Japanese Liberal Democratic Party presidential election: Aso’s support is far ahead

  On September 10th, the presidential election of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan was announced, and five people, namely Taro Aso, yuriko koike, Shi Pomao, Kaoru Yosano and Nobuteru Ishihara, formally put forward their candidacy. The above five candidates held a joint reporter meeting at the LDP headquarters that afternoon to explain their political views. The picture shows Aso at the press conference. China News Agency issued Zhu Yanhua photo

  BEIJING, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) According to a survey conducted by Kyodo News as of the evening of the 10th, nearly half of the 387 LDP members in the Senate and the House of Representatives have supported Secretary-General Taro Aso, far ahead of the second economic and financial minister, Kaoru Yosano, who has only about 50 people.

  There are less than 30 members of Parliament who have clearly expressed their support for Nobuteru Ishihara, the president of the Political Consultative Conference, yuriko koike, and Shi Pomao, the former defense minister, and three of them are struggling. However, many Members have yet to show their attitude, and some people will change their minds temporarily, so there are still variables in the final result.

  Aso has won more than 60% support from the largest faction, the Machimura faction (88 people), and nearly half support from Tsushima (70 people), Koga (62 people) and Yamazaki (41 people). In addition, his own Aso faction (20 people), Ibuki faction (28 people), Second-order faction (16 people) and Takamura faction (15 people) basically consider supporting Aso, in addition to the support from some non-partisan members.

Editor: Lu Wei

The new BYD Tang EV is on the market, with a price of 279,800.

On June 1, 2022, the new BYD Tang (parameter picture) EV was officially launched, with a price of 279,800. See the table below for details. The new BYD Tang EV is a mid-term modified model. The front face of the new car adopts the front face of BYD Dynasty electric family, and it is changed into a closed shape, which gives people a fresher feeling. BYD Tang EV is currently BYD’s flagship SUV model. After the mid-term change, the new car will come standard with 7 seats, and it can be upgraded with 6 seats for 10,000 yuan.

We can see that the price range of the new BYD Tang EV is 27.98-33.98 million yuan. The new car has three configurations to choose from, namely, the 600-kilometer battery life exclusive type, the 730-kilometer battery life exclusive type and the 635-kilometer battery life four-wheel drive flagship type. It has two kinds of blade batteries to choose from.

If the first generation of BYD Tang stands firm with the strength of "road tank", then the second generation of Tang has added the item of face value on the basis of strength, and its appearance is really reasonable, even before the mid-term change. The biggest change in the appearance of the new BYD Tang EV is its front face, which adopts a closed design, with only an air inlet below and a silver diversion shovel at the bottom. The top half of the front face of the new car adopts a very layered design, with a wide silver decoration at the top and its Chinese logo in the middle. The whole front face has a strong gas field.

There is no change in the side of the new Tang EV, but it can play well, with a suspended roof and a black painting style for the D-pillar. The side of the new car body has a sharp waistline, and its black wheel eyebrows are very delicate. The side of the body of the new Tang EV is very eye-catching, fashionable and sporty as a whole.

In the rear part of the car, the new car has a layered design. It has a penetrating taillight group. The taillight is three-dimensional and prominent. Although it is simple, it looks very atmospheric, and the lower part of the tail has a groove design. The part surrounded by the bottom of the new car is also very delicate, and the two ends are shaped like weapons.

In the interior, the new car adopts a family style, with a two-piece steering wheel, which is very atmospheric. The central control large screen of the new car is suspended and rotatable, and there are obvious atmosphere lights on the center console, which are interspersed on the panel. In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with a Dana stereo, and the front seats support heating, ventilation and massage. In terms of power, the 600 km exclusive model of the new car is equipped with a motor with an output of 228 horsepower; The 730 km exclusive model is equipped with a 245 HP motor; The 635km four-wheel drive flagship is equipped with a 180kW+200kW motor, which accelerates for 4.4 seconds in 100km. In terms of battery, the 635km four-wheel drive model and the 730km exclusive model of the new car use 108.8kWh blade battery, while the battery capacity of the 630km exclusive model is smaller.

Wen Jie Xin M7 belt explodes Cyrus.

Zebra consumption model construction

Huawei’s energy is once again reflected in the new M7 and Cyrus.

After the 11-day holiday, the stock price of Celeste has been trading daily for two consecutive trading days, and its market value has once again stood at 100 billion.

At present, the question before Cyrus is, how to maintain stable sales after the release of the new M7? In the longer term, it is the overall profitability of the company.


Old bottle and new wine

Since the beginning of this year, due to the continuous sluggish sales of the series of cars in the world, the share price of Sailis (601127.SH) has generally fallen sharply, and once fell to a low of 24.75 yuan on June 8. After that, it briefly bottomed out and then continued to fall sharply.

Until September 12th, the new M7 series in the world was officially listed, which finally added a fire to Celeste. On September 14th and 18th, the company’s share price successively won two daily limit boards. And on September 28, the last trading day before the 11 th holiday, another daily limit was used to close the first three quarters.

The new M7 is really attractive to users in terms of both product and price. On the basis of the original 6-seat version, it adds 5-seat versions, giving users more choices.

Huawei said that it has invested 500 million yuan for the new M7, and has upgraded its safety, intelligence and battery life. The functions of seat ventilation, heating, etc., which were only available on the old M7 models, have become standard in all new models.

Information from all sides shows that the new M7 is sincere to users.

More importantly, while upgrading the product and configuration, the price is cheaper than the old one. There are five configurations of the new M7 in Wenjie, with a guide price of 249,800-329,800 yuan. The starting price is lowered by 40,000 yuan compared with the old M7, and with the limited time discount of 6,000 yuan, the entry threshold becomes lower.

Then, at a time when new energy automobile products are constantly innovating and choosing more diversification, will users pay for the new M7?

As soon as the 11-day holiday was closed, Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s managing director, terminal BG CEO and chairman of smart car solutions, couldn’t wait to report good news to the outside world: "The new M7 in the world was set to hit a new high of 7,000 units on October 6; It has only been listed for 25 days, and the cumulative number has exceeded 50,000 units. "

Stimulated by this, after the holiday, A shares opened for trading, and Cyrus’ share price went up for two consecutive trading days. The company had to make an emergency announcement and give a risk warning.

It is understood that since August 28 this year, Sailis shares have increased by 110.42%. In the same period, Shenwan Automobile Index has increased by 7.28% and Shanghai Composite Index has increased by 0.36%. In fact, the company’s fundamentals have not changed significantly, so there is an obvious risk of overheating market sentiment.


(of a doctor) bring the dying back to life

Asked about the hot sale of the new M7 in the world, Yu Chengdong couldn’t help sighing in his circle of friends that "it’s not easy to come back to life!"

In the past, Xiaokang Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Seles) spent several years developing a new energy vehicle, named SERES Seles. In April 2019, Cyrus made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show, and many people didn’t know who it was.

The following year, Sellers’ first SUV model SF5 went on the market in mass production, and only 732 vehicles were sold in the whole year.

At this time, Huawei appeared, pointing out a new path for Cyrus to build a car together.

With Huawei’s blessing, it instantly became radiant. In 2022, the product was officially released by AITO, and after deep binding with Huawei, it became the fastest growing brand of new energy vehicles.

At the beginning of the release of AITO, it set a proud record of delivering more than 10,000 vehicles for several months in a row, and delivered 75,000 vehicles in 2022.

However, since the beginning of this year, the glory of the world of inquiry has ceased.

According to the production and sales report disclosed by Sailis, in the first half of this year, the cumulative sales of Sailis Automobile (actually a series of models) was only 25,800. Among them, the sales volume of M7 is extremely bleak. According to the data of car home, the monthly sales volume of M7 has been less than 1,000 vehicles since April this year, and it was as low as 432 vehicles in June this year.

The reasons for asking the world to go away are very complicated. Tesla cut prices at the beginning of the year to compete for the market, which triggered a new wave of price cuts for new energy vehicles, which is one of the important reasons.

In the early days, the HarmonyOS cockpit carried by the asking world really won a wave of goodwill from users. However, with the increase of users and the extension of actual use time, many users find that the product strength of the world is not as strong as expected.

The outside world has always had doubts about who AITO belongs to. At the beginning of March this year, the brand official once changed the "AITO asking the world" in the relevant promotional materials to "HUAWEI asking the world", but it was quickly changed back and slapped itself, which further aggravated users’ doubts.

It is in the context of the continuous collapse of sales volume that the press launched the new M7, hoping to make a turnaround.


Sustained loss

Formerly known as Xiaokang Co., Ltd., Cyrus used to produce mini commercial vehicles and low-end SUVs of Dongfeng Scenery brand, and its main target users were concentrated in low-tier cities.

In the era of traditional fuel vehicles, the company’s business is not sexy, and the market attention is not high, but with its leading position in the segmentation field, the small life is still good.

In 2016, the company launched the first SUV Scenery 580, with sales exceeding 10,000 for five consecutive months. The following year, the total sales volume of the company’s SUV reached 188,600 units, which directly promoted the annual sales volume of the whole vehicle to reach the peak sales volume of 404,200 units.

It was this year that the company’s operating income exceeded 20 billion yuan, and the net profit returned to the mother also achieved the best performance in history of 725 million yuan.

However, Xiaokang shares only caught up with the brilliant last bus of fuel passenger cars. Soon, the growth rate of passenger car market in China declined to negative growth, competition shifted from incremental to stock era, resources were further concentrated in the head car enterprises, and small and medium-sized car enterprises struggled to survive.

Zhang Xinghai, the head of the company, has a forward-looking strategic vision. Under his leadership, Xiaokang invested and established SF MOTORS in the United States as early as the beginning of 2016 to build new energy vehicles.

Helpless, the car was built and could not be sold. Until the emergence of Huawei. In 2021, the company changed its name, demonstrating the determination of strategic transformation.

Cooperating with Huawei to build a car, not only the products sold well, but also the company’s share price soared due to the blessing of Huawei concept. In June last year, it once reached a historical high of 90.50 yuan, and its market value exceeded 100 billion.

With the increase of product sales, the company’s operating income has increased significantly. From 14.30 billion yuan in 2020 to 34.10 billion yuan in 2022, the loss also further increased, from-1.729 billion yuan to-3.832 billion yuan.

In the first half of this year, the company’s growth momentum came to an abrupt end, and its operating income fell by 11.14% year-on-year to 11.03 billion yuan, and it continued to lose 1.344 billion yuan.

Is the cloud -C system really so magical? I understand after trying the new BYD Han/Tang!

On April 22nd, BYD Tang EV Glory Edition, Tang DM-p Glory Edition and Tang DM-P Ares Edition were officially announced for listing, with the price range of 219,800-269,800 yuan. In view of the new car listed this time, in addition to the substantial adjustment in price, its core upgrade highlight is that the whole system comes standard with Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system.

I believe everyone will be familiar with this system. After all, since BYD launched this full-stack self-developed intelligent body control system last year, it has always been the focus of consumers’ attention. According to the official statement, the products equipped with this system will be significantly improved in comfort and handling, but what will the actual product performance be?

Today, we also read it for everyone through a venue test drive.

On the hardware level, Yunnian -C is actually an entry scheme in the whole system, and its structure is relatively simple, mainly composed of acceleration sensor, suspension height sensor, electric shock absorber and intelligent calculation center. Its working logic is that the intelligent calculation center senses the dynamics of the car body in real time through the sensors on the car and adjusts the damping of the electric shock absorber synchronously, so as to improve the comfort and maneuverability of the whole car.

Like this venue experience activity, it is mainly divided into the devil’s rotten road challenge (simulating urban and outdoor off-road road conditions, highlighting product comfort) and the extreme dynamic challenge (accelerating rapidly, braking, winding piles, etc., highlighting product handling performance).

The first project is mainly aimed at BYD Tang, and the simulation lane also includes the most common regular/irregular speed bumps, washboards and potholes, as well as cobblestone roads, climbing and cross-axis road conditions in off-road conditions. Generally speaking, the experience project is also very comprehensive.

Although this Yunqi -C system is only the most elementary version, it is still quite obvious for the dynamic improvement of the whole vehicle. For example, when the road bumps continuously, the system will adopt the control strategy of high frequency and small damping, which will make the suspension system more "soft" and effectively alleviate the impact feeling transmitted from the road to the car. According to the official, Yunqi -C is realized under the condition of continuous vibration of the road at 60 km/h.

Due to the information collection and analysis data and damping adjustment related to road conditions and car body dynamics, it can be found that the response speed of this system is about 1 second, so when you experience the continuous bumpy road, you can clearly perceive the vibration changes in the car, which can really improve the comfort of the whole car.

Thanks to the excellent performance of BYD Tang itself, its passability under simulated off-road conditions is also commendable. It is worth mentioning that the DM-P Ares version of BYD Tang has a rear axle differential lock, which will perform better under off-road conditions than the ordinary version of Tang DM-P.

The other project is the extreme dynamic challenge, and its challenger is naturally handed over to BYD Han, but the difference is that BYD Han can directly adjust the mode, steering strength and braking feedback mode of Yunqi -C through the locomotive system, with higher freedom.

According to the official data, the pitch angle can be reduced by 9.36% in the full throttle acceleration test, 40.91% in the braking test and 28.3% in the pitch angular velocity after the same model is turned on. In the 65 km/h test around the pile, the peak steering angle of the steering wheel decreased from 40.04 degrees to 36.23 degrees, and in the 100 km/h double-lane test, the car body roll angle speed decreased from 19.88 degrees/s to 11.99 degrees/s. Of course, these data all mean a significant improvement in comfort and stability.

In the actual experience, it can also be found that under intense driving, the suspension can restrain the pitching and rolling of the car body in place. Even if the center of gravity shifts continuously, the car body can always maintain a relatively stable posture, giving the driver full confidence.

The successive promotion of the glory edition of Han/Tang Dynasty has given enough sincerity in product technology, configuration and price. With the blessing of Yunnian -C system, the overall performance of the new car has also been significantly improved, and its competitiveness has also gone further. Through the sales data, we can also find that the double car handed over 34,000 vehicles in March, which shows that they have a very high popularity.

BYD’s "Deluxe Tang" spy photos are exposed! Will it be released within the year and sold for 300,000?

According to the plan, three new cars will be launched this year, including a medium-sized SUV and a medium-sized SUV, in addition to the pre-sale D9. Recently, Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Tengshi Sales Division, has also started to preheat medium-sized SUVs on his personal social platform, and the new car is positioned as a luxury and fashionable five-seat SUV. The online auto market has obtained a set of road test spy photos of Tengshi X. The new car is not excluded as a shell test car of a new medium-sized SUV, and will replace the existing Tengshi X in the future. With reference to Tengshi’s pricing strategy, it is estimated that the starting price of the new car may be around 300,000 yuan.

Five forces at the same time: explore the best cost performance! Revealing Five Popular Redmi K Series Mobile Phones

The following are my opinions on several popular millet K series:

First, let’s take a look at Xiaomi (MI) Extreme Edition. This mobile phone is equipped with top-class Tianji 9200+ processor and independent display chip X7, which provides excellent running speed and image quality. With the combination of 1.5K direct screen and large storage capacity, it is an ideal choice for gamers. It is worth noting that this mobile phone has sold more than 5,000 units in the past month, showing strong market competitiveness.

Next, we will introduce the new mobile phone of Xiaomi Redmi K50 Pro 5G. With a 2K flexible straight screen and an oversized 12GB RAM+256GB ROM configuration, this device is first-class in visual effect and performance. The 100-megapixel rear camera and 20-megapixel front lens can meet the professional needs of photographers. At the same time, the fast charging function above 120W makes the power supply quick and convenient. In order to ensure a long-term and stable working environment, the mobile phone also uses a three-dimensional cooling solution.

Then let’s take a look at Xiaomi Redmi Redmi K60. As a brand-new 5G mobile phone, it features ink feather color matching and is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, so its strength cannot be underestimated. It is worth mentioning that this mobile phone introduces liquid cooling technology, which can maintain good performance even in the face of high temperature. In addition, the 5000mAh battery with 30W wireless charging fully solves the user’s electricity anxiety problem.

Let’s pay attention to Xiaomi Redmi Redmi K60E again. Although there are some differences compared with the first two models, such as lack of liquid cooling technology and eye protection certification, the performance in other aspects is still remarkable. For example, it still continues the ink feather color matching, and its internal configuration has reached the standard of 12GB RAM+512GB ROM.

Finally, I want to mention the "quick spot" Xiaomi Redmi Redmi K50 Extreme Edition Ultra 5G mobile phone. The biggest selling point of this mobile phone is undoubtedly its luxurious hardware configuration: a large memory combination of 12GB RAM+512GB ROM and a 100-megapixel main camera, so that users don’t have to worry about being stuck or blurred when operating. More surprisingly, it also supports high-speed charging of 120-150W, which greatly reduces the time required for charging. To sum up, these products are quite competitive in the market. No matter whether you pay attention to performance or long-lasting battery life, you can always find your favorite choice.


The following are my opinions on several popular Xiaomi Redmi K series mobile phones: First, let’s take a look at Xiaomi MI)Redmi K60 Extreme Edition. This mobile phone is equipped with top-class Tianji 9200+ processor and independent display chip X7, which provides excellent running speed and image quality. With the combination of 1.5K direct screen and large storage capacity, it is an ideal choice for gamers. It is worth noting that, …

I won the 2021 Beijing Benz E300L E260L.

At the beginning of March, the domestic long-wheelbase version released 2021 redesigned models, only six months after the release of 2021 mid-term redesigned products in September 2020. The new product cancels the 1.5T+48V light hybrid power of the previously controversial E260L model, adopts a 2.0T low-power engine +48V light hybrid system, and completely removes the "small displacement" hat. The price range of 10 models is 43.99-562,900 yuan. The new car still offers two styles, the standard version and the sports version, and there is also a certain upgrade in configuration. Recently, we took a real shot of the 2021 modified 00L sports luxury model (hereinafter referred to) in Daxing, Baoan, Shenzhen, to see the specific changes.

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment
Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

New car features:  

First, the mid-term change model will be changed again in the year, and the appearance will continue to be standard and sporty.

Second, the carriage adopts the classic layout of double 12.3-inch continuous screen, and the sense of luxury atmosphere is the strongest in its class.

Third, E260L model cancels the 1.5T+48V light mixing system and replaces it with a 2.0T low-power engine +48V light mixing system.

Four, 00L fashion increase the whole car keyless entry, electric trunk and induction trunk.

V. The driver assistance enhancement kit including adaptive cruise is added to the 00L distinguished model.

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The 2021 E-class itself is a mid-term product, and its appearance has changed greatly. As an annual redesigned model, the appearance and interior are not the key points. The configuration and power of some models are mainly adjusted to achieve the purpose of increasing distribution and enhancing competitiveness. Still provide a standard and sporty double-style appearance. In terms of color, the new car only offers two color schemes, Obsidian Black and Arctic White, which is not personalized enough.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The front face still provides standard and sporty double-style modeling, the sports version adds a sports kit, and the flat middle net is decorated with a complex grille, which matches the huge round LOGO;; The standard version fills the net with multi-spoke trims, and the LOGO stands above the hood. The two versions bring different visual effects and are suitable for users of different ages.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The headlights have been redesigned, and the original dual-spoke LED daytime running light has been changed into a brush with a folded corner in calligraphy, which is as close as possible to the latest family style. The high-profile models are also equipped with geometric multi-beam LED light sources, which have more intelligent effects. The side cheeks are not equipped with front fog lights, and the sports version adopts a more exaggerated double-spoke diversion groove shape, which looks a lot of spirit.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The body size has not changed, the length, width and height are still 5078/1860/1480mm (1490mm for four-wheel drive version) and the wheelbase is 3079 mm. Compared with the main competing products at the same level, it has no size advantage and the overall performance is moderate.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The exterior rearview mirror is decorated in black, and the shell is integrated with LED side turn light and side camera. Except E260L model (reversing image), it is equipped with 360 panoramic images, and the display screen is very clear. The E300L model also comes standard with electric adjustment, folding, memory, heating, automatic reverse rollover, automatic lock folding and automatic anti-glare functions, while the E260L model lacks memory, automatic reverse rollover and automatic anti-glare.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The door handle with the same color on the body is decorated with chrome, and the keyless entry function of the whole vehicle is standard except E260L models. Among them, the E300L fashion model in this redesigned model has increased the keyless entry function of the whole vehicle.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The whole system comes standard with 245/45 R18 front and rear wheels, and the wheels with five-spoke petal shape look very fashionable. The tires are matched with Han Tai Ventus Evo 20,000 Tushi series products, which are high-performance tires focusing on sports and handling.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The tail shape of the new car pays more attention to flattening, inheriting the flat conical taillights of the "Big Brother" S class, and the multi-point lighting effect looks radiant. The bottom still adopts double exhaust pipes on both sides, and the nozzle is decorated with quadrilateral chrome-plated frame and connected with chrome-plated strips, so the overall exquisiteness is still very high.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The layout of the car has not changed, and the digital cockpit is still composed of double 12.3-inch integrated screens. The bent center console is particularly beautiful under the decoration of the ambient light, and the connection with the door panel is also smooth. The design and luxury of the car are still very prominent. The car is equipped with the latest MBUX intelligent interactive system, and the playability is further improved.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The steering wheel has been replaced with a new family style, and the left and right double-spoke shapes have increased the three-dimensional effect, and the functional area division is also clearer. Among them, the left side is mainly the driver assistance system, and the right side mainly controls multimedia, etc. The center still uses touch mode, which feels good. The E300L Premium Model adds an enhanced version of driver assistance components including lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, road traffic sign recognition and adaptive cruise. In addition, the size of the steering wheel is too large, the grip is particularly full, and the touch of the leather is also delicate.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel is standard for the whole system, and the UI interface basically continues the style of the old model (2020 model), providing three themes to choose from, and the information status of various vehicles can be seen at a glance.   

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The 12.3-inch central control panel is also standard for the whole system. Compared with the old model (2020 model), the car is equipped with Mercedes-Benz’s latest MBUX intelligent human-computer interaction system, which, like the new generation, can be controlled by touch screen, touch keys, touchpad and voice recognition. At the same time, it also supports fashionable functions such as navigation and OTA upgrade, and the human-computer interaction experience is greatly improved.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The air-conditioning outlet still adopts the classic four-circle shape, and the air-conditioning system, multimedia and vehicle function panels below are basically unchanged. The clock in the center of the old model (2020 model) is cancelled, and the functionality is no problem, and the style is less tasteful.   

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The central armrest is made of very textured solid wood, which looks quite luxurious. There are two water cups, a Type-C interface, a 12V power supply and a mobile phone storage compartment with wireless charging function under the foldable cover, which is unique. Although the 12.3-inch central control panel has achieved touch control, it still retains the control panel of COMMAND, which will be more convenient for the old users of Mercedes-Benz. The buttons on both sides include driving mode adjustment, parking radar, 360 panoramic image, automatic start and stop, volume adjustment, screen switch, sunshade opening and closing and other functional buttons.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The split armrest box has a large opening and a good volume, and two Type-C interfaces are built in.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

Mercedes-Benz has always been a benchmark for the construction of cockpit interiors, and this car is no exception. The center console is covered with a large area of soft leather, decorated with rich wooden decorative plates and chrome trim strips, and with the addition of penetrating atmosphere lights, the vision, touch and smell of the carriage are very pleasant, and the 13-speaker Burmester Berlin sound creates a first-class auditory experience. This cockpit can really make people stay for a long time without getting tired.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The front seats are wrapped in imitation leather (the top models are made of genuine leather), the padding is moderate in hardness, and the side supports of the seats are in place. The front and rear, backrest, height (4-way) and waist (4-way) electric adjustments are supported by the main and co-pilot seats, and leg rest adjustments are also provided, so the ergonomics is well done. The front seats also support the functions of heating, memory, and adjustment of the front and rear seats. Seat ventilation and rear seat heating need to be optional.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The rear seat is made of the same material as the front seat. The inclination angle of the cushion and backrest is large, and the backrest supports angle adjustment. In addition, there is plenty of space, so that the rear passengers can get a comfortable "Ge You Lie" sitting posture, but the middle cushion is short, the platform bulges obviously, and the comfort of the middle seat is not high. In terms of configuration, it is equipped with three independent telescopic headrests, and aviation headrests are also equipped on both sides. The size of the central folding armrest is very large, and even the headrests are folded down as a whole, which integrates more storage space.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The air outlet of floor-type air conditioner is adopted, and the shape is changed compared with the old model (2020 model), and the original open storage compartment is cancelled. The sliding cover below has a built-in water cup slot and two Type-C interfaces, which maintains the same convenience and aesthetics as the front row. In addition, the E300L distinguished model in this modified model has added independent air conditioning in the rear row.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

All models are equipped with segmented electric skylights, the first half of which can be opened and the area is considerable.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The side wall of the rear compartment has been tightly wrapped, showing good performance in depth and height. The volume has not been announced yet, but the visual volume is considerable, and the luggage for four people on a long trip should be able to accommodate it. There is also a storage compartment under the floor, but there is no spare tire. The car is also equipped with an electric tailgate and a button to close the door and lock the car. E300L fashion model adds the functions of electric trunk and induction trunk.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The change of power is the focus of this change. The core is to cancel the 1.5T+48V light hybrid power, and replace the E260L model with a 2.0T low-power engine +48V light hybrid system. The maximum power of the engine is 145kW(197Ps)/6100rpm, and the maximum torque is 320Nm/1650-4000rpm, matching the 9AT automatic manual transmission. E300L adopts a 2.0T high-power engine with the maximum power of 190kW(258Ps)/6100rpm and the maximum torque of 370Nm/1800-4000rpm, which is also matched with 9AT automatic manual transmission.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The chassis layout has not changed. The front and rear are multi-link independent suspensions, and the front and rear drives are still the main ones. Among them, E260L is equipped with two full-time four-wheel drive models, and the central differential is a multi-plate clutch, all of which support variable steering ratio and suspension soft and hard adjustment. Only the top-equipped premium model E300L comes standard with a driver assistance system close to L2, which has lane keeping function. However, the adaptive cruise is not at full speed, and the rest E300L is optional, but E260L doesn’t even support it.  

Brother Kan’s comments:

On the whole, this generation is relatively, with elegant and atmospheric appearance and very attractive cockpit. However, it is indeed controversial because it is equipped with a 1.5T engine. It is not necessarily said that the power is not enough. After all, it is assisted by a 48V ISG motor, which mainly causes psychological pressure to users. Is it still a luxury medium and large car? This time, the purpose of the modified model is to let the small-displacement engine leave completely, and let the E-class return to its sense of grade. Of course, the entry price has also increased slightly, but it is not excessive. In addition, the E300L fashion model and the distinguished model have increased the configuration, and the price has also increased accordingly. Generally speaking, the new products hope to maintain the overall image and status of E-class, rather than relying on low prices and concessions to attract users.

E-class long wheelbase quotation:

Mercedes-Benz E260L sedan 439,900

Mercedes-Benz E260L four-wheel drive 461,900

Mercedes-Benz E300L sports fashion 479,900

Mercedes-Benz E300L limousine 498,900

Mercedes E300L limousine 562,900

Mercedes-Benz E350L four-wheel drive 642,800 

Mercedes E300 e L plug-in hybrid car 509,800

E-class standard wheelbase quotation:

Mercedes E260 442,800

Mercedes-Benz E260 4MATIC 463,800

Mercedes E300 499,800

E class coupe

E260 coupe 521,800 

E260 four-wheel drive 547,800 

E300 595,800

E350 4MATIC 689,800

E260 convertible 633,800 

E260 convertible coupe 4MATIC 653,800

E300 convertible coupe 707,800 

E43AMG 895,800

E53AMG 948,800

E53AMG coupe 978,800

E63 S 4AMTIC+ 1,560,800

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The first shot of price reduction after the Spring Festival! BYD Qin entered the price range of 70,000 yuan

ten past six p.m.[The first shot of price reduction after the Spring Festival! BYD Qin entered the price range of 70,000 yuan] On February 18th, Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD Co., Ltd., said at the Guangdong High-quality Development Conference: "At present, the transformation of the automobile industry has entered the deep water area, and the electrification transformation continues to drive in the fast lane, and the intelligent transformation begins to shift gears to speed up. The development of new energy vehicles will only run faster and faster, and will not give us the opportunity to stop, slow down and catch our breath. "

One day later, BYD announced the launch of two models, Qin PLUS Glory Edition and Destroyer 05 Glory Edition, and the starting price dropped to 79,800 yuan. It is worth mentioning that in February, 2023, a year ago, BYD and Tesla both launched a price war, among which Qin PLUS DM-i version reduced the price to less than 100,000 for the first time. The price offensive also made Qin PLUS the best-selling product in China A-class car market in 2023, with cumulative sales exceeding 400,000 vehicles last year.

After this price reduction, the starting version of Qin PLUS Glory Edition has created a new low in the price of plug-in hybrid cars of the same level in the industry, which is close to the price of joint venture and independent fuel cars such as Buick and Changan. The reporter also learned that BYD’s price cuts have attracted close attention in the industry, and many car companies are studying countermeasures, and it is not ruled out that they will follow up the price cuts.


In the 45 days since its listing, the new M7 in Wenjie has exceeded 70,000 units, and its sales are hot.

According to the official news, since the new M7 was officially launched and delivered on September 12th, it has exceeded 70,000 units in 45 days, which is half a month ahead of the time when it exceeded 60,000 units on October 15th. The new M7 in Wenjie has launched five models, with the price range of 249,800 yuan to 329,800 yuan.

As a modified model, the appearance of the new M7 has not changed much from that of the old model. The main change is that the MAX version updates and upgrades the AGS active intake grille, which optimizes the drag coefficient of the whole vehicle by 11%. In addition, the new car has added a side-looking camera at the front fender and adopted Huawei ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system.

The body size of the new M7 is 5020mm (length) × 1945mm (width) × 1760mm (height), and the wheelbase is 2820mm. The rim is available in 20-inch and 21-inch specifications, and the body color has added ice crystal silver. In addition, the new car can also be equipped with electric pedals, electric suction doors and luggage racks with built-in network antennas. In terms of storage space, the trunk volume of the five-seat model is 686 liters, which can be expanded to 1619 liters at the maximum, and the trunk length of the six-seat model is increased by 46 mm.

In terms of interior, the overall design of the new M7 basically continues the old model, and only the color of the steering wheel is fine-tuned to keep it consistent with the theme color in the car. The new car is equipped with a 10.25-inch curved full LCD instrument panel and a 15.6-inch central control panel, with a built-in HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit system. In addition, the new car is also equipped with independent air conditioning in three temperature zones.

The new car comes standard with four seats and is equipped with ventilation, heating and massage functions. In addition, the new car is equipped with Huawei’s in-vehicle smart screen system, and the rear row can support two sets of Huawei’s in-vehicle smart screen systems, supporting functions such as front and rear multi-screen connection and interaction, car control, and supporting various scenes such as education, office, entertainment and games.

In terms of power, the new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with an extended-range power system consisting of a 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged range extender and a Huawei drive motor, and offers two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options. Among them, the maximum power of the range extender is 112 kW, and the maximum power of the rear axle drive motor is 200 kW; The four-wheel drive model also adds a driving motor with a maximum power of 130 kW to the front axle. The new car has a comprehensive cruising range of 1,300 kilometers under CLTC, a pure electric cruising range of 240 kilometers, a fuel consumption of 5.6 liters per 100 kilometers under feed condition, and an acceleration time of 4.8 seconds per 100 kilometers for the four-wheel drive model. In addition, the new car has also upgraded the chassis, equipped with front and rear suspension double FSD variable damping shock absorbers.

Cancel the physical button. Is BYD’s new generation of Tang a breakthrough or playing with fire?

BYD’s last bomb in the new energy battlefield this year was finally dropped, and a new generation of BYD Tang, which received much attention, was officially listed. The BYD Tang released this time has made great progress over the previous generation in terms of appearance, interior, powertrain and technology configuration. Undoubtedly, its appearance means that BYD has reached a new level in new energy vehicles.

The car is definitely a good car. From the attention before listing, we can see how high expectations manufacturers and fans have for it. However, there is a detail in BYD Tang that makes me uneasy, that is, the new generation Tang will remove all the physical buttons of the central control, leaving only a few buttons around the gear lever and on the steering wheel, and replace them with a 14.6-inch intelligent floating large screen. At first glance, the sense of science and technology is full of intelligence and high-end atmosphere, but combined with the actual use process, I can’t help but think about it.

Nokia becomes Apple BYD is playing with fire.

BYD has always had an inexplicable ambiguity about the buttons on the central control. From the first model released in Dynasty series, BYD changed all the buttons on the central control to Chinese printing, in order to highlight that the vehicle was made in China and convenient for China people to use. A few years later, BYD developed to the second stage. The Tang released this time simply saved all the central control buttons, leaving none, just playing with the IPod. Technology has been upgraded, but what should we do about safety?

All Chinese keys

To give a simple example, the earliest popular mobile phone was Nokia. At that time, it was all physical buttons, and each button only represented a function. After a long time, we could operate the mobile phone to send text messages and make phone calls without looking at the screen, because each step was fixed and the buttons were fixed. Later, Joe helped the Lord break the pattern of mobile phones, and Apple brought the whole mobile phone industry into the era of smart touch screens. The mobile phone has no physical buttons, only a big screen is left. No matter how long it takes, it won’t be able to send short messages without looking at the screen as before, because every operation you make is a non-directional command, and you don’t know what you ordered at the moment. At the same time, the functions of mobile phones and the amount of information they carry are also increasing, and people’s eyes stay on mobile phones for a long time, thus ignoring the surrounding situation. The emergence of smart phones once increased the road accident rate.

The same thing happened in the car. In the past, we could control the switch of the air conditioner with one hand without leaving the road ahead, and adjust the temperature, air volume and radio frequency of the air conditioner. Now I want to do this series of actions with Tang, so I must shift my eyes to this big screen, then slide the screen, click on the air conditioner application, and then click on it to adjust the temperature and air volume after entering the interface.

In case I miss something in any step, I have to press the back button again, so my eyes will look at the big screen from time to time, I can’t concentrate on the road ahead, and the risk factor of driving will be greatly improved. This is just a function. If you put a movie on the big screen, the ending is too beautiful for me to watch. . . .

It’s dangerous for drivers to look at their mobile phones while driving, so you just put a big ipod next to me naked. Can I paint Tik Tok, eat chicken and drive a good car?

Voice control system cannot represent everything.

If you can cancel the physical keys, there will inevitably be a successor, that is, the popular voice control system, which is linked to the Internet and can complete the corresponding instructions through voice recognition. The voice control system has been used by major brand manufacturers in recent years and has gradually become the standard of new cars. But the voice system is the icing on the cake after all, and it still can’t be the dominant one at the present stage.

Analysis, although BYD has not announced it, the supplier of voice system should be iFLYTEK, and iFLYTEK has always been in a leading position in the field of voice recognition. In recent years, the car-mounted voice system developed has been widely used in different models of major brands, and its voice recognition accuracy has reached more than 95%.

However, used riders know that the voice recognition system in the car is also flawed; First, the response is too slow, and it usually takes a few seconds to respond after a command is spoken; Second, even if the recognition degree has reached more than 95%, there will often be recognition errors and unrecognizable situations, and used riders should all have experience, so at this stage, voice control can’t represent everything.

ponyHot review

It is undeniable that with the development of science and technology, cars in the future will become more and more intelligent and technological. You don’t even need to press buttons, and you can fully realize human-computer interaction and unmanned driving. From this point, BYD is undoubtedly a pioneer. But at present, the level of intelligent technology is not enough to support this change. Otherwise, with the technical strength of BBA, I dare not try to cancel the physical keys of central control so far.

Some people will say that Tesla doesn’t have physical buttons either, because the market share of Tesla is too low. Even if there is a problem in this respect, it is considered as an individual phenomenon, but the sales volume of Tang after listing will be more than ten times that of Tesla. With such a large market share, the problem will soon be highlighted.

Of course, these are only analysis. Only after the vehicle is handed over to consumers for a period of time can we know whether the worried things will happen. If you have any questions, welcome to smash the hammer.