Fan Bingbing "kicked away" Yang Mi fell in love with Feng Shaofeng, Huo Siyan made a deep V appearance

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"Fan Ye" is getting more and more stylish

Huo Siyan deep V debut

  Movie Network News(Photo/Yang Nan, Text/Zhang Wei) On October 9, Fan Bingbing and director Li Yu’s third collaboration on the new film "Second Exposure" held a press conference in Beijing. In addition to these two golden partners, Feng Shaofeng, Huo Siyan, and Kong Wei were also present to help out. Fan Bingbing praised Feng Shaofeng for being very attractive and a public enemy of men, but Feng Shaofeng was a little nervous when he first met Fan Ye, claiming that he "couldn’t let go" when filming emotional dramas.

"Public Enemy of Men" Feng Shaofeng

Feng Shaofeng, Fan Bingbing

Look, there are our real-world friends over there

Feng Shaofeng exposed Fan Ye’s power on the set, and he was nervous about filming emotional scenes

  Feng Shaofeng, who quickly became popular because of a travel drama "Palace", has already taken on a lot of movies, and his partner’s actress is not just Yang Mi. In the role of Overlord Xiang Yu, he plays with Liu Yifei, and when Feng Shaofeng sees Fan Bingbing, who has a strong aura, he is still taken aback. "I didn’t understand before, why should such a flowery girl be called Fan Ye? Later, when filming a scene, there was a crack in the middle of the reflector. If you don’t split it, you will wear it. Bingbing went up and’wow ‘and split it in half with her hands." Fan Bingbing explained that she was catching up at the time, and other methods were too troublesome, so she did it herself.

  Talking about the impression just met, Feng Shaofeng said that he was very nervous, "At the beginning, I was not familiar with Bingbing, and the audition was an emotional play, so I couldn’t let it go. Fortunately, Bingbing kept chatting with me and brought me into the play, and now we have a tacit understanding." And Fan Bingbing praised Feng Shaofeng as "the enemy of men", "he is a very considerate boy, and he will think of everyone in the crew."

Huo Siyan

Sexy Kong Wei

Feng Shaofeng tells the interesting story of "Fan Ye" on the set

The creators had a great conversation

Huo Siyan was drunk at the scene and "competed" with Feng Shaofeng in Fan Bingbing’s play

  Fan Bingbing and Li Yu collaborated on the previous film, which made Fan Ye take the title of after-the-film actress at the Tokyo International Film Festival. This time, Fan Bingbing said that she is no longer looking forward to the award, and she hopes that Feng Shaofeng can become the best actor with this film. Regarding "Double Exposure", Fan Bingbing said that the script is simply tailor-made for himself. "This is a role I have never played, and a Chinese film has never appeared. It is a very good thing to be able to play such a role as a Chinese actress. After reading the script at three in the morning, my back was sweaty, and I felt that everything this character said and did was describing myself."

  The title of "Double Exposure" is only tentative. The film has been publicly solicited before, and there are several candidate names. Fan Bingbing chose "Danfeng Eye", but unfortunately it was not selected, and he was still a little unwilling. The film tells the story of a childhood sweetheart but distant lovers by declassifying two suspicious murders. On that day, the creators refused to reveal too much about the plot. Huo Siyan said that she and Fan Bingbing played girlfriends, but they were also enemies and friends. Both had complex emotional entanglements with Feng Shaofeng. The film’s producer, Fang Li, also made a cameo appearance, having an affair with Kong Wei in the play. In addition, Chen Chong and Yao Anlian also joined the film.

Fan Bingbing: I seem to have seen "Bajie"

I will answer this question

Director Li Yu

  Fan Bingbing also revealed that Huo Siyan was drunk because of filming, "She drank too much that day, and she didn’t get up for three hours. If she wanted to start filming, she said she would give me a minute, and then she didn’t get up for an hour. In fact, we drank her, and I kept telling her to drink another sip, and she was really drunk." Huo Siyan was wearing a dark V dress and hat that day, which was very eye-catching.

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