Changde cigarette factory: the publicity of law popularization has achieved remarkable results, and the awareness of the rule of law is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

In the wave of building a society ruled by law, Changde Cigarette Factory has always integrated the concept of rule by law into the blood of enterprise development and actively fulfilled its social responsibilities. On the one hand, centralized law popularization education is combined with daily law popularization. Make use of important time nodes, anniversaries and other events to carry out centralized publicity activities, pay attention to the subtle infiltration of daily publicity and education, and enable employees to learn and understand the law in a strong legal and cultural atmosphere. On the other hand, combine the publicity and education of the rule of law with the practice of the rule of law. Invite legal professionals to popularize the law, organize relevant professional legal knowledge training and education in a targeted manner, improve the rule of law literacy and management ability according to law, and make the rule of law publicity and education more widely rooted in daily work practice.

The picture shows the factory carrying out the "315" theme publicity activities.

On the 315th day of Consumer Rights Day, Changde Cigarette Factory set up a publicity point in Dahe Street, Changde, and set up an eye-catching consultation desk with eye-catching publicity banners, and the staff distributed exquisite brochures to the past citizens.

"Do you know how to distinguish between genuine and fake cigarettes?" A staff member smiled and asked Mr. Zhang a question.

"Well, I really don’t know." Mr. Zhang scratched his head and looked a little confused.

"Never mind, I’ll teach you." The staff picked up a box of cigarettes from the publicity platform and began to explain patiently. She introduced the dangers of fake and shoddy cigarettes and the skills of distinguishing and preventing fakes to Mr. Zhang in plain language through the on-site physical display and the sharing of real cases. Mr. Zhang listened with relish and nodded his approval from time to time.

On the National Safety Education Day, national safety education propaganda slogans and short films were circulated on the electronic screen of the factory, which attracted many employees to stop and watch. These short films convey the importance of national security to employees with vivid pictures and simple language, and make them deeply realize that maintaining national security is the responsibility and obligation of every citizen.

The key to the promotion of popularization of law lies in "people". In order to realize the transformation of popularization of law from "flood irrigation" to "precise drip irrigation", legal consultants were invited to participate in popularization of law. Professional lawyers respectively explained the background, significance, legal interpretation and legal application of new provisions of the Civil Code according to the business characteristics and compliance requirements of the factory. Focusing on the common contract-related legal risk points and countermeasures of state-owned enterprises, this paper expounds the methods and ways of risk control when enterprises carry out business, and explains in detail the legal risk points that should be paid attention to before, during and during the contract signing. It is highly targeted to improve the company’s ability and level of using the civil code to safeguard the rights and interests of state-owned assets, the interests of employees and resolve contradictions and disputes.

In the future, Changde Cigarette Factory will continue to strengthen the publicity of law popularization, constantly innovate the form and content of law popularization, and let the concept of rule of law take root in people’s hearts. (Text/Figure Changde Cigarette Factory Liu Kechi)

[Editor: Cai Donghai]