When the ping-pong ball is hit at supersonic speed …

In animation, Japanese students usually have the power of conan the destroyer, and playing ball always feels like a high-tech war.
In reality, can humans play ball games so ferociously?
(All the articles are professional, please don’t imitate them at home.)
Although it is impossible to rely on manpower, we can use the power of air and machines, such as the "vacuum table tennis cannon."
A cannon is actually more like a pipe. When a cannon is fired, the speed of the accelerated table tennis can reach 450km/h, which is about one third of the speed of sound.
At this time, the table tennis directly crashed into the coke with air pressure, and this can was like a punch in the abdomen:
What if the speed of table tennis is increased to supersonic speed? Will it be more powerful? In fact, mythbusters, a well-known popular science team, made a similar attempt many years ago.
According to their test, the average adult can hit the ball at a speed of about 112.6 kilometers per hour after swinging.The speed of sound is 1224 kilometers per hour, which is an insurmountable gap.
Unless, of course, the table tennis player is a machine.
After several attempts, they successfully increased the speed of table tennis to 730 kilometers per hour by pressure jet, which directly penetrated the 2.5 cm cardboard, but this speed is still far from the speed of sound.
At this time, the "vacuum ping-pong cannon" appeared.
To put it simply, this device is to put a ping-pong ball at one end of a pipe and then seal both ends of the pipe:
Then, the air in the pipeline is drained to make it enter a vacuum state, and then the seal at one end is punctured, and the air will rush in wildly and then fill the vacuum space.
At this time, the table tennis in the middle will be pushed by the air and move to the other side at high speed, and there is no air obstacle on the road.
The power of this kind of vacuum cannon has been improved remarkably. With only a 1.8-meter-long pipe, the ejection speed of table tennis has reached 600 kilometers per hour.
And if we add a pressure chamber to the vacuum cannon and increase the length of the barrel, the speed will be upgraded again.
(Image from Purdue University of Technology)
But it is not as long as possible. Once the barrel was lengthened to 47 meters:
The acceleration effect is different. After firing, the human eye can’t see the ball moving at all, and the ball disappears directly:
However, when the table tennis flies out of the barrel, it has been squeezed out of the ball by resistance.
In the end, the barrel was reserved for 6 meters, which not only ensured the integrity of the ball, but also reached the speed of 1770 kilometers per hour, which properly exceeded the speed of sound.
So, "What destructive power will the vacuum table tennis cannon have now?The researchers set the shooting target-a thick pig elbow.
Fill in table tennis, adjust the pressure, pump out the air and fire!
Table tennis hit the surface of the pork completely, and the elbow suffered great damage. A round wound immediately appeared on the epidermis:
But the injury doesn’t stop there. Under this wound, there is a wound with a depth of nearly 4 cm:
However, this wave of injuries is difficult to subdivide how much table tennis can account for. After all, it broke at the moment it touched pork, and the subsequent injuries were more like air cannons.
But overall, it smells like animation.
There are still many people who use "table tennis vacuum cannons" to sabotage. They have chosen all kinds of strange targets for testing.
Mark French, a professor at Purdue Institute of Technology, and his students, combined a supersonic table tennis cannon with a pressure chamber and a vacuum gun, which is said to be faster than an F-16 fighter.
(All the articles are professional, please don’t imitate them at home.)
In the face of this kind of attack, the table tennis bat can do nothing at all and is directly penetrated:
When you hit a tape, it’s like hitting tofu:
Not only did the tape break a hole, but the carton at the back also broke a hole:
The most cruel thing is to play a row of cans and disappear in an instant:
Look at the injury of cans, it should be destroyed by the group:
With such destructive power, it is no wonder that the professor emphasized on the whiteboard that he is a professional team and advised others not to try it at home.
Bruce Yeany, a physics teacher, also tried to play cans. From the effect point of view, he used more power:
But when he bombarded the watermelon, he encountered a problem, that is, the quality of table tennis was too small after all, and it broke directly in front of the watermelon:
Is this the only survivor in the table tennis test?
However, watermelon didn’t laugh for long. The teacher unhurriedly increased the weight of table tennis, not much, just filled it with water:
Now, watermelon immediately becomes watermelon juice:
Watermelon: Can’t you afford to play?
However, the most extravagant way to play table tennis vacuum cannon comes from anchors Dianna Cowern and Brandon.They aimed a cannon at an iPhone 11 Pro worth more than 6700 yuan:
How can I put it? The moment when table tennis hits the mobile phone is quite artistic. Maybe this is the happiness of being rich.
(All the articles are professional, please don’t imitate them at home.)
(Part of the picture material in this article comes from the Internet, only for learning and communication.)
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=bAKqzAzfXKQ
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=msgfm4DHiyc
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=-HfaLqmRO1k
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=wBY3Z4F0dxk
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=YYNCGZCul1Q Physics Girl https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=rk-6wHimbUs
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=JYivWedGCKc
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=ts7v07lXmTQ
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=nIL3HN4PQlI
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Z52yCL3tSGQ
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=whkCwx2axQM
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=87Cpe4bJn0U
Source: Mad Pill Science
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The table tennis movement in the competition includes the table tennis falling from a height when it is advancing. The jumping height is the fastest table tennis attack speed, and the fastest table tennis attack technology is () Fast speed is one of the outstanding characteristics of table tennis. The table tennis rules stipulate that the ball should be thrown when serving.


Wake up in the starry night

Please ban table tennis, because table tennis can cause unimaginable harm in some people’s hands, especially in the hands of water injectors, which can easily shoot people in the eyes.




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Forgot to be funny. That’s it?




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Vacuum pump is very expensive!




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Mechanical vacuum pump can play, but it’s not that powerful. But it’s much better than vacuum cleaners




Liu Fang the butcher

To achieve the effect in this article, the Roots vacuum pump with a million rmb will start!




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Lever and his friends’ daily life

L: hey! A, I brought you …
L was used by A to play table tennis …? Killed)
(l was born again)
A: Er … Hug …
(A is eliminated by cause and effect)
(a is born again)
(A is eliminated by cause and effect)
(a is born again)
(A is eliminated by cause and effect)
(a is born again)
A: stop! I surrender! I surrender!




Lever and his friends’ daily life

A: I don’t know. Don’t ask me.
U: what is quantum?
L: Er … ……Sans, you explain.
Sans:zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ……




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Enthusiasts in science field

Is the quantum state macroscopic, and the collapse state is realized through self-observation?




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How are light particles produced?




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Enthusiasts in science field

As a result, you are trapped in the track of the curvature engine and can’t move.




Think about it.

Start my curvature engine quickly




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What I lack are table tennis and cannons? What I lack is an Apple phone!




Maliania, the blade of Michella.

This kind of air cannon seems to be at the level of one million RMB.




T’s advantage lies in my T.

I thought, this air cannon may be more valuable.




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All the articles are professional, please don’t imitate them at home?

How to imitate? 1.8 joules into the orange!




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And use interchangeable words. What is an orange?





I just want to ask: how expensive is this table tennis? The inferior table tennis we used, the speed of which was only over 20 kilometers per hour, was smashed by our table tennis racket and split in half.




Bodhi shines all over.

However, Xiao Pang broke the ball with a backhand at the World Championships several times and flew directly in half.

But Zhou Yu’s time …

It’s almost a sense of sight after being shot.




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More than 20 kilometers per hour is less than 10m/s, and nobody can run fast. You can smash the ball. . . 9.18 complain about the business!




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Tianxing lost his heart

Curvature can be used next time

speed up




Tianxing lost his heart

True light

Particle strike




Maybe it’s a tomahawk

Wait, why did the earth fall?




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The quality of water-injected table tennis is 20g, and the known exit speed is 1600km/h, that is, about 440m/s, and the kinetic energy is equal to one-half mass times the square of speed, and its kinetic energy is about 20 * 440 2/2 coke, which is calculated to be 1.93 * 10 6 coke, which can be approximately counted as 2,000,000 coke watermelon: I thank you tm.

The kinetic energy of this table tennis ball far exceeds the upper limit of 1.6 joules, so


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What did you say? I can’t understand it. Please be more specific.




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An hour ago.




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Want to do it, is it illegal?





Well, the speed of leaving the chamber exceeds the standard. Whoever tries it in China is illegal.




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Mythbusters is a real popular science program.





The writer of the article must be a graduate student with severe internet addiction, and he is flying like a kite.




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Bench (only after reading it)

Don’t spray funny.





Won’t the air in table tennis explode under vacuum?




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If you use billiards, the power is even harder to imagine.




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This is one of the reasons why the per capita consumption of resources in the United States ranks first in the world. Just like PINKRAY  Jr. knows what it’s like to have three tones a year, he wastes a lot of experimental props, sees foreign children doing domino experiments on TV, and there are a lot of things on the Internet that are similar to putting people into shredders.




Thunder and lightning doctor sheep call animals.

We China people, just addicted to mobile phones every day, laughing to death, China is silent?





Boy, I won’t watch the funeral film without this thing.




Damn dog

The martial arts in the world are only fast and unbreakable.





Faster than F16, air defense ball




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[Video] Hu Jintao visits Ping-Pong Keys and gives gifts to women’s team members.

CCTV News (news broadcast):点击观看视频>>>










"China Table Tennis" exposes eggs. The "memory killing" of table tennis in the past dynasties has caused tears.

1905 movie network news On February 21st, the film directed by and starring Deng Chao,,,,,, and so on was released "Salute! At the end of the title, the "famous scene" of China table tennis history reappeared one by one in the song "Glorious Road", and the "memory killing" of table tennis in past dynasties attracted people’s tears. Previously, the main players of table tennis in active service also cheered for the film under the leadership of Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association. Players of all ages interacted from a distance, and the spirit of table tennis in China was passed on. The film is now being shown nationwide.

Opening the Glorious Moment of China Table Tennis from Rong Guotuan and Reproducing China Table Tennis "Glorious Road" for 71 years.

"117 world champions and 254 gold medals." — — "China table tennis Jedi counterattack" "salute! The legend of table tennis history in China has been digitally recorded in the first frame of the egg at the end of the title. Since the establishment of China Table Tennis Team in 1952, the historical curtain of table tennis in China has been opened. Rong Guotuan, the legendary table tennis player who won the first men’s singles world championship for China at the World Table Tennis Championships in Dortmund in 1959, was the first world champion in the sports history of New China. Since then, table tennis fever has swept across the land of China, and the ups and downs of the national table tennis legend has also opened. Clockwise jump to 1961, the 26th World Table Tennis Championships was held in Beijing, which was the first time to host a world competition since the founding of New China. Starting from this World Table Tennis Championships, the focus of world table tennis began to shift from Japan to China. At this World Table Tennis Championships, China won three championships, namely men’s team, men’s singles and women’s singles. Qiu Zhonghui, the champion of women’s singles, became the first person in China to win the world women’s table tennis championship, and also the first women’s world champion in China — — China’s first men’s and women’s world champions were both won through table tennis.

The road to glory is not always smooth sailing. In the 1980s, European men’s table tennis launched an attack on China. In the early 1990s, swaythling cup, the highest honor of the men’s table tennis team, was won by the Swedish team for three consecutive times. This also achieved the "Jedi counterattack" of China Ping-pong in the 1995 Tianjin World Table Tennis Championships, winning all six gold medals in men’s team, women’s team, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, men’s singles and women’s singles. On the podium of the men’s team in the’ 95 Tianjin Video Game with the ending egg, the "General Five Tigers" who finally won the championship was even more energetic against the background of swaythling cup, the head coach. Since then, China men’s table tennis has gone through the Gemini era of Liu Guoliang and Kong Linghui, the Gemini era of Wang Liqin, Wang Hao, Ma Lin and Ma Long, and then ZhangJike, Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong have become the mainstay of table tennis. In women’s table tennis, Wang Nan, Zhang Yining, Li Xiaoxia, Ding Ning … … Generations of legendary women’s table tennis players have firmly held the title of "Big Devil" in their hands. The egg at the end of China Ping-Pong’s Jedi Counter-Strike is a history of China Ping-Pong, and scenes of China Ping-Pong are reappeared in a panoramic view. Everyone will feel shocked when they see these photos. Table tennis in the past dynasties "Memory killing "brought tears to eyes.

"One Handsome and Five Tigers" Played the Classic Battle of Turning Defeat into Victory, the most exciting home for Tianjin’s achievements in 1995.

The Jedi counterattack of China Table Tennis tells the story that Dai Minjia, a coach studying abroad, volunteered to return to China in the early 1990s when the men’s table tennis was crushed by the "European powers" and led the veteran recruits to launch a counterattack against the "powers" in Tianjin to save the men’s table tennis. In 1990s, China men’s table tennis suffered a low ebb, losing cups in three consecutive World Table Tennis Championships, and even the team performance once fell to the seventh place in the world. In 1995, Tianjin unexpectedly won the qualification for hosting the World Table Tennis Championships, which also became the best time for China’s table tennis Jedi to fight back. Given the favorable weather and geographical location, human harmony has become a "roadblock" in front of China men’s table tennis. The "One Handsome and Five Tigers" in the film have different images and distinct personalities. They are not afraid of pressure in the face of great pressure and difficulties, and jointly performed a thrilling cup-winning battle. The Tianjin World Table Tennis Championships in 1995 has also become the most exciting home.

Dai Minjia, the "devil coach", used his troops like gods to build five "problem players" with their own strengths but no shortage of shortcomings into a teacher of hope who dares to fight, can fight and can fight. Absolute main force in the team — — Bai Min, the "leading brother", was injured in the shoulder and resisted the pressure at a critical moment that might ruin his sports career. Huang Zhao, the "most beautiful boy" who returned from "stealing a teacher" in Europe, was older, but he kept a key point with rich practical experience; Gong Feng, a "secret weapon" hidden in the snow for four years, has myopia of more than 1000 degrees in both eyes, but he has mastered the stunt of "combining attack and cutting" to beat the top players in Europe; Only 16-year-old Hou Zhuoxiang and Dong Shuai, the "future champions" and "Ping-Pong Moonlight", who showed super dominance, launched an impact from the youthful power on their opponents. As the highest comprehensive word-of-mouth evaluation of the new film released since February, this annual word-of-mouth work of "Good Laughter and Tears, Enough Burning, Enough Cool" has been unanimously recognized by the media, film critics and ordinary audiences with its ups and downs stories, carefree competitions and inspiring ping-pong spirit since its release.

The film "China Ping-Pong Fight Back" is directed by Deng Chao and Yu Baimei, starring Deng Chao, Sun Li, Timmy Xu, Duan Bowen, Cai Yida, Ding Guansen, Sun Jilun, Aruna, etc. The film is now being shown in the country.

Random thoughts: a cost-effective way to travel: time-saving, labor-saving, worry-free and comfortable.

Sunset on Weizhou Island

Bi Shumin said:Travel is a blind herb that can cure the bitterness of life.

It is also said that traveling is from a place where you are tired of living to a place where others are tired of living. Spend your own money, make others rich, then go back to the place where you are tired of living and continue to live tenaciously.

Like most people, I like to go out and have a look every year. In the past few years, the travel environment has been affected, and every time I go out, the troubles caused by the epidemic are not satisfactory.

After the Spring Festival in 2023, the epidemic was suddenly unsealed, which made people excited.

Retirees’ lives include not only pots and pans, but also poems and distant places. Gradually drifting away from society, it is inevitable to produce some spiritual internal friction. It is much better to spend some money to eliminate internal friction than to spend money on medical treatment.

Time and tide wait for no man, travel plan, put on the agenda.

After years of practice and feeling, I still prefer the semi-self-help travel mode: harmony but difference, casualness and freedom.

You don’t have to worry about the itinerary and accommodation, and you don’t have to worry too much about the safety of traveling alone. You can not only enjoy the leisure of seeing the mountains and water, but also have the opportunity to meet like-minded travelers.

Yuandadu site

Near the end of the year, summarize your travel situation in 2023.

1. Travel and expenses

First stop: 14-day tour of Guangxi Panorama.

The time is from February 11th to February 24th, 2023.

The places we visited were: Guilin Collection: Elephant Trunk Mountain, Tianxin Village, Longji Terrace, Yangshuo, Yulong River, Cuiping Wuzhishan, Xianggong Mountain, Huangyao Ancient Town, Liuzhou, Bama Changshou Village, Baimo Cave, Bainiaoyan Cave, Jingxi Goose Spring, Old Street in Jiuzhou, Detian Waterfall, Mingshi Manor, Quyang Lake, Anping Xianhu, Nanning City, Beihai Yintan.

Hydrangea Street, the Old Street of Jiuzhou in Jingxi.

Sunset in Wuzhishan, Cuiping

Tianxincun champion bridge

Anping Xianhexiao Foshan

Mingshi manor

Fees: Guilin assembly, Beihai delegation.

Tour fare (including tickets): about 4700 yuan,

Round-trip transportation cost: 1760 yuan.

Departure: 580 yuan (sleeper+bullet train)

Return: 1180 yuan by plane.

Total: 6450 yuan.

Second stop: Nine-day tour of Daliangshan-Yinji of Yi people.

Time: May 20-May 28, 2023.

The places we visited are: Suji Ancient Town, Jinkouhe Town, Jinkouhe Grand Canyon, Guluo Village, Yele Lake, Yihai Scenic Area, Yi Museum, Xichang Launch Center, Huanglian Tulin, Luojishan 99-grade Hot Spring Scenic Area, Gukede, Sanhe Village, Cliff Village, Mahu Scenic Area and Lizhuang Ancient Town in Zhaojue County.

Luojishan hot spring

Xichang Satellite Launch Center

Jinkouhe Grand Canyon


Cliff village

Fees: Chengdu assembly, break up.

The tour fee (including tickets) is 3680 yuan.

Transportation fee: None (the tour fare includes the return ticket from Xi ‘an to Chengdu).

Total: 3680 yuan.

Third stop: 10-day tour of Xilin Gol Great Ring Road. The time is from July 28th to August 7th, 2023.

The places we visited were: Hohhot, followed by Huanghuagou Scenic Area, Wulanhada Volcano Group, Grassland Volcano Scenic Area, Xilinhot Beizi Temple, Wulantai Scenic Area of Xiwuqi, Seoul Scenic Area of Mongolia, Bulinquan Scenic Area, Bingtuan Town, Wolf Totem Shooting Base, Shizhen Scenic Area of Ketengke Banner, Dali Lake Scenic Area, Yuanshangdu Site, Jining Campaign Memorial Hall, etc.

Shizhen scenic spot

Mongolia Hancheng scenic spot

Volcanic grassland exposed to the sun.

volcanic vent

Fees: Hohhot assembly, break up.

Tour fare (admission): 4280 yuan

Transportation: 580 yuan (going from Xi ‘an to Hohhot, returning to the sleeper).

Total: 4860 yuan.

The fourth stop, a four-day tour of the Qinling Mountains in the autumn. Time: October 24th to October 28th, 2023.

The tour fee (including tickets) is 1210 yuan. Transportation fee: Xi ‘an takes the bus.

The places visited are: Lingguan Gorge in Fengxian, Lover Valley, Shizigou Ranch, Liuba Old Town, Gao Jiang Road, the most beautiful highway in Qinling, and Longtou Mountain in Hanzhong.



Gao Jiang Road, the most beautiful highway in Qinling Mountains.

The total amount of the above expenses is: 16,200 yuan (including breakfast only), totaling 37 days.

During the trip, some people watch the culture, some people watch the scenery, some people punch in and take photos here, and some people relax and take a stroll.

Either way, the picture is a happy and happy mood. After being happy, it is not surprising that the body is tired and exhausted. After a comfortable sleep, the next day I will still be an old man and full of energy.


I like this kind of travel because:

one: The line arrangement is reasonable and comprehensive.

Urban scenery, natural scenery, historical sites and ancient towns, cultural heritage, historical sites, regional culture and other related places will be arranged in the route reasonably.

2:The accommodation is good.

According to the unique situation of each region, we will arrange the best hotel and live comfortably.

three: The service mode is intimate.

There are points for spending, signing in and writing travel notes, and the tour fee can be deducted. The team leader has high quality and strong sense of service.

fourThe most important point is that there is no consumption, pure tourism.

5. Various scenic spots, the time arranged is broad and general., high degree of freedom.

sixBecause I am traveling alone, consideringSafety factor.

Traveling alone, free, unaccompanied, but less lively. This kind of worry-free, labor-saving, time-saving and relaxing way of traveling is just right for me.

Lonely in the crowd at arm’s length,

Joy in like-minded mountains and rivers.

There is no best, only suitable. What suits you is the best.

Jingxi goose spring

These signals remind! Women may have kidney deficiency.

Expert in this issue: Oriental College of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is proud.

"Men are afraid of hurting the liver, while women are afraid of hurting the kidney." Because of their physiological characteristics, women are burdened with tasks such as menstruation, pregnancy, fetus, childbirth and breastfeeding that men do not have, and it is easy to hurt the kidney, resulting in kidney deficiency. Secondly, with the improvement of women’s social status, the social, work and life pressures they bear are increasing day by day, which can easily lead to the gradual decline of organ function and the decline of essence in the kidney. Therefore, many women have shown kidney deficiency very early.

Kidney deficiency in women should not be underestimated, because it will affect many aspects of women’s physiology, psychology and emotions. So what manifestations will kidney deficiency have? If you have the following signals on your body, it suggests that you may have kidney deficiency.

(1) Premature senility

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney essence is sufficient for good growth and development, strong constitution and long life; Deficiency of kidney essence leads to poor growth and development, weak constitution and short life span. Kidney deficiency in women will be manifested as premature aging, such as premature gray hair, alopecia, tooth shaking, forgetfulness, hearing loss, premature aging of vision and so on.

(2) Early menopause

Generally, women will have menopausal symptoms around the age of 50, while women with kidney deficiency will have menopausal symptoms of kidney deficiency such as amenorrhea, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, nervousness and palpitations at the age of 40-45.

(3) the trend of getting fat

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the basic causes of obesity are phlegm, dampness and deficiency, and further, it is due to deficiency of kidney qi, which leads to stagnation of phlegm and dampness in the body. Therefore, women with kidney-qi deficiency often tend to gain weight. Modern medicine explains the relationship between obesity and kidney deficiency as follows: people with kidney deficiency have weakened endocrine function and lowered basal metabolic rate, resulting in reduced calorie consumption and fat accumulation, leading to obesity.

(4) Sexual apathy, even difficult to conceive.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney stores essence, controls reproductive development, and the female reproductive system gradually develops and matures under the care of kidney essence. If kidney essence is insufficient, there will be irregular menstruation, decreased libido, infertility and easy abortion.

(5) Fear of cold

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney yang is the foundation of yang. Kidney yang has a warming effect on the whole body, just as solar energy in spring makes people feel warm. If kidney-yang deficiency occurs, the warming effect of body yang will decrease, which is manifested as cold pain in knees, tepid limbs, and cold waist and abdomen. In winter, there will be symptoms such as chills and cold limbs, even frequent urination at night, and listlessness.

(6) Insomnia, dryness and heat all over.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that deficiency of kidney-yin leads to internal disturbance of deficiency of fire, so women with kidney-yin deficiency are easily agitated and have difficulty in concentrating; Because of kidney yin deficiency, yin qi cannot be adducted at night. It will lead to insomnia and dreaminess; In addition, yin deficiency and essence deficiency can lead to bone dystrophy, so people with kidney yin deficiency often feel weak waist and knees.

Kidney is the root of human life, and the qi and blood energy of the five zang-fu organs need the support of kidney qi. Deficiency of kidney qi will gradually lead to deficiency of other organs in the five zang-fu organs. If you have the above problems, it is suggested that you go to a Chinese medicine specialist as soon as possible to seek professional doctor’s guidance for nursed back to health, so as to avoid the aggravation of kidney deficiency and affect other viscera functions.

Source: Guangming Net


On November 6th, Beijing time, let’s take a look at the European football situation yesterday morning.

1. Barcelona 2-0 almeria at home.

Levan missed a penalty, De Jong and Dembele each scored a goal, and Barcelona beat almeria 2-0 at home, winning four consecutive league games. Recently, Barcelona scored 10 goals in four league matches, but kept 0 goals.

After the game, 35-year-old Pique delivered a tearful farewell speech at Camp Nou, officially ending his 14-year career in Barcelona.

2, AC Milan home 2-1 spezia
Gill, 36, came off the bench in the 72nd minute and scored the winner in the 89th minute, helping AC Milan beat spezia 2-1 and scored the crucial 3 points, overtaking Atalanta and rising to the second place in Serie A..

Gill was sent off after taking off his clothes to celebrate the goal. It was his second yellow card in just seven minutes. He had just been warned by the referee for complaining too much.

3. Manchester City 2-1 Fulham at home

In the 95th minute, De Braune made a point, Harland hit a penalty kick, and 10-man Manchester City beat Fulham 2-1 at home. At first, they thought they were going to lose 2 points, but in the end, they got 3 points narrowly. Finally, they temporarily overtook Arsenal, who had one game less, by one point, and reached the top of the Premier League.

4, Bayern away 3-2 Hertha Berlin

Shu Bo-Mo Ting rang twice in two minutes. Bayern beat Hertha Berlin 3-2 away, winning 8 consecutive victories in all competitions and 4 consecutive victories in the Bundesliga, and temporarily surpassing Berlin by 2 points to reach the top position. In the last seven competitions, Shu Bo-Mo Ting scored nine goals for Bayern.

Bayern was chased by Hertha Berlin for 4 minutes with a 3-0 lead in the first half, but it was almost a draw by Hertha Berlin in the final stage of the second half.

5, Naples away 2-1 Atlanta

Osmain scored the winning goal, Elmas scored the winning goal, Napoli defeated Atalanta 2-1 away, won 9 consecutive victories in the league, and continued the unbeaten start of 13 rounds (11 wins and 2 draws), holding AC Milan at the top of the list by 6 points.

new energy vehicle

# Article First Challenge # Will new energy vehicles replace fuel vehicles?

Different people have different views on whether new energy vehicles will replace fuel vehicles.

Wang Qing, deputy director of Market Economy Research Institute of the State Council Development Research Center, predicted that by 2025, the annual sales volume of new energy vehicles in China will reach about 17 million, and by 2030, the market share of new energy vehicles will exceed 90%. This means that in the next decade, the sales and influence of new energy vehicles will increase rapidly.

On the other hand, new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles have their own application scenarios. In the short term, new energy vehicles may not completely replace fuel vehicles. This is because there are still some problems in new energy vehicles, such as safety, charging and battery life. If these problems are solved, new energy vehicles may further expand their market share.

However, in the long run, it is an inevitable trend for new energy vehicles to replace fuel vehicles. With the continuous progress of technology and the enhancement of environmental awareness, new energy vehicles will be applied in more fields, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles. At the same time, the policy is also promoting the development of new energy vehicles. For example, some cities have gradually stopped selling fuel vehicles.

To sum up, new energy vehicles may replace fuel vehicles at some point in the future, but this process may take some time. In this process, fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles will

Coexist and compete with each other.

Top health care for adults: exercise

Text | Rotating Sunshine (rich book author)

For adults, exercise is the most cost-effective way to keep fit.

At the end of December 2021, Yuan Jingtian, a 40-year-old rice expert in Sanya, passed away due to illness.

When we feel sorry for expert Yuan, we should also realize the importance of keeping healthy.

I remember reading such a passage:

"We can’t control whether the future is rich or poor, when the cause will develop, and how others evaluate us.

But at least we can control our bodies and keep them in the best condition. "

Health preservation is a magic weapon to maintain the best state of the body. For adults, exercise is the most cost-effective way to keep fit.

Insisting on taking exercise as the top regimen is a homework that we need to work hard to do.

  • Exercise gives back to our state of physical and mental health.

Writer Liu Na wrote in "Flowers in Leisure":

"Whether it is a better job, a better company, and a better move forward, we need to give our physical and mental batteries full of energy."

Exercise, like a battery that charges our body and mind, can make us have a healthy body and a good mental state.

Academician Zhong Nanshan, who is over 80 years old, is still fighting in the front line when the epidemic in COVID-19 is raging, maintaining high-intensity work, relying not only on deep scientific research reserves, but also on a strong body.

Zhong Lao’s good state benefits from persistent exercise. In the past few decades, he has exercised at least three times a week for more than an hour each time, which has become his unshakable habit.

Grandpa Zhong Nanshan said, "Exercise plays a key role in my health. The length of life, mostly does not depend on aging and disease, but a normal lifestyle.

Nowadays, it is precisely because many young people have not developed a correct lifestyle that various diseases will appear in their bodies and their organs will age faster. "

The sweat we shed for sports will one day be returned to us with a strong body and a good mental state.

At the same time,Whether it is to drive away confusion or to fight anxiety, exercise is one of the simplest and most practical methods.

Sammi Cheng, a female star, once suffered from severe depression. For a time, she overeated, resulting in a completely out of shape.

She is also getting more and more anxious, and her body and mind are on the verge of collapse.

In order to get rid of her bad state and restore her body and mind to a healthy level, she followed the doctor’s advice and began to try moderate exercise.

She started running for eight kilometers every day, and she persisted for more than ten years.

Although she is nearly 50 years old now, she is still well-proportioned and full of energy, which vividly explains the story that "time never defeats beauty".

Insisting on exercise will make us have a state of good physical and mental health, so that we can calmly resist the traces of time.

The stage of a person’s life is not in the eyes of others, but in his own heart.

We insist on sports, not to win applause from others, but to broaden the length of our lives and the width of our hearts.

  • Exercise can help us form the habit of self-discipline.

Russian educator ushinski said: "Good habits are the capital that people store in the nervous system. This capital will continue to grow, and a person can enjoy its interest all his life."

Exercise can help us form the habit of self-discipline, so as to salvage more light and hope in life.

The writer Haruki Murakami has been running for at least one hour every day since 1982.

In the book "What Do I Talk about When I Run", he recorded his running mood for 36 years and his daily feelings.

It takes a lot of perseverance to insist on exercise, but Haruki Murakami thinks, "I don’t want to run today, so I just run. This is the way of thinking of long-distance runners."

He gets up at 4 o’clock every day, writes for 5 hours, runs for 1 hour or swims for 1.5 hours in the afternoon, then reads and listens to music, and goes to bed at 9 o’clock in the evening. Whenever I started writing a novel, this routine never changed.

To outsiders, Murakami’s writing life is a bit rigid, like a Swiss mechanical watch, and every minute is not bad.

But Haruki Murakami himself knows that this habit of self-discipline has benefited him a lot.

Writer Haruki Murakami wrote in his autobiographical novel: "For more than 30 years, I have never felt that writing is a hard job, and I have never encountered a low tide."

Insisting on exercise has helped him form the habit of self-discipline. He moved the habit of self-discipline into his creation, thus gaining a reputation in the literary world.

Although for most of us, even if we persist in exercise, it will not change our lives dramatically, and we will still be anonymous in the vast sea of people.

But insisting on exercise and getting up early will make us change subtly:

Netease Cloud once had such a hot comment: "In fact, you can get up early instead of staying up late. The world is still sleeping, parents are still sleeping, the boss is sleeping and the teacher is sleeping;

The whole world is still sleeping, so you can watch the sun rise slowly and feel that the light will always come;

The people you care about will wake up slowly, the world is still moving slowly, and you will still have your own time. "

Persisting in exercise and getting up early will give us a brand-new state to treat life, thus continuing to write about beauty in ordinary daily life. This is also the compound interest effect of self-discipline.

Because time knows, there has never been any life, only a lot of accumulation.

  • Exercise can make us more resilient.

Angela duckworth, an American psychology professor, through the study of West Point Military Academy, came to the conclusion that:

"The core element of a person’s success is not IQ, EQ, family background, or so-called test scores, but the person’s psychological resilience, or anti-vulnerability. "

Sports is a powerful weapon to exercise our psychological resilience.

Because many sports have their own competitive characteristics. As long as you participate in sports competitions, you will win or lose.

If you participate in sports regularly, you won’t care about winning or losing for a while, thus making people more resilient.

In his New Year’s Eve speech in 2022, Luo Zhenyu talked about one thing that he went to see 60-year-old Yu Minhong:

"I asked him, do you exercise at ordinary times? He immediately got up and did 10 push-ups, which made me dumbfounded.

What I envy is not only his body, but his energy. New Oriental’s education and training business was frustrated, but it’s okay. People started all over again and worked on agricultural products. "

Yu Minhong, 60, can get up immediately and do 10 push-ups, which means that he should spend a lot of time on exercise.

In fact, Yu Minhong has always attached great importance to sports. He once advocated in his speech that "every child should practice at least one sport."

As we all know, Yu Minhong is a very resilient person:

He was admitted to the university only after three college entrance examinations, and he also experienced various hardships in the process of starting a business in New Oriental.

In 2021, due to the implementation of the national "double reduction" policy, Yu Minhong’s teaching and training business in New Oriental was frustrated. Yu Minhong was not discouraged, but took the lead in leading teachers to transform into live sales of agricultural products.

Yu Minhong’s resilience in the face of difficulties comes from his usual exercise.

Wang Xiaobo said: "Life is a slow process of being hammered."

Exercise gives us the resilience and confidence to wait for a bright future when facing the life of mountains and rivers.

Ming Chen, the champion mentioned by Qipa, once said: "Nothing in the world is meaningful, but meaning is given by people. And persistence itself is an extremely shining meaning. "

Insisting on exercise is to protect our health and expand more possibilities for our life.

At the beginning of the new year in 2022, I hope that when we make New Year’s resolutions, sports can squeeze into our crowded wish list, and I hope that everyone of us can enjoy sports.

Love sports, this is the way we adults should pursue health.

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The best way to enrich yourself: exercise.

Some time ago, "More than half of adults in China are overweight or obese.The hot search quietly climbed to the top, causing many netizens to resonate.

Many people leave messages in the comment area:

Sit and sit, and your stomach will grow.

I ate a lot of takeout food and didn’t move much. I watched my stomach grow bigger and bigger.

I’m tired from work, so I lie down when I get home from work and gradually get fat.

Nowadays, the extreme convenience of life makes many people ignore the importance of sports.

After "coveting comfort", the body gradually lost its original vitality.

On the other hand, those who like sports around them are not only physically strong, but also have a positive mental state every day.

Exercise and no exercise lead different lives.

I don’t like sports. What’s the difference?

There is a hot question on the Internet: "How about a person who doesn’t exercise for a long time?"

There is a high praise answer below:

I haven’t exercised for about three years, and my physical fitness is getting worse and worse. I feel like I’m falling apart after walking for a while.

It turns out that because the answer master is busy with work, all his food comes from online shopping, and he also lies down most of the time on weekends, and the number of times he goes out is getting less and less.

I can’t control my mouth, I can’t open my legs, and my original healthy body is "swallowed up" by obesity.

People who don’t have time to exercise pay the price for their laziness to varying degrees.

A 10-year-old boy in Huai ‘an, because he doesn’t like sports, weighs five times as much as ordinary children, and his abdominal fat is 10 cm thick. He suffered from severe fatty liver at an early age.

A woman in Changchun, Jilin, used to go to bed after dinner and almost never exercised.

The weight actually reached 320 kg, and the stomach was three times larger than ordinary people.

Because of obesity, her blood pressure and heart function were seriously affected, so she had to have part of her stomach surgically removed.

People who don’t like sports indulge their health, but squander their health.

There is a saying on the Internet:

You have to carve whatever you want.

Beating inertia and strengthening exercise are the best ways to have a good body.

A netizen named "Fat Brother" got fat because he was ill and took hormone drugs.

The deterioration of his condition prevented him from losing weight. At one time, Brother Pang’s weight increased from 75 kg to more than 150 kg.

Later, he went to Sanjiang, Guangxi to teach.

Because of its remoteness, it takes half an hour to go shopping, and frequent home visits to children require mountains and mountains.

Unexpectedly, because of this periodic exercise, his weight kept falling, and after one year of teaching, his weight returned to 75 kilograms.

The body is honest, and it will treat you as you treat it.

People who like sports will naturally get feedback and rewards for a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise is a person’s best nourishment.

The body is 1, and the rest are 0.

Without a healthy body, work, life, wealth, fame and fortune are meaningless.

As the old saying goes, if you exercise your bones and blood, your qi will be strong.

Keep exercising, and your body and life will undergo positive changes.

1. improve your mood.

A doctor from a German university once did an experiment:

The experiment tracked 12 people with severe depression and asked them to exercise on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day, and gradually increased the amount of exercise.

After 10 days, the depression of 6 patients was greatly improved.

Studies have found that the brain will secrete neurochemicals such as endorphins during exercise, which will make people happy physically and mentally and help to get rid of negative emotions.

As the writer Haruki Murakami said:

When I am criticized by others or feel wronged, I always run farther than usual.

Running can consume negative emotions and make people more confident.

Life is not easy, and when you are in a bad mood, you might as well go out and exercise for 30 minutes.

Eliminate the troubles in life by exercise and welcome a happy life.

2. Strong physique.

"Compared with my peers, I have no pain in my body. I slept well after exercise, my blood pressure has been normal, and I have never had a serious illness. "

Uncle Huang Xujin, born in Xi ‘an in 1940, is 82 years old this year, and his body is very strong, which is mainly due to his love of sports since he was a child.

At school, he likes running and long jumping. After work, he often goes out for a run early in the morning.

After retiring in 2000, he fell in love with the 400-meter race. Today, he has been running for 22 years.

Persistence for decades has brought him healthy body and abundant energy.

There is a good saying:

Every drop of sweat you shed is shaping a healthier body.

When people reach middle age, they are old and young, and you need to bear a lot at work and family.

If the body collapses, everything will cease to exist.

So no matter how busy life is, take some time to exercise.

Only by having a healthy body can we be more confident in dealing with all problems.

3. delay aging.

Actor Carman Lee once launched a fitness punch-in activity on the Internet, sharing various slimming and fitness actions with netizens every day.

Everyone not onlysubdueBecause of her young appearance, she is also surrounded by her self-discipline life.

Carman Lee began to exercise at the age of 34, and running, skipping and flat support have always been her persistent projects.

Even when filming, I will take a yoga mat and jump rope and do some simple exercises.

Today, although she is 55 years old, she still looks like she is in her thirties.

Exercise is the best cosmetic and skin care product.

Scientific research shows that exercise can increase the oxygen consumption of the body, thus promoting metabolism, strengthening the nutritional supply of the skin and helping to delay skin aging.

People who move are racing against time, and every step you take will make you younger and younger.

4. Exercise your brain.

A research report from the University of Illinois shows that:

After sitting for two hours, people’s brains are basically in a rigid state, and their thinking ability and creativity almost stop.

After walking for 20 minutes, the cranial nerves become extremely active.

In other words, exercise can make the mind healthier and more flexible, and help to improve work efficiency.

A study published in Frontiers of Aging Neuroscience also found that:

If the healthy elderly people stop exercising for about 10 days, the blood flow in the important areas of the brain responsible for thinking, learning and memory will decrease significantly.

Moving is the best way to strengthen your body and exercise your brain.

Use fragmentation time to get up and walk around every once in a while.

A small habit, stick to it, will also produce huge benefits.

Learn to exercise correctly

The book "The Power of Habit" writes:

Exercise every day will not only make you feel happy, but also affect other details in your life. For example, make you energetic, so that you can work more efficiently and get more happiness.

The world is secretly rewarding those who love sports.

Today, readers put moderate exercise"1357 principle"Share with everyone, I hope everyone can develop good exercise habits.

1. Do aerobic exercise at least once a week.

Do aerobic exercise with moderate intensity or above at least once a week, such as running and swimming.

It can not only enhance immunity, slow down aging, release stress, but also help sleep.

If you feel painful during exercise, you can give yourself some positive psychological hints.

Focus on the fun of exercise, such as enjoying the roadside scenery and breathing the fresh air in the morning when jogging.

2. Each continuous exercise shall be no less than "30" minutes.

If the exercise time is too short, it will not achieve the expected effect and the purpose of keeping fit.

Even if your work is busy and your life is trivial, you should set aside more than 30 minutes for exercise at a time.

I suggest that when you go to work at ordinary times, you cansuitableSet aside a distance and walk slowly.

Climbing stairs intermittently at work; Do yoga during lunch break; Take a walk together after dinner.

As long as the amount of exercise is up, every drop of sweat you shed will not live up to your future self.

3. If you can’t exercise every day, you should exercise at least "5" days a week.

Perseverance can play the role of exercise and fitness.

If you are worried that you can’t get into exercise habits, you can set an alarm clock for yourself.

After receiving the reminder, don’t find any excuse to delay, and start exercising immediately.

Stick to it and get into the habit, and exercise will become extremely easy for you.

4. When exercising, the maximum heart rate should not exceed "170 minus your age".

As the saying goes, everything goes too far, so does sports.

Excessive exercise can easily burden people’s heart and body.

Healthy exercise should be gradual.

Take the first step first, and then gradually increase the amount of exercise, so that the body can gradually adapt.

In order not to cause harm to the body, the maximum heart rate of each exercise must not exceed 170 MINUS the age.

Grasp the degree of exercise and do it in a timely and appropriate manner, so that exercise is more beneficial to health.

The quality of life is determined by everyone’s lifestyle and habits.

As Socrates said:

The health of the body is destroyed by immobility and maintained for a long time by exercise.

For your own physical and mental health, for a better living condition, let’s go to exercise together while the sun is just right!

Even the smallest change, multiplied by 365 days, will become the strength that others can’t envy.

illumine"like"From today on, let’s keep self-discipline, keep exercising, have a good body and pursue the life we yearn for.

Author: You Shu Tian Xin, Source: You Shu.

Three "magical" coincidences in history make people doubt that the world is a reincarnation.

In the ancient East, there seems to be a mysterious veil hidden in the long river of history, revealing some amazing strange coincidences from time to time. These coincidences seem to be legends woven by history itself, leaving future generations with deep thoughts, and these stories hover in my heart, making me feel the mystery of the world’s reincarnation between ink and paper.

Let’s focus on the experience of Emperor Gaozu Liu Bang. His life is full of legends, and his leap from Buyi to Tianzi has attracted worldwide attention. But also, an episode that happened in his escape career is even more incredible. According to the report, when Liu Bang passed through a mountain forest, he encountered an unusually white boa constrictor crossing the road, and he cut it in two with his sword without fear. This python can’t help being given symbolic meaning by later generations-it was the test and hint given to Liu Bang by the god of fate, and he declared to the world the possibility of his future success with courage and determination.

Then, we might as well compare the fate trajectories of Qin Shihuang and Emperor Wen of Sui in Sui Dynasty. Qin Shihuang helped the world, burned books to bury Confucianism, repaired the Great Wall, built Epang Palace and built water conservancy, which was a great achievement. However, the grievances created by his harsh and cool laws are like undercurrents. After his death, the Qin Dynasty declined rapidly and eventually collapsed after only a few short years. Hundreds of years later, Emperor Wen of Sui in the Sui Dynasty also created a prosperous era of reunification. However, after the second emperor Yang Guang ascended the throne, his extravagance and tyranny made Jiangshan once again step into the path of subversion. Two dynasties, after the death of the founder, ushered in a similar fate.

Finally, we turn to the story of Zhao Kuangyin in the Song Dynasty and the last son of heaven in the Southern Song Dynasty. Zhao Kuangyin, a general of the Zhou Dynasty, rose to fame in helping the imperial court to quell civil strife and expand its territory, and usurped the seven-year-old throne left by Zhou Shizong from humble origins through the Chen Qiao mutiny. A similar plot was staged again in the last years of the Southern Song Dynasty. When the Southern Song Dynasty was besieged by the Yuan Army and was on the verge of extinction, the young emperor Meng Gong chose to jump into the sea heroically to show his loyalty and loyalty. The two young emperors suffered different but similar fate twists and turns.

When we put these three sections of history together, it seems that we can perceive that the breath of reincarnation is slowly permeating the river of time. Every turn and coincidence is like a chess game arranged by God’s will, waiting for the chess pieces to perform.

But can we really assert that history is reincarnation? I’m afraid we still need to have reservations. Because history itself is made up of countless individual behaviors; It should be noted that although the waves are small, they can gather into an ocean, and people are small, but they can also affect the historical process. These seemingly "magical" coincidences are just a few fragments highlighted in countless events, which does not mean that all history follows a certain established pattern.

Perhaps we should learn wisdom from these stories and study the law: the extraordinary ambition of heroes often indicates extraordinary achievements; Authoritarianism leads to the boiling of national resentment and eventually to its demise; Power translocation is often accompanied by the fading of old forces and the birth of new forces.

To sum up, although history always gives us countless possibilities and associative spaces, every era that needs to learn from the past and diligently explore the true meaning of the laws behind them has its particularity and independence. Anyone can try his best to exert his style and contribute his strength in his position and become a small and powerful wave that pushes history forward.