Japanese Liberal Democratic Party presidential election: Aso’s support is far ahead

  On September 10th, the presidential election of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan was announced, and five people, namely Taro Aso, yuriko koike, Shi Pomao, Kaoru Yosano and Nobuteru Ishihara, formally put forward their candidacy. The above five candidates held a joint reporter meeting at the LDP headquarters that afternoon to explain their political views. The picture shows Aso at the press conference. China News Agency issued Zhu Yanhua photo

  BEIJING, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) According to a survey conducted by Kyodo News as of the evening of the 10th, nearly half of the 387 LDP members in the Senate and the House of Representatives have supported Secretary-General Taro Aso, far ahead of the second economic and financial minister, Kaoru Yosano, who has only about 50 people.

  There are less than 30 members of Parliament who have clearly expressed their support for Nobuteru Ishihara, the president of the Political Consultative Conference, yuriko koike, and Shi Pomao, the former defense minister, and three of them are struggling. However, many Members have yet to show their attitude, and some people will change their minds temporarily, so there are still variables in the final result.

  Aso has won more than 60% support from the largest faction, the Machimura faction (88 people), and nearly half support from Tsushima (70 people), Koga (62 people) and Yamazaki (41 people). In addition, his own Aso faction (20 people), Ibuki faction (28 people), Second-order faction (16 people) and Takamura faction (15 people) basically consider supporting Aso, in addition to the support from some non-partisan members.

Editor: Lu Wei

Tiggo 8 PLUS Champion Edition officially launched.

(Reporter Zhao Dandan) On November 10th, the Tiggo 8 PLUS Champion Edition was officially launched. There are four versions of the new car, and the price is 124,900-145,900 yuan.

According to reports, the Tiggo 8 PLUS Champion Edition is positioned as a "5+2 luxury flagship SUV", with five product champions in power, safety, space, technology and quality, and has entered the medium-sized SUV market strongly.

In terms of power, the Tiggo 8 PLUS Champion Edition is equipped with the strongest product lineup of Kunpeng Power 1.6TGDI/2.0TGDI at the same level. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 6.8L, and the acceleration per 100 kilometers is 7 seconds, and the engine is guaranteed for life. In terms of safety, based on the C-NCAP five-star safety design, the ultra-high strength steel integrated cage body is adopted, and six Bentele ultra-high strength thermoformed steel sections and the third generation high strength steel are used as key parts; Equipped with L2 intelligent driving assistance system, including 540 high-definition panoramic image, full-speed ACC adaptive cruise system and many other functions, making driving easier, parking more convenient and driving safer. In terms of intelligent network connection, it is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 intelligent chip, which can realize fast startup in 2 seconds and smooth response in 30 milliseconds.

As the sales force of Chery, the Tiggo 8 champion family has not only won the love and support of 800,000 users around the world, but also exported to more than 80 countries and regions. It has also won 32 championships, 14 product honors and many overseas honors, becoming the champion of conquering the stadium, the world-renowned champion and the champion in the hearts of users. The official launch of the Tiggo 8 PLUS Champion Edition will further enrich the product matrix of the Tiggo 8 Champion Family and accelerate the "Champion Road" of the Tiggo 8 Family.

Q: The new M7 model will be released. How long will Huawei "build a car" window?

First financial news, AITO is speeding up the listing of new cars. Huawei Terminal announced on September 10th that it will release the new M7 five-seat car on September 12th. With the release of new cars, the matrix of AITO vehicles will include M5, M5 pure electric version, M5 intelligent driving version, M5 pure electric intelligent driving version, M7 and M7, and it is planned to release M9 in the fourth quarter.

AITO Wenjie is a brand jointly launched by Huawei and Cyrus. At present, there is a big gap between the sales volume of the industry and the new force of making cars on the head. As a representative of Huawei’s intelligent car selection model, Huawei urgently needs to prove its ability to ask for cars.

In August, the sales of nine new car-making forces, including Ai ‘an, Ideality, Weilai and Deep Blue, all exceeded 10,000, and the delivery volume of AITO was 5,018.

In the case of sluggish sales in the world, Huawei’s auto business has shown signs of being more enterprising recently. In addition to speeding up the listing of new cars, in June this year, Huawei also received 21 "Jiejie" trademarks, which was interpreted by the industry as that Huawei will have the leading role in Jiejie trademarks and become a unified brand name for Huawei’s smart car selection model in the future. In July, the "AITO Joint Working Group on Marketing and Service" set up by Cyrus Auto and Huawei began to be fully responsible for the end-to-end closed-loop management of marketing, sales, delivery, service and channels, marking the strengthening of cooperation between the two parties. From the perspective of products in the second half of the year, the new M7 and M9 models are undoubtedly the most concerned.

Cross-border sales are under pressure

Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, has previously revealed some information about the new M7 model. According to Weibo, the model has 3338mm interior space and 686L trunk volume. Yu Chengdong also highlighted the safety attributes of the new M7. In addition, the M9 full-size SUV will also be launched at the end of the year.

The launch of new cars is very important for the international community to boost sales. Since the beginning of this year, international sales have been under pressure. According to the production and sales data of Celestial, the sales of Celestial cars in July and August this year dropped by 45.69% and 67.52% year-on-year, which contributed to the year-on-year decline in sales in the first eight months of this year. The reporter learned from the Celestial Securities Department that in its production and sales express, the source of Celestial automobile sales is mainly from the world.

"In the first quarter, the promotion of the automobile industry caused users to have a wait-and-see mood. The user’s expectation that the M5 version will be released in the second quarter has a certain impact on the sales of existing models." Cyrus explained the reason for the decline in sales in the first half of the financial report.

AITO WeChat official account also stopped disclosing monthly delivery this year. According to the scattered data, AITO delivered 4,585 new cars in April this year, 5,629 in May and 5,018 in August, and there is no good news that the monthly delivery has exceeded 10,000. Compared with last August, the delivery volume of the industry exceeded 10,000 vehicles, reaching a peak of 12,000 vehicles in October.

According to the data of the Association, in the ranking of wholesale sales of new energy passenger cars in August this year, Sailis sold 5,018 vehicles, which did not rank among the 20, lagging behind the new car-making forces with monthly sales exceeding 10,000, such as Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an, Ideality, Weilai, Zero Run, Tucki and Nezha.

While the sales volume problem is anxious, Cyrus and Huawei have not tasted the sweetness in performance since the delivery. In 2022, thanks to the higher selling price of M5 and M7 and the increase in sales volume, the revenue of Cyrus doubled year-on-year. However, due to the increase in sales expenses and investment in R&D, the loss doubled year-on-year, reaching 3.832 billion yuan. In the first half of this year, Cyrus did not turn losses, and its revenue also decreased by 11.14% year-on-year.

It is also doubtful how much performance increment the car business can bring to Huawei. In 2022, Huawei’s smart car solution business revenue was 2.077 billion yuan, accounting for only 0.3% of the total revenue. If the cumulative investment of smart car solution BU is 3 billion US dollars, the business is still losing money. In the first half of this year, the smart car solution business revenue was 1 billion yuan, equivalent to half of last year’s annual revenue, and it seems to be standing still.

Yu Chengdong is under a lot of pressure whether it can bring the sales volume of the industry together and set a benchmark for Huawei’s car business. Since the beginning of this year, Yu Chengdong has been a frequent platform for the world, and its Weibo has twice mentioned that it has spent a lot of money on the new M7 model, saying that this model has "newly invested 100 million yuan to upgrade its interior and exterior" and "spent 500 million yuan to upgrade and build it". In July, Yu Chengdong warmed up the new M7 at the exchange meeting with distributors and suppliers, and in August, he appeared at Chengdu Station to promote the model.

Regarding the sales volume, Yu Chengdong previously responded that the sales volume is only the result of a certain development stage, and what is reflected behind it is actually the relationship with users. Due to lack of experience and experience, I took some detours. At this time, I need to give full play to my own advantages, be determined, and insist on making the ultimate products. Yu Chengdong revealed that in the face of external shocks, the company will speed up improvement, such as optimization in retail, service, delivery and other fields this year, and at the same time optimize the mechanism, increase unannounced visits to stores and other means to enhance the overall service capacity.

Adjustment of cooperative relationship

Since the beginning of this year, it has been frequently speculated that Huawei is devoting itself to building cars, and there are even rumors that Huawei BU wants to seek independence. The root cause of the rumors is that Huawei’s car business has not brought obvious increase and its development prospects are still unclear. In fact, outside Celeste, which has the deepest cooperation with Huawei, many car companies are considering cooperation with Huawei, and the cooperation relationship has undergone adjustment.

At present, the cooperation between Huawei and car companies is divided into three categories, namely vertical parts supply, HI(HuaweiInside) and Huawei Intelligent Selection. HI mode provides full-stack smart car solutions for car companies, and Huawei Intelligent Selection mode is deeply involved in product definition, styling design, marketing and user experience. The cooperation depth of these three models is from shallow to deep.

In the cooperation between car companies and technology manufacturers, who has the "soul" is a controversial issue, especially for Huawei, which has always been strong in product control, car companies will inevitably choose carefully. Some auto industry analysts told reporters that with the competition of new energy vehicles entering the second half, profits will gradually tilt towards electronicization and intelligence, and automakers are wary of cooperation with technology manufacturers.

In March this year, Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an AH8 project changed its HI cooperation mode with Huawei and changed it into a component supplier mode. AH8 will be independently developed by Ai ‘an. Some car companies have made two preparations. In April this year, the cooperation mode between BAIC Extreme Fox and Huawei changed from HI mode to intelligent car selection mode. At the same time, BAIC started its own research. At the end of August, Beiqi polar fox koala opened for pre-sale, and this model is positioned as the world’s first smart parent-child car. The reporter learned from Beiqi Blue Valley Securities Department that koala has no cooperation with Huawei. In addition, Chery, Jianghuai and Huawei have cooperated in car selection. Among them, Chery and Huawei have jointly launched a number of smart electric vehicles, and Chery is also developing an independent new energy brand iCAR.

Huawei is aware of the challenges it faces. At the "China Electric Vehicle committee of 100 Forum 2023" in April this year, Yu Chengdong said frankly that among domestic partners, new forces are unlikely to choose Huawei intellectually, international giants will not choose it for some reason, and traditional car companies will not choose it if they are afraid of losing their souls, which makes Huawei face great challenges.

Even in the face of the dynamic adjustment of the cooperative relationship with car companies, in recent years, when Huawei emphasized the stability of cash flow and gave up heavy assets to enter the automobile production, Huawei still responded many times and denied the path of building cars independently. At the beginning of this year, Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of HUAWEI, issued a decision announcement, stressing that "Huawei" or "Huawei" should not be used in vehicle promotion and appearance, and the time limit of "Huawei does not build cars" should be extended by five years.

Under this circumstance, in the limited cooperation with car companies, how Huawei can achieve the maximum benefit and the most ideal commercialization goal has become a core issue. In August, it was reported that Huawei made strategic adjustments to its BU business to reduce investment in non-core business and put money to the cutting edge. However, Huawei officials did not respond to this news.

In terms of business strategy, in the foreseeable time, the high probability of asking the world will still be the most important force point of Huawei’s car business. The new M7 and M9, which will be released on the 12th, will become the biggest concern of the international community in the second half of the year.

Original title: Q will release the new M7 model. How long will Huawei "build a car" window?

BYD’s "Deluxe Tang" spy photos are exposed! Will it be released within the year and sold for 300,000?

According to the plan, three new cars will be launched this year, including a medium-sized SUV and a medium-sized SUV, in addition to the pre-sale D9. Recently, Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Tengshi Sales Division, has also started to preheat medium-sized SUVs on his personal social platform, and the new car is positioned as a luxury and fashionable five-seat SUV. The online auto market has obtained a set of road test spy photos of Tengshi X. The new car is not excluded as a shell test car of a new medium-sized SUV, and will replace the existing Tengshi X in the future. With reference to Tengshi’s pricing strategy, it is estimated that the starting price of the new car may be around 300,000 yuan.

The first shot of price reduction after the Spring Festival! BYD Qin entered the price range of 70,000 yuan

ten past six p.m.[The first shot of price reduction after the Spring Festival! BYD Qin entered the price range of 70,000 yuan] On February 18th, Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD Co., Ltd., said at the Guangdong High-quality Development Conference: "At present, the transformation of the automobile industry has entered the deep water area, and the electrification transformation continues to drive in the fast lane, and the intelligent transformation begins to shift gears to speed up. The development of new energy vehicles will only run faster and faster, and will not give us the opportunity to stop, slow down and catch our breath. "

One day later, BYD announced the launch of two models, Qin PLUS Glory Edition and Destroyer 05 Glory Edition, and the starting price dropped to 79,800 yuan. It is worth mentioning that in February, 2023, a year ago, BYD and Tesla both launched a price war, among which Qin PLUS DM-i version reduced the price to less than 100,000 for the first time. The price offensive also made Qin PLUS the best-selling product in China A-class car market in 2023, with cumulative sales exceeding 400,000 vehicles last year.

After this price reduction, the starting version of Qin PLUS Glory Edition has created a new low in the price of plug-in hybrid cars of the same level in the industry, which is close to the price of joint venture and independent fuel cars such as Buick and Changan. The reporter also learned that BYD’s price cuts have attracted close attention in the industry, and many car companies are studying countermeasures, and it is not ruled out that they will follow up the price cuts.


BYD’s pure electric and hybrid vehicles are listed at a price of 215,800 yuan.

The new Han DM-i/DM-p is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system based on a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 102kW and a maximum torque of 231N m.. Han DM-i is equipped with two kinds of battery packs with different capacities, which are 18.3/37.5kWh respectively, corresponding to NEDC operating range of 121/242km and average fuel consumption of 4.2/4.5L per 100 km under power failure. The 0-100km/h acceleration of Han DM-p vehicle is 3.7s, the pure electric cruising range of NEDC is 202km, and the average fuel consumption per 100km is 5.2L in the state of power failure.

Central control three screens Haval Xiaolong MAX interior spy photos exposure

  [car home domestic spy photos] Recently, we got a set of interior spy photos of Haval’s brand-new plug-in hybrid SUV "(|)" from netizens. From the photos, we can see that this car will have three central control screens, and its configuration and sense of technology are very good.

  Friendly reminder:I hope enthusiastic netizens can photograph the spy photos of your new car and send them to our corresponding mailbox: diezhao@autohome.com.cn. I look forward to your letter and become a member of the "spy".

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The interior of this car is photographed in black and white, and the overall look is quite simple and refreshing. And as can be seen from the picture, there is a huge screen on the center console, which we expect will bring a good entertainment experience to the co-pilot position.

Home of the car

 Below the center console, the physical buttons of new cars are mainly concentrated here, and the number is also small, which is consistent with the design trend of "big screen, few buttons" of current models. In addition, you can also see two mobile phone wireless charging areas. Similarly, according to the current trend, these two charging panels may support 50 watts of wireless fast charging.

Home of the car

  When you come to the back row, you can see that there is an air conditioning air outlet in the back row of the car, but it is not a version with adjustable independent temperature zone, and a USB charging interface configuration will be placed under the air outlet. In addition, judging from the pictures taken, the performance of the rear space of the car should also be good, and the floor is relatively flat.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  According to the declaration map we obtained from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the design of the new car is different from that of the current Haval model. The 7-shaped headlights are very unique, with a borderless front grille, which highlights the sense of technology. In addition, the new car has a more wild front face to choose from, and the style is more changeable. In terms of body size, the length/width/height of the new car are 4758(4771)/1895/1725mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2800mm, or it is positioned as a medium-sized SUV.

  In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 1.5L engine and a motor, in which the maximum power of the engine is 85kW. The battery is the ternary lithium battery of Guoxuan Hi-Tech. From the tail mark, the new car or lemon DHT technology equipped with the Great Wall is expected to have a good performance in fuel consumption. We will continue to pay attention to more news about the new car. (Text/car home Luo Aoyu)

The overbearing president personally tested "NOA without a picture". Manager Wei: What I played was real!

Great Wall Motor has also begun to exert its "intelligent driving". As soon as it started, it was directly the chairman of Great Wall Motor, Wei Jianjun, who was overbearing, who personally tested the "NOA without a full picture". Great courage, direct is the whole live broadcast, no rehearsal, no editing, no filter, manager Wei: I play is real! When Mr. Wei was asked by the host: What if the live broadcast overturned? Mr. Wei calmly replied: The Internet is real, and we will actively face the rollover. Be sure to show the most authentic side of NOA’s capability boundary of the Great Wall city without map directly to the audience and let netizens evaluate it. The whole one-hour live broadcast, except for the manual takeover, was "zero takeover". Baoding represents the complex and changeable road conditions in the second and third tier cities of China, and the traffic environment is full of challenges, from the complex "six-way intersection" to the narrow streets, which puts a severe test on every movement of the intelligent driving system. The road sections include the main urban area with spacious roads in Baoding, the old city of Governor’s Office in Zhili, Baoding, Jianguo Road in Barbecue Street, and Liucha Road (the intersection of six roads with road repair), and the scenes include unexpected scenes such as unprotected left turn, automatic lane change, automatic brain repair of lane-free lines, pedestrians crossing vehicles, road rights game at complicated intersections where people and vehicles are mixed, etc., and basically include all the scenes that can be covered, including some long tail scenes. Finally, congratulations on the successful end of the live broadcast of the Great Wall’s "NOA without Pictures" and no rollover. As Wei Jianjun himself said: The Great Wall company is still relatively traditional, and it is not easy for us to say what has not been accomplished. If it is done, let the netizens evaluate it.

During the live broadcast, Chairman Wei Jianjun said: "Car safety is no small matter, and safety always comes first. We must have a more serious attitude, be more fully prepared, dare to challenge complex scenes, can’t treat users as mice, and make users feel more at ease. "

Traffic light recognition and intersection turning: accurate recognition and safe passage

The NOA of Great Wall Motor can accurately identify standard traffic lights and various non-standard traffic lights to ensure safe and reliable traffic at various intersections. The farthest recognition distance of the system reaches 150 meters. Whether it is a standard intersection or a special intersection, the success rate of steering exceeds 95%, so that vehicles can pass safely and smoothly in a complex mixed-flow environment.

Obstacle identification and flexible detour: reasonable obstacle avoidance and flexible detour.

The NOA of Great Wall Motor can not only accurately identify static obstacles, such as cone barrels and construction iron fence, but also accurately identify dynamic obstacles, such as pedestrians and non-motor vehicles. The system can flexibly adjust the driving route according to the different obstacles identified and combined with the real-time traffic conditions, and the bypass action is smooth and stable, which improves the driving safety.

Full scene lane change and lane line management: smooth merging and smooth driving.

NOA, the full scene of Great Wall Motor, provides comprehensive lane-changing support, which can realize efficient and safe lane-changing operation, with a lane-changing success rate of 98%, and can effectively reduce the risk of congestion in congested sections. In addition, even in the road section without lane lines, the system can make the vehicle run stably with its powerful lane line simulation ability.

Defining Future Driving: Intelligent Evolution from Rules to Data

The "brain" of NOA in the whole scene of Great Wall Motor originates from the SEE integrated intelligent driving model of Great Wall Motor, which realizes the link integration of perception and decision-making, and realizes the transformation from rule-driven to data-driven. The core value of the SEE integrated intelligent driving model revolves around three points: Safety, Efficiency and Experienced. SEE can constantly learn and adapt to the new driving environment, accurately deal with complex road conditions, improve driving efficiency and comfort, and truly realize the driving experience of "seeing things, seeing the road clearly and understanding people".

Great Wall Motor dared to face the public directly, and the live test of the whole scene NOA challenged the difficult road conditions, showing the industry-leading intelligent driving level to the outside world. At the same time, as Chairman Wei Jianjun emphasized, Great Wall Motor adheres to the safety bottom line, treats every technological innovation with a serious and pragmatic attitude, and brings a safe, convenient and humanized intelligent driving experience to every user.

Headlines of cars

March in the spring is the best benefit of spring. Recently, Cheshang Moment was informed that as the first brand of high-end new energy vehicles in central enterprises, Lantu Automobile and Wuhan Wenlv cooperated with each other to provide 60 new executive electric flagship cars, Lantu Chasing Light, and provided free connection service for friends who came to Wuhan from other places. The unique "romantic meeting room in Wuhan" experience of the flagship car made their trip to Wuhan more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable.

Lantu Automobile has come up with the best products and services, warmly waiting for travel and helping Wuhan’s urban development. This is a social responsibility and responsibility that central enterprises should have. During the activity, 60 "special cherry blossom viewing drivers" will provide free connection service for foreign tourists around the fixed circular route "Yellow Crane Tower (fixed connection point) → Wuhan University (temporary stop point) → Liyuan Square (temporary stop point) → Hankou River Beach (fixed connection point) → Yellow Crane Tower (fixed connection point)" every day. Passengers do not need to make an appointment, wave and stop, take a free ride, and enjoy the scenic spots and cherry blossom resorts in Wuhan. Signs of "free ride for foreign tourists" are printed on both sides of the car body and the rear window, and two signs of "welcome to ride" and "existing passengers" are set on the front window of the car to facilitate tourists to identify the boarding status. The car also prepared a hand gift for tourists, making this city courtesy more unique.

The new executive electric flagship sedan Lantu pursues light, and the four seats are equipped with ventilation, heating and massage functions as standard, which can well relax the fatigue after the violent walk. Four-zone intelligent air conditioner, voice control four-zone temperature, real-time warm self-knowledge. Intelligent four-wheel drive, equipped with a million-level predictable magic carpet all-aluminum chassis, can adjust the damping force of the shock absorber in real time, and can have a silky driving experience regardless of acceleration, turning or bumpy road conditions. The longest battery life at the same level is 262km, and visitors can "see all the flowers in Wuhan in one day".

To create the ultimate products and empower a better life, Lantu Automobile always takes "warm heart technology" as its technical philosophy, and continues to carry out scientific and technological innovation to bring users a leapfrog experience. Whenever there is a big event, you must choose the map. Up to now, Lantu Chasing Light has successively helped dozens of heavyweight events to be successfully held. Phoenix. com reported that the two national conferences in 2024 designated guest cars, and the only official designated cars helped China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference, China Entrepreneur Boao Forum, China Film China Watch Award and other large conferences or celebrations. Leap-forward luxury configuration experience, wide and long-axis back row "meeting room" is the highest travel courtesy for receiving foreign tourists in Wuhan, and it is also the highest travel scene for Lantu to chase the light.

Since its birth, Lantu Automobile has run out of the "Lantu Speed" that amazed the industry, achieving three cars in three years and three categories in three years. The core technology is self-developed and controllable in the whole stack, sailing to many countries, and its development potential is strong. Lantu Automobile will guard every courtier who comes to Wuhan 24 hours a day to provide users with high-quality, thoughtful and caring services. At the same time, Lantu Zhuiguang Online Store also prepared a romantic test drive ceremony for guests and friends, and participated in the test drive activities to win a beautiful and romantic test drive gift.

Xiaomi responded!

The following article comes from Red Star Capital Bureau, and the author is Qiang Yaxi.

Hongxing Capital Bureau.

Truth creates value.

The Red Star Capital Bureau reported on May 14th that there was a rumor recently that "Xiaomi Wuhan Headquarters announced that it would lay off 90% of its employees over the age of 35". In response, Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group (01810.HK), responded through Weibo, calling the information a rumor.

The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that on social platforms such as Weibo, some netizens posted: "The second headquarters of a certain meter in Wuhan officially announced that 90% of employees over 35 years old will be laid off." This statement caused heated public opinion, and some netizens speculated that it was Xiaomi Group that was mentioned in the article.

The picture is from the Weibo platform.

Regarding the above rumors, at noon on May 14th, Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi Group’s public relations department, responded to the matter through Weibo. He said that last night, information about employees over the age of 35 in our Wuhan headquarters only kept 10% appeared on social media platforms, which were all rumors after investigation. Now the legal department of the company has obtained relevant information and reported it to the relevant departments.

The picture is from the Weibo platform.

According to public information, Xiaomi currently has two headquarters in Beijing and Wuhan, and its Wuhan headquarters is located in Optics Valley, with a total construction area of about 52,000 square meters and a total investment of 340 million yuan.

In November 2017, Xiaomi Group, Jinshan Software and Shunwei Capital announced that they would settle their second headquarters in Wuhan, which was officially opened in December 2019.

source map

According to Chutian Metropolis Daily, at the opening ceremony in December 2019, Liu Guojun, general manager of Xiaomi Wuhan Headquarters, said that Wuhan Headquarters will be the new home of employees of Xiaomi, Jinshan and Shunwei Capital engaged in core businesses such as AIoT, big data, cloud services, e-commerce, new retail, office software, overseas R&D and financial investment. Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi Group, said that in the next decade, he hopes to build Wuhan into a super-large R&D headquarters of Xiaomi and a technical highland in the era of artificial intelligence. His goal for Wuhan headquarters is to accommodate 10,000 employees in the future.

Previously, Xiaomi Group released the annual performance announcement for 2022. In 2022, the total revenue was 280 billion yuan, down 14.7% year-on-year, and the adjusted net profit was 8.5 billion yuan, down 61.4% year-on-year. Its smartphone business, which accounts for half of the company’s total revenue in 2022, was 167.2 billion yuan, down 19.9% year-on-year, accounting for 59.7% of the total revenue.

Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star Journalist Qiang Yaxi

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