Tiggo 8 PLUS Champion Edition officially launched.

(Reporter Zhao Dandan) On November 10th, the Tiggo 8 PLUS Champion Edition was officially launched. There are four versions of the new car, and the price is 124,900-145,900 yuan.

According to reports, the Tiggo 8 PLUS Champion Edition is positioned as a "5+2 luxury flagship SUV", with five product champions in power, safety, space, technology and quality, and has entered the medium-sized SUV market strongly.

In terms of power, the Tiggo 8 PLUS Champion Edition is equipped with the strongest product lineup of Kunpeng Power 1.6TGDI/2.0TGDI at the same level. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 6.8L, and the acceleration per 100 kilometers is 7 seconds, and the engine is guaranteed for life. In terms of safety, based on the C-NCAP five-star safety design, the ultra-high strength steel integrated cage body is adopted, and six Bentele ultra-high strength thermoformed steel sections and the third generation high strength steel are used as key parts; Equipped with L2 intelligent driving assistance system, including 540 high-definition panoramic image, full-speed ACC adaptive cruise system and many other functions, making driving easier, parking more convenient and driving safer. In terms of intelligent network connection, it is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 intelligent chip, which can realize fast startup in 2 seconds and smooth response in 30 milliseconds.

As the sales force of Chery, the Tiggo 8 champion family has not only won the love and support of 800,000 users around the world, but also exported to more than 80 countries and regions. It has also won 32 championships, 14 product honors and many overseas honors, becoming the champion of conquering the stadium, the world-renowned champion and the champion in the hearts of users. The official launch of the Tiggo 8 PLUS Champion Edition will further enrich the product matrix of the Tiggo 8 Champion Family and accelerate the "Champion Road" of the Tiggo 8 Family.

Wen Jie Xin M7 belt explodes Cyrus.

Zebra consumption model construction

Huawei’s energy is once again reflected in the new M7 and Cyrus.

After the 11-day holiday, the stock price of Celeste has been trading daily for two consecutive trading days, and its market value has once again stood at 100 billion.

At present, the question before Cyrus is, how to maintain stable sales after the release of the new M7? In the longer term, it is the overall profitability of the company.


Old bottle and new wine

Since the beginning of this year, due to the continuous sluggish sales of the series of cars in the world, the share price of Sailis (601127.SH) has generally fallen sharply, and once fell to a low of 24.75 yuan on June 8. After that, it briefly bottomed out and then continued to fall sharply.

Until September 12th, the new M7 series in the world was officially listed, which finally added a fire to Celeste. On September 14th and 18th, the company’s share price successively won two daily limit boards. And on September 28, the last trading day before the 11 th holiday, another daily limit was used to close the first three quarters.

The new M7 is really attractive to users in terms of both product and price. On the basis of the original 6-seat version, it adds 5-seat versions, giving users more choices.

Huawei said that it has invested 500 million yuan for the new M7, and has upgraded its safety, intelligence and battery life. The functions of seat ventilation, heating, etc., which were only available on the old M7 models, have become standard in all new models.

Information from all sides shows that the new M7 is sincere to users.

More importantly, while upgrading the product and configuration, the price is cheaper than the old one. There are five configurations of the new M7 in Wenjie, with a guide price of 249,800-329,800 yuan. The starting price is lowered by 40,000 yuan compared with the old M7, and with the limited time discount of 6,000 yuan, the entry threshold becomes lower.

Then, at a time when new energy automobile products are constantly innovating and choosing more diversification, will users pay for the new M7?

As soon as the 11-day holiday was closed, Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s managing director, terminal BG CEO and chairman of smart car solutions, couldn’t wait to report good news to the outside world: "The new M7 in the world was set to hit a new high of 7,000 units on October 6; It has only been listed for 25 days, and the cumulative number has exceeded 50,000 units. "

Stimulated by this, after the holiday, A shares opened for trading, and Cyrus’ share price went up for two consecutive trading days. The company had to make an emergency announcement and give a risk warning.

It is understood that since August 28 this year, Sailis shares have increased by 110.42%. In the same period, Shenwan Automobile Index has increased by 7.28% and Shanghai Composite Index has increased by 0.36%. In fact, the company’s fundamentals have not changed significantly, so there is an obvious risk of overheating market sentiment.


(of a doctor) bring the dying back to life

Asked about the hot sale of the new M7 in the world, Yu Chengdong couldn’t help sighing in his circle of friends that "it’s not easy to come back to life!"

In the past, Xiaokang Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Seles) spent several years developing a new energy vehicle, named SERES Seles. In April 2019, Cyrus made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show, and many people didn’t know who it was.

The following year, Sellers’ first SUV model SF5 went on the market in mass production, and only 732 vehicles were sold in the whole year.

At this time, Huawei appeared, pointing out a new path for Cyrus to build a car together.

With Huawei’s blessing, it instantly became radiant. In 2022, the product was officially released by AITO, and after deep binding with Huawei, it became the fastest growing brand of new energy vehicles.

At the beginning of the release of AITO, it set a proud record of delivering more than 10,000 vehicles for several months in a row, and delivered 75,000 vehicles in 2022.

However, since the beginning of this year, the glory of the world of inquiry has ceased.

According to the production and sales report disclosed by Sailis, in the first half of this year, the cumulative sales of Sailis Automobile (actually a series of models) was only 25,800. Among them, the sales volume of M7 is extremely bleak. According to the data of car home, the monthly sales volume of M7 has been less than 1,000 vehicles since April this year, and it was as low as 432 vehicles in June this year.

The reasons for asking the world to go away are very complicated. Tesla cut prices at the beginning of the year to compete for the market, which triggered a new wave of price cuts for new energy vehicles, which is one of the important reasons.

In the early days, the HarmonyOS cockpit carried by the asking world really won a wave of goodwill from users. However, with the increase of users and the extension of actual use time, many users find that the product strength of the world is not as strong as expected.

The outside world has always had doubts about who AITO belongs to. At the beginning of March this year, the brand official once changed the "AITO asking the world" in the relevant promotional materials to "HUAWEI asking the world", but it was quickly changed back and slapped itself, which further aggravated users’ doubts.

It is in the context of the continuous collapse of sales volume that the press launched the new M7, hoping to make a turnaround.


Sustained loss

Formerly known as Xiaokang Co., Ltd., Cyrus used to produce mini commercial vehicles and low-end SUVs of Dongfeng Scenery brand, and its main target users were concentrated in low-tier cities.

In the era of traditional fuel vehicles, the company’s business is not sexy, and the market attention is not high, but with its leading position in the segmentation field, the small life is still good.

In 2016, the company launched the first SUV Scenery 580, with sales exceeding 10,000 for five consecutive months. The following year, the total sales volume of the company’s SUV reached 188,600 units, which directly promoted the annual sales volume of the whole vehicle to reach the peak sales volume of 404,200 units.

It was this year that the company’s operating income exceeded 20 billion yuan, and the net profit returned to the mother also achieved the best performance in history of 725 million yuan.

However, Xiaokang shares only caught up with the brilliant last bus of fuel passenger cars. Soon, the growth rate of passenger car market in China declined to negative growth, competition shifted from incremental to stock era, resources were further concentrated in the head car enterprises, and small and medium-sized car enterprises struggled to survive.

Zhang Xinghai, the head of the company, has a forward-looking strategic vision. Under his leadership, Xiaokang invested and established SF MOTORS in the United States as early as the beginning of 2016 to build new energy vehicles.

Helpless, the car was built and could not be sold. Until the emergence of Huawei. In 2021, the company changed its name, demonstrating the determination of strategic transformation.

Cooperating with Huawei to build a car, not only the products sold well, but also the company’s share price soared due to the blessing of Huawei concept. In June last year, it once reached a historical high of 90.50 yuan, and its market value exceeded 100 billion.

With the increase of product sales, the company’s operating income has increased significantly. From 14.30 billion yuan in 2020 to 34.10 billion yuan in 2022, the loss also further increased, from-1.729 billion yuan to-3.832 billion yuan.

In the first half of this year, the company’s growth momentum came to an abrupt end, and its operating income fell by 11.14% year-on-year to 11.03 billion yuan, and it continued to lose 1.344 billion yuan.

Five forces at the same time: explore the best cost performance! Revealing Five Popular Redmi K Series Mobile Phones

The following are my opinions on several popular millet K series:

First, let’s take a look at Xiaomi (MI) Extreme Edition. This mobile phone is equipped with top-class Tianji 9200+ processor and independent display chip X7, which provides excellent running speed and image quality. With the combination of 1.5K direct screen and large storage capacity, it is an ideal choice for gamers. It is worth noting that this mobile phone has sold more than 5,000 units in the past month, showing strong market competitiveness.

Next, we will introduce the new mobile phone of Xiaomi Redmi K50 Pro 5G. With a 2K flexible straight screen and an oversized 12GB RAM+256GB ROM configuration, this device is first-class in visual effect and performance. The 100-megapixel rear camera and 20-megapixel front lens can meet the professional needs of photographers. At the same time, the fast charging function above 120W makes the power supply quick and convenient. In order to ensure a long-term and stable working environment, the mobile phone also uses a three-dimensional cooling solution.

Then let’s take a look at Xiaomi Redmi Redmi K60. As a brand-new 5G mobile phone, it features ink feather color matching and is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, so its strength cannot be underestimated. It is worth mentioning that this mobile phone introduces liquid cooling technology, which can maintain good performance even in the face of high temperature. In addition, the 5000mAh battery with 30W wireless charging fully solves the user’s electricity anxiety problem.

Let’s pay attention to Xiaomi Redmi Redmi K60E again. Although there are some differences compared with the first two models, such as lack of liquid cooling technology and eye protection certification, the performance in other aspects is still remarkable. For example, it still continues the ink feather color matching, and its internal configuration has reached the standard of 12GB RAM+512GB ROM.

Finally, I want to mention the "quick spot" Xiaomi Redmi Redmi K50 Extreme Edition Ultra 5G mobile phone. The biggest selling point of this mobile phone is undoubtedly its luxurious hardware configuration: a large memory combination of 12GB RAM+512GB ROM and a 100-megapixel main camera, so that users don’t have to worry about being stuck or blurred when operating. More surprisingly, it also supports high-speed charging of 120-150W, which greatly reduces the time required for charging. To sum up, these products are quite competitive in the market. No matter whether you pay attention to performance or long-lasting battery life, you can always find your favorite choice.


The following are my opinions on several popular Xiaomi Redmi K series mobile phones: First, let’s take a look at Xiaomi MI)Redmi K60 Extreme Edition. This mobile phone is equipped with top-class Tianji 9200+ processor and independent display chip X7, which provides excellent running speed and image quality. With the combination of 1.5K direct screen and large storage capacity, it is an ideal choice for gamers. It is worth noting that, …

I won the 2021 Beijing Benz E300L E260L.

At the beginning of March, the domestic long-wheelbase version released 2021 redesigned models, only six months after the release of 2021 mid-term redesigned products in September 2020. The new product cancels the 1.5T+48V light hybrid power of the previously controversial E260L model, adopts a 2.0T low-power engine +48V light hybrid system, and completely removes the "small displacement" hat. The price range of 10 models is 43.99-562,900 yuan. The new car still offers two styles, the standard version and the sports version, and there is also a certain upgrade in configuration. Recently, we took a real shot of the 2021 modified 00L sports luxury model (hereinafter referred to) in Daxing, Baoan, Shenzhen, to see the specific changes.

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment
Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

New car features:  

First, the mid-term change model will be changed again in the year, and the appearance will continue to be standard and sporty.

Second, the carriage adopts the classic layout of double 12.3-inch continuous screen, and the sense of luxury atmosphere is the strongest in its class.

Third, E260L model cancels the 1.5T+48V light mixing system and replaces it with a 2.0T low-power engine +48V light mixing system.

Four, 00L fashion increase the whole car keyless entry, electric trunk and induction trunk.

V. The driver assistance enhancement kit including adaptive cruise is added to the 00L distinguished model.

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The 2021 E-class itself is a mid-term product, and its appearance has changed greatly. As an annual redesigned model, the appearance and interior are not the key points. The configuration and power of some models are mainly adjusted to achieve the purpose of increasing distribution and enhancing competitiveness. Still provide a standard and sporty double-style appearance. In terms of color, the new car only offers two color schemes, Obsidian Black and Arctic White, which is not personalized enough.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The front face still provides standard and sporty double-style modeling, the sports version adds a sports kit, and the flat middle net is decorated with a complex grille, which matches the huge round LOGO;; The standard version fills the net with multi-spoke trims, and the LOGO stands above the hood. The two versions bring different visual effects and are suitable for users of different ages.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The headlights have been redesigned, and the original dual-spoke LED daytime running light has been changed into a brush with a folded corner in calligraphy, which is as close as possible to the latest family style. The high-profile models are also equipped with geometric multi-beam LED light sources, which have more intelligent effects. The side cheeks are not equipped with front fog lights, and the sports version adopts a more exaggerated double-spoke diversion groove shape, which looks a lot of spirit.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The body size has not changed, the length, width and height are still 5078/1860/1480mm (1490mm for four-wheel drive version) and the wheelbase is 3079 mm. Compared with the main competing products at the same level, it has no size advantage and the overall performance is moderate.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The exterior rearview mirror is decorated in black, and the shell is integrated with LED side turn light and side camera. Except E260L model (reversing image), it is equipped with 360 panoramic images, and the display screen is very clear. The E300L model also comes standard with electric adjustment, folding, memory, heating, automatic reverse rollover, automatic lock folding and automatic anti-glare functions, while the E260L model lacks memory, automatic reverse rollover and automatic anti-glare.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The door handle with the same color on the body is decorated with chrome, and the keyless entry function of the whole vehicle is standard except E260L models. Among them, the E300L fashion model in this redesigned model has increased the keyless entry function of the whole vehicle.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The whole system comes standard with 245/45 R18 front and rear wheels, and the wheels with five-spoke petal shape look very fashionable. The tires are matched with Han Tai Ventus Evo 20,000 Tushi series products, which are high-performance tires focusing on sports and handling.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The tail shape of the new car pays more attention to flattening, inheriting the flat conical taillights of the "Big Brother" S class, and the multi-point lighting effect looks radiant. The bottom still adopts double exhaust pipes on both sides, and the nozzle is decorated with quadrilateral chrome-plated frame and connected with chrome-plated strips, so the overall exquisiteness is still very high.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The layout of the car has not changed, and the digital cockpit is still composed of double 12.3-inch integrated screens. The bent center console is particularly beautiful under the decoration of the ambient light, and the connection with the door panel is also smooth. The design and luxury of the car are still very prominent. The car is equipped with the latest MBUX intelligent interactive system, and the playability is further improved.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The steering wheel has been replaced with a new family style, and the left and right double-spoke shapes have increased the three-dimensional effect, and the functional area division is also clearer. Among them, the left side is mainly the driver assistance system, and the right side mainly controls multimedia, etc. The center still uses touch mode, which feels good. The E300L Premium Model adds an enhanced version of driver assistance components including lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, road traffic sign recognition and adaptive cruise. In addition, the size of the steering wheel is too large, the grip is particularly full, and the touch of the leather is also delicate.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel is standard for the whole system, and the UI interface basically continues the style of the old model (2020 model), providing three themes to choose from, and the information status of various vehicles can be seen at a glance.   

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The 12.3-inch central control panel is also standard for the whole system. Compared with the old model (2020 model), the car is equipped with Mercedes-Benz’s latest MBUX intelligent human-computer interaction system, which, like the new generation, can be controlled by touch screen, touch keys, touchpad and voice recognition. At the same time, it also supports fashionable functions such as navigation and OTA upgrade, and the human-computer interaction experience is greatly improved.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The air-conditioning outlet still adopts the classic four-circle shape, and the air-conditioning system, multimedia and vehicle function panels below are basically unchanged. The clock in the center of the old model (2020 model) is cancelled, and the functionality is no problem, and the style is less tasteful.   

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The central armrest is made of very textured solid wood, which looks quite luxurious. There are two water cups, a Type-C interface, a 12V power supply and a mobile phone storage compartment with wireless charging function under the foldable cover, which is unique. Although the 12.3-inch central control panel has achieved touch control, it still retains the control panel of COMMAND, which will be more convenient for the old users of Mercedes-Benz. The buttons on both sides include driving mode adjustment, parking radar, 360 panoramic image, automatic start and stop, volume adjustment, screen switch, sunshade opening and closing and other functional buttons.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The split armrest box has a large opening and a good volume, and two Type-C interfaces are built in.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

Mercedes-Benz has always been a benchmark for the construction of cockpit interiors, and this car is no exception. The center console is covered with a large area of soft leather, decorated with rich wooden decorative plates and chrome trim strips, and with the addition of penetrating atmosphere lights, the vision, touch and smell of the carriage are very pleasant, and the 13-speaker Burmester Berlin sound creates a first-class auditory experience. This cockpit can really make people stay for a long time without getting tired.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The front seats are wrapped in imitation leather (the top models are made of genuine leather), the padding is moderate in hardness, and the side supports of the seats are in place. The front and rear, backrest, height (4-way) and waist (4-way) electric adjustments are supported by the main and co-pilot seats, and leg rest adjustments are also provided, so the ergonomics is well done. The front seats also support the functions of heating, memory, and adjustment of the front and rear seats. Seat ventilation and rear seat heating need to be optional.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The rear seat is made of the same material as the front seat. The inclination angle of the cushion and backrest is large, and the backrest supports angle adjustment. In addition, there is plenty of space, so that the rear passengers can get a comfortable "Ge You Lie" sitting posture, but the middle cushion is short, the platform bulges obviously, and the comfort of the middle seat is not high. In terms of configuration, it is equipped with three independent telescopic headrests, and aviation headrests are also equipped on both sides. The size of the central folding armrest is very large, and even the headrests are folded down as a whole, which integrates more storage space.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The air outlet of floor-type air conditioner is adopted, and the shape is changed compared with the old model (2020 model), and the original open storage compartment is cancelled. The sliding cover below has a built-in water cup slot and two Type-C interfaces, which maintains the same convenience and aesthetics as the front row. In addition, the E300L distinguished model in this modified model has added independent air conditioning in the rear row.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

All models are equipped with segmented electric skylights, the first half of which can be opened and the area is considerable.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The side wall of the rear compartment has been tightly wrapped, showing good performance in depth and height. The volume has not been announced yet, but the visual volume is considerable, and the luggage for four people on a long trip should be able to accommodate it. There is also a storage compartment under the floor, but there is no spare tire. The car is also equipped with an electric tailgate and a button to close the door and lock the car. E300L fashion model adds the functions of electric trunk and induction trunk.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The change of power is the focus of this change. The core is to cancel the 1.5T+48V light hybrid power, and replace the E260L model with a 2.0T low-power engine +48V light hybrid system. The maximum power of the engine is 145kW(197Ps)/6100rpm, and the maximum torque is 320Nm/1650-4000rpm, matching the 9AT automatic manual transmission. E300L adopts a 2.0T high-power engine with the maximum power of 190kW(258Ps)/6100rpm and the maximum torque of 370Nm/1800-4000rpm, which is also matched with 9AT automatic manual transmission.  

Farewell to Disputed Displacement Configuration and Slight Increase of Mercedes-Benz 2021 Model E300L Real Shooting Brief Comment

The chassis layout has not changed. The front and rear are multi-link independent suspensions, and the front and rear drives are still the main ones. Among them, E260L is equipped with two full-time four-wheel drive models, and the central differential is a multi-plate clutch, all of which support variable steering ratio and suspension soft and hard adjustment. Only the top-equipped premium model E300L comes standard with a driver assistance system close to L2, which has lane keeping function. However, the adaptive cruise is not at full speed, and the rest E300L is optional, but E260L doesn’t even support it.  

Brother Kan’s comments:

On the whole, this generation is relatively, with elegant and atmospheric appearance and very attractive cockpit. However, it is indeed controversial because it is equipped with a 1.5T engine. It is not necessarily said that the power is not enough. After all, it is assisted by a 48V ISG motor, which mainly causes psychological pressure to users. Is it still a luxury medium and large car? This time, the purpose of the modified model is to let the small-displacement engine leave completely, and let the E-class return to its sense of grade. Of course, the entry price has also increased slightly, but it is not excessive. In addition, the E300L fashion model and the distinguished model have increased the configuration, and the price has also increased accordingly. Generally speaking, the new products hope to maintain the overall image and status of E-class, rather than relying on low prices and concessions to attract users.

E-class long wheelbase quotation:

Mercedes-Benz E260L sedan 439,900

Mercedes-Benz E260L four-wheel drive 461,900

Mercedes-Benz E300L sports fashion 479,900

Mercedes-Benz E300L limousine 498,900

Mercedes E300L limousine 562,900

Mercedes-Benz E350L four-wheel drive 642,800 

Mercedes E300 e L plug-in hybrid car 509,800

E-class standard wheelbase quotation:

Mercedes E260 442,800

Mercedes-Benz E260 4MATIC 463,800

Mercedes E300 499,800

E class coupe

E260 coupe 521,800 

E260 four-wheel drive 547,800 

E300 595,800

E350 4MATIC 689,800

E260 convertible 633,800 

E260 convertible coupe 4MATIC 653,800

E300 convertible coupe 707,800 

E43AMG 895,800

E53AMG 948,800

E53AMG coupe 978,800

E63 S 4AMTIC+ 1,560,800

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Central control three screens Haval Xiaolong MAX interior spy photos exposure

  [car home domestic spy photos] Recently, we got a set of interior spy photos of Haval’s brand-new plug-in hybrid SUV "(|)" from netizens. From the photos, we can see that this car will have three central control screens, and its configuration and sense of technology are very good.

  Friendly reminder:I hope enthusiastic netizens can photograph the spy photos of your new car and send them to our corresponding mailbox: diezhao@autohome.com.cn. I look forward to your letter and become a member of the "spy".

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The interior of this car is photographed in black and white, and the overall look is quite simple and refreshing. And as can be seen from the picture, there is a huge screen on the center console, which we expect will bring a good entertainment experience to the co-pilot position.

Home of the car

 Below the center console, the physical buttons of new cars are mainly concentrated here, and the number is also small, which is consistent with the design trend of "big screen, few buttons" of current models. In addition, you can also see two mobile phone wireless charging areas. Similarly, according to the current trend, these two charging panels may support 50 watts of wireless fast charging.

Home of the car

  When you come to the back row, you can see that there is an air conditioning air outlet in the back row of the car, but it is not a version with adjustable independent temperature zone, and a USB charging interface configuration will be placed under the air outlet. In addition, judging from the pictures taken, the performance of the rear space of the car should also be good, and the floor is relatively flat.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  According to the declaration map we obtained from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the design of the new car is different from that of the current Haval model. The 7-shaped headlights are very unique, with a borderless front grille, which highlights the sense of technology. In addition, the new car has a more wild front face to choose from, and the style is more changeable. In terms of body size, the length/width/height of the new car are 4758(4771)/1895/1725mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2800mm, or it is positioned as a medium-sized SUV.

  In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 1.5L engine and a motor, in which the maximum power of the engine is 85kW. The battery is the ternary lithium battery of Guoxuan Hi-Tech. From the tail mark, the new car or lemon DHT technology equipped with the Great Wall is expected to have a good performance in fuel consumption. We will continue to pay attention to more news about the new car. (Text/car home Luo Aoyu)

Cyrus: The net repayment of financing was 118 million yuan, and the two cities ranked second (04-24).

Sailis margin information shows that on April 24, 2024, the net repayment of financing was 118 million yuan; The financing balance was 6.77 billion yuan, down 1.72% from the previous day.

In terms of financing, on the same day, financing bought 520 million yuan, financing repaid 638 million yuan, financing repaid 118 million yuan, and the net repayment amount ranked second in the two cities, with a total of 254 million yuan for three consecutive days. In terms of securities lending, 14,000 shares were sold, 56,400 shares were repaid, the margin of securities lending was 2.254 million shares, and the balance of securities lending was 203 million yuan. The balance of margin financing and securities lending totaled 6.973 billion yuan.

Disclaimer: This article is based on big data production, for reference only, and does not constitute any investment advice. Therefore, the operation risk is at your own risk.

AITO’s M9 was officially launched, and the price of the flagship SUV of Panoramic Wisdom started at 469,800 yuan.

On December 26th, the press conference of the M9 and Huawei Winter Scene was held in Shenzhen. Panoramic wisdom flagship SUV jointly built by Celestial Automobile and Huawei & mdash; &mdash; AITO M9 was officially launched, and the official guide prices of the series models are: 469,800 yuan for extended-range Max version, 509,800 yuan for pure electric Max version, 529,800 yuan for extended-range Ultra version and 569,800 yuan for pure electric Ultra version.

The M9 is a masterpiece of joint design and in-depth empowerment by Cyrus Auto and Huawei. It is the peak product with the highest specification level in AITO, and will shake the existing pattern with the flagship posture. At the press conference, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, said: "The M9 will redefine the best smart flagship SUV within 10 million yuan, bringing users the ultimate new experience ahead of more than one generation." He Liyang, president of Celestial Motors, said: "Celestial Motors is rapidly increasing its production capacity and will make every effort to let users who like to ask about M9 experience the powerful charm of the best SUV within 10 million as soon as possible."

Leading wisdom aesthetics empowers energetic travel.

People-oriented, experience first. Wenjie M9 is based on a brand-new luxury D-class platform and adopts a brand-new design language. The skyline is used to design and suspend the roof, showing the posture and full profile of the swimming dolphin. Through many ingenious designs, such as 3.1-meter-long flat side windows, the aerodynamic performance of the whole vehicle has been effectively improved, and the best wind resistance of 0.264Cd (EV model) in the same class has been realized.

It is worth mentioning that Wenjie M9 is equipped with the leading generation of intelligent lighting system, and HUAWEI XPIXEL Huawei Megapixel intelligent projection headlights adopt the original double-reflection spatial optical system, which makes the ultra-near field projection more extreme and realizes the intelligent welcome function of 3m ultra-near field; Dual-lamp 2.6 million pixel fine lighting is safer; The masking adaptive algorithm can be linked with ADS to accurately mask the light so that it does not disturb people; Richer scene innovation, width-indicating light carpet makes users safer to drive on narrow roads; 100-inch outdoor giant screen projection to share more happiness; Smart interactive matrix headlights realize thousands of cars and thousands of faces, so that cars have the ability to communicate independently for the first time; Multi-scene wisdom lamp language is often used and new, which is the perfect integration of technology and humanities.

The leading ever-changing space meets the whole scene travel.

Wenjie M9 is equipped with a leading generation of ever-changing space, with the largest flat floor design of 3.04㎡, the best seating space in the same class of 2725mm, and the largest space in the first, second and third rows, which has a higher room rate. It also supports the ever-changing seating modes of 3, 4, 5 and 6 seats, and its vision, space and flexibility are comparable to those of mainstream MPV models, easily meeting users’ full-scene travel needs.

Leading intelligent cockpit to build space intelligence benchmark

The ultimate form of intelligent cockpit will be an intelligent mobile space. Wenjie M9 is equipped with a leading generation of smart space, and the whole car is equipped with 10 screens, creating a new benchmark for space intelligence. Huawei’s head-up display system is the first time to get on the bus, with the highest 2K resolution, the highest brightness and the imaging area of 75 inches in the industry. The fusion display of AR real scene and ADS brings a more intuitive, safer and more immersive navigation experience, reversing images and parking to watch movies. Look up and show. In addition, with a brand-new integrated universal triple screen design, the 12.3-inch LCD dashboard, 15.6-inch intelligent central control large screen and 16-inch passenger entertainment screen are properly laid out, and with the brand-new HarmonyOS 4 intelligent cockpit, entertainment experiences such as seamless flow between multiple screens and watching the whole car can be easily realized through three-finger sliding.

Leading Hard-Core Security Makes Full-Dimension Protection

The M9 is equipped with more than one generation of hard-core security. In terms of passive safety, it is equipped with a super-strong basalt body and protects users through a basalt structure with eight horizontal and five vertical directions. The 9000-ton integrated die casting process, 12 2000MPa hot-formed steel sections for nuclear submarines, and 9-airbag ultra-high configuration, together with the brand-new Huawei "Giant Whale" 800V high-voltage battery platform, provide all-weather protection through cloud BMS battery management, and escort users for every trip.

Security is really luxurious, and privacy is really noble. The M9 in the world has gone further in active security. HUAWEI ADS 2.0 is not afraid of things and can avoid them, achieving the strongest AEB in history. In the face of stationary vehicles and pedestrians, the maximum speed of automatic braking can reach 120 km/h. The ESA emergency steering assist is launched, and the steering assist driver is automatically controlled to avoid collision. The backward active safety ability will be enhanced, and the wrong step on the accelerator will also brake. It is worth mentioning that the M9 also protects users’ privacy and safety in all directions by means of face authentication & biometric data not leaving the car, spatial data isolation between the driver and the passenger, hidden call notification and automatic hiding of personal sensitive information.

Leading intelligent chassis enjoys the journey with wisdom.

Wenjie M9 is equipped with a leading generation of intelligent chassis, which adopts a high-performance all-aluminum chassis and an integrated aluminum die-casting frame, and is equipped with a front four-ball long double wishbone and a rear multi-link independent suspension. The whole system comes standard with an intelligent closed air suspension and CDC variable damping shock absorber. The height of the fifth-gear body can be adjusted, and the adjustment speed can be increased by 30%, thus ensuring the stability of the body at all times, giving consideration to comfort and handling. Through HUAWEI ADS intelligent road perception, iVSE intelligent vehicle state perception, the new HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system and HUAWEI xMotion intelligent body collaborative control system, the four technologies are fully aware, and 3D control is intelligently coordinated to control the journey with wisdom. In addition, Wenjie M9 won the "Top Ten Chassis in China in 2023" in the "Top Ten Chassis in China in 2023" sponsored by China Automotive Technology and Research Center.

Leading intellectual strength enables high-quality delivery of products.

Before the listing of the M9, the number of reservations has exceeded 54,000 units, and the pioneer plan will be launched for early reservation users, with a limited number of 2,000 places. The delivery will be started first on January 26, 2024, and the scale delivery will be officially launched on February 26. This is due to the fact that Celestial Automobile has a smart factory built according to international leading standards and industrial Internet requirements. The factory has more than 1,000 intelligent devices, and integrates advanced technologies such as AI vision and big data, which can realize 100% automation of key processes, accurate recognition of 0.05mm hair grade blue light, monitoring of over 600 key points, and 100% quality monitoring traceability. In addition, the factory is also the first to be equipped with the world’s leading 9000T die casting machine, achieving the highest integration among integrated die casting parts; At the same time, it has achieved the highest production efficiency in the world, and a new car can be rolled off the assembly line every 30 seconds.

The launch of AITO M9 will redefine the new standards of smart cars in many fields, such as intelligent technology, intelligent space, intelligent safety, intelligent driving and control, and bring users the ultimate new experience that is ahead of more than one generation. Users can order through Huawei Mall, Huawei Authorized Experience Store, my Huawei APP and User Center, and they can enjoy the matching rights worth 10,000 yuan immediately.

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Daimler and Bosch get the unsupervised automatic parking permit to directly hit the pain point of "parking difficulty"

  Dr. Michael Hafner, head of driving technology and autonomous driving of Daimler AG, said: "As a pioneer in the field of autonomous driving, this project is ready for mass production of automatic parking service in the future." It is understood that the automatic parking service service can be realized through smart phone applications without the supervision of safety drivers.

  With the arrival of the "new four modernizations" with electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing as the core, autonomous driving has gradually become a field actively explored by the automobile industry; The increasing competition among enterprises has also promoted the spread and expansion of autonomous driving towards more subdivided fields.

  On July 23rd, Daimler and Bosch jointly reached a new milestone in the field of autonomous driving: the two companies have been approved by the relevant departments of Baden-Wü rttemberg to use the automatic parking service system in the parking lot of Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

  "The approval of the relevant departments of Baden-Wü rttemberg has set a precedent for other parking lots around the world to be approved to provide automatic parking services in the future." Dr. Michael Hafner, head of driving technology and autonomous driving of Daimler AG, said: "As a pioneer in the field of autonomous driving, this project is ready for mass production of automatic parking service in the future."

  "This decision of the relevant departments shows that Germany has the ability to take the lead in realizing innovations such as automatic parking service." Dr. Markus Heyn, a member of the board of directors of robert bosch Co., Ltd., said: "Autopilot and automatic parking are important components of future travel. The automatic parking service system confirms the achievements we have made on this development path. "

  In fact, since the beginning of cooperation, safety has become the primary prerequisite for Daimler and Bosch to jointly develop automatic parking services. Since there was no formal approval process for the unsupervised autopilot function before, experts from the Stuttgart regional administrative department, the Baden-Wü rttemberg Ministry of Transport and the German technical inspection service TüV Rheinland jointly supervised from the beginning of the project, aiming at evaluating the operational safety of vehicles and parking lot technology.

  It is understood that the automatic parking service service can be realized through smart phone applications without the supervision of safety drivers. Parking service is the first fully-automatic unmanned parking function officially approved for daily use in the world (level L4 of automatic driving classification standard of the International Society of Automata Engineers).

  In daily life, parking is really a headache. Matthew Nimmo, chief system architect and safety manager of Bosch, said, "Statistics show that accidents caused by parking account for 40% of all traffic accidents, and AVP(Automated Valet Parking) system can effectively reduce accidents."

  Specifically, the driver will drive the vehicle into the parking lot, get off the bus, and then just click on the smart phone to send the car to the parking space-automatic parking service does not need a driver. When the driver leaves the parking lot to do business, the vehicle will automatically drive and park in the designated parking space. After that, the vehicle will return to the drop-off point in the same way. This process is based on the cooperation between Bosch’s intelligent parking infrastructure and Mercedes-Benz vehicle technology. Bosch sensors installed in the parking lot monitor the vehicle’s driving path and surrounding environment, and provide information needed to guide the vehicle. In-vehicle technology converts commands from infrastructure into driving operations. In this way, vehicles can even go up and down the ramp by themselves and move between the floors of the parking lot. Once the infrastructure sensor detects an obstacle, the vehicle will stop running immediately.

  In fact, Daimler and Bosch began to develop fully automatic parking technology in 2015; In the summer of 2017, the two sides showed the public the automatic parking service under real conditions for the first time; In September, 2018, parking service technology made its debut in China, and continued to be further tested in the China R&D Center of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars.

  It is worth mentioning that in July 2018, Daimler became the first international automobile manufacturer to obtain a road test license for self-driving vehicles in Beijing. In the same month, Daimler successively renewed the letter of intent for cooperation with Tsinghua University and signed a memorandum of understanding with Baidu to strengthen strategic cooperation. (Economic Daily-China Economic Net reporter Zhang Wei)

Hundreds of millions of idle phones have a regular recovery rate of less than 2%. Where did your old mobile phone go?

      Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, November 21st Question: The regular recovery rate is less than 2%, and some of them are resold with old ones &mdash; &mdash; Where did your old mobile phone go?

  Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporters Ma Xiaocheng and Sun Fei

  "These are old mobile phones that my family and I have eliminated in recent years." Zhang Li, who lives in Futian District, Shenzhen, pointed to nearly ten old mobile phones of different brands and models at home.

  A survey by Xinhua Viewpoint reporter found that at present, there are hundreds of millions of idle mobile phones in China, and the formal recovery rate is less than 2%. Where is the "home" of the old mobile phone?

  There are hundreds of millions of idle mobile phones in stock, and a waste battery of a mobile phone can pollute 3200 barrels of standard bottled water.

  Zhang Li is a post-80s generation who pursues fashion. "Now the mobile phone is upgrading too fast. I have to change a new mobile phone in an average year or so." She said that the disposal of old mobile phones is a difficult problem. "Old mobile phones store a lot of personal information and dare not throw it away at will."

  According to data released by China Information and Communication Research Institute, in 2016, China’s domestic mobile phone market shipped 560 million units, an increase of 8% year-on-year. Xiong Zhou, a partner in recycling treasure who is engaged in mobile phone recycling business, estimates that China produces at least 400 million idle mobile phones every year, and the stock of idle mobile phones is about 1 billion. Zheng Fujiang, president of Ai Recycling, said that there is no authoritative statistics on the data of idle mobile phones in the industry at present, but it is at least hundreds of millions.

  "How to effectively deal with the huge amount of used mobile phones needs urgent attention." Xiong Zhou said.

  Official website, a mobile phone trade-in, shows that once the mobile phone enters the scrap recycling link, the treatment of heavy metals such as gold, mercury, lead and cadmium is very difficult to control. The cadmium contained in a battery can pollute 60,000 liters of water, which is equivalent to 3,200 barrels of standard bottled water used in daily drinking fountains.

  Wen Zongguo, director of Tsinghua University Circular Economy Industry Research Center, said that mobile phones are a huge pollution source. If idle mobile phones enter the garbage system, they will generate toxic gases when burned, and the soil will be seriously polluted when buried. If it is sent to some unqualified small workshops for treatment, it will bring great harm to the body and environment of the dismantler.

  The regular recovery rate is less than 2%, and many mobile phones are resold with old ones.

  Many people in the industry said that the formal recovery rate of domestic mobile phones is less than 2%. Love recycling is the official partner of many mobile phone brands and JD.COM. Zheng Yujiang, president of the company, said that taking love recycling as an example, real-name registration should be carried out when collecting mobile phones to confirm that the source is legal and formal; After receiving the mobile phones, they will be classified. Those in good condition will be cleaned up, and then they will be hung on channels such as JD.COM Youpin to mark the second-hand mobile phones for sale. Those that cannot be reused will be handed over to enterprises with environmental protection qualifications for dismantling.

  However, the reporter’s investigation found that there are a large number of gray trading behaviors outside the formal recycling channels.

  -recycling. In Zhongguancun, Beijing, Tianhe Computer City, Guangzhou and Huaqiang North, Shenzhen, there are many shops and individuals who claim that they can recycle their mobile phones at high prices. In Huaqiang North, the reporter asked several shops with an Apple 6 mobile phone that had been used for three years. After confirming that the mobile phone was in good condition, the other party said that they could buy it, and the prices ranged from 700 yuan to 900 yuan, without any identity registration. When the reporter asked whether the mobile phone data would be cleaned up, the shopkeepers did not give a positive answer. Some shopkeepers asked, "Is your data valuable to others?"

  -circulation. According to the survey, some recycled old mobile phones will re-enter the market. Feiyang Times Building, located in Huaqiang North, is one of the second-hand mobile phone distribution centers. From two o’clock in the afternoon to six o’clock, people are coming and going here. Mr. Lin Yue, who has been engaged in mobile phone recycling business for more than ten years, said that all Apple mobile phones recovered from various channels come to this market to find their next homes. Some of them are resold as second-hand mobile phones, and some people secretly do renovations, and then resell the old ones with new ones to reap huge profits.

  In May last year, Mr. Deng bought an Apple mobile phone in a communication equipment store in houjie town, Dongguan. After purchasing it for more than two months, he found that the warranty period of the mobile phone was about to expire. After mediation by Dongguan Consumer Council, the merchant admitted that the mobile phone was a refurbished mobile phone. Mai Huixian, deputy director of the Dongguan Consumer Council, said that among the consumer complaints received last year, the most complaints were about mobile communication, focusing on unscrupulous merchants selling refurbished machines without telling consumers.

  -disassembly. Second-hand mobile phones with no use value will eventually be dismantled into various spare parts. In the past, many mobile phones were dismantled in an irregular workshop in Guiyu Town, Shantou, Guangdong Province, which caused serious environmental pollution. In recent years, the dismantling here has to be completed in the circular industrial park and supervised.

  A person in charge of a company responsible for dismantling mobile phones told reporters that their company can handle 20,000 mobile phones a day. After three or four processes, a scrapped mobile phone will be disassembled into plastic, stainless steel, camera, motherboard and other small accessories, and then sold to specialized manufacturers for processing. However, due to the high cost of dismantling to meet environmental standards, many small workshops are illegally engaged in dismantling.

  Strictly crack down on illegal renovation and sale, and introduce policies to encourage recycling.

  In the eyes of the industry, there are still many difficulties in recycling used mobile phones. On the one hand, it is necessary to create a good market order so that mobile phones that can be reused can be reused. For those that cannot be recycled, we should increase support for formal dismantling enterprises and reduce the industrial space for illegal dismantling.

  Ge Jian, a 360 mobile guardian security expert, suggested that citizens’ information security should be protected through legislation to avoid worries of consumers. Zheng Yujiang suggested that public security and other relevant departments should intensify their efforts to crack down on the gray recycling industry chain, especially to crack down on illegal renovation and sale, illegal stealing of user privacy from mobile phones and illegal random disassembly.

  Many people in the industry said that in developed countries, it is customary for mobile phones to be produced, recycled and disposed of. Mobile phones account for a large proportion of sales through operators and other channels. When consumers buy new machines, many old mobile phones are recycled at the same time. In our country, the behavior of enterprises recycling consumers’ mobile phones has not yet formed.

  Xiong Zhou said that the new edition of the Catalogue for Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Products in 2016 included mobile phones, which means that mobile phone recycling will be included in the management scope supported by national policies and funds, but the specific rules have not yet been issued. He suggested that the subsidy rules for dismantling and processing of used mobile phones should be issued as soon as possible.

Xiaomi SU7 21.59, Lei Jun became the man who lifted the table.

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Author | Tao Ran Wei Xiao

Finally, with the familiar Xiaomi BGM ringing, Lei Jun in a suit and tie went to the center of the stage of Xiaomi SU7 conference.

In the audience, the front row are the heads of five automobile companies-Li Bin, He Xiaopeng, Li Xiang, Wei Jianjun and Zhang Jianyong.

Of course, there is also the concern of the rim and even the whole network-the three-year period has arrived, and Lei Jun has to hand in his homework.

The highlight is that everyone guessed the price for several months: Xiaomi SU7 standard version is 215,900 yuan, PRO version is 245,900 yuan, and MAX version is 299,900 yuan.

The audience exclaimed.

However, Lei Jun is still a little careful. He made so many preparations in the early stage and asked everyone to spray lightly if they have any opinions.

The logic of benchmarking with Tesla Model 3 and Porsche Taycan is very millet and honest.

Insufficient places, do not shy away. But at the same time, I am very confident. When talking about core competitiveness such as intelligent ecology and other higher configuration performance, the platform shouted "far ahead" and then quickly "floated, floated".

However, the sales data undoubtedly gave Xiaomi and Lei Jun a shot in the arm: only 27 minutes after the sale, Xiaomi SU 7 has exceeded 50,000 units.

Lei Jun is still the Lei Jun who lived up to expectations.

After the release of SU7, his last venture also entered a new chapter.

It is certainly difficult to achieve the goal that Xiaomi Automobile will hit the top five global car companies in 15-20 years, but Lei Jun has already taken the first step.

And this first step is a long-lost bombing of the car circle.

Lift the table

Lei Jun was very straightforward on the stage: Xiaomi SU7 was made according to Tesla Model 3.

But in fact, it only includes the standard version and the Pro version: the former configuration is basically the same as the Tesla Model 3 rear-drive version, but the price of 215,900 is 30,000 lower than that of Tesla (245,900), and the parameters of the latter are almost all-round. Rolling the rear-drive Model 3, the price is completely equal to it.

As for the Xiaomi SU7 Max version with a price of 299,900 yuan, Lei Jun said that he wanted to target Porsche Taycan and "leapfrog the benchmark".

Without the 300,000+previously speculated, after the momentum of the rim rushing to lift the millet table passed, Lei Jun used a set of pricing of 21.59-29.99 to lift the biggest one.

In the series of "Lei Jun answers questions from netizens" released some time ago, the top leader of Xiaomi Automobile said that he is a Tesla owner and a Porsche owner, and called the two car companies "time benchmarks" in the history of electric vehicles and sports cars.

However, he also stressed that if Xiaomi wants to build a car, it must be compared with these best car factories in the world: "There must be some places where they do well, and some places where we do well."

Today’s press conference, after pricing and configuration overwhelmed Model 3, Lei Jun mentioned Porsche and once again stressed that dare to compete is to win, and it will definitely surpass it in the future.

Very excited and confident.

Xiaomi SU7 is positioned as a "pure electric luxury car", and Lei Jun’s goal is to become "the best looking, best driving and most intelligent car within 500,000". In addition to Model 3 on PPT, there are actually P7 from Tucki and ET5 from Weilai.

Judging from the official pricing, the current dealer quotation of the latest Model 3 is 245,900-285,900, with 245,900 rear drives and 285,900 long-life four-wheel drives. The price ranges of Tucki P7 and Weilai ET5 are 20.99-339,900 and 298-356,000 respectively, which are almost overlapping.

As for the configuration and performance, as Lei Jun said, it is far ahead-taking the comparison between the new version of Model 3 and the standard version of SU7 as an example, in terms of performance, Model 3 has an acceleration of 6.1s, a peak power of 194kW, a total torque of 340N·m, and a pure electric cruising range of CLTC of 713km. The four data of Xiaomi SU 7 standard edition are 5.28s, 220kW, 400N·m and 700km, which are almost completely beyond the parameter level.

The only two shortcomings that have been circled are: first, the power consumption of 100 kilometers, Xiaomi’s 12.3kWh/100Km lags behind Tesla’s 11.3kWh/100Km, but Lei Jun said that the SU7 battery is bigger and the cruising range is longer when actually used; The other is intelligent driving and computing power, which Tesla leads by a wide margin, but Lei Jun thinks that Xiaomi’s intelligent driving system will be more suitable for the drivers’ physique in China and the domestic road system.

Obviously, Lei Jun is well prepared for the pure electric car market in the range of 200,000-300,000. Just, I don’t know how He Xiaopeng and Li Bin sitting in the audience feel now, where is the way out for P7 and ET5, and how to play the next generation products.

And, Musk on the other side of the ocean will take a look at Xiaomi SU7 with the time difference.

Create another millet

With the release of SU7, Xiaomi also officially entered the new energy track.

The role of Lei Jun has also changed significantly. It used to be Reebs, but now it is Reske. Looking around the world, only Lei Jun has managed to personally grasp the two mainstream smart consumer goods "mobile phone" and "car".

There are no tricks in the process.

In three years, 3,400 engineers spent more than 10 billion yuan on research and development, and of course, the model worker Lei Jun went all out.

The financial report shows that in 2023, Xiaomi invested as much as 19.1 billion in research and development, and it is expected to reach 24 billion in 2024. In innovative businesses such as automobiles, Xiaomi invested 6.7 billion yuan last year. In the words of Lei Jun, he used real money to express his attitude of seriously building cars.

Yes, only by building a car seriously can we get admission tickets. Lei Jun has a clear understanding of this.

Now that Xiaomi Automobile has officially entered the market, Xiaomi has formed a pattern of two-wheel development of the original Xiaomi basic disk and Xiaomi Automobile.

For Xiaomi, this is a brand-new stage of development, and it can even be said that it is an opportunity to recreate a millet.

More than a decade ago, Lei Jun stood on the cusp of smart phones and built a millet with a market value of 100 billion. In the new decade, Lei Jun has put all his accumulated achievements and reputation in life to catch up with the new energy vehicles.

This is Lei Jun’s last venture, and the imagination space is also on the scale of 100 billion.

There are opportunities as well as challenges, depending on whether Xiaomi SU7 can make the first shot.

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Xiaomi SU7, do you have a crush?

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