Inventory of taxi pricing methods in major cities around the world

On May 7, Beijing announced a taxi fare adjustment plan, including an increase in the starting price and the charging fee per kilometer of rental. After the new plan was announced, controversy ensued. So, how is the pricing in foreign metropolises and Hong Kong? Is the pricing method affected by other factors?

Looking at some big cities, although they will be priced by mileage, the total pricing method is different, and the whole set of pricing methods in each city is unique. Don’t believe it? Then you can read it down:

Big cities in the United States: Washington, DCThe head price must be added!

There are two types of price management in the United States, one is to set the highest rate and the lowest rate, and most places implement a fixed rate.

If you want to take a taxi in Washington, D.C., then for the first 0.2 kilometers, you need to pay a starting price of about 18.4 yuan(The local currency is converted into RMB, the same below)After that, for every additional 0.2 kilometers, an additional 1.67 yuan will be charged, and in case of traffic jams, an additional 153.6 yuan will be charged per hour.

There are additional conditions for taking a taxi in Washington. If it is a taxi, an additional 6.14 yuan can be charged for the second, third and fourth passengers, up to a maximum of 18.4 yuan. Baggage is charged an additional 3.1 yuan for each passenger space. If there is a snow day that makes the road slippery, an additional 92.2 yuan will be charged.

New York’s yellow taxis start at 15 yuan, including 0.2 miles, and charge an additional 2.4 yuan for every 0.2 miles thereafter; during peak hours (Monday to Friday from 4 to 8 pm), the surcharge is 6 yuan, and the parking and waiting hour is 144 yuan.

According to the American Taxi website, in the 26 largest cities in the United States, the most expensive for the first 5 miles (about 8 kilometers) is Boston, which costs about 100 yuan, and the cheapest are St. Louis and Chicago, which cost about 50 yuan and 53 yuan respectively.

New York Taxi

New York Taxi

Tokyo: What? You actually want to take a taxi? It’s expensive!

Taxi fares are notoriously expensive in Tokyo, Japan. Japanese people don’t usually take taxis until they have to. Basically, taxis start at 44 yuan, then 15.5 yuan per kilometer, and if calculated by the hour, you will be charged an additional 167.4 yuan for every hour of waiting. However, this is only the basic fare method. According to the data, passengers will pay different fares depending on the company where the taxi is located.

Tokyo Narita Airport to Tokyo City taxi fare is sometimes equivalent to a one-way ticket from Shanghai to Tokyo, and compatriots who come to Japan should not move their casual taxi habits in China. In addition to walking, here is basically a well-developed public transportation.

Tokyo Taxi

Tokyo Taxi

Hong Kong: Is it too expensive to take a taxi? Look at the color of the car!

There are three types of taxis in Hong Kong, namely "red", "green" and "blue". Of these, only the "red" can operate throughout the territory, and the other two can only operate in specific areas.

The starting fare for taxis in Hong Kong’s urban area is 15.8 yuan, and then an additional 0.8 yuan to 1.2 yuan per 200 meters will be charged depending on the length of the journey and the type of taxi color.

Hong Kong red taxi

Hong Kong red taxi

Hong Kong green taxi

Hong Kong green taxi

Hong Kong Blue Taxi

Hong Kong Blue Taxi

London: Long journey? It’s okay, I’ll just drive faster!

The London taxi fare is divided into three parts: time period, distance and time taken. The starting price is 22.8 yuan. On weekdays from 6am to 8pm, if it takes 6 to 13 minutes to cover the 1.6km distance, the minimum price must be 53.25 yuan, and the maximum price must be 83.7 yuan. But if it takes 10 to 20 minutes to cover the 3.2km distance, the price will not be stacked on a per-mile (per 1.6km) basis, but will be less than the per-mile stacking. The evening taxi fare will be higher.

London taxi pricing can be accurate to the extent planned in black and white, that is, regardless of how much time passengers actually spend on the road and how many miles they travel, according to the black and white tables in the regulations, they can check how much they should pay.

London Taxi

London Taxi

Paris: There is a minimum spend, and pets will be charged extra.

Taxi fares in Paris start at Rmb16 and are billed in two periods: during the day (7am-7pm) and at night (7pm-7am). During each period, passengers are charged in three ways: A, B and C, depending on the region in which they take the taxi.

The A price is the cheapest, suitable for driving in Paris during the day, and the fare is 4.8 yuan per kilometer; the B price is suitable for night time in Paris and during the day time in the suburbs of Paris, and the fare is 8 yuan per kilometer; the C price is the most expensive, suitable for night time in the suburbs and areas outside Greater Paris, and the fare is 12.8 yuan per kilometer. Each taxi has three small lights A, B and B on the top, which allows passengers to know the fare here and now.

In addition, there is a charging method based on time and speed: if the taxi speed is higher than the standard, the meter will be charged at 195 yuan per hour.

This is far from enough. In addition to the starting price and the mileage, taxi drivers can also charge extra for certain items, such as: at train stations, airports or places with special signs, you need to pay an additional 5.6 yuan; if there are more than 3 passengers, the 4th passenger needs to pay an additional 20 yuan; if there are pets, you need to pay an additional 4.8 yuan; if the passenger’s luggage exceeds 5kg, you need to pay an additional 7.20 yuan; if there are large items (such as sledges, bicycles, etc.), you need to pay an additional 7.20 yuan…

In addition, the most unaccustomed fee for foreign passengers is the "minimum consumption" of taxis. Although the starting price of taxis is 16 yuan, each taxi has a minimum consumption of 48 yuan.

Taxi pricing and living standards

There are many factors that determine the pricing standard of taxis in various cities, including government regulation, market demand and consumption index. If the consumption index of goods, restaurants, transportation, etc. in cities is used to measure the living standards of residents in various countries, then the cost of living in some Asian countries is even higher than that in European and American countries.

For example, among the countries and regions mentioned above, Japan has the highest consumer price index (CPI), reaching 115, the United Kingdom is 102, and the United States is 81. 77 in Hong Kong, China, and only 61 in mainland China.

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