives and 5 locks.

In the era of "Pickup 4.0 Full Scene Intelligent New Energy", the Great Wall will once again fully lead the development of the industry. Relying on the "forest ecology" technology of the Great Wall, it has completed the flat, networked and decentralized whole industrial chain layout of new energy and intelligence, and made full efforts in the fields of hybrid, pure electric, hydrogen energy and other new energy power batteries. At the same time, in the fields of intelligent chassis, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit, Great Wall has also accumulated profound intelligence and is committed to creating greener, smarter and safer products for users around the world. It is reported that in addition to the 6X6 co-creation model, PHEV and HEV, a number of high-value pickup products of Great Wall Gun will also be collectively unveiled at the Great Wall Gun booth in Hall 7.1 of the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show to be held on April 18th.

Hu Ge responded to the rumors of clearing customs with Yang Mi that year: the story covered up the truth

??1905 movie network news On October 25, some netizens found that Yang Mi had re-focused on Hu Ge on Weibo, and Yang Mi publicly responded to the matter, saying that Hu Ge made him pay attention. On the evening of the 25th, Hu Ge also issued a response to the matter, saying that it is normal for friends to have contact.

??Hu Ge and Yang Mi were rumored to have fallen in love in the past due to their collaboration on "Xianjian 3", but neither of the parties admitted it. When Yang Mi got married, Hu Ge wrote a meaningful text, and then Yang Mi cancelled his attention to Hu Ge, and the two never met again. On October 25, some netizens said on Weibo that Yang Mi had re-focused on Hu Ge. That evening, Yang Mi responded to the matter when he attended the press conference: "He asked me to pay attention." He also said that the two had been in touch all the time. "All kinds of demonization of our relationship on the Internet. I invited him to our premiere in Beijing, and he said he couldn’t take leave. I said, can you send us a Weibo? He said you follow me first."

??On the evening of October 25, Hu Ge posted on Weibo: "Actually, it’s normal for friends to have contact. We’ve known each other for so long, and we’ve long been used to making jokes about each other. I didn’t expect this joke to stir up thousands of waves. Things are far less complicated than everyone thought. It’s just a simple person, pure friendship. It’s just that there are too many versions of the story, which completely covers up the truth!"

You are reading: How to delete good URL navigation in Google Chrome, how to delete good URL navigation in Google Chrome [Detailed explanation] How to delete good URL navigation in Google Chrome, how t

  When using the homepage, it is easy to be occupied by good URLs, which affects the use. Therefore, today I will bring you all the Google Delete URL navigation methods. If you want to know, please come and take a look.

  1. First enter the browser and click the three dots at the top right, then select "Settings".

  2. Then click "Advanced" on the left side of the settings.

  3. After entering the advanced, swipe down to find and click "Reset and Clean Up".

  4. Then click "Restore Settings to Original State".

  5. Click "Reset Settings" after completion.

  The above is the Google Chrome delete URL navigation method brought to you by IT Encyclopedia, and restore the advanced settings of the browser to the initial state. Welcome to view.

The man lost a taxi worth over 10 million Song Dynasty antiques (photo)

Song and Ming antiques worth over ten million yuan

  Guangzhou Daily reported on March 30Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Futian Branch reported yesterday afternoon that the victim Chen lost two boxes of Song and Ming antiques worth over 10 million yuan in a taxi. After several days of tracking, the Futian police station of the branch successfully recovered the lost items.

  Lost antiques in a taxi

  According to Li Yaoqiang, director of the Futian police station, on the evening of March 17, Mr. Chen went to the police station to report that he had taken a taxi to the Bank of China Building on the Fuhua section that day and left the two boxes of valuable antiques he was carrying in the taxi. He did not ask the taxi driver for a taxi invoice when he got off the bus, nor did he remember the license plate number or the company the car belonged to, so he had to ask the police for assistance in finding it.

  The police went to the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau’s monitoring center to retrieve and view relevant videos, and found a driver of a taxi company among thousands of taxis. The police immediately contacted the taxi driver, but the driver provided evidence that he was not carrying Mr. Chen at that time, and the clue was interrupted.

  After three days of tracking, the police still couldn’t find Mr. Chen’s taxi, so the police went back to help Mr. Chen carefully recall the day’s ride. After carefully checking Mr. Chen’s mobile phone, the police finally locked down Mr. Chen’s actual ride time.

  On the afternoon of March 21, the police in the monitoring center quickly found the video surveillance video of Mr. Chen taking a taxi with antiques that day, and determined the time of Mr. Chen’s ride from the time shown in the video, that is, 18:58 on March 17 instead of the 19:07 Mr. Chen originally said. After that, the police successfully arranged the taxi Mr. Chen was taking among the large number of taxis through the ride time and route.

  The police quickly rushed to a taxi company and found the taxi driver who was carrying Mr. Chen that day. The driver said that he could not contact the owner. The next day, he took the two boxes left by Mr. Chen back home. The driver cooperated with the police to investigate and quickly returned the antiques.

  At 16:00 that day, the police handed over two boxes of antiques to Mr. Chen in perfect condition.

Editor in charge: Wang Jiaolong

There are bright spots and deficiencies, test Lynk & Co 06 1.5T Yao Halo

  [Autohome professional evaluation] Today’s introduction is Lynk & Co’s smallest SUV – 06, the specific model is the 2020 1.5T Yao Halo, its guide price is 138,600 yuan, if not the pink special edition, then it is the current top model of the whole series, the following is its test report.


◆ Comfort evaluation

Lynk & Co 06 2020 1.5T Yao Halo

Lynk & Co 06 2020 1.5T Yao Halo

Lynk & Co 06 2020 1.5T Yao Halo

  The 180cm-tall experiencer sits in the front row, and after adjusting the seat to the lowest level, there are still 4 fingers in the head space, which is quite normal. Keep the front seat position unchanged and come to the back row, there is still 1 punch margin in the head, and 1 punch and 3 fingers in the legroom. This performance is still good for small SUVs.

Lynk & Co 06 2020 1.5T Yao Halo

Lynk & Co 06 2020 1.5T Yao Halo

  The storage space position of (|) is more conventional, and the space cannot be considered large, such as the mobile phone slot in front of the block with wireless charging, but the mobile phone iPhone 13 Pro size cannot be completely flat on it.


  Due to the size of the vehicle, its trunk is not much space after being packed into three suitcases of 20, 24, and 28 inches. There is a storage compartment on each side that can hold two bottles of mineral water, suitable for small items.

  This test car is a high-end model. In addition to a complete active safety system, 19-inch wheels and front seat heating are exclusive configurations. Panoramic sunroof and automatic headlights are standard in all models. In addition, medium and high-end models also have electric tailgates, which are rare in small SUVs.




  The paint of Lynk & Co 06 is uniform and warm, and the assembly process is also good. We selected three positions on the body to measure the left and right sheet metal joints respectively, and the difference between the two sides of several parts is not large.


  The center console has a relatively obvious Lynk & Co family design, and the materials used have always been Lynk & Co’s specialty. The mix and match of various materials and colors makes this small SUV look neither monotonous nor cheap.



  The color and material of this Lynk & Co 06 seat give people a very novel feeling. The front seat is thick, the hardness is moderate, and the wrapping is also good. The headrest of the rear seat is softer than expected, but the seat cushion is slightly shorter.


  The rear child seat interface of Lynk & Co 06 is not on the bright side. When connecting, you need to extend the seat connector into the opening left by the seat surface. Fortunately, it is not very deep. In addition, due to the small area of the back door, you still need to pay a little attention when handling the seat.



  The sound insulation of the Lynk & Co 06 is not very good. In fact, the sound of the engine is really low. The main source of noise is the floor. After the speed exceeds 60km/h, the tire noise is transmitted into the car, which is more obvious. And when the driver’s side A pillar reaches a speed of about 80km/h, a slight whistle will begin to appear.

◆ Dynamic evaluation



More exciting videos are available on the Autohome video platform

Lynk & Co 06 2020 1.5T Yao HaloAutohomeAutohomeAutohome

More exciting videos are available on the Autohome video platform

  The maximum power of the 1.5T three-cylinder engine is 177 horsepower, 255 Nm, and it is matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. The temperature on the day of the test is 21 ° C, and the starting speed can reach a maximum of 3800rpm when accelerating. After turning off the ESC, the front wheels are obviously slipping, and the speed of 1st gear up and 2nd gear is slow, which affects some speeds. After 5 ejections, the oil temperature of the gearbox rises, and the starting speed can only reach a maximum of 2000rpm. Although the starting speed will return to normal after a few minutes of heat dissipation, the shift time will still be advanced. The 1st gear will be up at about 4000rpm, and the final 0-100km/h fastest time is 8.9 seconds.

  Although you will feel that the speed of 1st gear up and 2nd gear is slow during the test, you will not feel that the downshift is very slow in the rhythm of daily driving. The power response of Lynk & Co 06 is relatively positive, and the mid-to-late acceleration is also relatively powerful in the same class, which can also be reflected in the midway acceleration results.

  The smoothness of this dual-clutch transmission is really good. During a few days of driving, whether it is at high or low speed, there has been almost no noticeable setback in shifting gears. It’s just that when the brakes are loosened at the start, the combination is still not as dry as the AT.


  The steering wheel is light, and the front of the car responds quickly to the steering wheel, which makes the driver feel very dexterous. The directivity is not comparable to that of a performance car, but at least the direction of the front of the car is in line with the driver’s expectations.


  The ESC of Lynk & Co 06 will automatically turn on after the speed exceeds 70km/h, and there will be no torque steering, whether it is in a static acceleration test or when the accelerator is pushed to the bottom during driving.


  The suspension is relatively resilient at the beginning, and daily driving will feel that the dynamic response of the body is more positive, but the overall adjustment is still more comfortable. When steering rapidly and sharply, the suspension compression is still more obvious, and the continuous pile winding test will show a trend of understeering.


  Suspension for small bumps will remove excess annoying vibration, retaining a considerable part of the road feeling, the whole process is relatively straightforward, and the sense of advanced in the same class is more prominent.

◆ Safety evaluation

Lynk & Co 06 2020 1.5T Yao HaloAutohomeAutohome

More exciting videos are available on the Autohome video platform

  The braking force of Lynk & Co 06 can be fully released in the early stage of braking, and the foot feel is also easy to adapt to. The average score of 10 tests is 37.23 meters, which is remarkable. It is also worth mentioning that after 10 consecutive tests, the braking system did not experience thermal attenuation.


More exciting videos are available on the Autohome video platform

  The compact body layout gives it a very flexible side in the fast-paced driving process. The suspension can provide sufficient support in the face of rapid center of gravity transfer, and the steering feel is light, but the pointing speed is relatively positive, with clear pointing feedback. The intervention of the electronic assistance system is relatively linear. When entering the B zone in the A zone, the system will only exert a slight force, and the vehicle can easily enter the B zone with good controllability. In the B zone, the electronic assistance began to intervene vigorously. After effectively reducing the speed, it easily completed the test, and the final passing speed was 70.4km/h.

  As an SUV, the Lynk & Co 06’s sitting position is still higher than that of the car, the rear window is not tilted at a large angle, the size of the rearview mirror is normal, the field of vision is good, and there is no discomfort.




  Lynk & Co 06’s passive safety configuration is uniform across the entire system. In addition to the most basic main and co-pilot airbags, front and rear side air curtains and front side airbags are standard. For small SUVs, this should be praised.

◆ Economic evaluation

  The price has always been the advantage of Chinese brands, this 1.5T Yao Halo guide price is 138,600 yuan, its configuration is quite rich, driving texture and the quality of the car are good, to know this price if you buy Honda Bing Zhi, you can’t even buy 1.5L high-end.


 During the fuel consumption test, we turned on the air conditioner at 23 degrees Celsius and drove 103.5km at an average speed of 31km/h, consuming a total of 9.83L of fuel and measuring an average fuel consumption of 9.5L/100km. This is indeed not fuel-efficient for a small SUV. The lack of automatic start-stop function also affects fuel consumption to a certain extent.

◆ Intelligent evaluation



  Lynk & Co 06’s adaptive cruise and lane keeping were only available on high-end models. In actual use, the ACC was easy to operate, followed the car at a suitable distance, and the deceleration when there was a car jammed was relatively linear. However, the level of the lane keeping assistance system was still relatively basic, and the vehicle could not keep driving in the middle of the lane at all times, but would only slightly correct the direction after frequent contact with the lane line.




  Lynk & Co 06 uses a dual 10.25-inch screen configuration and is standard on the whole series. The car has rich functions and a lot of online content, but the car interface is a little cumbersome, and there are occasional cards when sliding. The voice control system has a high recognition rate for commonly used instructions such as navigation or music information retrieval.

◆ Summary

● Comfort evaluation

  The comfort part of Lynk & Co 06 scored 18.5 points, much higher than the average score of 11.75 points in the same class. On the one hand, the interview driving is the top model, and the configuration part scored higher. In addition, the workmanship and materials of the whole vehicle are better in the same class, while the noise part should be said that 06 is not doing well, but the same class is generally worse.

Dynamic evaluation

   The dynamic part of the Lynk & Co 06 scored 11.5 points, and the same class scored 10.75 points. Since the same class is basically not equipped with four-wheel drive, this part of the score is 0, so we will skip it. The Lynk & Co 06’s acceleration score gives it an above-average score in the engine section, and the steering and driving comfort are also better than average. The lower score is the transmission.

● Safety evaluation

  The safety part of Lynk & Co 06 scored 13.44 points, higher than the average of 11.68 in the same class. On the one hand, its good braking performance earned it points, and the number of airbags also had an advantage in the same class.

● Economic evaluation

  The economic part of Lynk & Co 06 scored 4.76 points, lower than the average of 6.16 points in the same class. Its price is more advantageous than that of a number of joint venture models, but the fuel consumption is seriously hindered. In addition, the whole series does not automatically start and stop, and it also loses points in the environmental protection part.

● Intelligent evaluation

  The intelligent part of Lynk & Co 06 scored 15.4 points, higher than the average of 13.8 points in the same class. The high-end model has a more complete active safety configuration, and the performance of the multimedia system is also slightly higher than that of the same class.

● AH-100 total score

Changde cigarette factory: the publicity of law popularization has achieved remarkable results, and the awareness of the rule of law is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

In the wave of building a society ruled by law, Changde Cigarette Factory has always integrated the concept of rule by law into the blood of enterprise development and actively fulfilled its social responsibilities. On the one hand, centralized law popularization education is combined with daily law popularization. Make use of important time nodes, anniversaries and other events to carry out centralized publicity activities, pay attention to the subtle infiltration of daily publicity and education, and enable employees to learn and understand the law in a strong legal and cultural atmosphere. On the other hand, combine the publicity and education of the rule of law with the practice of the rule of law. Invite legal professionals to popularize the law, organize relevant professional legal knowledge training and education in a targeted manner, improve the rule of law literacy and management ability according to law, and make the rule of law publicity and education more widely rooted in daily work practice.

The picture shows the factory carrying out the "315" theme publicity activities.

On the 315th day of Consumer Rights Day, Changde Cigarette Factory set up a publicity point in Dahe Street, Changde, and set up an eye-catching consultation desk with eye-catching publicity banners, and the staff distributed exquisite brochures to the past citizens.

"Do you know how to distinguish between genuine and fake cigarettes?" A staff member smiled and asked Mr. Zhang a question.

"Well, I really don’t know." Mr. Zhang scratched his head and looked a little confused.

"Never mind, I’ll teach you." The staff picked up a box of cigarettes from the publicity platform and began to explain patiently. She introduced the dangers of fake and shoddy cigarettes and the skills of distinguishing and preventing fakes to Mr. Zhang in plain language through the on-site physical display and the sharing of real cases. Mr. Zhang listened with relish and nodded his approval from time to time.

On the National Safety Education Day, national safety education propaganda slogans and short films were circulated on the electronic screen of the factory, which attracted many employees to stop and watch. These short films convey the importance of national security to employees with vivid pictures and simple language, and make them deeply realize that maintaining national security is the responsibility and obligation of every citizen.

The key to the promotion of popularization of law lies in "people". In order to realize the transformation of popularization of law from "flood irrigation" to "precise drip irrigation", legal consultants were invited to participate in popularization of law. Professional lawyers respectively explained the background, significance, legal interpretation and legal application of new provisions of the Civil Code according to the business characteristics and compliance requirements of the factory. Focusing on the common contract-related legal risk points and countermeasures of state-owned enterprises, this paper expounds the methods and ways of risk control when enterprises carry out business, and explains in detail the legal risk points that should be paid attention to before, during and during the contract signing. It is highly targeted to improve the company’s ability and level of using the civil code to safeguard the rights and interests of state-owned assets, the interests of employees and resolve contradictions and disputes.

In the future, Changde Cigarette Factory will continue to strengthen the publicity of law popularization, constantly innovate the form and content of law popularization, and let the concept of rule of law take root in people’s hearts. (Text/Figure Changde Cigarette Factory Liu Kechi)

[Editor: Cai Donghai]

Fan Bingbing "kicked away" Yang Mi fell in love with Feng Shaofeng, Huo Siyan made a deep V appearance

Group photo of the main creator of "Second Exposure"

"Fan Ye" is getting more and more stylish

Huo Siyan deep V debut

  Movie Network News(Photo/Yang Nan, Text/Zhang Wei) On October 9, Fan Bingbing and director Li Yu’s third collaboration on the new film "Second Exposure" held a press conference in Beijing. In addition to these two golden partners, Feng Shaofeng, Huo Siyan, and Kong Wei were also present to help out. Fan Bingbing praised Feng Shaofeng for being very attractive and a public enemy of men, but Feng Shaofeng was a little nervous when he first met Fan Ye, claiming that he "couldn’t let go" when filming emotional dramas.

"Public Enemy of Men" Feng Shaofeng

Feng Shaofeng, Fan Bingbing

Look, there are our real-world friends over there

Feng Shaofeng exposed Fan Ye’s power on the set, and he was nervous about filming emotional scenes

  Feng Shaofeng, who quickly became popular because of a travel drama "Palace", has already taken on a lot of movies, and his partner’s actress is not just Yang Mi. In the role of Overlord Xiang Yu, he plays with Liu Yifei, and when Feng Shaofeng sees Fan Bingbing, who has a strong aura, he is still taken aback. "I didn’t understand before, why should such a flowery girl be called Fan Ye? Later, when filming a scene, there was a crack in the middle of the reflector. If you don’t split it, you will wear it. Bingbing went up and’wow ‘and split it in half with her hands." Fan Bingbing explained that she was catching up at the time, and other methods were too troublesome, so she did it herself.

  Talking about the impression just met, Feng Shaofeng said that he was very nervous, "At the beginning, I was not familiar with Bingbing, and the audition was an emotional play, so I couldn’t let it go. Fortunately, Bingbing kept chatting with me and brought me into the play, and now we have a tacit understanding." And Fan Bingbing praised Feng Shaofeng as "the enemy of men", "he is a very considerate boy, and he will think of everyone in the crew."

Huo Siyan

Sexy Kong Wei

Feng Shaofeng tells the interesting story of "Fan Ye" on the set

The creators had a great conversation

Huo Siyan was drunk at the scene and "competed" with Feng Shaofeng in Fan Bingbing’s play

  Fan Bingbing and Li Yu collaborated on the previous film, which made Fan Ye take the title of after-the-film actress at the Tokyo International Film Festival. This time, Fan Bingbing said that she is no longer looking forward to the award, and she hopes that Feng Shaofeng can become the best actor with this film. Regarding "Double Exposure", Fan Bingbing said that the script is simply tailor-made for himself. "This is a role I have never played, and a Chinese film has never appeared. It is a very good thing to be able to play such a role as a Chinese actress. After reading the script at three in the morning, my back was sweaty, and I felt that everything this character said and did was describing myself."

  The title of "Double Exposure" is only tentative. The film has been publicly solicited before, and there are several candidate names. Fan Bingbing chose "Danfeng Eye", but unfortunately it was not selected, and he was still a little unwilling. The film tells the story of a childhood sweetheart but distant lovers by declassifying two suspicious murders. On that day, the creators refused to reveal too much about the plot. Huo Siyan said that she and Fan Bingbing played girlfriends, but they were also enemies and friends. Both had complex emotional entanglements with Feng Shaofeng. The film’s producer, Fang Li, also made a cameo appearance, having an affair with Kong Wei in the play. In addition, Chen Chong and Yao Anlian also joined the film.

Fan Bingbing: I seem to have seen "Bajie"

I will answer this question

Director Li Yu

  Fan Bingbing also revealed that Huo Siyan was drunk because of filming, "She drank too much that day, and she didn’t get up for three hours. If she wanted to start filming, she said she would give me a minute, and then she didn’t get up for an hour. In fact, we drank her, and I kept telling her to drink another sip, and she was really drunk." Huo Siyan was wearing a dark V dress and hat that day, which was very eye-catching.

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Rediscover the appearance of the Milky Way

Guo Shoujing Telescope in the Milky Way Galaxy. Photo by Chen Ying

Schematic diagram of the increase in the area of the silver plate. Courtesy of the National Astronomical Observatory
  On August 7, the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that the National Major Science and Technology Infrastructure Guo Shoujing Telescope (LAMOST), which is managed and operated by it, has successfully completed the first phase of spectral sky survey observation. The first phase of the survey released a total of spectral 9.01 million, including high-mass spectra (signal to noise ratio greater than 10) 7.77 million to determine the spectral parameters of 5.34 million groups of stars.
  The number of spectra published by LAMOST is 1.8 times the sum of the spectra published by other sky survey projects in the world. The dataset (DR5) was released to domestic astronomers and international collaborators on December 31, 2017. In addition, since the first survey, 345 SCI papers have been published using LAMOST data and have been cited more than 3,000 times.
  The boundaries of the galaxy have been greatly expanded, and the radius may reach about 100,000 light years
  In the past few decades, astronomers have generally believed that the radius of the Milky Way is about 50,000 light-years. There is a rod-like structure near its center, with a disk-like structure outside (the Milky Way disk), surrounded by sparse stars (the Milky Way halo), and the sun is about 25,000 light-years away from the center of the Milky Way.
  Previously, it was thought that the Milky Way disk had a clear boundary about 50,000 light-years from the center of the galaxy, at which the number of stars in the Milky Way disk plummeted, as if the Milky Way disk were cut off. But in recent years, some observations have found young stars belonging to the Milky Way disk beyond this boundary, which seems to suggest that the boundary of the Milky Way disk should be larger. However, to confirm this, more and more distant stars need to be counted.
  At the end of 2017, researchers at the National Astronomical Observatory used LAMOST data to accurately count the number of stars in the outer reaches of the Milky Way galaxy by applying complex statistical methods, and successfully drew a cross-sectional map of the spatial structure of the outer reaches of the Milky Way disk.
  Liu Chao, a researcher at the National Astronomical Observatory, said: "We can see from the figure that although the number of stars in the galactic disk decreases with the radius of the galactic disk, it does not stop at 50,000 light-years, but extends all the way to 62,000 light-year from the center. This is about a quarter larger than the radius quoted in textbooks."
  In 2018, an international research team composed of researchers from the Canary Institute of Astrophysics in Spain and the National Astronomical Observatory of China further used the massive stellar spectra obtained from the LAMOST data and other related data to rewrite the size of the Milky Way disk again, and found that the disk-like structure containing most of the stars in the Milky Way may be much larger than astronomers previously thought, and the radius may reach about 100,000 light years.
  "This study provides a new understanding of the star composition of the Milky Way disk and a more accurate measurement of the size of the galaxy," said Mr. Liu. "The constant rewriting of the size of the galaxy will prompt astronomers to re-examine the general laws of galaxy formation and cosmic evolution."
  In addition, the researchers recalculated accurately based on the LAMOST data, rewriting the structural characteristics of the Milky Way halo and establishing a new structure of the inner flat and outer circle. Liu Chao said: "This clear evidence overturns the previous speculation that the stellar halo is a flat sphere with a constant axis ratio, and helps humans re-understand the formation history and evolution of the Milky Way stellar halo."
  Measuring the orbital eccentricity and inclination of nearly 700 exoplanets for the first time, the solar system is not an exception in the universe
  In this survey, researchers used LAMOST to measure the orbital eccentricity and inclination of nearly 700 exoplanets for the first time, and found that about 80% of the planetary orbits resemble the nearly circular orbits of the solar system.
  Zhao Gang, a researcher at the National Astronomical Observatory, said: "This shows that the solar system is not a special case in the universe, but a representative one. To some extent, it enhances our confidence in finding another earth and extraterrestrial life."
  Quasars are distant celestial bodies outside the Milky Way. Their energy comes from the huge attractive force released by the accretion of surrounding matter by the supermassive black hole at their center. They are important probes for studying the distant universe.
  "More than 12,000 quasars have been found in the LAMOST spectrum, with an average redshift of 1.5 and a maximum redshift of 5," said Zhao Yongheng, a researcher at the National Astronomical Observatory. "In addition, the mass of the central black hole has been estimated based on these data. The discovery of these quasars will provide important help for the statistical study of large samples of quasars."
  The sample of nearby host galaxies is a classic in the Large Scale Galaxy Spectroscopic Survey (LAMOST), which began in the 21st century. However, due to the effect of fiber collisions, the sample has a high degree of incompleteness on a small scale. These missing galaxies are observed as supplementary galaxy samples in the LAMOST survey.
  Zhao Yongheng said: "Due to the wide range of the survey, the spectral measurements of nearly 10,000 supplementary galaxies were obtained in the first survey, and nearly 10,000 new pairs of close galaxies were confirmed. These close galaxies have important scientific value for studying the merger process of galaxies."
  The researchers also used the LAMOST data to discover a new class of extrasolar planets – hot starfish, which share several hallmarks with hot Jupiters, providing key clues and new research directions for uncovering the origin of hot Jupiters and other short-period planets.
  Dark matter accounts for more than 90% of the total mass of galaxies, but most of the distribution is very scattered, and the proportion of dark matter at the location of the sun is very low. This brings great difficulties to human direct detection of dark matter.
  "We used the LAMOST data to re-estimate the density of dark matter near the sun, which is of great significance for finding dark matter particles and understanding the distribution of dark matter in the galaxy," Zhao Yongheng said.
  In addition, using LAMOST data, researchers have also accurately estimated the age of millions of stars, increasing the number of star samples with accurate age by 1,000 times, providing basic data for the study of the evolution of the Milky Way; at the same time, measuring the magnetic activity index of nearly 6,000 sun-like stars, found that the sun has a level of magnetic activity comparable to that of super flare stars, confirming that the sun has the possibility of a super flare.
  The discovery of a star with a lithium content about 3,000 times that of similar celestial bodies has doubled the international observation limit for lithium content
  Old metal-poor stars, like cosmic "fossils," record the first history of the chemical evolution of the universe, and their analysis can enable "stellar archaeology" of the first generation of stars and the nature of the early universe.
  Zhao Gang said: "We have found more than 10,000 metal-poor stars in the LAMOST spectrum with a metal content lower than one percent or even one ten thousandth of the sun, building the largest cosmic fossil sample in the world that is suitable for tracking and observation by existing large telescopes."
  At the same time, the researchers also discovered a group of extremely rare small-mass metal-poor stars with lithium abundance exceeding the normal value by hundreds of times. Among them, one star has a lithium content about 3,000 times that of similar celestial bodies, which is the star with the highest lithium abundance known to mankind. The major discovery was published online in the international scientific journal Nature Astronomy on August 7 in the early morning of Beijing time.
  Lithium is the key element connecting the Big Bang, interstellar matter and stars. Its evolution in the universe and stars has always been an important research object in the field of astronomy. However, the understanding of lithium in contemporary astronomy is still very limited. Giant stars rich in lithium are very rare, but they are of great significance in revealing the origin and evolution of lithium. Unfortunately, astronomers have only discovered a very small number of such celestial bodies in the past 30 years.
  "This newly discovered lithium-rich star is located in the direction of Ophiuchus near the center of the Milky Way, about 4,500 light-years north of the Milky Way disk. After further study, we found that the lithium element of this star is likely to come from a special material exchange process inside the star." Dr. Yan Hongliang of the National Astronomical Observatory said. "This discovery changes human understanding of lithium in celestial bodies and doubles the limit of international observation of lithium content."
  In addition, in the nearly 10 million spectra of LAMOST, researchers have found five hypervelocity stars in a haystack, and there are currently only more than 20 hypervelocity stars in the world.
  Zhao Gang said: "They provide an important sample for further study of the formation mechanism of stars that are very fast and can eventually break free from the attractive forces of the Milky Way and’escape ‘the Milky Way."
  (Originally published in People’s Daily 2018-08-08 12th edition)

How much is the Huawei P7? Huawei P7 price

How much is the Huawei P7?

  The current pre-sale price of Huawei P7 is 2888 yuan.

  Huawei P7 is available in three colors: black, white and pink. The global version is priced at 449 euros. The first batch will be sold in more than 30 countries and regions including the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France and Spain in May. So how much is the Huawei P7? The price of Huawei P7 is 2,888 yuan.

  In the Chinese market, Huawei P7 will launch mobile, China Unicom and telecom versions, and plans to start pre-sale simultaneously at 10:00 am on May 8, 2014 in Huawei Mall,, Tmall Huawei Flagship Store,, Gome Online, No. 1 Store, and Amazon. The current pre-sale price is 2888 yuan.

How much is the Huawei P7?

  In terms of configuration, Huawei P7 uses its own HiSilicon Kirin 910T 1.8GHz quad-core processor, 1.8GHz main frequency, 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, and supports a maximum of 64GB memory expansion. 5.0-inch 1080P resolution IPS screen, using in-cell technology, the front and back bodies cover the third-generation Corning Gorilla Glass.

Huawei P7 price

  The price of the Huawei P7 is 2888 yuan.

  As Huawei’s key model this year, P7’s performance is remarkable: the continuation of the P6’s lightness and appearance style, the system is more smooth and user-friendly, and the performance has also been improved. 13 million + 8 million pixel camera is suitable for selfies and is also suitable for shooting others. In general, Huawei P7 has made no small improvement compared to the previous generation, and the performance in all aspects is also very balanced.

Huawei P7 price

  Huawei P7 has 13 million pixel rear + 8 million pixel front-facing camera, the main camera adopts F2.0 aperture, Sony 4th generation stack sensor. Based on Android 4.4.2 customized Emotion 2.3 operating system and 2500mAh capacity battery. Support 5-mode 10-band, support TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, GSM, FDD-LTE, WCDMA (the latter two only support international roaming).

  Summary of the question of how much the Huawei P7 costs. The current pre-sale price of the Huawei P7 is 2888 yuan. Overall, while inheriting the exterior design outline of the Huawei P6, the Huawei P7 boldly overturned the all-metal design and switched to double-sided gorilla glass, while adding composite textures to the back. The overall feel makes people know that it is the P series at a glance, but it also gives people a refreshing surprise.

Japanese Liberal Democratic Party presidential election: Aso’s support is far ahead

  On September 10th, the presidential election of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan was announced, and five people, namely Taro Aso, yuriko koike, Shi Pomao, Kaoru Yosano and Nobuteru Ishihara, formally put forward their candidacy. The above five candidates held a joint reporter meeting at the LDP headquarters that afternoon to explain their political views. The picture shows Aso at the press conference. China News Agency issued Zhu Yanhua photo

  BEIJING, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) According to a survey conducted by Kyodo News as of the evening of the 10th, nearly half of the 387 LDP members in the Senate and the House of Representatives have supported Secretary-General Taro Aso, far ahead of the second economic and financial minister, Kaoru Yosano, who has only about 50 people.

  There are less than 30 members of Parliament who have clearly expressed their support for Nobuteru Ishihara, the president of the Political Consultative Conference, yuriko koike, and Shi Pomao, the former defense minister, and three of them are struggling. However, many Members have yet to show their attitude, and some people will change their minds temporarily, so there are still variables in the final result.

  Aso has won more than 60% support from the largest faction, the Machimura faction (88 people), and nearly half support from Tsushima (70 people), Koga (62 people) and Yamazaki (41 people). In addition, his own Aso faction (20 people), Ibuki faction (28 people), Second-order faction (16 people) and Takamura faction (15 people) basically consider supporting Aso, in addition to the support from some non-partisan members.

Editor: Lu Wei