Fault leader, Jiangsu Satellite TV New Year’s Eve concert is amazing

You can always trust Jiangsu Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve stage!

On December 31, 2022, at 19:30, the 2023 New Year’s Eve Concert of Jiangsu Satellite TV, which integrates true singing, strength, technology and temperature, began to sing in a shocking manner at the Cotai Arena in Macau, achieving the record of leading the fault and four firsts.

This concert is guided by the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, with the theme of "Lighting up Happiness with Struggle", and takes the "we" in the struggle as the core theme, paying tribute to every struggling you, me, and him. The quality and creativity of the "Asia Top Show" will be continued, revisiting one classic old song after another, savoring one beautiful new song after another, drawing inspiration and strength from the memories of the past, and taking courage to embark on a new journey at a new starting point.

Struggle is the courage to move forward

"Struggle Narrator" takes the stage as the "finishing touch"

"Tonight, we use the New Year’s Eve concert to send our sincerest wishes to the audience and friends. May this winter be accompanied by warmth, and all the good things will come as scheduled in the spring of the coming year." At the beginning of the party, this warm and powerful greeting hit the soft hearts of the audience, highlighting the base color of the whole party that soothes and inspires people.

Jiangsu Satellite TV’s 2023 New Year’s Eve Concert takes the "us" in the struggle as the core main line, carefully choreographed and carefully depicted eight sections, and representatives from all walks of life formed the "struggle narrator" to open each section.

Yu Ruofei, a representative of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the captain of the Gansu Blue Sky Rescue Team, told "Self-improving Us", "Moving China’s 2021 Person of the Year" Chen Beier told "We Walk Together", Huang Jialun, chairman of the Macao Patriotic Youth Education Association, shared "We Who Love Life", Tao Jianzhong, an aerospace expert, shared "We Who Dream of the Future", host Yang Lan showed "We Who Promote the National Style", and women’s volleyball world champion Zhang Changning showed "We Who Are Full of Youth". Their stories of struggle deeply moved every audience, and they bravely rushed to 2023 with a more passionate yearning for a better life!

As the "finishing touch" of each chapter, their struggle story also brings a more appropriate expression to the subsequent music.

For example, after Yu Ruofei shared his rescue story, Xue Zhiqian’s partner Guo Guanting sang the heart of the striver with a song "The Lone Brave", "Fight? Fight! With the humblest dream." Whether it is headwinds or desperate situations, you should strive to fight for yourself and your dreams.

Similarly, after Chen Bei’er shared her "infinite road", Alan Tam, Zhong Chuxi, Shan Yichun, and Zhang Chunye sang the firm determination of Hong Kong compatriots to stand with the motherland through thick and thin, and at the same time, it was in line with the hot event of the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, which immediately raised the whole party’s intention.

Struggle is the charm of rooted professionalism

Bringing together the top singers in the Chinese music industry, presenting "Good job"

In this dizzying music extravaganza, the singers all offered "good jobs", bringing a sense of surprise that was "unexpected and reasonable".

As soon as the party opened, INTO1 sang the magnificent rivers and mountains of the motherland with a song "Mountains and Rivers Map", opened the prelude "We who are rushing to the mountains and rivers", and painted the magnificent mountains and rivers with music. The final "We who are moving forward bravely" was performed by Liao Changyong and Sheng Mei’s affectionate song "Pilot", praising the new era and new journey, and drew a perfect end to the party. Echoing each other one by one, INTO1 sang together the strong voice of "Contemporary China, the country is magnificent, the people are heroic, and the future is great".

Sun Nan used the two classic old songs of "See You or Don’t Scatter" and "As Long as You’re Better Than Me" to sing the warm emotions of people watching each other and supporting each other; Xue Zhiqian brought songs such as "Countless" and "What Do You Want Me to Do", and "Xue’s Love Song" gave people a delicate and warm inner touch; Zhang Jie sang many songs such as "Ten Years of Countermeasure", "Whose Tears Are Flying + The Most Familiar Stranger", "White Dove Swan", "Dragon Roar", singing the courage of dream chasers to move forward and be firm and fearless; Zhou Shen joined hands with "Plum Blossom Award" winner Wang Danhong and more than 20 Peking Opera actors, and a "Light" showcased the beauty of the quintessence of the country; Tan Weiwei made a high-pitched note, from "If There Is Afterlife" to "Shanhai" to the classic folk songs of Yuefu "The Song of the Emperor" sings the heroic spirit of bravery and fearlessness.

There are more Wang Junkai through Weiya, from the flash bridge to the main stage, blood singing "Thousand Miles Return" "We Will Rock You", bringing a "heaven to earth" music journey, #Wang Junkai single-handed hanging Weiya #topic also instantly reached the top and continued to top the chart, ranking first in the main search list of Weibo, becoming the first "explosive" topic of all New Year’s Eve parties; modern brother Liu Yuning wearing ancient costumes singing "Looking for One You", Zhang Yifan in a brilliant white dress danced, like a touch of shock in a beautiful love picture scroll. Li Yuchun continued the zero-point finale, singing "internal organs" in a hollow heart-shaped device, singing his hope and love for life in a gentle voice.

"It sounds so good" "It’s too burning"… Litchi New Year’s Eve has captured the hearts of countless audiences. On the last night of 2022, she offered deep and innocent feelings, presenting the "two-way rush" of traditional opera and pop music, singing a common heart and full of hope.

Struggle is the courage to dare to try

Virtual technology empowers "New Year’s Eve assists"

In order to present a "fantastic, interesting, magical and beautiful" New Year’s Eve party, this year Jiangsu Satellite TV also used virtual technology to provide blessings for artistic effects, explore the meta-universe gameplay, and realize the MAX of technological power.

For example, when G.E.M. Deng Ziqi was performing "Gloria", a sea of Wang Yang suddenly appeared on both sides of the stage. G.E.M. Deng Ziqi stood in the middle of a blue water and sang softly, the picture was beautiful.

Zhang Liangying gently sang "At Any Time", a huge phantom appeared on the stage, and the VR painting broke through the dimensional wall.

When Tan Weiwei sang "If there is an afterlife", the audience’s favorite "Big Blue Whale" also made a dreamy appearance. I saw it break out of the screen, presenting mysterious and peculiar visual effects.

This concert has created digital people for many singers, presenting a perfect blend of real people, digital people, virtual scenes, and real stages on the screen.

When Zhou Shen sang "TRY", there were many Zhou Shen on the stage, or bowed his head in thought, or hesitated, or courageously moved forward, presenting excellent visual effects. The most representative is Wang Yuan. When he sang "New Boy + I Can Light the Torch by Myself", he and his digital people formed a "five-person band", some playing the piano, some beating the drum, and some singing, achieving the wonderful feeling of "one person is a band". #Five Wangyuan #also topped the hot search list, becoming another main list for Litchi New Year’s Eve.

It is not difficult to see from the hot search topics such as #Liu Yuning New Year’s Eve Magpie Bridge Stage #, #Xue Zhiqian New Year’s Eve Air Walking The Most Beautiful Overpass #, #Xue Zhiqian Zhang Liangying High-altitude Glass Bridge Stage is very acceptable #, etc. As the core visual element, "bridge" makes the stage shine. This year, Jiangsu Satellite TV broke the tradition of single-layer stage for New Year’s Eve, innovatively designed a three-dimensional structure of double-layer stage, and used a giant arch bridge to span the first-floor stage to form a three-dimensional spatial effect, leading the "Asian Top Show" to advance again.

From the results, the stage creativity also gave the audience a new visual experience. More than 20 groups of artists brought more than 50 performances that night, each show was tailor-made and carefully crafted, with the blessing of creative dance art and virtual technology, presenting excellent visual effects.

Everything in the past is a prelude. 2023 has arrived. The new year will continue to "light up happiness with struggle" and create miracles with struggle.